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  • Struggle


  • Struggle


    Struggle (Hindi Drama) is a very lively depiction of the struggle of farmers in this play. In this play, the writer has also tried to bring the attention of the readers to those misdeeds and wasteful expenses of the farmer, due to which he always remains burdened with debt.

  • struggle


  • Everlasting Struggle

    Everlasting Struggle

    Life is an endless battle. A battle for a better life. A battle for maintaining happiness. A battle for peace. Shin's a 12-year old youth, fighting since the moment he was born for a better life. Dreaming and wishing for a happy life, but he can't see himself in that kind of position. Shin's looking at the empty dark sky, breathing his last breaths, still dreaming and wishing for a better life. Schedule will be 1 chapter per day.

  • Vishal struggle

    Vishal struggle

  • Struggle lines

    Struggle lines


  • love struggle

    love struggle

  • Struggle love

    Struggle love

  • Struggle Of Love

    Struggle Of Love

    Contemporary Romance FIRSTLOVE DOCTOR

    THIS BOOK IS PAUSED. [Completed]: Volume 1: Loss of a firm hold. [Upcoming]: Volume 2: Intertwined fingers. [Excerpt]: "I think I love you," I told him. The feeling of wanting to be with him for the rest of the time started the day he first visited me at the orphanage. "You do, and I love you too." Then he walked nearer, "Promise me it'll be the two of us," he asked. "Promise." But was that really possible? "I'm technically your sister," I said. We were old enough to understand certain things. "Adopted." He stressed. "What I asked them was I wanted to you be with me forever. There will be no one to point on that," he said. Were things really that simple? But listening him say them was all I needed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I found out that I was pregnant almost a fortnight ago and which woman does not be happy? I wanted to tell him first and I did. But the reaction he gave made me doubt my entire life. First it was a surprise and then, as I waited for his response, I watched his eyes become happy. But before he smiled, a very small and indecipherable frown appeared and he hugged me tight not giving me a chance to read his face anymore. His breathing was quick and heavy. After he released me, I took in the smile on his face; only, I didn't know if I should call it a smile. All there was in his eyes was a hue of sadness. "What's wrong?" I questioned him directly. His face changed once again. He seemed troubled. "Nothing," he smiled and added that he was happy. "You're not," I stated. He is not a fool to think that I would not know when something is wrong. And he would be more wrong to think that I would let this slip. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Look at me.” I said calmly. He shifted his head but still avoided my eyes. I walked up to him and put my eyes in his line of sight. “Don’t you know what I mean ‘every day’?” He took a quick step back. “Jessie, what’s wrong? Why are you like this?” What’s wrong? An ear piercing sound rang through the room. I slapped hard across the face. Then I noticed that I started crying. Through my blurry eyes, I saw his eyes tearing up too. This was yet another unpleasant first. The first time I was forced to slap him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Are you okay?” I asked him lifting my head to see his face. His chin rested on my head and I still did not have a proper look. I tried to move my head slowly in another attempt, but he held me tight, not letting me move. Was he still crying? Perhaps that was why he did not like me seeing him. When we were kids and something troubled him, he used to find me to let it out. Crying was included sometimes. He did not hide his tears back then. Because, boys did not particularly cry in front of their girls, I questioned him how he saw this once. It was a playful teasing that I aimed at. But, he gave me a serious and truthful confession in return. Mentally I am the stronger one and he told me that crying in front of me never felt like he was lowering himself. That was his level of acceptance. But everything he is doing now is in a stark controversy to my beliefs. He spoke after calming himself more, “I’m not.” [Target Audience]: This story has 3 volumes. From the name, it is not odd that this is totally based on love. The first volume is a little tragic, the reason why it is under realistic fiction. If tragic romance upsets you, then this might as well. **[UNEDITED]** I didn't proof read all the parts. But I usually keep an eye to check for mistakes as I write. So hopefully there are not too many of them. Will be editing soon.

  • A Sorceress Struggle

    A Sorceress Struggle


    They say if you work hard, you will be able to achieve what you want.Born in a modest family, orphan at a young age, struggling in a capitalistique world to find her place; that's what her daily life seemed to be.But who would have thought she would die a meaningless death when hit by a truck after leaving from the office?!And say what !? She died a virgin without even having a boyfreind once!Luckly the universe is righteous! She get's a new chance for life and become the daughter of the all powerful Duke Evanson! Lady Satiana Von Evanson!Living a life of pleasure she enjoys beeing rich and live a carefree life... But that all will change when she realize that the world she's reincarnated in is that of a Role play game called "Saga of Regulus". A fantazy world where magic and monsters exist... and what ? she is the main stories Female Villainess ! The Solis Family that rules over the Regulus empire, she is engaged to the heir to the throne ! The blonde Crown Prince Lukretus La Solis! Her nemesis! To escape a fate of ruin and destruction, she struggle day and night under the cover of the Sorceress Satania. With schemes and devious toughts she takes on the role of the Villainess with the sole purpose of survival!And during her journey... her fated encounter with the Red haired boy will change everything... "Who is this man? Why is he so familiar !? And why the hell am i falling for him! i don't have time for this! i need to continue with my plan!"With such toughts will she achieve her happiness? Will her hard work pay at last?Folow the story of the Sorceress and her journey against the fate of the Villainess!

  • my struggle

    my struggle

  • Struggle of Survival

    Struggle of Survival


    After mysteriously disappearing from earth on his 23rd birthday, Ian, who was the author of a pretty successful novel on earth got transmigrated into his own novel.Being an extra in his novel with an average talent for evolution at best, watch as he makes his way to the top in this new : English is not my first language

  • Struggle hope

    Struggle hope





    Alex is a young adult who recently just found out he's special from his friends, being bullied made his parents decided to move to Thailand to start a new life ,after Alex got accepted into a university where his life is about to take a turn.

  • Power Struggle

    Power Struggle


    Sapphire has moved to another town with her daughter, Emerald, Shadow, Sonic, Amy, Silver, Lucinda and Mephiles, caught in a civil war. Emerald becomes a teenager and meets someone her age, Topaz, a Cat-vampire hybrid who has been caught up in the civil war since she was born. What will happen between the two?Book three of a series of five books (one book is on Wattpad).

  • The Witches struggle

    The Witches struggle

    a young witch struggles with keeping her existence a secret from humanity as she deals with fitting into high school and pretending to be a normal teen

  • Struggle - Jay

    Struggle - Jay

    Fantasy ROMANCE

    Popular. Almost everyone wanted to be that word. Everyone wanted to be known or heard. A shy, orange cat that had gotten struck by lighting and a popular turtle, both in high school. They would’ve never thought that either of them would know each other so well. Lance - a shy and orange cat that moves from his hometown to a new place to start fresh by force. His parents are aware of his sexuality (which is homosexual) and things at school don’t go so well until he meets Roy. Somehow, his secret had got out to the school and everyone knew he was gay. (His worst nightmare) But before any of these events occur, the only thing that he’s happy about is meeting his online best friend, Marie for the first time. Roy - a tall, heterosexual turtle that’s well known and popular in the same school that Lance is going to. Despite being popular, his life outside of school isn’t well. His parents tend to argue a lot and toxicity always tend to form in his house. Marie - Ali’s best friend, which is a black and white wolf. She’s always been there for him and they’ve held a friendship for two, going on three years now. She’s also aware of her bestie’s sexuality and tends to keep it a secret as she promised. More character descriptions coming soon...

  • The Real Struggle

    The Real Struggle

    Motivational speeches for someone who's struggling with mental health, from someone struggling with their mental health.

  • Struggle for Survival

    Struggle for Survival


    One day, as Joseph was walking home, the world as he knew it came to a halt. Monsters began to erupt from the ground, and with their appearance, humans gained the ability to fight back against them. Follow Joseph as he struggles to survive in this newly emerging society!

  • Freedom Struggle

    Freedom Struggle

    Earth is no more, what used to be known as the blue world is nothing more that a cluster of rocks in the dark and cold universe. One lucky teen managed to survive the catastrophe, thanks to his father who controls a mysterious power. The survivor of this disaster Ethan, through great struggle and determination, manages get reborn into the body of an infant belonging to the space exploration vessel that came to study the destruction of planet earth. Ethan is placed in a galactic society that worships strength. Strength that is not easily gained, as the cultivation of mutations is fraught with danger and uncertainty. This society does not care for the weak as it is threatened by a mysterious organization. Experience the adventure of Ethan as he struggles to dictate his own destiny, in a galactic society that is full of wander yet unforgiving.