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  • Trapped Love

    Trapped Love


    Didn't I tell you, Nira? You can never escape me. Never."-Billie Eilish Nira Smith found herself trapped in a cage of forced love and in a cycle of dark desire of one person. You can't trap things forever; they will be freed. It would take more than sweet talk and desire to be caged once more and Nira will make sure she will never be caged again. The dove is freed and has taken to the skies though what are the limits? As the dove took flight from its cage, the musician left in tears as she watched her dove, her muse, her precious song, fly away from the broken cage. With clenched fists, she looked up at the streets seeing her precious dove leaving. Billie with tears in her eyes and a renewed anger and a promise. "I will get you my lovely dove, with a stronger cage, one you can't escape, no heaven or hell will stop me. I will make you sing your songs, no one will stop me." Warning: This is a yandere story. So it will contain some content that may be triggering or uncomfortable to some readers. Please if you are very sensitive to any kind of abuse, please I advise don't read this story. Thank you.@All Rights Reserved

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