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  • Depression


  • The Depression

    The Depression

  • Anxiety & Depression!

    Anxiety & Depression!

  • My Depression

    My Depression

  • love depression

    love depression


    After the disappearance of her father and the death of her mother. Korina Black is left orphaned and grief-stricken for years. She moves to New York to start afresh and live a quiet normal life and swears to keep off men after her various failed relationships and heart breaks. Her quiet life is soon disrupted when she has to deal with racists more often , a boss who is always angry and her ever persistent Cousin and best friend, Daniella. she also finds out she's being stalked and finds her vows of staying off men hard to keep when she meets a man by the name Jace Lander. Jace lander is the typical hot billionaire with American playboy looks that you can't stray your attention from, he is a man whose life is woven around many secrets, a man with a dark past, darker present and maybe a worse future. He finds himself obsessed with a beautiful black lady, Korina black and is determined to have her for himself by hook or crook even if it meant keeping a lot from her. What happens when he attempts to court korina? would she give him a chance? and when she does, would she stay with him when she finds out his dirty secrets and what happens when a child comes in the way?

  • Lovely Depression

    Lovely Depression

  • Depression story

    Depression story

  • Postpartum depression

    Postpartum depression

    Hello I'm Andrea Barroa. From Roxas Capiz Philippines.What you have read from the title will be the real happen in my life. I'm just 20 years old when I give birth to my daughter. I give normal delivery to her. I feel super blessed and curious of having a baby in my life for the first time. At the first month of being mother it was not easy but I handle it with my own. I'm happy with my husband. By the way he is 23 years old at that moment we are Ldr(Long distance relationship). It's not big deal to us because we trust and believe each other. I love him and he love me too. But then suddenly after a couple of month I give birth he change. I don't know why as I'm just busy to be a mother and a wife to him even we a re LDR I still show him how much I love him.But one day. Something sink into my mind. I just feel that he treat me like a cold. Calling me a little time. No more updating. Letting me sleep even we are mad each other. This situation he never done me before. Until July 9 I saw a picture which he is beside at a girl. They are 4 in the picture. The two man in front and he and girl at the back. I don't know what going on but still I trust and believe my man. I calm my self first then during night we chat I ask him one thing. Me:Love? Do you still love me? Him:Yes love. Why you ask? Me:nothing honey.

  • Depression and Obsession

    Depression and Obsession

  • Reality of depression

    Reality of depression

  • Born with Depression

    Born with Depression

    This story is for myself. I speak about everything that has happened to me during my life up until now. I know there are many people out there who have it even worse than me but this story is supposed to help me get rid of my depression.Thank you for reading, btw english is not my ative languague

  • With Love - Depression

    With Love - Depression

    "What's In The Hell Is Exactly Your Problem ?" They Asked."I Wish I Had A Clear Anwer" Hannah Said.At A Certain Point In Life, Back When Life Was Easy..She Met A Stranger, "The Spirit Of Depression". People Hated Him A Lot, No One Wanted Him To Be A Part Of Their Lives. They Considered Him A Bad Omen.Will It Be The Same For Hannah?

  • Depression Quotes

    Depression Quotes

  • Princess Depression

    Princess Depression

  • The Depression Wars

    The Depression Wars


    In a bleak world not much different than our own, a lone and tragic college student is gifted with an ability designed against the ways of society. Rowen Reed is an empath in a world where emotions are ignored and behaviors are morphed into physical monstrosities. When the future of humanity is being pulled between armies of tormented souls and demons it will be Rowen and his fellow geek Max caught in the middle.

  • Depression In Ink

    Depression In Ink

  • The Endless Depression

    The Endless Depression

    My first attempt at a story, Octavia fights through any restrictions placed on her, ambition and power fuel her drive.

  • Nisha's depression

    Nisha's depression

  • A life with Depression

    A life with Depression

    This story portrays how much beautiful it is to be alive at the same time elaborates the problems and issue of depression to a certain girl named Nesrin"I will meet you in another life"Sometimes soulmates will leave you a fraction of vision, words, or even dreams. They will remind you, they will tell you some words you wouldn't able to understand but later you will. You couldn't possibly know who that person is, but this story will reveal the two soulmates who are meant to be together. Yet the other one will held a serious threat Story genre: Fantasy, drama, thriller..

  • the spiral of depression

    the spiral of depression