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  • Miraculous (Fanmade(

    Miraculous (Fanmade(

  • FandomTale - My BackStory - (UnderTale FanMade)

    FandomTale - My BackStory - (UnderTale FanMade)


    “P-please! Make it stop! Th-the pain! Ahh!” “It’s to much!”“H-help me!”——————————————————18/01/201X:It’s been a while since Dr. Gaster forced Sans to drink a potion.Even though Sans hated when Dr. Gaster did that, Sans managed to do a lot of stuff like: shapeshifting into any human/monster and two glowing eyes.Papyrus did got jealous but managed not show his jealousy but try to be happy for Sans.His right eye is red and the other dark blue, he has light grey bones and wears a black plain hoodie.02/07/201X:The short skeleton got tired everyone calling him ‘Sans’. So he decided to name himself: ‘Fandom’. He thought it’ll be cool and awesome since it kinda got boring from his old name. So, everyone called him Fandom. But the only monster who doesn’t accept that is Dr. Gaster... he wasn’t happy when Dandim changed his name but didn’t stop him.19/07/201X:A war has been broke between ‘Humans And Monsters’. Monsters tried everything they got but, still, nothing..So, the humans were VICTORIOUS!But never knew that Fandom and Papyrus was still alive and went back to snowdin.23/11/201X:Ever since they came back, Papyrus got extremely sick.When Fandom went to check up on.But when Fandom founded out that Papyrus died, he acts like nothing..

  • he's into her ( fanmade)

    he's into her ( fanmade)

  • Childes Story (fanmade/ Genshin Impact)

    Childes Story (fanmade/ Genshin Impact)

  • Skam Philippines: A Fanmade Remake

    Skam Philippines: A Fanmade Remake

    *Inspired by SKAM Norway and Official Remakes*The story of four Filipino students struggling to solve the social disputes that society has judged them for.From rumours, to losing friendships, and religion to sexuality. - DISCLAIMER - *I do not own Skam nor do any of the references used. This is a fan remake and it mostly also uses the same storyline as the original but with a Filipino aspect added*(SKAM is an NRK (Norwegian) series following four main characters which each has four individual seasons. Each season tackles social problems in accordance with the youth today. The series involves a group of girls and their struggle with society's prejudices which try to break down their friendship.Season 1 tackles about Eva and her boyfriend Jonas, which is about Jonas' ex and rumours.Season 2 is about Noora, Eva's friend, who's in love with a treacherous "bully" who was supposedly in love with one person from the girl squad. Season 3 talks about Isak, a friend of Eva and Jonas who struggles with his sexuality after seeing a handsome guy in his school.Season 4 finally tackles about Sana, a girl from the girl squad who is a Muslim which tackles religious rights and prejudices from others.When the Original ended in 2018, other countries in Europe and many other countries also made their own remakes, like France, Germany, Italy and many more)

  • Girls Und Panzer : Garuda Team (Fanmade)

    Girls Und Panzer : Garuda Team (Fanmade)

    War&Military ACTION CONQUER

    Shenshado, is like martial arts but using tank for the weapons. At the Das Finale, all schools is battle with other schools, and this is story of Garuda team (Indonesian team) from zero to now

  • the great saiyan god Binas and janize  son of bardock fanmade

    the great saiyan god Binas and janize son of bardock fanmade


    that great son of bardock his real second fanmade

  • The Legendary Hero Bam

    The Legendary Hero Bam


    A tribute to tower of God (FanMade) Bam's Journey to his Master..!

  • Fate/Song of Cataclysm

    Fate/Song of Cataclysm

    Fantasía ACTION

    Una nueva guerra por el santo grial se lleva a cabo en una línea temporal distinta, nuevos máster son llamados, nuevos espíritus heroicos son invocados, pero más haya de la ambición de los máster puede que exista algo más, alguien mueve los hilos detrás de este mundo decaído disfrazado de paraisoEsta es una novela ligera fanmade basada en el sistema creado por Kinoko Nasu, la mayoría de personajes son creaciones mías, esta novela es un tributo a esas obras que tanto me han dado buenos momentos. Ojalá la disfruten-Lord_Ziroh

  • CypherTale



    This novel is a fanmade Undertale series about a girl named Cypher and a few of her friends whom you will find in the series. She is a skeleton with black hair fading into a dark purple with one turquoise colored eye and the other is pink/red ish she wears ReaperTale type clothing but it has some purple on it. She is 19 years old and her quest is to find out why wierd stuff has been happening and stopping it once and for all to get a happy ending with her loved ones and friends =)

  • Loving You Tonight

    Loving You Tonight

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    [Unofficial/Fanmade 'Omniscient reader's viewpoint' story]After attending his uncle's wedding, Kim Dokya meets a handsome stranger with which he has a one-night stand. They meet again two years later, and with more time spent together the more they annoy each other and fall in love.• • •Media: All rights go to their rightful owners Plot: Based on Web novel "Omniscient reader's viewpoint" Omniscient reader's viewpoint ©️ Sing-Shong(Will soon be published on Wattpad under my account with same username)

  • The Daughter of Two Legends

    The Daughter of Two Legends

    Tsukki Setou isn't normal, that's a given fact. She's tall with pale white skin and a thin frame making her seem frail and fragile. What exactly does one do when a woman who was supposed to be an urban legend stands before you? Specifically, a supernatural killer? What exactly do you do when she spares your life and claims to know you somehow? What does one do when a whole nother world is brought to them, a supernatural war simply because one is alive? Just a disclaimer, I only own the female lead in this story, the rest of the Urban Legends are owned by their original creators. This is a fanmade story!Another disclaimer! This story is original, though you may see another version of it on Wattpad. If you do, don't worry, nobody stole, we're the same person, just on different sites.

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