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  • Endgame


    "Dude, what are you even talking about? Josh is such a loser, there is a reason no one talks to him. Everything he does brings disappointment and shame. He isn't athletic or smart in the slightest.""Josh? Ew, that guy is disgusting. I would never even consider dating him. He is such a pig, just look at his face. I hear his friends are only with him to manipulate him."Josh knew everyone around him felt this way. He didn't know what to do about it.This story takes place in Valencia High School in the 14th district (poorest district of all 14 districts, basically the school for the people deemed without any potential). Josh is in his junior year and all his life he has been never been good at sports nor has he ever been good at talking to girls. Josh has a small group of "friends" that use him endlessly for favors and odd jobs. They don't see anything wrong with wringing him for all he is worth.Josh hated his life to the point of suicide. When he attempted to do so, something unexpected happens...




    Driven by her goals and ambitions, Anne Slovavich is an unstoppable-adventurous human being. Life has been tough for her, but those experiences shape her successful form. She was once betrayed and all those dreamy clouds vanished in her system. Right there, a ferocious, bold woman was created. She even swore and bear everything on her palms. Yet, how come an unwelcome intruder enters her life unannounced?Will he crushed all of those walls she built, or crush her entirely?

  • Seeking the Endgame

    Seeking the Endgame

    I'll just get to the point, I'm the Final Boss....surprise surprise, I know a classic cliche except I'm what you'd call jackass....But I swear I'm not a douchebag or anything I'm just a jerk to anything that breaths....ok? Oh and by the way the name's Sikko but you can call me Jackass, but only you. Now let's get on with it.

  • Ellie's Endgame

    Ellie's Endgame


    Tells the coming of age tale of Ellie, a girl who disguised herself when she was in high school to hide her famous identity. Later on, she end up being close friends and partners in crime with her school's most delinquent student, Dion, to get their crushes like them back.A story of youth, first love, friends, acceptance, and growth (in the year 2010) that would all led to one question: who is Ellie's endgame?***UPDATES 9PM EVERYDAYFORMER TITLE: FRIENDS WITH THE GANGSTER• This story is written in Taglish.• It is also available on Wattpad! (with pictures and character portrayers)• If you liked the story, help it get discovered by sending votes and rating it. Thank you!Get in touch with me!Wattpad: @liyahpadFacebook: fb.com/aaliyah.bugayongTwitter: liyahtwtIstagram: @ajbugayongbugayongaaliyah@gmail.com

  • Steps to the endgame

    Steps to the endgame

  • The True Endgame

    The True Endgame

    What defines endgame content? Is it raiding epic dungeons to take down the strongest bosses there are, or is it facing off against other players to climb the ladder and become the top PvPer? Is endgame content gathering materials and crafting the strongest and most exotic equipment that there is, or is it all about playing the market and amassing more wealth than everybody else? Some people even argue that fashion and minigames are endgame content!Ryouta has already done all of that. Having spent most of his life playing MMO after MMO, he now finds himself wanting to live a virtual life that is far more relaxed and casual than what he is known for.To Ryouta, the true endgame is fishing

  • A God's Lustful Adventure in Tensura

    A God's Lustful Adventure in Tensura



    Disclaimer: First Fanfic so please go easy on me the first twenty chapters are a bit cringy but stick to the endgame ones you won't regret it !! . . Before dying, the founding god of Tensura, also known as Veldanava, left the remnants of his body in a secret unaccessible pocket space. Those remnants are capable of granting their wielder infinitely strong powers. By growing up and becoming more powerful, responsible and mature, his only daughter, the great demon lord also known as Milim Nava The Destroyer, would get teleported automatically to that pocket dimension where she would absorb her father's remnants and become the supreme deity and overseer of this multiverse. But, what if someone else accesses Veldanava's pocket space and consumes his remnants before Milim.. Worse yet, what if that person has bad intentions and is preparing to use that power for it's own lustful desires ? Follow the story of Akira who becomes the supreme primordial god of Tensura after eating up not only Velda's remnants but the whole imaginary space, as he fulfills his desires such as building a harem and conquering the world. . . . MC WILL BE OVERPOWERED FROM START ! BIG HAREM OF BEST GIRLS ! R18 CONTENT AND SPIN OFF CHAPTERS ! . . . Happy Reading. -Author-sama

  • Spoiling Endgame

    Spoiling Endgame

    SpongeBob dies in endgame

  • WeiHay Endgame

    WeiHay Endgame

    "Makikiraan, nakaharang ka." Sabi ni Fhay kay Lia. Hinatak ni Fhay si Wein papalayo kay Lia, at sa mga taong walang tigil ang bulungan na naririnig niya kahit kasing layo pa ng pagitan ng isang bus.Sa mundo ng mga kabataan na umiikot sa social media, kaibigan, at pamilya, kahit simpleng tao ay pwedeng ituring na artista. Sasama ka ba sa forum na ito, at makikihiling na WeiHay endgame?

  • I am Iron Man

    I am Iron Man



    Tony Stark saved the day in “Avengers: Endgame” by wearing the infinity gauntlet and snapping his fingers. He passed away right after, with a line of blood down his left side. The death scene was almost a lot more gruesome at one point, though.what if he didn't die goes back to his past with a powerful system where he was in the cave making iron man mark 1.hahaha, tony laughed like a crazy man that echoed the whole cave.This time something big is waiting for Thanos, All this time Thanos thought he has everything in control but he would never be expected that tony would go back to his past. Defeating him again but this time is one side slaughtering and an even bigger villain like Galactus will be faced by tony stark

  • Seekers of Secrets

    Seekers of Secrets


    Blessed by a mysterious past, Keiran’s one true goal is to uncover the secrets of the greater universe. His endgame is to sleep in a field of stars. Nothing can come between him and his goal. He would make sure of that! It all started when he found himself in a strange world filled with countless wonders. While the world was burning, he became attracted to the tiny balls that hung in the sky. Why were they so beautiful and full of secrets? Will he ever touch them one day? No, he had to! At that moment, he made an oath to chase those secrets. Little does he know the threads of fate are spinning. The odds have been against him even before he took his first breath. …..it is unknown if he will ever achieve his goal. Join Keiran on his journey to protect his goal while surviving the multiple apocalyptic events that the world is challenged with.

  • jumpchain into marvel universe

    jumpchain into marvel universe


    a man while watching avengers endgame thinks what he will do if he has unlimeted power then he got abducted by a multidimensional being who becomes his jump Chan to help him to get unlimited power more info in the chapter




    well our mc Sid reincarnated in marvel world by a R.O.B after his death , given his high karmic value. see how mc deals with a world filled with beings who can pinch even a god to death. Sid was watching Mcu:Endgame movie in his pc ,where iron man snaps his finger to kill Thanos. when suddenly his headphone burst and every thing went black. well i m new to writing so overlook the mistakes and enjoy. I don't own MARVEl, BEN 10 , Or FAIRY TAIL except oc's( original characters).

  • Code of the Guardians: Tale of the Saint.

    Code of the Guardians: Tale of the Saint.


    I should have seen it. I should have calculated it all and seen this. I am a guardian, so i should have seen this. Her. Why she was born now, after all this time. Them. My guardians. i should have known the endgame was this. I should have paid more attention. Or rather, i should have not included them in this mess.

  • The Hellain (Hero + Villain)

    The Hellain (Hero + Villain)


    This book is about our MCU Villain Thanos . Don't care about my English because I don't know English very well . I also continue this after Avengers Endgame at next book . Just example like Avengers The Return

  • One shots: Mostly Marvel, PJO, HOO, and Harry Potter

    One shots: Mostly Marvel, PJO, HOO, and Harry Potter


    Join the campers as one of the biggest pranks from the Stolls backfires.What would Percy Jackson and Co. do at Hogwarts?What if Avemgers: Endgame ended differently?Or what if Percy and the Avengers get kidnapped and lose their memories?Read on to see my take on these ideas and more.

  • Beginning of the end game

    Beginning of the end game


    After a tremendous earthquake that shook the root of the earth itself starts the journey to the end.

  • Trapped Within The Walls

    Trapped Within The Walls


    Who would have predicted the alien invasion that would lead to the demise of more than 90% of the human race?No one.Simply because everyone believed it was unimaginable. ---It all happened in the blink of an eye - the hectic buzzing of the early morning commutes, furious honks of tardy vehicles, spitted curse words littering the humid air - all silenced when the dreaded portal appeared out of thin air, stark in the middle of Timesquare. It was later found out different sizes of the same portal had appeared in all the so-called capitals of the world, with the hosts of the incursion stepping out to reveal their exuberant monstrosity, and they weren't here for mere chitchat. They showed up, and mass devastation unfolded; humanity's hope, unfortunately, took a hike.The sad remainder of what once used to be a distinct species were forced into hiding and later on, came together to form a tenacious society with all survivors discarding their former cultures, traditions, customs, and beliefs to pursue a common goal: surviving. That's the most they could do anyway because it was an established fact that the aliens were going nowhere.And so, the pressing question now is:How long will this society last before they're picked off by the lurking beasts which seem to have no alter motive but global manslaughter? Myriad lives have been lost even proceeding the invasion; how much more can humanity take before it's endgame?A savior is yearned as all hope continues to dwindle like a candlestick out in the cold. Who will be heroic enough - more like, powerful enough to overcome the aliens and bring an end to their reign of terror, restoring the past glory of the human race?Let the gamble of desperation begin.

  • A.B.C. Ominous

    A.B.C. Ominous

    After losing her parents, Ashton is lost. Shipped off to live in England, she finds new life while getting entangled into the darkness of her new environment. Upon her arrival she befriends Jack, who has his own dark past. This relationship has so many layers with their own pasts that they can't hide. Is this relationship endgame? This darkness may be closer to home than she thinks. Will Ashton find her place in this new life?

  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep: Embers Of Hope

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep: Embers Of Hope

    Kaki is a young Keyblade Wielder training in the Land of Departure with his Best Friends, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, to become Keyblade Masters. Full of passion and lots of natural talent, follow this cocky hothead has he faces the truth about the world, and learns what hope truly means.(Author: Okay, so I just want to say that I will upload one chapter showing my idea for this character, minus the endgame, and see if anyone would want me to actually make the story, or if someone just wants to take my idea. I'm up in the air about actually writing this, so if people want me to, I will try. "

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