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  • Revenge


    Stella.A Perfect girl.And Betrayed by her beloved for a woman who was 10 years older than her .Who was her Cousin.Betrayed by her own husband.Betrayed by her own Son and was killed.Now she is Reborn to protect those who loved her and gave away their lives for her.

  • Revenge


  • REvenge


    Pada usianya yang ke-2, Ayahnya pergi meninggalkan dia dan Ibunya sendirian. Pada usianya yang ke-9, Ibunya mengalami depresi berat hingga meninggal dunia dan meninggalkan dia menjadi seorang yatim piatu. Pada usianya yang ke-10, kakek dari pihak Ibunya, seorang konglomerat mulai mengambil dirinya untuk di asuh sebagai cucu. Pada usianya yang ke-17 dia dijodohkan untuk menikahi calon pasangannya yaitu, cucu dari teman bisnis kakeknya. Tapi..Perjodohan itu tak pernah terjadi, karena dia ditipu oleh sepupunya yang juga mencintai calon pasangannya. Dia dijebak oleh sepupunya untuk berbuat sesuatu hingga membuat perusahaan kakeknya hampir mengalami kebangkrutan dan beliau marah besar, lalu mengusirnya hingga menjadikannya gelandangan. Pada usianya yang ke-19, dia mulai bekerja di salah satu cafe dan dari penghasilannya itu mampu membuatnya bisa bertahan hidup. Pada usianya yang ke-21, dia bertekad untuk kuliah dengan penghasilan dari pekerjaannya dan mengambil kelas karyawan jurusan manajemen. Pada usianya yang ke-23, dia lulus kuliah dengan nilai sempurna. Dan di usianya yang ke-24, dia mati tertembak dengan peluru yang menancap di ulu hatinya. Dia melihat arah peluru itu datang dan melihat mobil hitam dengan seorang yang sangat ia kenal dan beberapa pengawal orang tersebut selama ia tinggal di dalam istana megah itu, yang membuat hidupnya berantakan dan seseorang itu adalah sepupunya.



    ryan xed a proffesionnel gamer of game SHAI gets betrayed by his guild forcing him to lose in a competition resulting to delete his account. Xed accept his fate and makes a new account to take revenge on them.

  • Revenge on My CEO Husband

    Revenge on My CEO Husband


    Before Lauren Jones's hand touched the bedroom door, she had heard the sound of people having sex in the room. A woman's deep moan was mixed with a man's low gasps that she couldn't be more familiar with.Lauren frowned, held back her hand, and kicked the door open.The two entangled bodies in the room made her feel nauseous, so she turned her head in disgust, covering her mouth and nose.The lean and handsome man on the bed stopped, glanced coldly at the uninvited guest at the door, and slapped the woman under him on the plump buttocks, "Get out."

  • The Revenge turned to Love

    The Revenge turned to Love



    [UNDER EDITING] Mishi Xin is a girl with a soft and kind heart who lives with her two younger twin siblings. After her parents' death, she has lost faith in other relations as her own uncle threw them out of the house. Mishi works hard to end her and her siblings' miserable life. But then she meets Xian Zhang who makes her life more miserable than ever.Xian Zhang is the youngest entrepreneur in Beijing and owns Maximus. He was happy in his life until the day his girlfriend, Bai Lao broke up with him because Mishi intervened between them thus becoming the reason for their breakup according to Xian. "How dare you say such a thing to my best friend?" Mishi shouted at Xian."Don't intervene between us," Xian yelled, glaring at Mishi. Turning to Bai, Xian explained himself. "It's all a misunderstanding. I'm not cheating on you. Trust me.""Xian, there's nothing left between us. How could you lie to me? Just go away from here," said Bai with a broken voice to Xian.Xian held Bai's hands gently when Mishi, best friend of Bai, came forward and slapped him hard. "Get away from her sight and stop bothering Bai. If you won't stop, then I'll report you to the police." Mishi grasped Bai's arm gently and took her inside the house, and slammed the door on the face of Xian.6 years have passed but, the visions of that day are still imprinted in Xian's mind, who has returned to take revenge from Mishi.Will Xian be able to take revenge on Mishi, or will he fall for her? Let's see inside this story.

  • REBORN: Revenge

    REBORN: Revenge



    She was only six years old when her father suddenly mysteriously disappeared without any trace.At the age of sixteen, her mother died in a car accident; some claims that her mother suicide and some claims that it was only a natural accident.Finally, at the age of twenty-two, she was wedded on that day and at the same time, she was killed by her so-called best friend and her lover. They have betrayed her, all the years that they have spent together were crushed on that day. She thought that it was all genuine but it was, in fact, all fake.She died with so much hatred in her heart that the heavens granted her a second chance. A chance to change all the wrongs that she did, to avoid the flags that will bring her down.Did the heavens pity her for being naive? But that does not matter now. The heavens gave her this second chance and she won't waste it to the likes of her fake best friend and that so-called lover of hers.The heavens allowed her to wake up at the age of sixteen where things are not that disastrous. This time in her second life, she make those who hurt her and her family down without any hesitation.

  • Kingmaker's Revenge

    Kingmaker's Revenge



    Never did Lumielle claim that she was a good woman. In fact, she was a cruel woman who did nothing to deserve mercy for kindness. Poisoning her own father and placing her younger brother on the throne, Lumielle painted her future red with her crimes. Yet, she would have never thought that her retribution would come in the form of the death of her precious younger brother. Revenge. Revenge. Revenge. That was the only thing on Lumielle's mind as she rotted inside of a prison cell. Her younger brother dead and Cosette, the daughter of the Duke, smiling down on her with a commemorative crown on her head. She had tried to take it all; her love, her father, and finally when Cosette couldn't have her brother, she killed him. Revenge. Revenge. Revenge. Traveling back in time, Lumielle awakens when she's only twelve years old with a new chance to enact her revenge.

  • Second Life's Revenge

    Second Life's Revenge



    ====="What do you have to say for yourself, sister?"Tine Alvarado looked down at the small girl whose body was covered with scars. The small girl looked at her hands trembling while all eyes were on her. She didn't understand why this was happening to her, nor didn't understand how this all happened."It's not my fault.""Laura Alvarado the jury has decided to execute you as you have attempted to murder your own sister who is the fiancee of the second prince. And hereby you are found guilty and the court shall be adjourned."Just like that her life had ended after being falsely accused. Not until she had gone back to life. A second chance to live.And her second life's revenge.=====NOTE:HEAVY EDITING WILL BE DONE ONCE IT IS COMPLETED.Will be updating 1 chapter a day.Commissioned from Chainslock

  • The Royal Revenge

    The Royal Revenge



    A captured princess, a bastard prince, joined by a wedding neither of them wanted. Once a warrior princess, Elysianne now lives the life of a slave. She had a solid plan to avenge her people - infiltrate the vampire hierarchy and eliminate the monarchs. But then all of it went to waste with one crazy mistake that ultimately led her marrying the enemy. Aleksander was rumored to be cursed. Believed to bring the kingdom's doom if he stayed at the castle, he was sent away to live in a rundown manor with only two servants. Brought together as a joke, mocked and set up for death, Elysianne and Aleksander were two opposite poles of a magnet with the same hunger for vengeance. When the reigning monarch dies a mysterious death, while the crown prince gets murdered in battle, the unlikely couple ends up rising to the throne! Bounded by an agreement solely on revenge, Elysianne and Aleksander turn the vampire kingdom upside-down. But what if they find themselves entangled in the heat of a passionate love they never knew could happen? Could enemies turn to lovers then? +++ EXCERPT: "I want this kingdom to fall apart, I want to hunt down the people who made my life a misery, burn those that humiliated me." "And where do I fit in that grand plan of yours, your highness, soon to be king, Prince Aleksander?" The prince smiled and his canines glinted in the moonlight. A cold wind blew from the open window and the princess bit down her impulse to tremble under his smoldering gaze, "Lend me your power Princess Elysianne… become my queen, and together we shall get our revenge served in a silver platter." +++ Only Volume 3 contains R18 scenes. Volume 3 and MGS ended. I will mark the book complete soon. Join my discord server

  • Revenge: Queen of the Fashion World

    Revenge: Queen of the Fashion World

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE REVENGE


    Disclaimer: I don’t own the cover photo. Credits to the owner Jillian Rose Williams had it all. She was born in a good family with wealth and fame. She had a fiancee that loved her dearly. She was a princess. Until one day everything changed. The stepsister that she dearly love like a real sister betrayed her. “Dear sister. All you have will be mine.” her stepsister Julia said. Not only her wealth and fame but also the man she loved the most was stolen from her the day she died. But fate wasn’t unfair to her. She had survived her death. And after 8 years she had returned. “Now I’m back I will take everything that’s rightfully mine. I will have my revenge.” Jill has come back as Queenie Versales. The Queen of the fashion world.

  • Revenge of the Shaman

    Revenge of the Shaman



    The Xi'an tribe was annihilated in one fell swoop by the Hong Kingdom, led by the infamous General Long Zhao Xue. Xiao Yue, a young princess of the Xi'an tribe was unable to escape death but found herself transmigrated into the body of her enemy's newly-wedded third wife. Backed up by a surviving shaman from the Xi'an tribe, Xiao Yue carefully planned to exact her revenge. When her identity was revealed to General Long Zhao Xue, it turned out that the real Long Zhao Xue died a long time ago. Long Zhao Feng who took his brother's position accused the Xi'an tribe of the crime. "Why don't I tell you what happened, hm? Your people killed my brother first, so when the King issued the decree to annihilate your tribe, I was more than happy to go," he told her viciously. Xiao Yue expected to live the rest of her life in desolation. But then the man boldly asked her to make a decision. "I am not going to accompany you to play hide-and-seek anymore, Xiao Yue. We have come so far. You made me do this. Stay or leave? You can make the decision. I already laid down the terms." Warning : This is not an erotic story but there will be a few smut scenes eventually, so it's R18 only. No rape scenes. Also, the main couple is a man and woman but I do have a side pairing which is a man and a man. There will be mentions about them from time to time, but no explicit sexual scenes. After working hard for months, I will start updating once a week starting from March 2022 :) P.S. : You are not reading the wrong summary. The title of the book is to be changed to "Revenge of the Shaman" soon :)

  • Auctioned Mate's Revenge

    Auctioned Mate's Revenge

    Warning Explicit Content Included. Adults only.They killed my parents. Turned my underaged sister as se* slave. Sold me to a brothel. It’s been 901 days until the soon to be alpha made the highest bid on my auction night.**“You, Both of you. Get up.” I shook my head, shuddering, “Please… Please don’t–”He grabbed me by my arm and dragged me up to my feet. He grabbed Angelia with his other hand and proceeded to drag us towards the door. The others jeered and laughed. “Have a good time, ladies!”Someone wailed in terror as I continued to please, trying to fight the man’s grip. Panic took over as I saw the fear in Armilla’s face. Angelia had gone all but silent as she was pulled along like a ragdoll. Her eyes seemed glazed over. My heart raced. 3 years later. 901 days to be exact. The day I had been working for was tomorrow.I was sold to Larry’s from a small brothel in the Midnight pack's territory. While it was true that I could pay for my freedom, the price was astronomical and the system was built to make sure Larry’s never parted with a prostit**e without getting the best deal. No matter how much I earned, I only earned three percent at most before tips. In my early days, I’d done the math about how much I was worth. Even if I slept with twenty men every day for a year, I wouldn’t be able to pay for my freedom. To get a chance at my revenge, I had to set aside my dignity and go from Glenda to Cherry, the Cold Beauty from Midnight.

  • Rebirth: An Assassin's Revenge

    Rebirth: An Assassin's Revenge

    She was the top assassin of Zenthia, but fate decided to put her on a different path. After her death, she found herself in the body of one Luna Brooke, the seemingly deranged elder daughter of Julius Brooke. With the former's memories intact, she broke up with her cheating fiancé who attempted to murder her and set her sights on another man who had... E-e-eight packs?! O.O "Alexander White, will you marry me?" Her stepmother, step-siblings, ex-fiancé... None of them were going to get away with what they had done to her!

  • The Tale of Revenge [BL]

    The Tale of Revenge [BL]


    Hello! My name is Aman Vasuki. I belong to the Royal Family of Vasuki Clan which is the Clan of Shapeshifting Serpents. Currently, I am working as a caretaker of a human boy named Mei Wei. Why?Because I am going to kill his father….Aman's life was like a dream. He belonged to the Royal Family of a Clan of Shapeshifting Serpents. He had a loving family, supportive friends and riches of the world. All in all, he lived a dream like life. But one day this dream got shattered…On the night of blood moon, when he was stripped off his powers, four humans ruined him. They took what was most precious to him….But, now he is back to get his revenge on the very people that snatched his world from him. But why does Mei Wang's son always give him a look which is filled with love?And why does his heart suddenly start feeling calm when he is close to Mei Wei?Excerpt:The cold wind was blowing with a swoosh sound. The area was dead silent despite four people being there and a fifth pair of eyes looking at them.Aman's upper human body was glistening with a little sweat, Meanwhile his lower body was turned into a fiery red snake's. The golden pattern on it shining under the moonlight. In this snake tail, he was holding a trembling human. He was trembling with fear of death. Aman brought him closer and looked at him closely. He turned back, his long red hair blowing with the wind, suddenly he laughed out loud but this laugh was not heartily but bone chilling, "I am so happy to see the fear of death in your eyes, SAGE SAETANG!"He laughed again, "I think this look of fear suits all three of you. You know, when I killed your friend Melvin he was even crying and even begging me to spare him. Unfortunately, death is inevitable. Is it not?"Aman asked Sage, as he brought him closer and rubbed his hair with his hand like a child. He was smiling but his eyes were filled with killing intent. The rub resulted in Sage's scalp becoming numb, he furiously nodded, "of course his pathetic twin brother did not fare any better. I did not get the feeling of originality, you know."Aman pouted, showing his dissatisfaction, "wailing and gaping like a fish out of water. He even offered me that he would give all of his properties to me? But what use could I have of that. This look of fear provides me with much satisfaction than any riches in the world.""And now, now the same look is in your eyes. I bet you can see death standing somewhere. But why are you not pleading? At least cry a little," Aman told Sage whose mouth was still sealed. Cold flashes in his eyes and he started tightening the coiling of his tail around Sage's body, "forget it. Do as you please. After all it's your own death. But don't blame me if Mei Wang cries louder and surpasses you when I kill him."He showed a smile that made Sage's stomach flip, "I can't wait anymore to kill-""AMAN!!" The shout was loud enough but Aman could even feel the emotions hidden in it, shock, betrayal, disbelief and extreme hurt. His whole demeanour fell on the ground, he also changed back into a complete human. Sage also fell on the hard ground with him.Aman looked up and there he was. Standing in front of him was Mei Wei….****How would Mei Wei react? And will their relationship survive this?What did those four people do to destroy Aman's life? Why does he want to take revenge?Is it possible for 4 mere humans to ruin a supernatural being? Or someone entirely unexpected is the mastermind behind?Join me to witness Aman's Tale of Revenge and find out all the answers to all of your questions....Warning:- This story contains mature scenes; explicit violence, death, rape, male pregnancy and torture. If you are not comfortable or you are underage please stay away. **Although in every mature themed chapter there is a warning and a minor friendly summary available.*the cover photo credit goes to @unlomio on twitter. Thanks @ImagineTishaD for helping me.*

  • The Villainess's Revenge

    The Villainess's Revenge



    “Give me a second chance, give me one more chance to exact my revenge and I promise to never love again.” _ She was on her deathbed. Everything had burnt to ashes. Flames engulfed her castle, all her precious belongings were now ashes. Her parents were dead. She swore that she’d do anything to take revenge on him. The crown prince she once loved but now despised. Melissa had been blinded by love, she’d swore never to fall in love again. But it seemed her mind was easily changed by three certain men. How’ll she exact revenge? Did they manage to get Melissa to break her oath? And who exactly were ‘they’? Read the Villainess’s Revenge to find out more!

  • First Love and Revenge

    First Love and Revenge

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY


    first Love and Revenge Follow Instagram Author Yustian_Yuliana Dendam atas kematian dan rasa sakit hati ibunya terhadap keluarga Dawson menjadikan Martien pria yang kejam dan serakah, menghancurkan seluruh garis keturunan Dawson adalah tujuan hidupnya. Namun dibalik itu, Ia sangat menyayangi Adam yang adalah adik angkatnya, ia berjanji akan selalu melindungi adik kesayangannya yang mengidap penyakit mematikan itu. Kematian cucu pertama keluarga Dawson di tangan Martien, membuat sang istri yang bernama Alexandra menuntut balas terhadap Martien. Ia sadar, tidak akan sanggup melawan kekuasaan pria berdarah dingin itu. Ia mendekati Adam yang adalah kelemahan Martien. Adam yang terkenal dapat meluluhkan hati sekeras batu itu, sangat mencintai Alexandra karena dia adalah cinta pertamanya. Menjadi pria yang penyabar dan baik hati hampir menggetarkan hati Alexandra. Apakah Alexandra akan tetap memanfaatkan Adam untuk rencana balas dendamnya? Ataukah Alexandra akan luluh dan jatuh cinta terhadap Adam?

  • Getting Revenge

    Getting Revenge


    Everything went downhill when my Dad left us, my mom was pregnant and with no support, she marries a maniac who abuses her constantly. I knew it was the height of it all when he eventually murders her, but I'm proved wrong when I'm reunited with my long lost Dad.

  • Revenge With The Power of Monkey King

    Revenge With The Power of Monkey King



    When his father was killed, his family wealth was taken, his hands and feet were all broken, he gets the heritage from Monkey King. Since then, he dramatically rises, he would kill God if God is on his way, he would kill Budha if Budha is on his way. Qin Feng wearing a coat of gold, holding the magic cudgel: "I want this thirty-six universes, all beneath me!"

  • Kiss Of Revenge

    Kiss Of Revenge

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 HAREM


    1 chapter/weekWarning : Mature ContentCover : Naofaro (Instagram)Gaea Silva is a bartender waiting for her college graduation.One night, Gaea helps her injured friend and gets the mysterious rare diamond 'The Perfect Pink' in her locker. She brought the diamond to her apartment because she thought it belonged to her friend Lola who lived with her.The next day, Gaea, who was about to fly to Shanghai, was forced to become Eryk Enzo's fake fiancée after the 'The Perfect Pink' diamond to be used at auction turned out to belong to Eryk.Fate takes Gaea to the dirty secrets of Enzo's family and herself.Cover © Nona_ge/mine from commission