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  • Reincarnated As A Chameleon And Eating Everything to Evolve

    Reincarnated As A Chameleon And Eating Everything to Evolve



    WPC #192 Gold Winner ---------- Matthew lived his whole life fighting for his own happiness. When his parents told him to become an engineer or a doctor, he decided to rebel and decided to become a musician instead. When he finally succeeded and he goes to perform his first concert, an accident happened and Matthew died as a result. A God sees his struggles and felt pity that his life ended when it just started. The god then gave him an offer to be reborn again into another world that the god created, but the god can't guarantee what he will become when reincarnated. Matthew who felt that his life was unfair and wanted to taste what real happiness is accepted god's offer and was willing to take whatever consequences there is. When he opened his eyes again, Matthew was unexpectedly reincarnated as a chameleon. Fortunately, the god helped him by giving him a system that enables him to change and improve his body parts by eating other monsters. Follow Matthew along his journey in this new world as he consumes his enemies while he finds his own meaning of happiness. ---------------- "Is that the spider's venom that could kill a crocodile in one bite? I'll gladly add them to my own body!" "That bear could cut down a tree with one punch... I'll also make them mine!" "Whoa... You said only your species can use magic? Then I'll eat you and become the same species as you!"

  • Chameleon: My True Face

    Chameleon: My True Face



    The prodigy of mercenary world, the youngest officer in Seven Stars Special Forces.Betrayed by his partners, people he considered friends. Sentenced for murder he didn't commit.Placed in a high-security prison. Jokes on them.In the first day, he acquired an ability, able to change his body at will. In the second day, he met the love of his life, taking her with him on the path to get revenge.Join Li Wuxing as he claims what's rightfully his. .....................................Support me on Patreon --> me a coffee ->'s Insta -> ->

  • reincarnated as a chameleon

    reincarnated as a chameleon


    Follow the journey of an Average Japanese Boy In a Fantasy World as a Chameleon.

  • Chameleon Cocoon

    Chameleon Cocoon

    A Villian beautifully cocooned turned to the ugly raccoon

  • Iniquities of a chameleon

    Iniquities of a chameleon

    This story is mainly about wolfs in sheep clothings, Those hiding under the umbrella of some sorts of religion to decieve others,read till the end it's such an amazing piece

  • Perfect Chameleon

    Perfect Chameleon

    Fiksi Realistik ROMANCE CAMPUS

    A new chapter will be updated every month starting from (16/10/2020) Perfect Chameleon is a novel that I wrote 2 years ago when I was in senior high school. Its a coming-of-age story about anxiety and mental distress towards facing adolescence. Writing this novel back in the days has been my runaway from high-school life. The story is inspired on real life events and some parts are even 95% similar to what happened in reality.

  • Chameleon (Book 1)

    Chameleon (Book 1)



  • Door with chameleon handle

    Door with chameleon handle


    Asteria lived a humble witch's life, studying in a small school with other witches and wizards, having a friend of a black cat with button eyes, but most importantly away from people and trouble. She would be a perfectly ordinary witch, if not for the fact that she's purebred, her dream is to unite the races and all the time she has strange dreams about a door with a chameleon handle. Perhaps her life would have been so peaceful were it not for the day when the forest caught fire. Someone's behind it, and behind them there's an even greater plot linking all races and going back to the time of the First Witch. Asteria sets out on a journey to learn the truth and continue learning. *English is not my first language. If you see any mistakes, please correct me.*

  • How to tame a Chameleon

    How to tame a Chameleon


    A collection of poems and stories inspired by Boy George’s songs and travels

  • Old lady and the Chameleon

    Old lady and the Chameleon

  • Chameleon Beauty : Shadow Assassin

    Chameleon Beauty : Shadow Assassin last she is now free and ready to take her chance as a singer or whatever life may brings her way.----With her life experiences, she was supposed to be void of any feelings , but the first time that their eyes met, her heart beats faster. Unsure of what to do, she just stares at him as he speaks. "Why are you so handsome,Ayyyyy?!!"As she saw the changes in his expression, she realized thay she speaks what is on her mind. A complete awkward silence followed.'Crap! Busted!Way to go Krista!' She cursed herself while smiling timidly at the handsome man before her!

  • The Chameleon-System: Master Of Disguise

    The Chameleon-System: Master Of Disguise

    A young orphan that is only 13 while hiding in the forest after running away trips and falls after hitting their head on a branch falling unconscious never to open their eyes in this world again................right?

  • The Hidden Chameleons

    The Hidden Chameleons

    Fantasy Romance R18 MAGIC SURVIVAL DRAGON

    Twins Ximell and Xyna, refugees from the star system Zerol, find themselves crash landed on planet earth. Working together to rebuild their lost civilization, they find it extremely hard with other creatures of the night lurking about. Will they be able to rebuild or will they die trying?Cover Art done by someone on Pinterest. Not my own work.

  • How to tame a Chameleon - the start of a beautiful project

    How to tame a Chameleon - the start of a beautiful project


  • The chameleon changes color to save lives And people change colors for

    The chameleon changes color to save lives And people change colors for

    The chameleon changes color to save lives And people change colors for

  • I, Who Have Been Reborn as a Poison Dragon, Am Being Persecuted by the World

    I, Who Have Been Reborn as a Poison Dragon, Am Being Persecuted by the World



    Lilo transmigrated to the holy continent and was reborn as an evil poison dragon. Poison dragons were not treated kindly by the other races on the continent. Any living creature would take action to slay a poison dragon when they encountered one. Lilo accidentally activated the most powerful bloodline talent of his ancestors, "Characteristic Merger", on a deserted island when he was born! This talent could extract the characteristics of any "metal ores" or "various living creatures" he consumed and merge them with his body. Consumed Core Lava and extracted the characteristics of its raging flames. Characteristics merged with your poison to become fire poison! Consumed Chameleon and extracted its characteristics mimicking its surroundings. Characteristics merged with your skin and gave you the ability to become invisible! Consumed Raging Flame Bird and extracted its speed characteristic. Characteristics merged with your body and now allow you to fly at ten times the speed of sound! Consumed Thousand-year Tree Heart, Ten-thousand-year Gold Ore, and Hundred-ton Heavy Water and merged vitality, sharpness, and corrosive characteristics with your fire poison to become a corrosive poison with all four characteristics. All living creatures would wither with your dragon breath! He could gather millions of abilities as long as he extracted suitable characteristics! Thus... When Lilo, who was on the deserted island, was discovered by wanderers, many adventurers and soldiers surrounded and attacked him just as they had done to other poison dragons in the past. However, they were destined to fail. Lilo swore to himself as he struck his enemies down, "Can the other poison dragons be compared to me? I'll conquer the world!"

  • Holy Great Dragon, Starting from Gene Evolution

    Holy Great Dragon, Starting from Gene Evolution



    As a top-tier scientist in the field of evolutionary studies, Ye Chen could not find a way to extend life. He decided to use himself as an experimental subject, genetically modifying himself to achieve his goal of immortality. He studied tardigrades, extracted genes from ants, and tried becoming closer to botanic life forms, fusing them all into his own genes. But his numerous experiments had all failed, and instead hastened his aging. In the end, the laboratory exploded as a result of energy leakage, and everything was buried in ashes. But this was not the end. All the fused genes in his body caused a strange change, bringing Ye Chen to a world known as the Holy Land, where he became an ordinary lizard at the bottom of the food chain. In this world, there were elves, magical beasts, goblins, tree man, giant dragons and humans, and many many other mythical species. As an ordinary lizard, his entire life could be summarized as just reproduction and survival. If he were unlucky, he would be swallowed whole by his natural predators at some random point in time, or run into a human explorer or hunting group, which would also mean his end. As he witnessed the fate of other lizards, Ye Chen could no longer stay calm. He didn’t want his life to end like this, he would fight to survive in this world. Afterward, Ye Chen discovered that he could extract and fuse other creatures’ genes into his own by eating them, and this fusion wouldn’t cause any rejection reaction, it was perfect. First, it was an ant, a chameleon, a rabbit, from which he extracted the genes of power, camouflage, and agility respectively. Then it was magical beasts like Saber-tooth Tiger, Two-headed Wolf, and the Bird of Flames. As he fused more and more genes into himself, Ye Chen’s physique gradually changed and got closer and closer to the legendary Holy Great Dragon. All lifeforms on the Holy Land went crazy. Kill Ye Chen, and find the secrets to evolution!

  • Male Spy at an All-Girls School!!

    Male Spy at an All-Girls School!!



    Rin Grayson, Male Agent and Code name "Ant" of the Brotherhood Secret Service. He has one mission, protect the daughter of the Headmaster from all the inevitable danger that is directed on to her but there's a catch... He'll have to do it in disguise... as a girl at an All-Girls School!!"If it's cute, it's not gay!!!" - a certain ChameleonAuthor's summary:Basically, Boy crossdresses and disguises himself as a girl at an All-girls school for his Agent assignment in protecting the daughter of the headmaster and at the same time, forging friendships and bonds with his new classmates along the way. The Male lead is definitely a bad-ass in this story. He is both trustworthy and kind to his friends and the people that he loves and holds dear. At the same time, he is also shown to be ruthless and cold-blooded, showing no utter bullshit to his enemies, depending on the transgressions that they have done, most especially when they have acted upon his friends and loved ones. He also has his perverted moments, grinning like a lecherous old man having lewd thoughts to his female friends. He can be also quite dense, his knowledge sometimes is outside of the norm due to him being exposed mostly in his Agent duties much to some of the girl's displeasure. So many funny misunderstandings also await in here. The story is set on the fictional country of the Twilight Kingdom, a country where the Queen rules prosperously and is your typical modern one, with some exciting twist. Most especially, a certain place where only the criminal and lawless live... The Underworld. It is a forsaken place that will showcase a string of events that will definitely shake the heart of the very kingdom itself as webs of intrigue and plays intertwine with our MC, his friends, and allies being at the center. Male Spy at an All-Girls School not only deals with the story of our Male lead but also among others, showing how their lives are interconnected with one another in a single thread of fate, ultimately leading to an epic finale where everyone showcases growths in their physical and mostly emotional aspect with the MC leading on the top. In short, there will be cheesy moments, drama, comedy, romance, and definitely, action. It is a Spy story after all, with a harem, dark, comical twist.(Cover photo not mine. CTTO)

  • My boss-baby-daddy-crush

    My boss-baby-daddy-crush



    "I used to help him keep his secret, the next thing I know I became the secret he kept.” As soon as Lizeth Francisco reached 18, misfortune came to their family and she had to postpone college and started working at the lowest position in the clothing industry. That way she could pursue her studies as a working student. Lizeth knew at that age she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. She pied courters after courters but when she met her philanderous boss, her life had changed utterly. Xander Callens was the boss that seemed like a father to her if talking about the age gap. He was also the kind of man she never dreamed to be in a relationship with, two-faced, double-crossing, and chameleon-like. The kind of man she hated in general. However, she never anticipated that she could fall into his charm. How can she love a man morally unfit for her? A few months ago she knew she never would, but at this moment, she didn’t know herself anymore. What truly made her fall in love with Xander was more than people could fathom. But she saw something in him that only she knew and they didn’t. A story of a young working girl who got a crush on her married boss. The situation sucked for them when they started to fall in love.

  • Reaching for the Clouds

    Reaching for the Clouds


    Evolution isn’t constant. The leap from one species to another doesn’t take millennium but a moment. It just takes the right impetuous. Walk with Ches, a young chameleon, who dares to evolve to meet his tiny, lizard heart’s desire and perhaps win her love.