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  • Vicious Young Miss Is Lesbian, And Wants Me?

    Vicious Young Miss Is Lesbian, And Wants Me?



    [ Volume 2 Is Officially Starting! ] Song Liya, the female lead of the novel. She was a vicious young miss who never backed down, she often got whatever she wanted. No one dared to argue with her or even look her in the eyes, she was that scary to them. "Why are you looking at me? Get to work!” "Y-yes!” “There is one less rice in this bowl! Remake this!" “Right away!” Then there is Yu Yingyi, she is the cannon fodder of this novel. She was often bullied by the male lead and mistreated by everyone else. Even the female lead would yell at her time to time, but she never cared about her due to her being a cannon fodder. Then there's Yu Xuan, she was girl who was reading the novel. She skipped through all of the contents and read the ending without reading the earlier chapters. Suddenly, she was transmigrated into the novel, not as the female lead or anyone important. She became Yu Yingyi, the cannon fodder in this novel. “JUST WHY?” ... Keep in mind, not everything will go the way you think will go, vurses' novels' will always contain unexpected events. [Writing Goals] 200 votes = 1 Bonus Chapters 400 votes = 2 Bonus Chapters 600 votes = 3 Bonus Chapter top 50 = 4 Bonus Chapters Top 30 = 5 Bonus Chapter top 20 = 6 bonus Chapter top 15 = 7 Bonus Chapter top 10 = 3 Bonus Chapter [Bonus Chapters Will Be Released On Sunday]

  • Lesbian But Not

    Lesbian But Not



    The so-called lesbian of an all-girls school is forced to participate in an experiment for her to study in a university full of hot guys! What could possibly go wrong?

  • Lesbian Slave(GL)(LGBTQ+)

    Lesbian Slave(GL)(LGBTQ+)

    A Lesbian who creates her own empire called Black Angel Society, a society full of LGBTQ+ elites and common members.Shun loves to collect slaves and create her own harem, if you enter her world you're always welcome to play with fire.

  • Lesbian Romance

    Lesbian Romance

    Until now I lived in a small town. But I had to move. Why?I never went to school. I was an outsider ...First day in the new school-My mommy."No luck, but a miracle I need." I murmured.A little later ...The lady went to the desk, left the bag and asked,-You are our new student, right? Come on.- My name is Christina Nelson. I think it does not concern you where I come from. They chased away from my old school, because I broke a boy's nose.All eyes were in me. A girl came into this memo. It looked like an awesome Angel. Her lady signaled to sit."Do you want the place to be free?" She asked me.That's how it all started ...Love, hopes, dreams, fear ...

  • Lesbian Dungeon Mistress

    Lesbian Dungeon Mistress


    This is SMUT, Harrem, and Raunchy/full of sex and debauchery. I can't get the tags to work but don't read if you have a problem with sex with strangers and nonmonogamous relationships. Also will have relations with monsters and inanimate objects. Hedone is a young woman who put her all into running throughout her school life. However she was never the best and after graduating highschool she felt a lack of motivation. Not only that but her perfect mother has always made her feel inferior. In the end she becomes a shut in like her sister for a year only going out to run in the morning every day. As she wallows in stagnation she finds adult art and revels in women being humiliated imagining that those who seem to have their lives together being brought down. However Hedone can't even sink in the temptations of lust as her body rejects all sexual pleasure. Hedone's mother worrying about her daughters shut in ways decides to move out to a small town surrounded by forests. After exploring the forest near their new home Hedone find's a dungeon seed. Her envy and desires activate the seed opening up a new world to the young woman. Not only that she finds out about gods, other worlds, and even that she was cursed. Accepting to become the Mistress of the dungeon Hedone's life is now tied to the success and continuation of the dungeon! Why was she cursed? What will she do with her power? How will she manage the dungeon? Please read on to see the answers to these questions!

  • Unbreak (Lesbian)

    Unbreak (Lesbian)

    Jordan met Gabrielle in a weird way and it made her realize that she was still be able to love someone else after her dead fianceé haunted her for three years.But life wasn't life if life didn't give us a surprise.A secret had revealed and made both of them stuck at crossroad.Which way did they need to take?

  • Sweetheart (Lesbian)

    Sweetheart (Lesbian)

    "Stay away from her," they said, "She's nothing but bad news."But I, as much as I wanted to, couldn't find the strength in me to do so. One day, I found myself fondling over the badass senior with a hot a boyfriend on her arm and a bad reputation. Still remaining in the closet, I tried my best to hide the infatuation I developed for the older girl at my school, but that was a difficult task when my feelings were all over the place whenever I made eye contact with her."I'll tell you a secret not many people know," she mischievously giggled, "I've thought about kissing you so many times since the day I met you, sweetheart." the endearment dripped off her tongue like sex at its finest melting on the very tip, and with that, she disappeared out of my sight. If only I'd held her so she didn't escape.I remembered my heart almost bursting out my chest at the tone of her voice. She was driving me insane and the more we saw each other made me slowly falling off the edge.©givenchytearss 2019

  • The depressed lesbian

    The depressed lesbian


  • Amaka the lesbian

    Amaka the lesbian

    Amaka a very sweet little girl who was molest by her own aunt but later decided to get revenge on her aunt

  • Lesbian Love

    Lesbian Love

  • Secretly Lesbian

    Secretly Lesbian


  • Lesbian crush

    Lesbian crush


  • wolf lesbian

    wolf lesbian

  • YourTheOne (Lesbian)

    YourTheOne (Lesbian)

  • Lesbian Heartbreak

    Lesbian Heartbreak

    LGBT+ R18

  • The Lesbian Love

    The Lesbian Love

  • the lesbian rejects

    the lesbian rejects




  • The Lesbian And The Badboy

    The Lesbian And The Badboy

    Wait...What?! Isang lesbian at Badboy? Mai-inlove sa isa't isa? Nagkakalokohan ba tayo? Nahh! Let's find out!

  • The second female lead Dual Cultivates

    The second female lead Dual Cultivates


    Heavy R-18 from chapter 10. It is Yuri and harem. Futa side characters.Maria died and then reincarnated into a game. A harem game. Not as a protagonist, but as a member of the MC's harem. The childhood friend that never wins. Maria was quite satisfied with her life in this new world filled with magic and advanced science. She had looks, money, and a future to look forward to since she was a lesbian and had no intention of getting together with the MC.And then the MC died, leaving the world and Maria in chaos. There was a tentative peace that lasted until she heard the court have a talk with a mysterious figure. They were talking about sacrificing Maria to the demon gods to ensure world peace. She was about to be killed for things she could not control and Maria did not want that. She especially did not want to die as a virgin.Not one to be taken for granted like this, Maria decides to run away from home and started her new journey. This time, she was no longer a harem girl doomed to be cast away, but rather the hero of her own story. She would travel lands, gather friends and live her life out. And she has to do all this while running away from her dead ex-fiancé's sister who has an obsession with her for some reason. (June poll: https://forms.gle/ZVAyGEKReuxgqvng6)(Cover image not mine. It will be taken down if the original owner wants me to)