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  • Adopted by Billie Eilish

    Adopted by Billie Eilish

    A normal girl named Anastasia lives in an adoption center in Los Angeles. Billie Eilish is her idol and she always dreamt of meeting her. That and being adopted are her only wishes. She gets both those things but life still isn't a cakewalk.

  • Crashing Into Billie Eilish

    Crashing Into Billie Eilish


    Lockland Orion has only one task: she has to make a film for her photography class. A film that makes up almost half of her grade. And she isn't willing to comprise it's perfection.But, she needs a partner.Billie Eilish is eccentric, carefree and, also, a brilliant photography student.Just what Lockland needs.However, things goes array when Lockland and Billie partners up for their school project.Will Lockland ever shoot her perfect film?

  • You will be mine - Ariana Grande gxg

    You will be mine - Ariana Grande gxg


    "If you run away, then I will chase after you and lock you away, so you have to love me." ~ Ariana~In which an innocent high school love develops into a deadly obsession~____________________________________________________First Quinn was loved by her best friend, but later she was chased by a delusional pop star, who would never leave her alone...yandere Ariana Prequel to "Owned - Billie Eilish gxg"Warning: This is a dark romance story, therefore it will have some content, that might be triggering or disturbing to some people. If you are very sensitive to any kind of abuse, please don't read this story. Thank you.All Rights Reserved

  • How I met Billie Eilish

    How I met Billie Eilish

    One got a text from her mom and got the biggest surprise ever and even ended up falling in love... "I fell backwards onto the sidewalk behind me, out of pure shock. 'What the freak is happening to me?' I asked myself outloud." The other got hurt really bad and went through a whole lot of hell but then she got a huge opportunity... "The pain was too much. It was so overwhelming. I felt tears start to roll down the sides of my face." ⚠️ Some Mature Content ⚠️

  • Why love Billie Eilish so much

    Why love Billie Eilish so much

  • Scandalous Love (Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish fanfiction)

    Scandalous Love (Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish fanfiction)

    Reality: Taylor Swift adalah seorang diva kelas dunia yang bakatnya sudah tidak diragukan lagi, namun di balik lagu-lagunya ada banyak kejanggalan tentang kehidupan pribadinya yang bukannya menceritakan para mantan cowoknya, tapi malah mengarah ke hubungan terlarang bersama Karlie Kloss. Begitupun dengan Billie Eilish yang baru beberapa tahun menetas sebagai bintang pop di Hollywood, tapi dia tak luput dari sasaran paparazzi tentang orientasi seksualnya yang sebenarnya karena digosipkan pernah menjalin hubungan dengan Danielle Bregoli alias Bhad Bhabie.Setelah Taylor Swift bertemu dengan Billie Eilish di Billboard Awards 2019, mereka sempat berfoto bersama. Taylor sebagai Woman of the decade, dan Billie sebagai woman of the year. Fanfiction: Mereka pun terus berkontak sejak saat itu walaupun pandemi menyerang. mereka juga menjalin hubungan secara diam-diam walaupun Taylor masih "berpacaran" dengan Joe Alwyn secara publik dan Billie masih "berpacaran" dengan Matthew Vorce. Akankah mereka berhasil menyembunyikan hubungan mereka di balik sebuah kolaborasi dalam album "Reputation Taylor's Version" dan tidak terlibat skandal, mengingat mereka adalah idola remaja dan dewasa muda masa kini?

  • Billie Eilish , Estella , Adrian , Matthew , Denise , Alexandra

    Billie Eilish , Estella , Adrian , Matthew , Denise , Alexandra


    " i can't breathe without you , cause only you could fill this empty space billie "

  • Trapped Love

    Trapped Love


    Didn't I tell you, Nira? You can never escape me. Never."-Billie Eilish Nira Smith found herself trapped in a cage of forced love and in a cycle of dark desire of one person. You can't trap things forever; they will be freed. It would take more than sweet talk and desire to be caged once more and Nira will make sure she will never be caged again. The dove is freed and has taken to the skies though what are the limits? As the dove took flight from its cage, the musician left in tears as she watched her dove, her muse, her precious song, fly away from the broken cage. With clenched fists, she looked up at the streets seeing her precious dove leaving. Billie with tears in her eyes and a renewed anger and a promise. "I will get you my lovely dove, with a stronger cage, one you can't escape, no heaven or hell will stop me. I will make you sing your songs, no one will stop me." Warning: This is a yandere story. So it will contain some content that may be triggering or uncomfortable to some readers. Please if you are very sensitive to any kind of abuse, please I advise don't read this story. Thank you.@All Rights Reserved

  • The girl and the dark

    The girl and the dark



  • YOU with ME

    YOU with ME

    Teen TEEN

    "I am going to make you the biggest pop star in the world," Finneas dramatically says."Shut up! That sounds way to cringy." "I will do it."× × × Billie is like any other 16 year old with hopes and dreams of becoming a successful singer and a dancer, but the predicament is that she there's something, something big out to get Finneas and erase him from existence. Things were starting to look good for her at the beginning of her sophomore year until an appalling visitor threatens to wreck havoc on the future Finneas had planned with her. Will they overcome the impediment life has given them or will Billie Eilish have to leave her best friend and follow her life-long dream of becoming the pop star she saw in her fantasies.

  • Foolish Games We Play

    Foolish Games We Play


    A Kpop fanfiction with ships, side-ships, runaway trains, villains and heroes.. Inspired by the songs "Foolish Games" by Jewel, "Killing Me Softly" by The Fugees, "Lovely" by Billie Eilish and Khalid, and Jungkook's cover of "At My Worst" by Pink Sweats - In case you failed to notice, in case you failed to see, this is my heart, breaking before you. This is me down on my knees -

  • Dark Ocean of Mine

    Dark Ocean of Mine

    Fantasy Romance SCARY ANGST

    This is loosely based on NCT Ten and Winwin's dance on 'Lovely' by Billie Eilish.It is my first time writing and posting something online so bear with me.Also these are kinda my thoughts instead of a fanfiction.

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