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  • Reincarnated As Karna With System In Mahabharata

    Reincarnated As Karna With System In Mahabharata



    (This Story Takes Place In AU So, Don't Expect To Go Things As It Was In the Original Mahabharat.) A Young Boy From Kalyug Named Jaswant An Orphan But Was Hardworking And Caring To His Fellow Orphan. But When He Was At The Age Of 16 Years Old When He Died Mysteriously And Got Reincarnated- As Karna From Dwapar Yug With Boon As A System. Let's See What A Boy With a System From Kalyug Does In His Second Life, Will He Live As the Original Karna, Will He Walk On His Path? Disclaimer: Remember, This is fanfiction of Mahabharata. Not "Original" Mahabharata. I have no intention to harm anyone's religious belief, I am just writing what-if story from my perspective. If you don't like it, So I kindly request you not read further this. 4 Chapters/Week Minimum. Bonus Chapter Depends On Mood Teehee~

  • Spare Me, Great Lord!

    Spare Me, Great Lord!

    Magical Realism COMEDY CULTIVATION


    Magical energy has come to this world; Lu Shu could only stare as one powerhouse after another appear. Looking at his own peculiar ability, he exhaled a breath of cold air. Dog balls! ... This is a story of how Lu Shu used poisonous chicken soup to become the Demon King Translator Synopsis: This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his country and the world during the dawn of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. Along the way, they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles and even the most powerful people in their country. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents?

  • Supreme Lord Shapeshifter

    Supreme Lord Shapeshifter



    Martin became an orphan when he lost his family in a mysterious accident at a young age. Although he was orphaned, it did not affect him because of the mental problems he had. When he grows up to a certain age, he joined the world of crime and began to improve himself.within 10 years he became one of the most dangerous serial-killers known in the dark world. He also started killing people for money. But he died of an explosion on his last mission. He also had a system to help him in this new world. A soulless and emotionless serial killer from the old world had to give life in a fantastic world. But what he didn't know is that the powers that were possessed in this world would change itself. -

  • My Doctor Son-in-law, Clarence

    My Doctor Son-in-law, Clarence


    Clarence, a man married into the Murphy family, was disliked by all his in-laws, his wife, and was facing the possible fate of divorce. All because he was an orphan and was not highly educated. But in truth, he was actually the young master of one of the wealthiest families in the world. And one day, he gained a strange ability.

  • Genius Seventh Prince

    Genius Seventh Prince



    Greyson was born as the talented seventh prince of the small Ley Kingdom in the desolate Snow Country but he ended up an orphan at a local church in neighboring kingdom. Follow this genius and his rise to the top in a world where magic reigns supreme.Information for me:Connect with me on Discord: https://discord.gg/eDfa64D

  • Clara's Mystery - Orphan Trilogy

    Clara's Mystery - Orphan Trilogy


    How can you fall in love when you don't even know who you are?At the age of ten, she was left at the orphanage without any recollection of who she was and where she came from. Twenty years later, Clara Johnson, now the CEO of her own security company, SST, provides top-of-the-line security systems and technology that stamps out the competition. If only they could get the biggest shipping company in the country to upgrade their outdated system. But it seems that the CEO, Sebastian Colfer, will do everything to thwart their efforts. Or so it seems.Behind his icy demeanor, he has a hidden agenda, to woo the spirited CEO of SST. The mystery surrounding her appearance at the orphanage keeps her busy these days, and having somebody in her life is not part of her plan. So she pushes everyone away, but will it always stay that way?==-=-==This book is purely fictional. Any similarities with people in real life are purely coincidental.==-=-==Sitting in the back seat of Sebastian's car, Clara could feel the heat emanating from his body. His legs were spread out a little too wide, and they were rubbing against her outer thigh. She tried not to let it affect her, but his arm seemed to graze hers every time the car moved, and that unnerved her a little. They were sitting a little too close if you asked her. Clara tried to get away from him, as far as the space could allow, but her brother didn't want to cooperate. He kept on scolding her to stop squirming. She was trying to find a comfortable position that would keep their body parts from touching, what was wrong with that? Sebastian was tormenting her, and she's had enough. She elbowed her brother and told him to switch places with her.‘Are you scared to sit close to me?’ Sebastian whispered in her ear.-=-Facebook: Intagram:



  • Orphans: The Series

    Orphans: The Series


    Sylvia knows all too well what "loss" and "heartache" means. With the loss of her mother and a father who was nowhere in sight, Sylvia learned very quickly how to survive on her own. Then, fate steps in and she meets Daniel, who knows those feelings as well. With his help, the two begin their healing process and become closer, but something from Daniel's past threatens her happiness. She's not giving it up without a fight. In the many years, he has existed, Daniel was certain that he only had room in his heart for his little sister Edith. Then, through an interesting turn of events, Sylvia stumbles into their lives. Daniel quickly finds himself falling for this strong-willed, determined woman. When then monsters from his past come back to haunt him, it will take all his strength and determination to protect what he holds dear.

  • Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!

    Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!



    In the 23rd century, a girl named Lu Xiaoxiao lived alone in the villa left to her by her late grandfather. Her parents ignored her, and her relatives hated her. Suddenly, she discovered a hidden spatial pocket within the jade pendant her grandfather had left her. Being an avid reader, she began frantically accumulating material possessions, fearing the arrival of the apocalypse. Just as she was about to run out of money and planned to take a breather, she fell asleep and woke up reborn in a place similar to the 20th century, as an eight-year-old girl with the same name whose parents had passed away. Fortunately, the hidden spatial pocket had come with her, which allowed her to lead a fulfilling life even in this unfamiliar era.

  • The System of a Vampire

    The System of a Vampire

    Magical Realism SYSTEM VAMPIRE


    Orphaned in a world where the people gain classes through the drawing of a lottery, Draig a Vampire born amidst mortals must face the world and struggle with his Vampire heritage along with a odd System that was matched with him. All the while trying to survive against those who persecute his monster Heritage.

  • Orphans and Clockwork

    Orphans and Clockwork

    Arsenic-consuming ladies, orphans with disabilities, drug-addicted immigrants, greedy conspirators, dark-humored Queen Victoria. Opium dens and the language of the flowers, children and senile people working in factories and airship explosions.

  • Orphans Band

    Orphans Band

    Taking on a new name after being cast out from his village, Orphan accepts a mysterious Master who is searching for those like him. Joining his fellow cursed disciples he struggles to gain strength so that he will never be abandoned again, but the world will not let him rest in peace. Relying on his cursed bloodline, the path he walks will shock the multiverse. His power will change everything and the banner he raised would sweep aside all those he faced. Are you ready to join the Orphans Band?

  • A Family Of Orphans

    A Family Of Orphans

    Sci-fi Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    When home is no longer safe, where do you go? A family escapes from their country as its government prepares for war with Laja, a larger country that promises a better life. This story follows Corinne, Justin, April, Molly, and Leo as they fight to reach Laja. They must cross a barren wasteland between the two countries by train, but things go awry and they now have to find a way to survive in a scorching desert.

  • The orphans of the park

    The orphans of the park

    A group of orphaned boys, mistreated to the brim and some even raped, tell their story of the shit of life they get ... Are you ready for this story?

  • orphans suffer

    orphans suffer

    Teen R18





    This Story captured at a village setting in the outcast of Kenema City a Provincial City in Sierra Leone where civilization and access to Western Education is dominated by traditional concepts and beliefs system. However, their was a family of 3 which comprises of Father, Mother and Daughter. Despite the hardship in the Village yet they were engaging in small scale farming (subsistence farming) and life was going on. Eventually, the outbreak of the Ebola Virus affected the entire village as due to the lack of better health services the family end up contacted the Virus which killed the parents at the end. Miraculously, this young Girl survived the Virus but suffered hunger, starvation, neglect by the community people due to envy and jealousy. She suffered inhumane treatment which eventually led to her migration to another nearby village to save her Life.The Worse happend to her as she survived a gang rape which give her no chance but to seek a better Life in another Big City called Bo City all in the Southern Provincial. This young Girl by the name of "Yabom" makes some quality moves to the City where she encountered or meet with a social Worker and that opens another chapter in her Life.

  • Tears of the battlefield Orphans

    Tears of the battlefield Orphans

  • The Royal Orphans

    The Royal Orphans


    'Leo' the man who used to be call 'The God Of War' died after one of his comrade betrayed him. His last wish was to give him another chance, strangely enough he opened his eyes but instead of battlefield he woke up in an orphanage. Finding himself to be a small child. "I am....Where I am?" "Stop bullying Lucifer" "Hahaha he looks like a old man". A red haired girl was trying to save me from something... He was in a room with 5 other children and some green hair kid was teasing him while the red hair girl was saving him. He was confused but soon grasped the situation. He was inside a novel he used to read. "Haha! I got this I GOT THIS, god THANK YOU, I may excel in everyway to make up to this opportunity you gave me.."

  • UNPREDICTABLE: The darkest time of orphans

    UNPREDICTABLE: The darkest time of orphans


    The fact that Bianca is an orphan adds an additional layer of complexity to her situation, as she has no immediate family or support network to rely on. Her struggles with her half-sister highlight the difficulties that orphans faces in navigating familial relationships and the potential for exploitation by those who are meant to provide care and protection. The revelation that a hired assassin was assigned to kill Bianca's best friend adds another level of danger and fear to her story, highlighting the realities of violence and crime that many individuals face in their daily lives. Despite these challenges, however, Bianca's resilience and determination to succeed serve as a powerful message of hope and inspiration to readers. Overall, the novel offers a stark portrayal of the harsh realities of life, particularly for vulnerable individuals like orphans. It underscores the need for greater compassion and empathy in society, as well as the importance of building a more just and equitable world where all individuals have access to the resources and support they need to succeed.