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  • Marauders



    Ray Mejia went by many names. He had spent his days toiling away in the back streets of Grustenburg, scavenging for food and doing other's dirty work to scrounge for cash. The world wasn't fair this way you see, some were just destined to be lower down than others. However, all of this changed when one day a mysterious stranger came to his crew suggesting a proposition, one that would set him and the few people he loved for life.

  • The Marauders

    The Marauders


    It has been thirty years since the end of the brutal Andromeda War. The Andromeda Republic was barely able to defeat the Zeta Empire, and its remnants retreated into uncharted space. At first, peace has been settled across the galaxy, but over the decades, the Andromeda Republic became more and more paranoid of the Zeta Empire returning. As a result, they slowly became tyrannical and started to use terrorist tactics to maintain control across the Andromeda Galaxy. But little did they know, the Zeta Empire has secretly been preparing and growing stronger to invade the Andromeda Republic ever since their defeat. With the republic going into turmoil, it is now the perfect opportunity for the Zeta Empire to strike. After the Zeta Empire returned from uncharted space on a full-scale assault against the galaxy, the Great Zeta War has started. But the Andromeda Republic decided to hire a pair of former bounty hunters; a skilled sniper and pilot Bryce Kiness, and Agnar Riese, a heavy weapons specialist, to sneak behind enemy lines to find a way to end the war. Meanwhile, one of Zeta Empire’s flamethrower specialists, Kyle Savo, goes rogue and befriends a teenage prisoner of the empire named Arrua Veronis. After making a daring escape from the Zeta Empire, they come across the two mercenaries and decide to join forces, becoming the galaxy’s most daring group of mercenaries, the Marauders!

  • The Marauders Tale

    The Marauders Tale


    James Potter was not the only child born to the Pureblood family. As it so happens he had a twin sister. Jamie Potter was all in all just like her brother though she did care more about school. What she doesn't know is that her brothers best friend will become the love of her life. Read the adventures of The five marauders as they go to Hogwarts, battle the Dark Lord and try to keep their live somewhat normal.@Material is taken from the actual harry potter books. I don't own the harry potter franchise or any of the content. Just using it to write this fanfiction. All original part are rightfully mine.

  • A Cultivation Tale: The Godly Punisher

    A Cultivation Tale: The Godly Punisher



    When Alex was twelve, he was told that his destiny was to protect the sea of worlds that made up the realmverse and the large numbers of races living in them, as they felt he was chosen by the realmverse because he had a peerless and unique Body Constitution. Born with vast and astonishing godly abilities, he is now in a race against time to reach the apex stage of cultivation called: 'Guardian of Sea of Life' or 'Master of Realms', a stage where he would possess the absolute power to defend the realmverse from an enormous, overwhelming armies of tremendously proliferative Alien beings; strange humanoid lifeforms that also practice cultivation and whose sole intent is to maraud realmverses and enslave all inhabitants in them. But this cultivation stage is impossible to attain as he must comprehend and cultivate the ultimate energy called 'Genesis Realmforce Energy', an energy that would result from the fusion of hundreds of Originforce energies. Although the 'Master of Realms' cultivation stage is an impossible stage to reach, Alex would try to attain it by seeking for the lost 'LIBRARY SYSTEM' which would infuse his memory with the complete comprehension of the mysteries of Originforce energies, and the hidden 'GENE SYSTEM' that would inject his powerful divinely blood with the primordial genes of extinct, monolithic ancient races whenever he accomplishes insanely difficult tasks set by the godly, primeval creators of the systems. Also, he would seek for the 'ANCESTRAL BEAST SYSTEM' that would produce mutated or evolved copies of extinct primordial beasts that once existed countless eons of years ago. Then he would try to augment his damaging power to unparalleled degrees by seeking for Marvel-Weapons; Treasure-weapons of tremendous, apocalyptic-level devastating power which belonged to dead, ancient divine experts that birthed the four forms of cultivation. But would he be able to discover the Library System and the Gene System to gain new powerful abilities? The Ancestral Beast System to summon cloned versions of inexistent, planet-sized, havoc-wreaking abyssal creatures to aid him in the far-future deadly battles? And ultimately, Marvel-Weapons to vastly increase his overall destructive power? Would he able to achieve all these before the next, full invasion of his Realmverse? Or would he grow to become very powerful that he would then invade other Realmverses and become their hegemon? ***So, journey with our stunning hero, Alex as he begins to conquer known and unknown realms and dimensions, and unifies kingdoms and territories with the help of the 'Worlds Domination Ultimate Support System' which he would awaken later.***Tags:--> # SYSTEM [Multiple Systems]--> # ACTION [Epic Battles]--> # ADVENTURE --> # CULTIVATION [Energy, Soul, Body & Bloodline (physique) Cultivation] --> # ROMANCE--> # HAREM--> # WEAK-TO-STRONG MC--> # KIND-AND-GENEROUS MC--> # NAIVE-TO-SMART MC--> # RUTHLESS MC--> # OVERPOWERED-MC--> # OVERPOWERED-ENEMIES --> # BEAST COMPANIONS & MONSTER PETS--> # MATURE (Above 18)--> # MYRIAD NON-HUMAN RACES~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*PS: This novel is set in a fantasy/quasi-technological universe. So anything that happens in this fantasy-genre story cannot be defined by logic or by the laws of our planet, Earth.***NB: This is my first project as a writer. And I sincerely hope that my work keeps you entertained :) ------------DISCLAIMER: I don't own the image (source: If you are the owner and want it taken down, contact me on Discord @: Kolade!#9863.Thanks for Adding to Library.

  • The life of the Marauders

    The life of the Marauders

  • The Marauding Imitator

    The Marauding Imitator


    Ace is a freshman in high school.His father died in a bank robbery when he was 5 years old. He slowly loses touch with reality when one tragedy after another assaults his life making him distance himself from everyone including his family. In a sorrowful turn of events, he is finally pushed over the edge and kills himself. He curses the one who created him and sentenced him to this terrible life. Swearing to take revenge in his last moments of anger he realizes that he will do whatever it takes to get it. Promising no matter where his soul goes he will take everything that was taken from him etching it into his very being, using the sorrow and anguish as fuel to never forget this promise.Ding* system picking up an anomaly. Immediate action is being taken to remove anom…Having his second chance will Ace fail to exact his revenge or will he one day become strong enough to rule over all of creation punishing everything and everyone that gets in his way! ——————————————————Hello everyone this is my first novel so if there are errors in grammar or the plot, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. If you find the synopsis fun then hopefully you’ll like the novel its self. I don’t have a schedule set for this yet and it might take a while to get one going so if you want to read the novel then just yell at me in the comments. I’ll try really hard to get chapters out see ya and have a good read!

  • The marauder

    The marauder

  • Marauder's Redemption

    Marauder's Redemption

    A demon is seeking to atone for his sins in a new and foreign world. On his road to redemption, he found a child who looks somewhat similar to a person that he called best friend. This is his story...( Dota 2 and League of Legends belongs to their respective owners. )( Thanks to @XanaShadow for inspiring me to write this story. )( This is my first book so please go easy on me and give me a lot of constructive criticisms. Also, English is not my first language. )(This work is to test myself. So if you guys wants more then I would definitely make more.)

  • Legend Of Marauder : The Dawn of Supremes

    Legend Of Marauder : The Dawn of Supremes


    What if I told you that they were right? That Bigfoot, The Abominable Snowman, The Loch Ness monster and yes, even The Boogey man were actually real? What if I told you your parents were right when they told you that there are monsters and demons that lurked in the shadows at night? I have seen those monsters, through visions of prophecy and none have baffled me more than The Marauder and The Supremes. Beings even Science could not explain, creatures that held godlike power for so long and walked among us as both oppressors and at times, as saviors. This is one such prophecy I had that I had to put on paper. Call it a story if you wish (it would actually make me feel less crazy). But this is the story of Brendan Payne; the sixteen year old high school boy who went from a regular teenager to finding out that he was not human but instead was born into a race of beings that were destined to be the final and perfect stage of evolution. And by finding out his destiny, Brendan is torn between fighting for the humans who resented him and joining forces with the beautiful but merciless and callous witch, Finch. The Legend Of Marauder

  • Pheonix Reborn

    Pheonix Reborn



    Hermione's destiny is altered by the Powers that Be. She is cast back to the Marauder's Era where she is Hermione Potter, the pureblood fraternal twin sister of James Potter. She retains Hermione Granger's memories, and is determined to change her brother's fate for the better.

  • Plundering the Dao of the Immortal Journey

    Plundering the Dao of the Immortal Journey



    Earth Immortals are cultivated from a blessed land, Heaven Immortals move to and fro from the divine mountains. I have a stalk of plum blossom, and I shall maraud the Will of the Heavens with it!

  • tthe new and youngest 

    tthe new and youngest marauders

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC HARRYPOTTER

  • Forever Love

    Forever Love

    ID Johnson creates characters you'll want to have as your best friends with antagonists you'll love to hate. Her love for all things princess-y compelled her to write her first medieval romance at fifteen, and she hasn't stopped writing since. Now, her plots are a little more complex, her topics a little more mature, and her romances often more intense, but she's never lost the love she felt the first moment she breathed life into a character over twenty years ago. If you love feisty paranormal heroines, damsels who cause distress, or historical ladies who know how to light up a room, then pull up a seat, get out your eReader, and meet ID Johnson's friends. Soon enough, they'll be your friends, too. Check out her author website at Two women, two generations of undying love, two romance novels to pull at your heartstrings and have you cheering for true love. Cordia Torn between the man she loves, and the man who loves her.... Cordia Pike has always been strong-willed, but she knows her family expects her to accept the hand of her childhood friend, Jaris Adams, in marriage. As the conflict between the states continues to escalate, Cordia hopes it will last long enough for her to find a way to free herself without breaking her friend’s heart. On the eve of war, as the men prepare to ride off to battle, Cordia meets a mysterious newcomer. There’s just something about Will Tucker that she finds both intriguing and dangerous. Under the guise of caring for his sister, she makes a plan to write to him. Perhaps by the time the war is over, Will’s feelings for Cordia will have blossomed into the love she is starting to feel for the Union soldier. But war is evil and complex, and by the time it begins to wind its way through Southwest Missouri, one of these men will be dead, and Cordia will find herself betrothed to a man she loathes. Will she have the courage to follow her heart and stand up for what she believes in like so many others, or will she do as she is told and acquiesce to a loveless marriage to a heartless traitor? Hope Forbidden love on the frontier.... Hope Tucker is content staying in her hometown of Lamar, Missouri, focusing on her life as a schoolteacher instead of finding love. But when she hears the truth about her parents' romance during the Civil War, how her mother Cordia set out to find her father Will after a deadly battle, Hope is determined to have that sort of adventure as well. Accepting a teaching position in a frontier town in Texas isn't quite what she was expecting--there are no marauders or gunslingers--but there is one man with a shady past, and when the entire town tells her to stay away from Judah Lawless, Hope finds herself drawn to him. Is Judah dangerous, or will Hope finally find the romance she's been looking for?

  • When Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday

    When Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday

    As life in the present goes on, little did Kira know that she'll be brought back in time, all her closest people were revived-including her sister. What could that possibly mean to her? Is it a mission? Or an adventure? It could be both.Read this book to see how Kira comemmorates her past with the people who she truly loves.

  • Blood and Roses.

    Blood and Roses.


    In the 19th century, a pack of spirit beings, marauders wipe out most of humanity. Leaving only Two kings ─ ¬House Adnahtis and House Caspian− with scanty population less than three million. As the quest for survival heightens, the proximity to feud is not far away from both kings. Nectar Evander rumored to have a rare ability of communicating with marauders – a gem is kidnapped by House Caspian. In his attempt to right his wrongs with the marauders his first daughter Aria Caspian falls in love with Nectar whilst in her father’s prison- an alliance which could be a great threat or ally for both kingdoms.

  • Prometheus Project

    Prometheus Project

    Space.An infinite expanse filled to the brim with both endearing beauties and unthinkable terrors.In a day and age far beyond into the future, psionically gifted and/or cybernetically enhanced individuals walk the streets as daily citizens.Humanity has succeeded in colonising entire solar systems and yet the inlying faults of humanity still remain.Bandits and marauders roam backwater worlds, where the reach of the human interstellar nations are waning, giving them free reign to do as they please.On top of this, the notions of jealousy and rivalries still continued to persist within humanity as they brought the rivalries and feuds from Earth and into the stars.However, dangerous bandits and warring human nations aren't the only thing to fear in this 'new world.'Humanity isn't the only species to reach the stars.Alien species with queer or odd physicalities and strange cultures threaten humanity at every turn.And far beyond them, there are the Cosmic Horrors whose very existence was enough to threaten entire solar systems.And yet, there was a threat greater still than the Cosmic Horrors comparable to that of Gods.And that was a mere human.A mere human with an idea.

  • Marauding Gods

    Marauding Gods

    The world is a dangerous place teeming with powerful creatures known as monsters. The first Dragons, the first Gods, at the top of the food chain, brought these lands the everlasting that eventually led the world to its current state. The only way humanity has found to survive is to construct a massive magical barrier that spans an entire continent: the human continent. The story follows Ronandt, a young nobleman who, despite his noble origins, has never met his parents. Except for maybe at the time of his birth. He thus finds himself without parents at the Manor Rosetta, under the close supervision of Mathilda, his nanny, and Syrus, his Butler. Follow the adventures of Ronandt, a young nobleman unlike any other, born from a very unordinary pairing and bestowed with an unique advantage over his fellow humans. Disclaimer: This novel is clearly tagged gore, and this within reason, so please keep that in mind while reading. Though the early chapter suggest that this novel is slice of life one, especially in the first 40 chapters, it must be clarified that this novel is first and foremost a progression fantasy tagged gore and grimdark.

  • Mr. November

    Mr. November

    Patton Cooper won three national championships as the starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Marauders, but that didn’t stop them from trading him to Phoenix without so much as a warning. At thirty-two, he finds himself weighed down by old injuries and forced to start over again as a backup quarterback for an untried rookie. Deeply hurt by the betrayal of both his team and his ex-lover, Patton keeps to himself and takes what solace he can in football.<br><br>Cornerback DeShawn Jones has loved two things in his life -- football and Patton Cooper. It seems like his dreams have come true when he’s drafted to play for the Phoenix Wildcats, until he realizes the coach has no intention of letting him start, and his childhood hero is a withdrawn, wary man. But DeShawn refuses to give up on his dreams of playing, or his hope of reaching Patton.<br><br>A tentative connection forms between the two men, but the pressures of the game may be too much for the relationship to withstand. Especially when DeShawn is given the chance of a lifetime while Patton struggles not to relive the mistakes from his past.

  • The Chronicles of Amelia and Erato

    The Chronicles of Amelia and Erato

    Summer of 1971 Amelia Dursley lived in Haden Hill, a small village on the Midlands of England. The Dursley's were a quite family, ordinary and never the center of attention when suddenly they discovered that their younger daughter, Amelia Dursley, is a witch. That is definitely not something ordinary. Amelia knows nothing about the future that awaits her and she is definitely not prepared for it.Erato Podmore, daughter of the famous Hector Podmore (Minister in British Ministry of Magic and British Envoy to International Confederation of Wizards) was nothing more than a young witch. However everything changes when she gets accepted to Hogwarts. Erato will soon realize that she's way more than just Hector's daughter.Two girls extremely different but so alike at the same time. The two of them will randomly meet on a sweet day of August and from that day forward they're going to be inseparable. Together they will become the greatest duo Hogwarts has ever seen or they'll at least try to... since a group of four boys will have a different opinion about that. The Marauder's as they call themselves are not really keen on the idea of coming second when it comes to pranks and jokes...Join Amelia and Erato on their first year at Hogwarts and learn about their adventures and conflicts with none other than the marauders themselves.We don't own any of the Marauder's characters. They belong to Jk Rowling. We own Amelia, Erato and some other original characters as well. We hope you like our fanfiction.

  • Galaxy Visitors 1

    Galaxy Visitors 1

    The town of Maraud has been taken over by aliens. It’s been a gradual process. At the turn of the century, this was a logging town. But as the logging industry died out, so too did the town. The arrival of strangers was welcomed, especially as they seemed friendly and had brought their own means to survive – they seem to have a knack for finding gemstones.When caught between attraction for two different men Mahina doesn’t know what to do. One seems everything she’s wanted, the other is stable and reliable, but is he exciting? Aeron offers her acceptance and excitement. Neo…well he’s got an amazing faith. ...the aliens are inadvertently exposed...