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  • Hatred


    Fantasy ACTION MAGIC

    The glee of being in an adventuring party can be alluring however for Tai, Adventurers are the scum of the earth.. His journey is revenge and his happy ending is those who wronged him die.

  • Seed Of Hatred

    Seed Of Hatred


    There is a thin line between love and hatred. Charlotte Jenkins a lady in her mid twenty has to get married to the only heir of Dalton group of company. She thought she would get her old life back and get to save her dying sister but will Tyler Dalton be the ideal husband she thought he was? Find out in this intriguing story of how Charlotte Jenkins finds out how cunny, manipulative and wayward Tyler Dalton is and how they slowly fall in love with each other.

  • It All Started With Hatred

    It All Started With Hatred

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 POSSESSIVE


    Born with a weak body and a deaf and dumb disability, Petal had dreams just like any girl. But unfortunately, she will have to suffer because of her father's dirty business. Two years ago she saved the sister of the most dangerous underworld man, Ethan Wilson, from her father's hands but unfortunately, she couldn't save his wife and his unborn child. For this, Petal will have to pay for her father's deeds and to add to her bad luck she will fall in love with this man. But will Ethan fall in love with her too?. Let's find out what life is hiding for Petal Santos. Updates will start from the first of June. ...

  • A love called hatred

    A love called hatred


    Alex stood up infuriated. He took a step towards her. “I know what I said little miss know-it-all, you don’t have to remind me.”Kim gulped but still maintained eye contact with him. He scoffed at her audacity. He took another step towards her. “How much do you need this job?”Kim blinked confused. “What?”A love called hatred is a true life story of the complicated and misunderstanding caused by love mistaken for hatred .

  • Burning Hatred: Entwined Destinies

    Burning Hatred: Entwined Destinies



    When the kingdom of Eradain decides to destroy all in it's path in a bid to take over the world, The king of Haven's Peak after much hesitation has no choice but to send his one and only daughter to Shadow's Kiss - the land of vampires - to marry the Lord of vampires in return for his help. Princess Clarissa of Haven's Peak is proud, beautiful and plain wicked. Her name sends terror through the heart of many. All bow to her command and her wishes are granted without question. That is until she met the Lord of vampires, King Kieran. She just might have met her match. The hatred they have for each other burns deep within them but with destinies entwined it just might turn to something else. ***He smirked and looked down at her, a devilish smile in his eyes that set her nerves frantic. "Since you find my servants unsuitable to serve your needs, you might be the best person to serve them yourself.""Ex... excuse me?!" she spluttered in shock. "Dimitri. she will be washing her clothes herself and will be cleaning her room as well." he said turning to his most trusted servant. “I am quite sure she is capable of running her bath and dressing herself... ""How dare you?... " she asked harshly at the insult. "Would you like to prepare your meals and perhaps do the dishes as well?" Kieran asked looking back at her with a glint in his eyes. But she remained silent and shocked beyond belief. "I thought as much. Well we will be leaving you to your chores." he said stepping on her clothes as he walked out with the maid and Dimitri. "And by the way," he said stopping just outside the door. "I'd hate to see my castle looking untidy. So unless you wish to face the consequences, I suggest you do a good job."This time he walked off without stopping and the sound of her screeches echoed off the walls.***Please support this author and check out my other books*Twisted Secrets(Mafia Teen fiction filled with lots of mystery and secrets. You're not going to find any other book like this. )*My sexy greek God matchmaker (it's a teen fiction romantic comedy)And Please note that the cover is not mine. Mystery, action, romance and so many more await you. Just add this to your reading list, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Thanks

  • His Hatred

    His Hatred

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Her ruin is his salvation.His happiness is her life.

  • Hatred Villain

    Hatred Villain

    A villain who was hated among all villain, was spotted about take a step, to a trap.

  • Pure Hatred

    Pure Hatred

    Realitas Magis ROMANCE

    siapa yang tidak mengetahui cerita Putri Kaguya ?Seorang wanita cantik yang menjalani hukuman di bumi dan kembali ke langit dengan meninggalkan pesan untuk seseorang yang ia cintai, namun pria itu membakar apa yang seharusnya menjadi pesan bagi dirinya dengan sang putri.Sang Kaisar itu membakar ramuan keabadian karena merasa Putri Kaguya tidak bersama nya lagi.namun, apa yang terjadi pada Sang Kaisar jika dirinya meminum ramuan tersebut ?akankah dirinya bertemu dengan Putri Kaguya sekali lagi ?akankah dia menemukan kebahagiaan nya sekali lagi ?

  • hatred love

    hatred love


    hi everyone... am a new writer in webnovel and I hope the wonderful readers out there enjoy the new novel am writing.hatred love is a story filled with lots of romance, setbacks and unexpected events happened during their love journey ? please like and comment and I hope you all stay safe

  • Hatred Avalon

    Hatred Avalon


    Batimento cardíaco batendo no peito. Você está preparado para o que está por vir? É que é uma jornada inebriante e, talvez... Ela fará sua mente viajar entre os 32 mundos e talvez as 42 realidades em apenas uma fração de segundo, apenas por experimentar esta doce realidade com a ponta do dedo ou com a ponta de sua língua.Vamos lá, você parece tão tenso, se solte. o que lhe faz ficar assim? Você desonrou tantas coisas assim como eu, o que haverá de mau em fazer apenas mais algumas?É só que meu corpo treme e minhas mãos me seguem, conforme me leva, e a vontade de gritar e pular em uma dessas realidades me deixa louco. Você entende? É que nasci no lugar errado e sinto que me perdi.Desejo gritar, liberar todo esse sentimento que está preso dentro de mim.Estou perdido, não saber qual lado é o certo me deixa confuso.Maldição...Você que está aí, por favor, deixe-me encontra-lo. Você não deseja ouvir minha voz como desejo a sua? Por que temos que confundir tudo?

  • Hatred Mistakes

    Hatred Mistakes

  • Everlasting Hatred

    Everlasting Hatred

  • Hatred or Love

    Hatred or Love

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    "Love is like a joke. Sometime it's fun, sometimes it hurts." -Araraki Kaguya



  • Hatred of  Destruction

    Hatred of Destruction

    Fantasi ROMANCE

  • Love or Hatred

    Love or Hatred


    ................ Evelina Louis, a 17 years old lovely and cheerful girl but the most miserable and depressed person after losing her parents 5 years ago in an unfortunate accident, lives with her uncle and aunt and their twin daughters. Being tortured by her family often, Evelina escapes from them but enters into the death pit. Asher Villain, the fearful mafia lord, handsome, arrogant, a cold hearted devil meets Evelina one day. Due to his past, his hatred for her so unbearable. His cold and terrible behavior to her will be end one day? Will they ever fall in love or will bear the hatred in their heart for ever? Meet the two and explores their life with me.... ................. "Sorry..... I I am really sorry, Eve" said the man with remorse. The woman scoffed. Tears fall down from her eyes, " Will your sorry make everything like before? I will never forgive you, Ash... NEVER" The man suddenly grabs her hand and kneel down before her. Before he can say any words, the woman speaks, " Let me go" " NO, please don't leave me" "Let me go Asher, I hate you... I really hate you....." .................. CAUTION : [ MATURE CONTAINS R18 ] WARNING : ABUSE, TORTURE HI READERS, IT'S MY FIRST NOVEL. I HOPE YOU WILL ALL ENJOY THIS NOVEL. PLEASE SUPPORT ME....

  • Hatred for you

    Hatred for you

    Teen ACTION

    She was in a coma for 3 years, She lost 3 years memories of her life ..... Alicia, before getting into coma her fiance cheated on her with her best friend, now she lost her memories, he got back with her....her best friend pretend to be the best friend she always knew. Will Alicia regain her memories back? If she does what will happen? Find out in the story of..... "Hatred for you"



  • Hatred into Love

    Hatred into Love

  • Hatred is love

    Hatred is love