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  • Powers


    When you turn 16, you cough up an item that describes you and your soulmate's power. Ali was one of those rare people who didn't get an item or their power. Until someone new moved to her hometown.

  • Don't Run, My Disciple! I Want To Give You My Powers!

    Don't Run, My Disciple! I Want To Give You My Powers!



    Xu Tian was transmigrated to the world of cultivation. He received a system where he would be rewarded by a hundred times if he passed his cultivation skills to other people. Whenever he gave his cultivation skills to his disciple, the cultivation skills he would receive in return was multiplied by a hundredfold. A few years later, his disciples had all become legends in the world of cultivation. “Master! Please! You have to stop giving us cultivation skills! We will become the Nine Divine Celestials if this goes on!” “Master, I’ve caught two phoenixes to fix a meal for you. Why don’t you take a rest today?” “Master, I’ve brought back the princess of the Divine Kingdom who you’ve longed for. You should take some rest and enjoy.” Xu Tian let out a sigh that shook the world. He said resignedly, “Hey! My foolish disciples! Stay where you all are! What’s wrong with giving you my cultivation skills?”

  • In MHA With Shinra Powers

    In MHA With Shinra Powers


    An above average 16-year old was just coming home from another day of school when the unexpected happened to him. Yea, as you guessed, it was truck-kun. And he was reincarnated into the world of MHA without a choice. He had no memory of his past life, but he was able to keep the same traits, which were his quick thinking and laziness. Now we get through how he lives his life with powers he has no idea about. Also, don't expect this to follow the MHA timeline. I might like the story, but I won't be following it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is my first story, btw, guys, and I am writing this because I never really liked the way the MHA fan-fics go, so yea, here it is. I might be in high school, but expect spelling and grammar mistakes. Although I am writing this for fun, I would really like some tips and will try to put out updates every day if possible. I haven't finished fire force, so don't expect all of Shinra's powers to be shown. I will do as much research as possible.

  • Fantastical Powers!

    Fantastical Powers!

    Video Games ADVENTURE

    Hans buys the new vr game called 'Espers and Mages" It boasted a realism of 99%. He and a couple of his friends are hoping to make some money out of it while enjoying it.

  • strange powers

    strange powers

  • New Powers

    New Powers

    Jordan's life has been full of bumps in the road. So many things have messed up her life, and she doesn't think she will ever have a normal life. Little does she know that she will have a normal life, she will just have to wait for a LONG time before that happens

  • Powers That Be

    Powers That Be


    Ten. There are ten base numbers in mathematics. Almost universally used, they are what we call the base ten. For whatever reason, Ten is named after them.When Ten's father dies in a rare metahuman attack, he sets his resolve. Yet, he was in the wrong place to do what he wants. Then a mysterious shadow comes to him. "Do you want revenge? I can give you that power, at a price."

  • My System Powers Up My Crew Except Me

    My System Powers Up My Crew Except Me



    Please check out my new bookGods&Myths Disciple————————————————Bang is transported from Earth into a world where pirates and adventurers rules the land and the seas. They are bestowed power from leaders after swearing fealty to them. “Welcome owner, to the world of Mundu” “What? Are you a system? Did I reincarnate like those characters from novels?” “Yes owner, I am here to help you” “YES!!!!!, what cool powers do I have? Do I control gravity? Can I use all the elements here? Oh! Oh! Can you help me master all kinds of powers?!” “No master, I can only power up your allies” “What???????” “Please follow my instructions to assemble your crew.” This is not your regular power fantasy. Well, it is a power fantasy but not just on the main character but also on the side characters. The main character completes quests in order to recruit crew members or power them up. This is kind of a slow paced novel because character development will be a big factor in this story. Kind of new to writing so any criticism will be welcome. If you want a reason to read this novel, read the spoiler below. *****SPOILERS****** the crew doesn’t get powerful with no reason. They get powerful only because of character development so expect some emotional scenes for breakthroughs. See if you could spot the progression of emotions in the crew, and how it affects their powers.The mc may seem annoying/stupid at first but please try to read more. My writing gets better, and the mc will have character development that will make him better.Help me win WIN-WIN5 CHAPTERS = 2 COINS 100 POWER STONES ACHIEVED! I will start to upload 2 times a day. 300 power stones = 3 extra chapters released at the end of the week 500 power = 5 extra chapters released at the end of the week DISCLAIMER : I do not own the pictures I used creating the cover.

  • World of Powers

    World of Powers

    A high schooler named: Bradley Jamison writes about his life being the only one in the world without superhuman abilities of his own but soon finds out he has his some of his own.

  • Demigods of powers

    Demigods of powers



    Powers of the main character of the fanfiction/novel that I am creating

  • powers of characters

    powers of characters

  • Powers are infinite

    Powers are infinite

  • The Sorceress: Blossoming Power

    The Sorceress: Blossoming Power



    In the realm of Chiji, a mythical world where hidden powers lie. Chaos rules because a few became drunk with power and abused it. And inflicted a terrible balance upon the plains and brought chaos to Chiji. From this, opposition rises and plots. And so, the people forget the good deeds of a few power wielders. Somehow, in a magic-imbued past, where the longing whispers of Xinyi to Ming resonate, the whims of fate which will bring change can be heard. What did the whispers say?Governor Ming hates this arranged marriage to Xinyi and doesn't want to do anything with her.Will love bloom in time for the loveless couple as they work together?Only with curiosity may one find the answers...However, out from these devastating times, a Sorceress will bloom and slowly bring balance to this world.(Note: This is mainly a fantasy genre and not romance, although it started with the love story between the female and male leads. So, please don't focus on romance here. This is the journey of a woman who became the Sorceress.)---- o ----They were married through the imperial edict, and she expected much from it. However, on their wedding night…"In fairness, I'll be honest with you. I don't like you. I prefer to marry someone I choose. From this day forth, you're to live in Anjing Pavilion" said Lei Ming with no reservations.She was aggrieved to be disregarded and unfairly discarded. "Wait!" shouted Xinyi.Pestered, Lei Ming halted but didn't look back. "What now?" "I'm grateful for sending me there, Lord husband, but please don't miss sending my allowance and I promise I will not show up and bother you," said Xinyi and bowed piously. "The heck, this woman is totally shameless."Xinyi watched Lei Ming's back as he walked away. As he was out of earshot, she gave a careless smile and rested her palms on her waist."This is totally unexpected. What a farce of a marriage. So what? I don't care too..." she said as she suddenly jumped and swirled around in glee.But… an unexpected encounter under the moonlight changed everything. Most of all, when he discovered he was meant to protect his wife. ----- o -----TAKE NOTE: 1.) There is no sex but have some violence during wars and fights. Do know that romance is not the primary focus. Prepare for an adventurous ride in the story. 2.) The story is not totally under the Chinese background. This is a different world, and every nation had their own backgrounds. So, I don't follow the Chinese way of naming and calling of characters. Like using their full names when I mention them, even with the greetings.2.) Please buy this author a coffee to keep me alert when writing and to help pay for the daughter's college fees: [ko-fi.com/elijoneb]3.) Please support my latest book: Blue Hells. It's a sci-fi and game combo. If you love action and adventure, this is for you.⁸Note: *I want to thank Forsaken123, another author here, for his help and insights in the earlier chapters of this book.*My daughter, Asha, made the cover.

  • In Another World With Escanor Powers

    In Another World With Escanor Powers



    Who doesn't want to have Escanor powers?!! The power to be the OP character and defeat all your enemies in a cool and badass way.Follow our Hero Aiden as he travels to another world and creates his own legend.Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/pCmYRbK*********************Author note: This story is a rewrite to the previous one where Eros is the MC. Note that there will be changes especially in the first arc.Thank you and I hope that you follow the story just like the first one.Aiden note: I am now the Holder of the greatest power and you will make sure to follow this story

  • Extraordinary Powers

    Extraordinary Powers

    A world filled with ongoing violence between countries. Suddenly invaded by portals known as Cells. Humans granted unnatural powers and abilities, these humans were known as Sapients. The world finally got together and united together to destroy these Cells. How will humans eradicate these Cells and who will do it?

  • Super Powers

    Super Powers

    While trying to follow a strange noise she heard on a stormy night, Olivia falls into a lake and drowns, but is saved not a moment to soon by a sassy but kind girl, named Tessa. The future holds many things for these two, but it won't always be so bright.(If someone could tell me how to change my cover, that’d be great!)

  • I Can Grant Origin Powers To Anything

    I Can Grant Origin Powers To Anything

    Sci-fi CHEATS


    # QI REJUVENATION # ALTERNATE WORLD “Young man, I can tell from your skeletal structure that you have an extremely rare talent. You must be a one in a million prodigy in the martial arts. Now that the Blue Planet has ascended, mutant beasts are ravaging our homes, and foreign species are invading our land, our people are in grave danger. Here, I have an [Infinite Demon God Physique Training Method], I’ll give it to you for just two dollars. You shall be entrusted with the mission of maintaining world peace.” Xu Lingyun was touched. He said, “I can’t believe that you can actually see my true potential. Here’s four dollars, no need to give me change.” The scammer took the money, left him a fake secret training manual, and left feeling content. Xu Lingyun brought the secret manual home. He slapped the cover of the book. Instantly, the aged, tattered book started emanating a magnificent array of lights. An ancient and powerful aura filled the air, dominating the stars and piercing through the age. A fake? Oh please, in front of me, there is no such thing as “description may not match the actual item, please see the actual item”.

  • Secret Powers

    Secret Powers

  • Powers Beyond All

    Powers Beyond All


    First time don't blame me if it's bad.basically I'm creating a guy with powers borrowed from video games,TV shows, anime literally whatever.Also the MC is super op at the start and I make him more op going on.Also I like stockpiling chapters.------------------------------------------------------------------Also from the author of the future do not trust any of what I say in the first 10 chapters.