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  • Offense or Defense

    Offense or Defense


    The story of a rich CEO of a company and a poor orphan girl giving up hope. When Ash Brown ends up in a hospital after a crash in his latest motor racing tournament, the whole world is informed in a matter of seconds. Ashlyn had just gotten a 5-month internship with her idol, who she is very much excited to learn from. So when Ashlyn finds out that her doctor was the one who performed surgery on Ash Brown, the famous rich man in a hospital ward with his two best friends, she is in charge of taking care of their health from there on with two other interns, Julia King and Marilyn Kilburn. But God knows what goes down when the six get to know each other? Hint..........Hell breaks loose.

  • Irreparable offense

    Irreparable offense


    What would you choose between your parents and the person who hurt you? Kill 100000 people to bring back their parents or drown in despair in this rotten world.

  • 90,000 Years of Longevity

    90,000 Years of Longevity



    He once separated heaven and earth with Pangu, created humans with Nüwa, and explained Buddhism with Tathagata. Once filled the sea with Jingwei, saved Chenxiang’s mother with Chenxiang, and tasted poison with Shen Nong. The Taoist Trinity was his disciple, the Jade Emperor worshipped him as the godfather, and Jesus and Odin respected him as the ancestor. He was drunk with the Dragon King for three days and three nights, and he also witnessed the graceful beauty of Chang'e flying to the moon. He once saw the stone popped out the Monkey King, and also once burned the Book of Life and Death. He was a man, a god, wind, rain, and a demon. He knew the past life and knew the future... In this way, Ye Bei lived for 90,000 years! Looking for the mystery of longevity in the endless years...——————————Alert: This is a slow-paced story, so don’t complain after you read it...Remember, this is a work of fiction that will contain some history of the world, some exaggerations and more things, I'm not trying to praise anyone or hate anything, this story develops by itself, just ultimately, don't take any offense!!!Other work: Supreme Demon GodSupport the author: Tag: # Reiki Recovery #MC Strong from the Start #Overpowered MC #Cold MC #Mysterious MC #Past Plays quite a Big Role #Cultivation+Martial Arts+Magic&Sword

  • what I writing I don't know but it looks like a simply offensive.

    what I writing I don't know but it looks like a simply offensive.

  • Aila's True Love

    Aila's True Love



    "Who's that girl? The one walking fast with her head down, " Yhuan asked his friend."She is a transfer student bro, She really is pretty, but she seems quite rude" Resting bitch face... That's how people usually describe faces like mine, the type of face which gives people an impression like you've done something bad or is thinking of something offensive when you're not... unless you smile.My name is Aila Rodriguez; high school transfer student, hmm... This is the 5th school I've transferred to since I was in 3rd grade. I had to move around because of my parents' secret; for the security of my family.I'm so used to moving around that now I gave up on making friends. What is it for, when we will be parting ways sooner or later.I hate relationships... But how do I survive without it?People say that in your lifetime you will be able to categorize the relationships that you will experience; Puppy love First love Flings The one that got awayTrue loveGreat loveMany men consider Aila as the "ideal type" while most women acknowledge her as an "it girl", but what does it take to capture her heart?Her fragile heart, that is tightly guarded by her strong personality...Who will succeed in melting her ice-cold heart?Living a double life, she's doing her best to live normally, but how will she able to hide this to the one she loves?How long will she be able to conceal her real identity from the people who took the courage to get close to her?



    Fantasy Romance REINCARNATION R18 COMEDY

    *sexual content, gore, reverse harem* Satrya had taken over the body of her sister who was legally pronounced dead...with this, the downside becomes, a woman who is ignorant in the way of the world she has entered into.The upside; Tasties, grand Matriarch, World core and most importantly Mates. With the bits and pieces of her sister’s memories, Satrya is sort of surviving in a world that she had once looked at from within the darkness. Spending time to gain the knowledge that she lacks while failing at times. This story is about how Satrya learns through trial and error on becoming the Grand Matriach of the Lyricals, her previous life and survival with her mates. Side note: this book is a reverse harem. if this is not your cup of tea, do not continue reading further if you find it offensive.This book also includes smut.With all-male leads ending up with female lead. Satrya also has both explicit language and scenes... but as it goes on... It will be explained, in better detail. So don’t feel annoyed with the amount of fs she uses. This is my first published book, so please don’t rate me to hard...??? Original work by me

  • I HATE MEN! ep 1 (no offense men) 18+ trigger warning

    I HATE MEN! ep 1 (no offense men) 18+ trigger warning

    Teen ACTION R18

    this is a story about a girl who hates men. trigger warning it contains rape, mention of abuse, human trafficking/slavery, bullying, murder, and robing. This story is 18+ or rates R, and all rights of the story belong to me.

  • Light Years Away

    Light Years Away

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE FAMILY SWEETLOVE


    Story of best friends, Kang Sola and Xue Guangxi, as they traverse their journey through adulthood, amidst conflicting choices and internal issues within themselves and from their past.Will they be able to resolve their personal struggles and find a common ground towards happiness? Will they have to compromise to achieve it?Will they end up together and overcome the threshold of their friendship into lovers or remain as platonic friends and each other's family?----She balled her fists, getting ready to punch the man in the face if the situation requires. They are, after all, alone in the room.Sometimes she forgets that Xue Guangxi was of the opposite gender – a man more than capable of beguiling innocent women when he sets his mind to the task.‘Perhaps he had been gone for too long that I had forgotten how his charms work. That fact never left my head, but experiencing it firsthand… Well, Nah!!!’ She tried to shake whatever silliness her mind entertains despite her prudence.But what her neutral poker face could hide, her berserkly widened eyes could not conceal.Nevertheless, even if he noticed, the young man did not point it out. He was more concerned and occupied by other matters.Matters of far greater importance……For example, her safety.She blinked several times, trying to disrupt the connection their locked gazes somehow managed to forge. She bowed her head, still blinking, and darted her lowered gaze to the floor. She straightened up her sitting position and swatted both of the man’s hands on her shoulders without force.But Xue Guangxi held her in place. “Look at me.”“What is it now, Guangxi?” She whispered. Her voice, thin and fragile and barely audible. Perhaps more from the earlier adrenaline pushed a blush on her face.Perhaps, it wasn’t the adrenaline to be blamed.She tried to swat his hands for the second time, but his grip only tightened, making his point more pronounced. Either he obeys or she does.Most of the time, Xue Guangxi always gave in to Kang Sola’s whims. Even when his temper wasn’t too great to be proud of, at the end of every argument, he lets the girl win.But in this instance, he wanted to be more assertive.“You always make me worry, Sola.” He breathed with all solemnity, like a prayer. The clasp of his hands on her shoulders tightened. She could feel it. She winced.Then, without further ceremony or introduction, he pressed her into a tight embrace, full of concern.Any person would be able to discern if a form of skinship was of sincere nature or not.Kang Sola could tell his was of genuine care and concern for her.“You are far more delicate than you think. God, Sola!” He cradled her head with his right hand placed just above her nape. Some of her balayage locks laced his manly fingers.----Other Info: Light story about friendship, family, love, and adulting. No offensive, dark themes (just the backstory, hehe), **Can be considered the second book after Milady's Fine Gentleman, but the story is stand-alone. Reference to the first novel is minimal if not only shown in the backstory. BUT THERE WILL BE SPOILER FOR MILADY'S FINE GENTLEMAN (It's inevitable, sorry)**"You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars" -E.E. Cummings"Just like the moon, I go through phases." -Angie Weiland Crosby"Only in the darkness can you see the stars." -Martin Luther King Jr.-----The author has a discord server and Instagram! Follow, connect, and share your thoughts. IG : author_midnight_bloomemail : For kind appreciation efforts to the aspiring writer, please go to the following sites: : Cover credits to Pinterest

  • Fantasy Air

    Fantasy Air


    * Female Lead adventure and romance with other female characters. Transmigrated into her favorite novel - “But my lord! I am the maid who is openly in love with a fellow maid.” A steady, sharp, and straight girl sadly overworks to death while trying to save her father’s bankrupt company, but her story doesn’t end here! She transmigrates into the world of a light novel, but as a minor character who is shamelessly in love with her fellow maid. Caution, in this world, love between two women is a crime, a capital offense! Oh wait, she has not read all volumes of her the light novel. On top of it, her actions are affecting the original storyline too much. I guess this life wouldn't be so smooth sailing after all.

  • Last King of Kings

    Last King of Kings



    In the year of 632, a young Emperor was crowned at an age of eight. He was crowned with a crown of a dying Empire, plagued by enemies, internal strife and plague. This was the Sassanid Empire, and he was Yazdegerd III, the last Sassanid Emperor. He was meant to guide the Empire out of these dark times and he was meant to revive the fallen giant. But it was not to be. After continuous defeats of the Sassanids, the Empire eventually succumbed to the pressure, both external and internal. But what if? Table of Contents: This story contains numerous points of view - you will be told the story and its parts through the eyes of more than one person. There will be romance - at least I hope so. I am not sure how I'll develop the relationship between the main couple, but I plan to have a bit of romance there. This story isn't Self-Insert. There will be many characters, some more important than others. Although this is a fiction, most of the characters and events occuring are real and this book works with historical events. And last but not least, you may find this book offensive. After all, it rewrites history completely. And if you do, just don't read it. Enjoy!

  • Reincarnated as a Cat girl

    Reincarnated as a Cat girl


    Plagued by misfortune from the day he was born, Michael has rarely received care or compassion from others his only love in the world were cute things and anime. One being unrealistic, the other a reminder of an innocent time which he remembers fondly, helps distract him from the hell in which he resides Follow Michael on an adventure of trial, tribulation, and humor as he takes his second try at life as a mysterious yet adorable Cat girl. (A/N: Any suggestions for edits, criticism, and grammatical corrections are greatly appreciated, but please refrain from offensive comments.)

  • Shadow Forest

    Shadow Forest


    The Direwolf family are Pure-Bred royals that control all werewolves. But the King wishes to find suitable mates for his four sons. So once a year, human girls who come to the age of eighteen are hunted down and brought to his palace. The four sons then must choose any female that catches their eye and take them as their mate.

  • The era of the reborn king

    The era of the reborn king


    In her previous life, she had experienced the cruel end of the world. She had witnessed her parents turning into zombies with her own eyes. In order to survive, she had to rely on the strong. She had to endure humiliation and struggle to survive. In the end, she died in the third year of the end of the world. When she opened her eyes again, she was actually in the classroom ten years ago. Not only did she remember all the major events that had happened in the past ten years, from the national events to the winning numbers, but she also had a unique treasure. It was a small world created by an ancient cultivator. From then on, as she opened the function of the small world step by step, the business world had one more Weirdo who earned money the fastest and spent money the fastest. There was one more miracle doctor in the world who could determine life and death with his flesh and bones. He was also a guest of honor that was hard to come by in the political world That place brought out an invincible and terrifying goddess of death, and the entertainment industry had a legendary figure who did not appear on camera, did not act, and did not sing but had countless fans. Finally, the end of the world had arrived, a new era that belonged to the strong. In this life, she, Xia Junhuang, would become the strongest person at the top of the food chain. She would protect her family and friends, fight monsters when she had nothing to do, and establish the strongest base to stand on her own as the King From then on, she would become the king of the new world! Ps: This article is the long history of the female protagonist's rebirth and growth. Inspirational, strong women and strong men, cool literature in the city + fighting monsters in the end of the world Those who like modern words, urban powers, schools, stone gambling, antiques, entertainment and the end of the world, quickly enter the pit. This article has everything Don't forget to collect, vote, click, comment, diamonds and flowers. Your support is Xia Xia's motivation. Come on, let the storm be stronger [ statement ]1. This article is purely fictional, for entertainment. It is better to have fun alone than to have fun together. Please don't be too fastidious. 2. Xia Xia's writing is cool words. Those who like it, please support it Those who do not like it, if you really do not like it, please close the window of this page directly. You will not accept offensive comments. If you find them, you will delete them directly. However, a friendly suggestion is that you will listen carefully to the words. It is not easy. Please understand

  • Eternally Yours

    Eternally Yours

    Sophie Slade is the author of paranormal and contemporary romance. She started writing at the age of fourteen when she took a Creative Writing class and she was hooked. After college, she worked as a reporter, but went back to her first love--writing fiction. Sophie believes that love conquerors all, which is reflected in her stories. Sophie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, News Editorial sequence, from the University of Tennessee at Martin, and a minor in English. She currently resides in Florida with her husband, children, a persnickety cat, and a very bossy dog. Look for her books anywhere books are sold. As the head of the North Vampire Coven and owner of Caprice Casino and Club Moroii, alpha-male billionaire Lance Steel has more money and incredible good looks than any one man deserves. He is a great husband and father, but he’s also a vampire. His wife, Leila, is human and his son is a dhampir—half human and half vampire—but in order to live a human life with his wife and son, he wants to become human again. As a brilliant doctor and scientist, Leila has developed a sunlight serum, and friends Amy and Elias are working on a cure for vampirism, but is Lance willing to give up his vampire and become human again for his family? Or will his decision cost him the lives of his wife and son, and the destruction of his entire coven? Which path will he choose at the crossroads? WARNING 18+: This book contains material that may be considered offensive to some readers, which includes graphic language, explicit sex, and adult situations.

  • Military Summoning System in the Medieval Apocalyptic World

    Military Summoning System in the Medieval Apocalyptic World



    If you like it then please do consider supporting my works through the following links. out my other webnovel tooDietrich The Modern Magician At Another WorldRebirth Of The Maharlikan Empire In Another World---------Ferdinand Anshelm is an officer of the Imperial Federation. Ferdinand was participating in an offensive towards an enemy nation, but then as he was leading the charge a bomb exploded in the sky, his surroundings suddenly turned bright, to which he lost consciousness. When Ferdinand woke up he found himself in an unfamiliar world.---------Also posting this story at Wattpad and Royalroad and MegaNovel

  • Earth: Tentacle Planet

    Earth: Tentacle Planet

    Sci-fi Romance R18 SMUT

    No one truly knows why the aliens suddenly invaded Earth, but they seem to only want one thing: to turn all of humanity into their mindless sex slaves. College professor Sarah Cassidy and her students spend the first day of the invasion running from monstrous forms, hoping to avoid the terrible fate of being captured by writhing tentacles and added to their vast breeding nest. Will the small group of humans manage to outwit the insatiable extraterrestrials, or will their holes become subjected to endless pleasure?[WARNING: This book is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes with multiple partners of all sexes, dubious consent, graphic language, and brief scenes of taboo relationships, which may be considered offensive by some readers. Reader discretion is advised.]

  • Douluo Dalu : Reborn

    Douluo Dalu : Reborn



    NOTICE!!! THIS IS A FAN FICTION NOT A NOVEL. Lan Ying is a young man that dies while saving an old man. He then reincarnate in douluo daluLet's join him on the story about seducing tang san I will basically use/copy soul land original story with the mix of my character story. I dont own douluo dalu. This is my first fan fic so please comment and give suggestions on how I could improve. WARNING: This is yaoi, if you all find it offensive pls just do not read, instead of hating it. THANK YOU

  • Alpha's mate

    Alpha's mate



    She refuses to hide any longer.She is no longer the prey, now she's the predator.(Book 2 of the alphas pet series)The Alpha is dead. Leaving Evony to fend for herself and continue the fight against her abusive father, to save her friends and return the peace. Winter has arrived with the harsh reality that she can no longer shy away from the danger that threatens them all, as the new luna she must face her fears and finish off her father once and for all before he destroys the hope and memories left behind by the fallen alpha, can she overcome her grief or will she drown in the sorrow of losing her mate. (Not a standalone book please go read alphas pet first) (ps I do not own the cover art, all credit goes to its creator, this book also includes, blood, gore, violence, sexual themes, and offense language)Enjoy~

  • The Book of EXP

    The Book of EXP


    The stuff you need. I don't mind what you write or do on it just nothing offensive, and enjoy.

  • Dollar Signs: Do You Only See My Money?

    Dollar Signs: Do You Only See My Money?

    Author: Hanleigh Bradley loves books more than nearly anything in the world; whether its reading them or writing them, Hanleigh just can't get enough. She's read more books than she can count and owns more books than some libraries. Synopsis: It’s hard to fall in love when all people see is money. Eden Clancy might be an heiress, she might have all the money she would ever need but it comes at a cost. When people look at her, they don’t actually see her, unable to look beyond the designer handbags and the luxurious car she drives. Sitting in a restaurant she hates, eating food she can’t stand to please a guy that left her with the bill and a broken heart, Eden decides something has got to change. When her grandma suggests going to work at the family business, Clancy’s Comforts, Eden groans. The last thing she wants is to deal with more people only interested in her because of her last name and wealth. But Grandma’s got it all planned out; a fake identity, giving up her car, handbags and credit cards, and a new job as an assistant. It’s completely balmy but Eden finds herself agreeing to her Grandma’s terms. The only problem... Noah Grisham, Eden’s new boss. He might have the prettiest face Eden has ever seen but his temper definitely doesn’t match. He’s moody, downright rude, and quite frankly offensive. For the first time in her life, someone is seeing beyond her money, but he still manages to completely misunderstand her.