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  • Pulling Pieces (girlxgirl) Book 1 Puzzle Pieces

    Pulling Pieces (girlxgirl) Book 1 Puzzle Pieces

    I am willing her to continue but I can no longer speak. I am already anticipating. It's weakening to feel like this. She kisses me on my cheek and whispers, "Tell me to go on."Never did she imagine that she will be awakened one day already confused of herself. She is Lana, a simpleton, who doesn't care how she looks as long as she graduates college. Having a gorgeous best friend who is a martyr did not prepare her for relationships and its struggles. She just knows how to be protective of the people she loves. Being protective to the point where she is unaware of dangers of falling in love and experiencing heartbreaks. She meets Blake and her life twists 360 degrees around like a roller coaster running fast paced outside its rails.Oh and I should mention, Blake's a very complicated woman. The rest is yours to find out before it becomes history.

  • Sweetener (GirlxGirl)

    Sweetener (GirlxGirl)

    "What the hell do you think you're doing?" My heart stopped and my entire being froze upon hearing that. I recognized that voice. That was Blair Westwood's voice. "O-Oh my G- I am so s-sorry, Blair. I didn't mean to do that. I should've watched where I was going." I gulped the large lump that formed in the back of my throat and my eyes casted down on the floor. Silence filled the air between us, and as the minutes passed, the antsier I got to leave. I wanted to walk out, but I knew the second-in-command was hot on my trail. Wait. I was stuck in the bathroom with the HBIC of all people, while Delilah Santiago was also after me. Realization hitting, I looked up to meet the piercing green eyes of the she-devil herself. -From a young age, Blair Westwood had been wired to thrive on pain and destruction. She was the queen bee, the head cheerleader that striked fear into the hearts of many. However, when her eyes capture the gaze of a certain volleyball captain, all that she's ever known suddenly becomes a lie. Her empire is threatened as she battles against the norms forced on her by society along with finding out the truth about her sexuality. ©givenchytearss 2018

  • Inevitable (GirlxGirl)

    Inevitable (GirlxGirl)


    Jessica es una joven que inicia la universidad queriendo cambiar la triste vida que tuvo en el colegio, en su carrera conoce a Saul quien con el tiempo la integra a su grupo de amigos Cuando Jessica descubre que a Saul le gusta una chica del grupo llamada Marlen no dudará en tratar de ayudarlo pero, las cosas no salen como las planea

  • GirlxGirl oneshot ?

    GirlxGirl oneshot ?

  • The Immortal Lie (GirlxGirl)

    The Immortal Lie (GirlxGirl)


    In the ever entangling strings of fate, two stand out. Charlotte Griffen, a naïve werewolf with a propensity for dark magic and a heart of gold. Akira Cliff, a born weapon with hatred bred into her. Together they have the power to tear down the universe or rebuild it, Darker forces conspire to corrupt them and change them. War is on the horizon and new enemies appear every day, Will Charlotte fail and become Darkness? Will Akira finally learn to love? Read the story of these two and truly learn. Were they strong enough? Warning: Violence, Gore, mentioned sexual activity, mentions of past trauma. Gay stuff, cussing. psychological manipulation Read at your own risk.

  • |COMPLETED| Infatuation` [GirlxGirl]

    |COMPLETED| Infatuation` [GirlxGirl]


    Five law students were grouped under a professional lawyer to complete one of the very important co-curricular activities during the final year of law school to gain good marks in their final exam. Although the students of that group had known each other from the beginning of their university life and were really good friends, still, a lot of mysteries were yet to be known, even conflicts were yet to be happened. Moreover, two of them had secretly crush on each other. Both of them were girls. SAME SEX. Fears and obstacles made their path more difficult as it was 'unusual' love apart from society. Things became more morose when a special character entered their life and made things more messed up and it ended up disastrously. Nobody was able to beat her as she was special than any other person with a special ability. When the antagonist throws their ultimate nasty scheme to gain what they wanted, two of the main characters had to lose their everything and ended up being scapegoats.....This fiction contains:# Love triangle.# One-sided love.# Lesbian romance.# GirlxGirl smut and kiss.# Murder.# A journey to reclaim the laws in the constitution and establish LGBTQ rights for a country.Mature Content.Violence, Homophobia, Murder, Sexual Triggers.|*No translations are allowed without my permission.*|[All rights reserved.©]

  • Behind The Doors (GirlxGirl)

    Behind The Doors (GirlxGirl)


    Chloe is a junior in high school. Currently dating a hot cheerleader named Leah. There was no one at the school who didn't have a crush on Leah. She was pretty charming. Everybody thought Chloe was living her best life because Leah chose her over everyone, but what they didn't know was not everything we see is the truth. Nobody knows what happens behind the doors. **** Triggers and smut present. I do not own the background picture of this book's cover. Book cover made by me.

  • chemistry class (girlxgirl)

    chemistry class (girlxgirl)

  • What is love? {girlxgirl}

    What is love? {girlxgirl}

    Two and a half years ago Darcy fell in love with Liana. She was only thirteen years old back then and hadn't thought that she might not just be into boys. So Darcy suppressed her feelings. Since then, she had barely thought about her feelings for Liana and had been friends with her. But suddenly the feelings come back again. Stronger than before. Way too strong...This time Darcy faces her feelings and has to realize that it's not easy at all.

  • Fiery Passion (GirlxGirl)

    Fiery Passion (GirlxGirl)


    With the sudden death of her family, Eupharsia would be left wondering about the truths about herself and her family that they chose to hide from her. These truths will be unraveled when she, without knowing, summons the fae, Abelaide. But these truths are beyond what she expected and the price that comes with knowing costs more than life and death, pain and betrayal.Started: August 27,2020 - ongoingthis book is also published on my wattpad account:>

  • My best friends mom (girlxgirl)

    My best friends mom (girlxgirl)

  • She Kissed Her | girlxgirl

    She Kissed Her | girlxgirl


    Ridhika Sharma's life was going good until she kissed her.Who would've thought that a nerd could break a heart!?

  • I'm In Love With Ms. Author (GirlxGirl)

    I'm In Love With Ms. Author (GirlxGirl)

    It all started with a 'Hi Miss!' Until followed by many messages that until now I still do not reply. "Ms. Author, kumain kana?" "Ms. Author, ingat sa buong araw ha, mamahalin pa kita." "Ms. Sing ganda ng mga libro mo ang magiging love story natin." "Ms. Huwag ng tumingin sa iba ha, baka tuluyan kang madapa at mahulog....sakin." "Ms. I'll introduce myself to you soon so just wait, okay?" "By the way, I'm your future wife." --- Like, who the hell is she?! Pina-prank lang ba ako nito?! For almost a year? Wala ba siyang ibang magawa sa araw-araw? Ang lala yata ng tama sa utak kaya napakalakas din ng trip sa buhay. Every day, I always wonder who this woman really is. She's obviously one of my readers. And the annoying thing is, I think my brain cells are running out of thoughts of why she had to send me nonsense messages every day. Argh! So I hired a private investigator to find her. I want her to stop as soon as possible because if she doesn't.... I might end up falling for her. AND THIS IS ALL HER FAULT!!

  • The Girl I Love The Most (JenLisa GirlxGirl)

    The Girl I Love The Most (JenLisa GirlxGirl)


    She was the best thing that ever happened to me. The only treasure I keep in the world. She is my happiness, which I do not want to share with others. But SHE is my best friend. And yes, I love her. I fell in love with her. I fell in love with the person I should not love more than a friend.

  • Age Is Just A Number (GirlxGirl) COMPLETED

    Age Is Just A Number (GirlxGirl) COMPLETED


    I fell in love with the most matured teenage I ever met. She is a top student, gorgeous, caring and has a good heart.She is the daughter of the Senator.Her name is Cara Brigette Olsen. And she is my student. Who will turn my life up side down.

  • A Mistake I Made Got Me A Girlfriend (girlxgirl)

    A Mistake I Made Got Me A Girlfriend (girlxgirl)

    I was intoxicated and had a one night stand with a person i dont know and most of all she's a girl!?!??

  • Sylviana The Wolf Lover {GirlxGirl} {Very Slow Updates, Sorry}

    Sylviana The Wolf Lover {GirlxGirl} {Very Slow Updates, Sorry}


    Hi, I'm Sylvie, I am 17 years old, lesbian, and I go to Winter High with my bestie, Jess, short for Jessee, who has been in love with me since we were seven years old.. Though, I don't know if I love her, or Viana, the popular girl who is loved by EVERYONE, literally. But the thing is, I don't know if she loves me, so I probably have, or haven't got a chance with her, but I still hope I do have a chance. Does Viana love me? Or not? Will I be with Viana, or will I be with Jess? Or both? Read to find out, bye-bye! ^w^

  • Parasyte: Yuki, Fleur S.

    Parasyte: Yuki, Fleur S.



    "I've never once thought that zombies would be deadly; Yet here I am deadlier"Yuki Fleur is a first-year college student, studying fine arts and design, in the country of New Zealand. Little did she expect that, by the time she had woken up, the world had turned into ruins from a certain virus-parasitic epidemic. Contagious, deadly, rabid, these characteristics are thoroughly described by none other than Wattson Claire and Turner Andrew, one of the few scientists who played a big part on the experiment produced as bio-weapons for the modern-global war, from a secret organisation called ‘S.P.E.C.T.R.E.’ Bitten by a zombie, right across her hind, she was exiled from her group due to her alarming risk for turning into one of them. Despite her ruptured flesh, she manages to swiftly avoid multiple obstacles, defying death itself, and fortunately survives, and saved from the hands of Grey Turner, the son of Andrew Turner, inside an abandoned house. She then becomes immune from the parasitic fungi/virus inside her cells and overturned her twisted rabid state due to her abnormal cells. Will Fleur and Grey be able to produce a complex vaccine out from her DNA, or fail from the mutated monsters lurking in the shadows?***Parasyte: Yuki, Fleur S., and Parasyte: Turner, Grey B. are interconnected stories. In this novel, you'll experience the adventure of the little girl who's ridiculously lucky enough to survive the onslaught of the undead. She's more on the funny side than Grey, the main protagonist in his world. Let's unravel the mysteries of the world infested with undead monsters. We'll learn how to love, laugh, smile, cry, which also has a lot of Yuri (GirlxGirl) fantasies-*cough*Please enjoy reading the novel~-Original Artwork by Cr4sh4rTFacebook link page: PHOTOGRAPH BY @SNOWPHIRA

  • Sex, Money, Fame

    Sex, Money, Fame

    The Sex, Money, and Fame series is the life long story of Desdemona Potts and Caroline Abrams. One seeks nothing but to be famous, the other has too much fame to deal with. GirlXGirlRated R

  • Anastasia  » teen wolf

    Anastasia » teen wolf

    Teen VAMPIRE

    Vampire! oc x witch! ocgirlxgirlteen wolfseason 1-?started| May 2, 2020|ended|?|