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  • Super Detective in the Fictional World

    Super Detective in the Fictional World


    Luke has transmigrated to the United States, but eventually realizes that this United States is different from the United States of his previous life. Here, the superpowers and characters from the movies in his previous life actually exist. How will Luke fare in a world where such terrifying superpowers exist? Fortunately, he has a cheat – the Super Detective System. Join Luke on his new journey toward becoming a detective.

  • Is this Fiction ?

    Is this Fiction ?


    Eiszel Xin Sarmiento came from a poor family, she had an 'okay life despite being poor, but then her darkest days have come and it really traumatized her. She started getting really dominated by her overthinking that she committed suicide. A few minutes to death when she realized that she still wanted to live despite everything, she wanted to correct things.Then, A magical thing happened to her, she have been isekai'd inside a book she reads and her mission is to play the strong lead role who is arranged marriage to a Billionaire!. As time passes, She is starting to fall in love with a Fictional character, Will she still choose to be back to reality?

  • Into the Fiction

    Into the Fiction

    "Are you still afraid of me Medusa?" His deep voice send shivers down my spine like always. He's too close for me to ignore. Why is he doing this? He's not supposed to act this way. What the hell? Better to be straight forward! I gulped down the lump formed in my throat and spoke with my stern voice trying to be confident. Actually trying hard to act like I'm confident."Hmm" Don't look at me like that it's hard to even let out that "Hmm" word while he's up this close. All my imaginary confidence faded away within an instant as his soft chuckle replaced the silence.Jerking me forward into his arms he leaned forward to whisper into my ear."I will kiss you, hug you and bang you so hard that you will only remember my name to sa-, moan. You will see me around a lot baby, get ready your therapy session to get rid off your fear starts now." He whispered in his deep husky voice and winked before leaving me alone dumbfounded. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?Is this how your death flirts with you to Fuck your life!? There's only one thing running through my mind. Lifting my head up in a swift motion and glaring at the sky, I yelled with all my strength."FUC* YOU AUTHOR!"What if you wished for getting transmigrated into a Novel just for fun, and it turns out to be true. You transmigrated but as a Villianess who died in the end. A death which is pathetic.

  • Request Fiction

    Request Fiction

    Eastern Fantasy R18


  • Fiction Guy

    Fiction Guy


    coming soon.

  • God of Fiction

    God of Fiction


    What happens when all the things we thought didn't exist, were actually real? From movies, games, animes, novels, manga, etc. - All we humans have imagined were just living in a far corner of the universe.====================================A young man from the countryside was having ordinary day in his life. On his way back home from the school, he suddenly caught a sight of a huge meteor dropping fast to his position. "WHAT THE F*CK!!??" - that is the last words of the man.....Follow the youth as he arise from bed of the hospital to his journey in becoming much better than a "Lacky" to an ALMIGHTY BEING.

  • Gateway Of Fiction

    Gateway Of Fiction


    Have you wonder how humans are advance, its because one of them hold the book of fiction. It is time to pass it on to others who will be the next holder of the book of fiction.

  • The Crossroads (Fiction)

    The Crossroads (Fiction)

    Fantasy MYSTERY

  • Science fiction

    Science fiction


  • Restart Fiction

    Restart Fiction


    Polar's summer finally came to an end with a dreaded final day. His obsession with time loops brought him only one wish... to be stuck in a time loop. And it was granted... somehow.

  • Fiction Flashes

    Fiction Flashes

    Contemporary Romance FATEDLOVE ABUSIVELOVE

    A collection of my writings.Content:1. My Sinful Salvation~To all the addictions we once had.2. What Broke Us Apart?~To all the reasons creating distances in our relationships.3. To Be One Of Them~To all those who wished to be just like one of them.4. One and Only~To all those who find themselves no longer the one and only.5. A Cloud Of Expectation~To all the fantasies we expect.6. Worthy Mistakes~To all the mistakes we once thought were worth it.7. Curse Of Love~To all the heartbreaking love stories.8. Sweet Fate~To the sweet destiny of our lives.9. The Darkest Light~To all the darkest hopes we harbour.10. A Friend Indeed~A friend not in need, a friend indeed.11. Blooms Of Love~To finding the right one.12. So Lonely I Am~To all the loneliness we harbour in our heart step by step.13. The Last One14. My Love For You15. 100 Reasons Why I Loved Mom.16. Love Under White Moonlight.17. Love At Second Sight.

  • Fiction Guardian

    Fiction Guardian

    Many dream of fictional men or women to sweep them off their feet, or someone to act as their guardian Angel, keeping them safe, but what if someone has the ability to possess both? The town of Norfort is the hub of all things fantastical, so when random characters, in inhabitants favourite fiction Novels turn up on their doorstep as their guardian's, they don't bat an eyelid but when they begin to be assigned wrong, rather than balancing out their personality traits, they match them exactly, then a few months later, the poor soul turns up dead, people begin to take notice. Trigger warning= heavy suicide themes,

  • Fiction System

    Fiction System


    Jm Wilson was a boy that loved to read and watch fictional stories. Jm was 8 years old when his father died due to cancer. His mother inherited all of his fathers' wealth. 4 years after Jms' father died his mother got married once again but this time the man that his mother married only wanted the wealth. 6 years after the marriage his new father would always beat his mother. One day after Jm left his part time Job he saw his step father kill his mom. He was enrage and rushed towards his mother side crying but then his vision suddenly became blur.[Sychronizing][Hello Host... I am Fictional System]

  • pop fiction

    pop fiction

  • Romance Fiction

    Romance Fiction

    Short Stories But Full Of Romance

  • Through Fiction

    Through Fiction

  • Erotic Flash Fiction

    Erotic Flash Fiction

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 SMUT

    A collection of short erotic flash fiction. Adults only. If you are offended by this type of material, please do not read beyond this point. Otherwise, please feel free to ‘indulge yourself’

  • fan fiction ✍

    fan fiction


  • Flash Into Fiction

    Flash Into Fiction

    These are short stories that I created either for entertainment or for competition purposes. There might be some chances that I might create novels for them, so I'll just put them here. I hope you can enjoy my creations. Thanks!