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  • Ember




    Realistic Fiction ADVENTURE

    "Ember—that name sould've been the solution for everything so why isn't anything going according to the plan?"This is a story about the bonds they have with one another, the bonds that are growing distant or —for some of them— are approaching, the bonds that could transform the story in something different than was originally planned but, in the end, every person that reads the book chooses what to see.

  • Embers Ad Infinitum

    Embers Ad Infinitum


    In this latest work by Lord of the Mysteries author, Cuttlefish That Loves Diving, be prepared for a well-thought out and detailed apocalyptic, cyberpunk world with a setting superseding Lord of the Mysteries! Our protagonist, Shang Jianyao, is crazy—literally crazy, at least that's what the doctors said. Living in a huge, underground building of Pangu Biology, one of the few remaining factions in this apocalyptic wasteland known as the Ashlands, he acts in unfathomable ways that's head-scratching, comical, and shrewd. So is he really crazy? Probably. He has a grand dream: to save all of humanity. Intricately tied to this dream is something everyone in the Ashlands believes in: Deep in a particular ruin buried away by danger and famine, a path leading to a new world awaits. To step into the new world, one only needs to find a special key and open that certain door. There, the land is bountiful, as if milk and honey flows freely. The sunlight is dazzling, as if all coldness and darkness are washed away. The people will no longer have to face desolation, monsters, infections, mutations, and all kinds of dangers. There, children are joyous, adults are happy, everything is fine as they are supposed to be. Every Antiquarian, Ruin Hunter, and Historian roaming the Ashlands knows: That's the New World.

  • Ember Land

    Ember Land


    After being left behind and receiving the Ember guardian system, Aaron son of the duke Froststar, must strengthen himself and survive on this continent full of magical beasts and invaded by demons of the void while fulfilling the mission of the goddess Eri to create a safe kingdom where his people and the chosen ones of the goddess Angela, her "players", can return safely to retake the continent.Will he be able to maintain the last embers of hope on this continent plunged into darkness and be the beacon that guides his people back to home or will he be consumed by the darkness?------------------------------English's not my first language so if you find some error in the grammar or have suggestions, feel free to point it out.Don't forget to read the other novels on the writing formula practice

  • Ember Continent

    Ember Continent

    The Continent of Ember is humanity's last hope. Nine hundred years ago, the Ocean started to expand. Scholars and Scientists searched to find a cause or a remedy - to no avail. Their last hail Mary was to build and fortify the continent of Ember: A raised, metal mammoth that is testament to humanity's bygone genius. They hoped it would be enough. They were wrong. The ocean wasn't all they had to fear. While humanity sequestered itself within its fabricated continent, the rest of the world evolved. Plants and Animals mutated. Once benign creatures began to terrorize humanity. Their aim? To take Ember. The expansion of the ocean means land is scarce, and food even more so. Ember - small, but flourishing thanks to the careful planning of its creators - is too tempting a bait to ignore. Humanity found itself trapped between an ever expanding ocean and mutated creatures. Then hope arrived. Humanity started to evolve too. Four Hundred years after the creation of Ember, human children began to gain powers over the elements. These mages, as they were named, became the saviors of humankind. They repelled the advancing creatures and saved the newfound continent. Now, five hundred years later, Mages are the foundation and strength of society. The strongest Mages live two, three hundred years, and there are whispers that some of the ancients - original Mages - still survive, raising talented apprentices. Humanity is locked in an ongoing struggle for survival. At the age of fifteen, every child is tested; the gifted ones get to move to the capital city, Resistance, home to the Mage Academy. Talented Mages stand at the top of society, in exchange for risking their lives. Parents bear kids with the hopes of rearing a Mage. For most people, it's a futile dream, but for Rae, an orphan with no knowledge of her past - anything is possible.

  • Black Ember

    Black Ember

    What would you do if as a baby, you were left behind as an experiment for 17 years?What if one day, you realized that you had been an experiment for a sole purpose, to be a weapon and someone has been searching for you all these years?Follow along in Aidan's journey as he develops in a new environment and struggles to fit in with others like him.

  • The Ember Thief

    The Ember Thief


    War is outlawed. The great houses now challenge for terrorites by putting forward their best champions, known as Chimeras, to compete in the brutal Quintail tournament. Bonded to a soul of an animal early in life, Chimeras harness the creature's attributes to make them faster, stronger and more agile than any other human. And to the lucky few, they're gifted with some extraordinary abilities.Raide is a prisoner with stolen memories. With the aid of Wisp, a voice that only a few can hear, he embarks on a journey to unravel the plot that has had him imprisoned for murder, leading him into the Quintail, and to the heart of the corruption that surrounds the reclusive creators of the tournament -- the Sisters of Ember.

  • Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember

    Astral Odyssey: Dying Ember

    Luna predicted a bad end for her family, so she did all she could to change their fate, only to lose her life in one of her attempts.Without knowing if she was successful, a deep voice asked her, "Do you want to live?"Luna could not answer. Through her lifetimes across several worlds...How did Luna find her will to live again?How will she return to her world?

  • Ashes to Ember

    Ashes to Ember


  • The Dying Ember

    The Dying Ember

  • Eyes of Ember

    Eyes of Ember


    Kane, a 17-year-old born without eyes, spends his entire allowance on the new VRMMO game, "Ember." Hoping the game will somehow allow him to see, and determined to finally become a top player in a video game, he logs in and begins his unusual journey. Or at least, that was the plan. Unfortunately for Kane, he was about to get roped into something big.

  • Ember Storm

    Ember Storm

    The entire world was suddenly engulfed in embers across the globe, a scorching that encased everything in it's path causing everything to burn and add to its fuel. How many survived the initial storm which began it all? Can anyone really survive such a literal hell on earth?

  • little ember

    little ember

  • The Devil's Cursed Witch

    The Devil's Cursed Witch



    On the haunted mountain in the kingdom, they say there lived a witch. She was born a princess. But even before her birth, the priest declared her to be cursed and demanded her death. They poisoned the mother to kill the baby before she gave birth, but the baby was born out of the dead mother—a cursed child. Again and again, they tried to kill the baby but she miraculously survived every single attempt. Giving up, they abandoned her on the haunted mountain to die but she still survived on that barren land— A witch ‘Why won’t she die?’ Years later, the people finally had enough of the witch and decided to burn the mountain. But someone arrived to her rescue and took her with him from that burning place, because dying was not her destiny even then. Draven Amaris. The Black Dragon, who ruled over supernatural beings, the Devil who no one wished to cross a path with. He hated humans but this certain human girl would pull him towards her whenever she was in danger. ‘Is she really a human?’ The devil named this mysteriously tenacious girl “Ember”, a piece of glowing coal in a dying fire. This is a tale of the man who brings death and the girl who denies it. ------ This is the second book from the series of The Devils and Witches. The first book is - Witch's daughter and the Devil's son. Both books are connected to each other but you can read them as stand-alone.

  • Seeds of Ember

    Seeds of Ember

    A collection of short stories. Every time two celestial beings meet, an ember seed is left as if to mark the meeting. Over countless eons, these seeds roamed the universe as bodiless and mindless force with only one impetus: seek where they come from. As they visited worlds, they eventually grew sentient and became demigods in their own right. This is their story before they eventually reunited with the celestial ancestor and begin their true journey.

  • The last Ember

    The last Ember


    In a world that has lost its magic one hope remains. Jack does not know it yet but destiny has been waiting for him to come of age. Sometimes things are better off forgotten. Sometimes history should not be repeated. Sometimes an ember is all it takes to burn the world down. Sometimes...

  • The Ember Fox

    The Ember Fox


  • The Ember of Dawn

    The Ember of Dawn


    [July 15, Year 780]A man awakens in the Universe alone. With no memories, family, or friends, he sets off on a journey to find himself and his purpose. Peril faces him around every corner and death seeks all who strive for greatness. Can he find his true purpose and overcome the tribulations ahead of him to set himself free of the shackles of his destiny?Meet Two, a witty, cold-blooded, but fun loving MC who travels along with Yura, a hot-headed, self diagnosed 'elegant beauty' to explore the Universe, meeting many obstacles along the way and battles to face! As they travel, they find the scale of their journey becomes larger and larger until their very existence is tied to the Cosmic Universe itself!Also, who is this secretive 'One' that keeps showing up?

  • The Ember of Creation

    The Ember of Creation


    Ember is the force of the world, the inferno of creation. Individuals known as Wielders pilot mecha known as Blades, using Ember as the fuel, with which they defend the scattered cities, and complete expeditions for clients in the cities. The world is on the brink, and time waits for none. Can Tael harness the power of his own Ember, or will he be consumed by the flames in his veins?**********************************************************************I don't believe in word limits or minimums, so any chapter that I do will vary in length, depending on when I decide to chop it into another piece, it may be long or short.

  • The Ember in the North

    The Ember in the North


    I'm not sure exactly where this story will go, but if you want a story that isn't one of those harem, power fantasy, escapism stories, then you've come to the right place.Also, my minimum word count per chapter is 1,200 words. Of course, word count will vary between chapters, but 1,200 is just the minimum; they'll probably be more towards 2,000 words, if not more—unless I'm sick or something, in which case I'll probably just do 1,200 (1,000 if I'm really, truly sick or whatever).