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  • Special


    'Trust yourself,' people always told her. 'You're special, you came to this village for a reason.' But belief should always be built on solid facts, real evidence. Kyla thought she was just a normal girl; so far, she had never displayed any quality that might suggest otherwise, so it was difficult for her to believe in all that rubbish.



  • My Special Ability is Perfect Replication

    My Special Ability is Perfect Replication


    After transmigrating to this world where spiritual energy is revived, I realized that it’s a world rampaged by Direbeasts. But what is most exciting is that humans with special abilities do exist! It’s awesome to witness control of thunder and fire, titan’s transformation, limb regeneration, teleportation, telepathy, precognition and many more. And guess what? I have them all.

  • Mated To A Special Omega

    Mated To A Special Omega



    Werewolf book :{BL} Completed Levi Whitlock is a male Omega, But he has a heart of an alpha and is even stronger. Levi despises one thing which is Alphas . Levi is not like any other male omega who usually stay inside their houses waiting for their mates. Levi is an adventurous person who likes to explore new places such as mountains , caves, and forests . He is not scared of anything . Levi also hates the fact that he is just a weak omega who can get pregnant . And the most important thing is that Levi is able to not submit to anyone , even to his own father Henry Whitlock !! What if one day Levi finds out that his fated mate is Lucas Dawson , who is also a True blood alpha . Will Levi submit to his fated mate ? Will he even accept him as his mate ? Will he forget his hatred towards alphas ? Will he accept the idea of getting pregnant ? _____________________ " What is a beautiful omega like you doing here in the woods alone ? " -The alpha in a rut - " Levi Whitlock your messenger to hell" -Levi Whitlock to the alpha in a rut - ****** "If you just gave up and started looking for your mate, you would have studied what you wanted while your mate was going to run the companies. But you are so stubborn and cold and don't even try to accept your rank, you have to realize that you are just an OMEGA. You were born to obey your Alphas and submit to them." - Henry Whitlock- "Levi Whitlock does not submit to anyone! Understand it as you wish Mr. Alpha! I listen to you SOMETIMES just because you are the Alpha who put his sperm inside MY father's womb." -Levi Whitlock - ****** " You're my alpha and I am your Omega and I am on your bed and ready to give you my virginity and I'm telling you to put your pups inside of me !" -Levi Whitlock to Lucas Dawson _____________________ {{word count : 60,000 - 65,000}} BOYXBOY Mpreg Book cover by me

  • Special Power

    Special Power


    He is born with a dangerous power called PERISH this power is top 2 most dangerous power in the world.Everyone is afraid of him becuase of his power even his mother and father are afraid of him but only one person loved him is her sister.But one day 9 girls will changed him, or is it?

  • Military Academy: Special Forces System

    Military Academy: Special Forces System



    When Zhao Rui was reborn in a parallel universe, he was rewarded with a Special Forces System. He decided to join the military academy without any hesitation when he realized he had a unique system. The moment he joined, the border battlefield had welcomed the strongest recruit of all time. The recruit could climb mountains and run through minefields while carrying weapons that weighed more than 100kg in total. His shot never missed its target, even when he was a mile out. He could pilot anything that needed a pilot. He could command the military K9 to sweep for mines and could converse in 8 languages. He could write poems and perform traditional martial arts. He could hack into the network of an international group of terrorists. He could charge into battle at the frontline and would always return safely with merits. This is a story of a recruit that could do anything.

  • Special Slaves

    Special Slaves

    You come to country M where slavery still exists because of a problem at work. However, you didn’t solve the problem and become a slave yourself. Fortunately, your boss Joseph Edward buys you and makes you his slave. How are you going to deal with this situation, and what is going to happen?

  • Special love from domineering ceo

    Special love from domineering ceo

    The woman was lying on the bed. The soft moonlight from the window was shining on her pale face. What a sexy scene!Christopher Loomis looked at the numb woman who was pressed down by him. He said with a mocking smile, "Isn't this what you want?"Leslie Ward's face looked much paler than before. Her chin was suddenly pinched tightly by the man before she could say anything. This pain made her cry out."Have you forgotten what day it is today?" Christopher said with mockery. At the same time, the pressure on his hand got stronger again.Her pupils contracted instantly while something was striking on her mind. Then her whole body kept trembling."Even the day of remembrance of your sister can be forgotten, you are really a ruthless woman, ah."Christopher said while his body was still moving through her body. It would be nice if Evelyn had not been killed by this woman.Leslie was accustomed to hearing Christopher's taunts, but her heart still can't help but throb.She had been married with Christopher for three years. But she loved him for more than three years. Why Christopher overlooked her, only sneered at her these years? He only loved Evelyn. Even giving her love with both hands initiatively, she would not get any concern from him.Christopher’s voice rang in her ears again, "You went to great lengths to be married with me, even put your own sister's life on the line. Now everything is as you wish, what are you not satisfied with?"She closed her mouth tightly without any word. She was afraid that if she opened her mouth, she would no longer be able to hold back her emotions that were about to erupt.But her silence at this time seemed to be a provocation to Christopher. His movement became more violent and faster. Leslie finally cannot help but groan painfully.Half an hour later, Christopher pulled out from her body and went into the bathroom. Leslie endured the pain in her body and wrapped herself up tightly with the quilt.Christopher came out of the bathroom and saw the way she was. His heart was ignited with anger again. He said, "Leslie, don't you just want me to fuck you? Now your reaction is for what? The bitch still wants to declare herself a virgin?"Leslie gritted her teeth. In the past, Christopher made love with her with saying nothing. Just to satisfy physical needs, and the woman can be her or someone else.He ridiculed her like this. Only on the day of Evelyn's remembrance every year, he hated her even more."I'm sorry."Christopher frowned unconsciously when he heard her tiny voice. He walked towards Leslie and lifted her quilt.Leslie looked flustered and curled herself up into a ball. But Christopher was not ready to let her off the hook, "You make me feel sick now."Tears could not be controlled in her eyes. Christopher did not see her abnormality because of her messy hair.In his memory, Leslie never cried."Christopher Loomis, what do you want me to do?" Her voice was a little hoarse, but it did a good job in hiding her trembling voice.Christopher looked at the wretched her from a high position, "Clean the picture frame."That was Evelyn's photo, which Christopher regarded as a treasure.She got up slowly and moved her feet step by step towards the photo. She found a stain on the glass of the frame. It may be rubbed on accidentally. Did Christopher’s anger just for this?She looked upward subconsciously, but hit Christopher’s obscure eyes. "On the first day you lived in this house, I said that you needed to do nothing but wiping the picture every day. It must be stainless."Leslie's hands with the frame shocked and almost dropped the frame. Christopher's heart was filled with anger suddenly. There was a tinge of shade in his voice, "If the frame in your hands is broken, then you will take your life to pay for it!""My life in your mind is not as important as a picture frame?" Leslie asked with a shudder. It seemed like her heart was torn into pieces, painful even unable to breathe."Leslie, you are worthless in my mind." The unforgiving words made Leslie collapse completely. Tears kept flowing down from her face. She turned up her voice suddenly, looking straight at Christopher and said "For these years, you put all your heart in this photo, not willing to share your heart even a little bit with me?"This was the first time he saw Leslie's tears. He was astonished just for a second. He took two steps forward to look at Leslie with his brooding eyes. Then he still said mercilessly, "Leslie, I did not love you before, and would not love you in the future."

  • Spoiled by a Husband with Special Needs

    Spoiled by a Husband with Special Needs

    Contemporary Romance CEO


    On the night of her wedding, Tang Ning did not wed her fiancé but wedded a mysterious stranger instead. It turns out she was tricked by her stepmother and was secretly assigned to marry a paraplegic with a disfigured face, the eldest young master of the Qin family, who was said to be sadistic. Just when she thought she was safe after escaping the marriage, the man had already had ways to catch up to her. He became an e-hailing drive and fetched her home every day. He became a gynecologist and check in on her every day about her health. He became her superior in order to protect her at work and dealt with all of her bullies. Finally, Tang Ning fell into his web of love. Until 1 day, Tang Ning discovered his secret. Her boyfriend... It was the one she escaped from marrying, the one that was rumored to be disfigured, paraplegic, and violent. The eldest younger master of the Qin Family, Qin Jianyuan. Tang Ning laughed coldly. "An e-hailing driver who's a billionaire?" Young master Qin. "..." Tang Ning shouted angrily, "Aren't you supposed to be disfigured? Aren't you a sadist? You don't even look like a violent man!" Young master Qin answered Tang Ning, "Wifey, please calm down. This is all a misunderstanding. Please take care of the baby."

  • Special Delivery

    Special Delivery

    Monte’s sporting goods store is teetering on the edge of collapse due to the economic problems. The small conservative eastern California town he chose for his dream project is not welcoming, even though he keeps his gay lifestyle quiet. Then big trouble and a gorgeous package delivery driver fall into his world at the same time. Are they somehow connected?<br><br>Jeff, a special agent for Homeland Security, is working undercover to help bust a contraband and drug operation. Tracks lead to the small town of Cameron Creek, California. Who is the crime ring’s contact at this end? As a delivery driver, Jeff is scoping things out. When he meets Monte, he is smitten at once, but evidence begins to link this new friend to the case. Jeff has every reason not to pursue a relationship, but can he stop himself?

  • Special Zombie

    Special Zombie


  • special child

    special child


    a special child who is protected and cared for by both parents

  • feel special

    feel special

    si hyeonjin ( minjoo / minju ) ay isang nerd na laging binubully,while si chan ( mingyu ) naman ay isang nerd rin na binubully. nagiging close sila dahil kay chan dahil siya yung napapangiti kay hyeonjin.



    "kim woo-sung kim woo-jin kim taehyun"the names were everywhere you see.. south korea has been crazy about these twin and their younger brother. Who are three young successful bachelors, coming from one of the richest family in the country. Everybody's on the look for these three young man, from their lavish wealth to their rocking fashion sense. They seem to got it all. but really...actually not a big surprise to jung su-jin. She knows those three boys inside and out. but after being 6 years apart did she really think theyd still stay the same or what if they changed? like every cliche story they meet again,now lets find out what happens to sweet su-jin after that!〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

  • Special one

    Special one

    She knew she wasn't ordinary nor she'll ever live normal life like other girls of her age. She was different from others and her wit and intelligence always made her center of attention. However once in a lifetime she wanted to have an ordinary life, having fun with friends and closed ones around. She was tired of being lonely for long time. Maddy and Leona loved their first daughter mish more than anything. She was the apple of their eye. But they were concerned about her facing to the world. She was way too naiive to trust anybody.

  • special one

    special one





    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY

    Jovanka Rosabella adalah seorang gadis tomboy yang disekehariannya selalu berpenampilan layaknya laki-laki. Bahkan bagi orang yang tak mengenalnya bisa mengira dia adalah seorang laki-laki tulen. Terlebih ia akrab dipanggil Jovan, semakin memperkuat stigma orang-orang bahwa Jovanka adalah seorang laki-laki.Dalam pergaulannya Jovanka tak pernah pandang buluh. Mau orang itu kaya, miskin, sederhana, Homo, Lesbian, Straight atau lainnya ia tak pernah ambil pusing. Hal tersebut jugalah yang membuat dirinya disangka kaum pelangi oleh beberapa orang yang tak mengenalnya dekat. Bahkan cowok yang ia sukai pun mengira ia penyuka sesama jenis.Bisakah Jovan yang sebenarnya pemalu bisa mengungkapkan perasaannya pada cowok yang ia sukai dan memberi tahu jati dirinya yang sebenarnya?

  • The Special Nerd

    The Special Nerd

    Hailey, Keila, Drake, Mark, Shannah, Hailey’s mom, Hailey’s dad

  • The Unspecial Special

    The Unspecial Special


    In a world, nearly the whole population has abilities that are used for daily lives or fighting. Abilities helped people’s dream and one of those dreams are being superheroes. At least half of the population dreams to become superheroes. This opened up a school known as Nova thats teaches middle school to college. Nova is a school that nutures students into becoming superheroes and it also has class ranks for competition that goes to Z-1 to A-5. ——————————————————————————————— As school starts, a new teacher joins and has to teach a class that hasn’t been doing well which made the former teacher leave. That class is Z-1, a class full of failures who either don’t have the potential, too lazy, or something that they have done bad. This also force the teacher in charge to make them into well known superheroes, but as they are trying to be successful in order for them to not flunk, many problems occur.——————————————Novel will be on hiatus for a long time since I am working on something else :/