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  • HPRP (New Chapters in fanfic section version)

    HPRP (New Chapters in fanfic section version)



    A young man reborn into his favorite world.He was granted some request after his death, but the problem was that the granter had no control over how those request were to be granted.Watch as he grows from a single boy in the dark to a protector who wishes to light the path forward for the magical world one step at a time.————I just couldn’t read other fanfics cause this idea just kept ringing in my head. It’s my very first time writing or posting anywhere.And I obviously don’t own any of the settings, but so what? I’m doing cause I felt like it and for the fun of it.

  • Master of the Death(18+)

    Master of the Death(18+)



    The men of the Weasley Family have peculiar desires. And Harry's here to fulfil them at the same time try to control the Elder Wand.

  • The Lost Heir (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

    The Lost Heir (A Harry Potter Fanfic)



    An unexpected tragedy happened, and a boy suddenly died. Because his death was unexpected even in the eyes of Fate, he was given a chance to reincarnate to the world of his liking. Follow the boy in his misadventures and series of misfortunes as he lives his second life while being burdened by the curse of his name. Author's notes: So this story will have slow updates as this idea was stuck in my head for a while, and I can't really find a fanfiction with this idea so I'm making one. You can even copy my idea since I don't know if I will put an end to this story. I will apologize in advance if there are grammar mistakes because English is my second language.I don't own any of J.K. Rowling's works, except my SI-OC character.

  • Uninterested as a Malfoy in Harry Potter

    Uninterested as a Malfoy in Harry Potter



    I, as in my incredible wisdom, have decide to publish my idea on self insert. The mc doesn't want to be included in any way with plot or interact with people at all."Why should I become the greatest wizard or a savior, if fate already has a whipping boy?"Chapters will be irregular.Disclaimer inside.

  • The last mage of Krypton

    The last mage of Krypton



    Not my book just posting on webnovalThis was written by the bearded oneI do not own Harry Potter or Superman, Marvel and DC do.There is one sentence in Bulgarian in this chapter. The translation is at the end of the chapter.!

  • Hogwarts In Marvel World

    Hogwarts In Marvel World


    Dunridor obtained the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry system in Marvel World. Not only can it extract all the magic, buildings, animals, and characters in the "Harry Potter" movie, it can also extract the magic elements in other movies and games. So Dunliddo opened Hogwarts, a magic school with hundreds of thousands of students in his own parallel world.(It mainly tells the daily life of opening a magic school. Please focus on this book for the timeline and storyline.)REAL Author:Jin Huanghuang---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Not Mine And It's Machine Translated Because I'm Not Chinese] https://m-imbg-cc.translate.goog/novel/143023.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=tl&_x_tr_pto=ajax,nv,elemCOPY PASTE THIS

  • The Son of Hades:Demigod of Shadows

    The Son of Hades:Demigod of Shadows



    Synopsis "Percy, dude, stop taunting the Ares cabin. No we can't challenge Ares. Again. ""Come on little bro! Stop brooding already and enjoy life while you can!" "G-man you need to lighten up. So what if there's a giant hellhound running towards us, we can handle it." "Man stop overthinking things Owlhead." "Kat, please stop growing poison ivy all over camp." "Clarisse stop trying to taunt me I won't fight you again. I already broke your spear I won't break another one. " "Stop zapping me Pinecone face!"  "Luke please, it doesn't have to be this way." "Calypso, I swear on the River Styx , I will return to Ogia. I will come back to you."Disclaimer :The Percy Jackson Series or any Riordanverse isn't mine, it Rick Riordan's

  • Reborn As Harry Potter in an Au world.

    Reborn As Harry Potter in an Au world.



    This is my first time go easy on me alright?A young teen dies suring a battle with a demon God and is reborn as HarrypotterMy presence already changed things because since when did Harry ever have a sister?

  • Night Owl | Harry Potter FF (DROPPED)

    Night Owl | Harry Potter FF (DROPPED)


    The Wizarding World was blissful as the young wizard hero, Harry Potter, has once again saved the world from the dark wizard, Voldemort.Unknown to them, there were a lot more people who help to defeat the dark lord. But it just revolves the young man, Harry there, Harry here, Harry everywhere, as always.Peculiar to his schoolmates, Ron, Hermione, and other more, one stand out from the rest. Unfortunately, not because of his heroic nor anything good in particular, but because of his bad deeds. A man named Elliot. But truth, he was framed.After the sorrowful life he had, he had the chance to change himself.Himself from the past.Creating an empire that will stand high among the rest.(DROPPED)

  • The legend of the First Holy Wizard

A Harry Potter fanfic

    The legend of the First Holy Wizard A Harry Potter fanfic


    A Harry Potter and ______ fanfic_________________I do not own Harry Potter all original works is owned by JK Rowling.I do no own the image.Image found on:https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Elven_high_mage________________This is a story of an elf trying to survive in the Harry Potter world, using magic never seen before in the world. Helping others to obtain their best and trying to achieve his best.(More info below)(This is not a wish fulfillment story)________________Message from AuthorHi J/zip here, I just wanted to tell you all somethings about the story/fanfic. I know that first impressions is very important so I just wanted to make sure you all know that this book is not a wish fulfillment or a one shot done.But that this story has a lot of thought and law/plans behind it and that the story's opening is just a small way to explain why the MC's have his stuff/items and why the world is different do not worry they will have a explanation later in the story. It is more of a way to explain why MC just appeared there. This story is more of a AU story and I will try to have as much information and details/adventure in it as possible. So please do give me the chance to have you alone this story and please do not drop it just because this is my first time uploading/sharing a story.thank you all for readingJ or ZipPS: I would love to have feedback from you allPS: if you have any suggestions or wish to add somethings please comment (spells, names, pets, items and more)(the best suggestions will be able to name/add characters or items to the story)(You can comment a female elven name for a important character in the story. the winner get there name as a important character in the story) good luckdisclaimer:I'm not the best at English, I never said hi in install I'm a dyslexic so I do not fully understand English. so please do understand if I don't have the best spelling, Grammer or have the wrong words so please do understand and I'm sorry about it.if you can look past this I hope you enjoy my writing and story.And thank you for readingI very much love to have feedback so I can add more to the story.

  • The Original Harry Potter

    The Original Harry Potter



    This is a Fan-fic of an Original Character who is born in an alternate universe of the Harry Potter world. Who Will Inhabit/Possess Harry PotterWhat does this mean, this means largely much will be the same, but there will be some small differences, such as what time Voldermort attacks the Potters and other small changes, but the Overall Story will stay the same, for now, if I see a situation which could be improved upon from the original works, I will improve it, to the best of my ability.Follow along this new Harry Potter's Journey, and witness which path he will forge for himself.More Realistic(in my view) of Harry Potter and the world the Novels take place in.I will TRY to add more detail to this Synopsis later.

  • the adventure of Fenrisúlfr

    the adventure of Fenrisúlfr



    A mad mix of Wizards, Witchers, Werewolves, Vampires, Fairies Teen Wolf/ twilight/true blood/ the originals/ wizarding world of Harry potterI do not own any of the series/movies mentioned in the fanfic only my OC'sI don't own the image just pulled it off Pinterest props to the artist if I'm not allowed to use it I'll take it down just let me knowI've just recently downloaded Grammarly so ill be using that from now on, hopefully, it makes reading easier for you guys

  • HP The Guardian

    HP The Guardian


    This is a shortened version of my original book - HP: The Guardian.What will happen when a Potter is trained by Nicholas Flamel himself. Everyone assumes that all Nicholas Flamel has done in his life was making a Philosopher's Stone.Maybe that's why they will be shocked when they witness Charlus Potter take the world by storm.This is not a WBWL story. Charlus Potter is Harry Potter's older brother. They will have a great relationship through out this story.You can add characters if you are my patronDISCLAIMER:Cover Page does not belong to me.Harry Potter belongs to J K RowlingSupport me on Patreon for extra chapters.www.patreon.com/BrownAmerican

  • Weasley Twin

    Weasley Twin

    Fantasy Romance HARRYPOTTER

  • Harry Potter and Heir Perevell

    Harry Potter and Heir Perevell


    What if something drastic changes in the Harry Potter universe. Dead families are back. Harry Potter is a girl and where is Draco Malfoy? Oh, he is over there, wait why does he have long hair and why are there two of them. This is a story where a lot has changed. If you throw in a teen from earth with a system you get some real chaos. I'm going to put this story on pause, can't find the motivation to keep going right now. Disclaimer - Any characters or senarius that are taken from the Harry Potter stories belong to J.K. Rowling, or whoever she has given ownership to. - I would change it to the Fanfiction section but the bloody thing won't allow me too

  • Together (Snape Fanfic)

    Together (Snape Fanfic)

    Fantasy Romance HARRYPOTTER

    ||Rewriting/Edited version|| "Together?" "Always." ~ ~ ~ ~ Candice Black, a newly discovered witch to join the legendary Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Is she ready to face the challenge her time there is to bring? Severus Snape, survivalist of two great wars, on a road to recovery and perhaps a better life. But what if a girl - baring the name of his hated rival - interrupts? A story of transformation, healing, and a constant battle with emotions. ~ ~ ~ ~ Disclaimer : Except a few character and events, the majority of the characters and creations belong to JK Rowling. Also, TRIGGER WARNING for the whole story technically. There will be deep moments. There will be mentions of abuse, suicidal thought, self harm and all sorts. I don't want anyone to feel like they haven't been warned, so here ya go. (professor x student) (Snape x OC)

  • Rebirth Harry Potter x tom riddle

    Rebirth Harry Potter x tom riddle


    Follow the lives of two boys, both orphans, who grew up together with only each other to depend on as they suffered through fear and prejudice, and then the discovery that they were in fact, truly powerful, magical,people. Follow them as they form a bond that even death cannot break Story made by athey on FanFiction.net

  • Harry Potter The Noble savior

    Harry Potter The Noble savior


    The protagonist is full of intelligence, full of charm, full of force. Follow young John who got recarnated as young 14 year old savior Harry Potter, find who he Betts all challenges and become top of the world.Disclaimer: Harry Potter and other main character are taken from original work ,I am not owner , so please follow original work.These just fan fiction novel that I created because my favourite fantasy novel wizard king has been dropped for months, so I took inspiration and carefully read that novel so, to make related as possible. I also used starting lineup with minor changes , so if writer novel has problem by using his work as reference . please contact me I will try my best to edit it and in further chapters with increase in my experience and confidence , I will make it enline with my thoughts. # English is not my first language , so please forgive my mistake and enjoy my first work .




    "RAVENCLAW!!!!!!!"'The stupid hat announced, honestly I was really hoping for hufflepuff, no one ever pays attention to a puff, f***. I could've managed to lay low then surprise everyone with my awesome skills during the triwizard tournament. But whatever this just slightly disturbs my plans, not that much of a setback' I think to my self as I walk to my new house who are cheering me on. 'meh maybe it wont be so bad though if they bully me like they did Luna, sending them to the infirmary unconscious isn't a problem'. An evil grin emerges on my face for a split sec before I put on my innocent girl face again. 'This is gonna be so fun'.FEMALE MCNO HAREMNO R18(maybe)(Yo just writing for fun, I'm not an experienced writer at all!!! and the cover pic ain't mine got it of Pinterest and I don't own Harry Potter book series and the characters that's all J K Rowling, I'm just responsible for my MC and maybe a few other OC's. Anyway enjoy!!!)

  • Harry Potter’s Pen Pal

    Harry Potter’s Pen Pal


    What would have happened if Harry had gotten the diary Horcrux instead of Ginny? Harry is confused about many things. Why won't Dumbledore let him stay at Hogwarts for the summer instead of go back to the Dursleys? Why won't Ginny leave him alone, even after he tells her he's gay? Why do Ron and Hermione keep meeting with Dumbledore and not telling him about it? With the help of his new friend, Tom Riddle, Harry answers these questions and more. *I don’t own this story*