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  • The Unnamed God. I'm really Not a God You Guys !

    The Unnamed God. I'm really Not a God You Guys !



    Have you ever heard of The Unnamed God Sect? It appeared suddenly. It grew exponentially by the second.It accomplished miracles on a daily basis. It caused mayhem across the many worlds. It even ended up causing the destruction of many. Just when the people thought they were done, they turned their sight towards the gods. And that is how the age of the gods ended. How did this all happen? Well, all because of one peculiar mortal. One that ended up getting summoned by mistake.One that didn't even know of his own power. One that would create The Unnamed God on a whim. And thus cause a chain reaction that would doom the world.This is his story. In all its glory....and embarrassing moments.Check FAQ for more info ****Schedule: 2 chapters a day. 3 If it becomes popular xDChaps Queue atm: (6)Editor: My readers pointing out mistakes ^_^My Discord: https://discord.gg/TccuJPDCover made by Liya

  • Yggdrasil's Pupil

    Yggdrasil's Pupil



    Yggdrasil’s Pupil. A direct representative of the God Tree. A protector and a bridge with the world. No one truly knows where he came from. The one that would come to lead them all. Guiding the Eternal Forest’s inhabitants. A place of myth and legends. All we know is he left his mark everywhere in the world. I spent my whole life looking for answers. I just found a manuscript apparently shedding light on it all. I just have one thing to say:“What the fuck is this?!” *Sigh* I will just copy it in its entirety. You guys can judge for yourselves. *PS: Volume 1 is mostly Slice of Life ;)*****Schedule: 2-3 chapters a day (Temp hiatus, write on the last chap if you want more of it !!! )My Discord: https://discord.gg/TccuJPD

  • (Restricted)




    NOVEL GOT RESTRICTED !!!!CHECK OUT SAME TITLE !!!! (WITHOUT THE RESTRICTED AT THE END)In this world there are gods. Probably fake gods. Or at least they are not how gods should be. Not by my definition anyway. However, they are strong. And I am weak. Well I might be weak but only compared to them. Let me live my life in peace. Please! The unnamed god? Wait you guys believed this crap? I was joking. You guys saw miracles? I sure did not show anyone any.These guys sure have a vivid imagination. *Sigh* I’m not a god you know. I’m just a mortal that did gain comprehension upon divine energy. Who am I? *Blush* I don’t really remember But I really wish I had some godly powers to stop running from these fucks! What’s with this war of gods. Can you guys not just play videogames like everyone else?! Fighting for followers. What’s the point? *Sigh*They say every time you sigh you lose a few seconds of your lifespan. Well then, I’m definitely a Zombie. [¬º-°] ¬ (You know cause I’m already dead)****Schedule : 1 chapter a day 7 AM gmt+8) Editor : My readers pointing out mistakes ^_^My Discord : https://discord.gg/TccuJPD

  • Bean Kingdom! A World Domination Story!?

    Bean Kingdom! A World Domination Story!?



    #WPC 158 # (Read chapter 1 for full info)There is something wrong with this novel! 0_0 Terribly and utterly wrong! How is it so cute yet so disturbing at the same time!!! This is illogical! The author belongs in an asylum for sure! You’ll think the same soon too! (He also has a main novel that’s even worse!) Kingdom-building. Alright I can get on board with that who doesn’t like some kingdom building from time to time. Non-human one? Alright fair enough. It adds a little spice. Main character is a bean? Are you pulling my leg?! Like seriously?! A spirit bean…. what?! Okay. Real weird, but I can accept this being a light funny read. OH GOD NO. ABORT, ABORT! Light?! There is nothing light about this read! At all! World domination is already a red flag! Give me back my fluffy expectations! But these followers! Why is every citizen of this bean kingdom batshit insane?! That’s it! I’m out! Petition to boycott the author! WHO’S WITH ME!!! RIP…all readers are too traumatized to get their bearings. They won’t be doing much of anything.****Legit if you don’t enjoy misunderstandings and story becoming slightly dark at times stay out! Thank you! ****Schedule for main novel : 1 Chapter a day Midnight gmt+8 (OR MORE!!!)This one will be updated whenever I feel like it / depending on support it gets. (it is a side-story of the main novel)Editor : My readers pointing out mistakes ^_^My Discord : https://discord.gg/TccuJPD

  • The Blood Dystopia. May Contain Vampires !

    The Blood Dystopia. May Contain Vampires !



    (On hold for reasons, still a nice intro to the vampires in main novel) Edgy vampires, but with a touch of comedy. Who the hell writes a dystopia like that!!!!! It ain't supposed to be fun! It's supposed to be dark!Dystopia is Greek for bad place! #It needs an elite group that enslaves the population! Okay you have that. #But what about limited resources hoarded by a few? Also got that ...#What about living conditions it needs to be...Ok you have that covered. #What about a forced worship of a god!?And you have that too. #Death games !? You can't have ,....you got that too....#A deadly world where even going outside is ....Checks out. That...that .... it ain't a dystopia if there is comedy ! You just ...can't ! You can't !!!! #This author is a dumbass !! He calls himself a professional shitposter already? Either way don't read it ! This novel bad ! Real bad !

  • Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

    Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game



    Fang Heng was transmigrated to a parallel world and his soul was forced into the body of a man who had just committed suicide. Huh? What? Every human here was being forced to join a game? Those who refused would be killed? Wait? This suicide dude was a pro gamer? He had the highest S-rank talent sill, the Zombie Clone? Damn! The S-rank skill evolved! My zombie clones could auto hunt! [Your zombie army has crafted Wooden Axe x720 when you were offline. You have received 1921 experience points for the Basic Crafting skill.] [Your zombie army has chopped down 27,821 trees and gathered 128,973 pieces of wood while you were offline. You have received 2,171,921 experience points for the Basic Wood Chopping skill.] Just as the rest of the players were struggling to survive in the zombie apocalyptic game, Fang Heng's zombie clones were starting to clear every resource out of the forest. Hm... What an interesting game!

  • Level up Zombie

    Level up Zombie



    Zain Talen, your average college slacker, was busy skipping class to go play a new video game he had just bought, when a strange woman came running his way. Before he could get out of the way she collided with him. Quickly picking herself up she ran away leaving behind a pendant. Without knowing where she went Zain pocketed it and decided to look for her after his gaming session. During his binge, he heard it. *Bang *Bang *Bang His door was assaulted with the banging of someone who sounded desperate to get in. Rushing to open the door he found himself overpowered by something and not soon after felt a sharp pain on his neck. Vision fading in and out Zain found himself at death's door. "Could this be the end?" [Congratulations!] [You have been turned into a zombie!] [QUEST RECEIVED- Begin your horde!] [infected 0/10] [Level 1]

  • Zombie Sister Strategy

    Zombie Sister Strategy

    Fantasy Romance APOCALYPSE


    Lin Qiao remembers nothing from the past five years since the post-apocalyptic era began. She wakes up only to find herself having become a newborn, superpowered zombie, in a body that used to belong to an evil and notorious woman! Having kidnapped a girl and raped her father, the previous host met her demise at the very hands of the conspiracies she courted all her life, leaving Lin Qiao no choice but to deal with the consequences while trying to figure out her own past and the fate of her loved ones. As for the little girl’s father, can’t he just have a decent fight? He’s a human being, but why is he biting a zombie? She’s the zombie! She’s the one who’s supposed to bite!

  • Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

    Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

    Magical Realism ADVENTURE


    Ye Li was transmigrated into a zombie world and acquired a zombie synthesis system. Two level 1 zombies can be synthesized into a level 2 zombie, and the synthesized zombie is 100% loyal to its creator. The higher the level of the zombie, the more attractive its appearance. Zombies possess exclusive skills such as the Earth-Shattering Fist and the Deadly Triple Ghost Sword. Zombies also produce zombie treasure chests every day, which contain valuable items. After obtaining the super synthesis system, Ye Li began crazily synthesizing zombies in this world. With the system in hand, I reign supreme! Zombies, tremble in awe! I, Ye Li, have descended!

  • God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie Apocalypse

    God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie Apocalypse



    Sometimes. You face a choice in your life “Choose. Between the two of them. Whom will you save, Michael Aroa?” . . You look back into your life and wonder how you ended up here “Michael please!! Save your mother!! Not me. Michael you don’t need to make a choice here!! Michael! I love you! I won’t hate you for your choices!! Please save your mother!!” . . You question the path that you took that brought you to this point “Son. She is your wife! She has your child. It’s not one life over another but two over one. I am already old but she has a long life. You are smart enough to make the right decision, Son, aren’t you?” . . Since it hurts, you wish you could stop time and have some time to think [Activating Ability: Temporal Pause!!] [Activation failed!! Not enough Energy!!] . . You wish to go back into the past and change everything that led you to here [Activating Ability: Time Reverse!!] [Activation Failed!! You don’t have the Requirements to use this ability!!] . . And then when nothing works as it shouldn’t. [Are you sure you want to use this ability?] . . You make a decision that you had never thought you would [Activating ability!] . . And then... Chaos ensues . . [Ability Activated] [God Power: Time Collapse] ………………… This story is based on three basic themes: 1. Zombie Apocalypse: Zombified Humans, Humanized Zombies and normal Zombies and humans. 2. Harem: Zombie Girls, Normal Girls and Zombified Girls.(Any more variation wouldn’t make sense unless you guys really vote for it.) 3. System: A powerful God like system, which is not too broken but still very powerful. Level up and Evolution. ……………….. #NO Rape #No NTR Everything else is….. #Surviving #Kingdom building #Sex # Milf #Level up #Only MC has a System #Evolution #Zombies #Superhumans #Zombiewithintelligence #Weaktostrong #BadassMC #Harem #Sidecharachters ………………… The plot will change by Volume each and basically each volume will have at least one of them: Survival, Action, Fights, Kingdom Building, Training, Craft learning, Adventure missions, etc. The Side-Characters will have their own specific goal, personality, background history, etc. That includes girls, friends, family and of course, Villains. Face slapping will be there from time to time. Even though I would focus on a light comedy setting with a lot of jokes of all types, I won’t hesitate to throw in dark moments from time to time. So be prepared for that as well. I like putting twists where people would least expect it, so there is that too. The basic information about MC and his objective is in the review I pinned so look it up. ……………… Daily Publish Rate: 1-2chaps/day Extra chaps on Powerstone will be: 1000PS+ : 3 chaps/day for that week Extra chaps on Golden Ticket: 250 GT: +2 Chaps. 1000 GT: +2 Chaps. .................. For personal queries/ Requests, my instagram ID is: alt_simplistic Thank you for coming here, hope you have a blast reading this. [Mature content warning R-18]

  • RE:BORN Zombie

    RE:BORN Zombie



    When a normal human suddenly dies and enters another world with the almighty cheat, their very own system, what do you think would happen? They will rise above every other being and soar the skies, for they will become an unstoppable force that brushes through the entire world, causing waves... Or so it normally goes, right? After Victor dies, he did get transmigrated, but it wasn't as a rich young master or some character with unfathomable potential. NO. He woke up as a random dungeon mob in another world... Read to follow Victor's journey through his new life as a mob. ... "Oh readers! Human I am no more!!"

  • Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse With My Military System

    Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse With My Military System



    Zombies suddenly appear all over the world, spreading rapidly in crowded cities. Within a day, national governments collapse all around the world, leading to chaos worldwide. Law and order vanish, making people fear both zombies and each other. Despite the zombie threat, groups form and fight over the limited resources. But, amidst all of that, a man named Richard received a system that allows him to summon troops, military equipment, weapons, and vehicles. With his newfound power, he can protect himself, his comrades, his kin, and other survivors from zombies and rival factions. A rampaging Goliath? Unleash Warthogs, AC-130s, and Apaches in the sky. Mutant flying zombies? Establish anti-air defenses. Juggernauts shrugging off small arms? Deploy Abrams tanks and IFVs. Rival factions raiding? Let them face our might. Some notes from the Author: There'd be some strong content in this novel so you are warned. This novel is written in light novel, anime, manhwa style, so characters will have different hair colors and expect character illustrations to be in anime or korean drawing style.

  • I Developed The Zombie Apocalypse And Netizens Went Crazy With Excitement

    I Developed The Zombie Apocalypse And Netizens Went Crazy With Excitement

    Video Games APOCALYPSE


    # ZOMBIE # GAME Su Ping transmigrated to a parallel world and became the CEO of a gaming company which was on the brink of bankruptcy. The local gaming industry was in a recession. Even though his gaming company possessed top VR technology, the management only pushed for low-quality productions. The company had yet to produce any masterpiece. As such, Su Ping became a game designer. In order to increase the fame of his company, he thought of replicating the Resident Evil series that he experienced in his previous life. He recreated the series based on his memory and designed the Zombie Apocalypse series. Unfortunately, at this point, everyone was persuading him to switch jobs. Even his girlfriend broke up with him. Su Ping insisted on designing the game and he worked day and night. At the same time, another company, which was a giant in the gaming industry, announced that they would also be unleashing a game about the apocalypse. The company even invested a huge sum of money for advertising. Finally, one day, both games were released. Everyone rushed to try out Next Day Apocalypse produced by the famous company, but they left the game feeling disappointed and requested for a refund. On the other hand, even though only less than 10 people played Su Ping’s game, they were completely immersed in the gaming experience. A streamer even praised it publicly. Su Ping’s game gained overnight success. On the very first day it was released, it surpassed Next Day Apocalypse, which had spent millions in advertising, in terms of sales. Players were drawn to Su Ping’s game due to the mysterious and dangerous virus T, the unpredictable monsters and the nerve-wrecking plot. Countless people were scared witless. When the valiant Alice was introduced in the game, all players went crazy in excitement. Her performance in the game made her the first virtual idol to have fans worldwide. When everyone believed that this would become a classic of a generation and that it was impossible for anything else to surpass it, Su Ping released Silent Hill, Dino Crisis, Aliens and other series.

  • Apocalypse - Zombie Evolution System

    Apocalypse - Zombie Evolution System


    Blood Day Hangs High, the World Mutates! MC Shaun, an ordinary and unremarkable zombie, gains an evolution system in this apocalyptic world. Through countless challenges and hardships, he continuously evolves and ultimately becomes the Zombie King!

  • The Villainess and I, her Zombie

    The Villainess and I, her Zombie



    [Season 1 - Cranberry] After getting forcefully reincarnated into a world of an otome game he has no clue about, the protagonist is then killed and brought back to life by the prideful villainess with one desire. To rule the world. As the ruthless girl's Eternal Servant, how will he dodge the fate that the game system has in store for him? [Season 2 - Zombie] He has been granted a second chance. Thrown right back to when it all began - with the memories necessary to make everything right and the overpowered skill to back up his conviction - how will the protagonist deal with even greater danger than what he faced during the first playthrough? Read now with the start of the second season of the Villainess and I, her Zombie! *** Cover by amazing @DraNKa ***New discord account: Sound_Hammer#0850

  • Into the Zombie World

    Into the Zombie World



    After getting run over by a truck, Nile finds himself in the body of a man with the same name as himself. He soon realized that he had just been transported or transmigrated into another world that was experiencing a Zombie Apocalypse.Nile was rambling on how dangerous the zombie world is. It turns out that the zombies were evolving, getting stronger every second. Nile was already at his wits end when a 'System' butted to his rescue. He felt elated as he found out that humans could evolve too. And compared to other humans, his way of evolving was even easier due to the System's help.Follow Nile as he ventures and comes across different kinds of people and zombies in this Zombie Apocalypse World.Getting addicted to the notion of becoming stronger. He searches for zombies every day to kill and Level Up.Getting stronger every kill, he felt that farming zombies has never been easier. .....Early chapters are being re-edited. Sorry for the inconvenience.There's a lot of grammatical error here. I will try to edit every chapter and find an editor(If I have the money) to improve the quality of the novel. But suggestions and tips are more than welcome......The cover is not mine. This is a work of fiction. Names of people, places, and events are all works of fiction.

  • The  World Is Ending And I Am Surrounded By Female Zombies

    The World Is Ending And I Am Surrounded By Female Zombies



    Wang Ran transmigrated a year into the past when zombies had first appeared in the world. He initially wanted to use his knowledge of future events to gather resources and then find a reliable Awakened camp to spend his days. However, to his surprise, he seemed to have also become an Awakened after he transmigrated. Yet, he felt that his Awakened ability was somewhat…unique. Others gained greater speed and strength, but he seemed to have gained the ability where his blood could cure zombies. Wang Ran, who was rejected by the survivor camp, could only build his own camp. However, why was it that he was surrounded by mutant female zombies? Wang Ran wailed, “Sister, I know you're very beautiful, but I cannot take in any more recruits. I am about to be sucked dry.”

  • Zombie Apocalypse: Creation

    Zombie Apocalypse: Creation


    Xiaoyun was a boy born in Guangzhou, China. He had been living as an orphan since he could recall his memory. One day, he met a girl who look way too similar to himself, even with the same first and last name. This can't just a coincident right? “So can someone explain to me why the hell is there a zombie apocalypse just as soon as I get to see my mom and sisters for the first time? And why can I create things out of thin air?" --- Some warning: Parental Advisory, this book is not meant for people who can't tell fiction from real life. Please read the tag, it exist for a reason. New edit log: 1)Every twenty power stone or every three review (only one per person will count) is one bonus chapter. There is no set time limit but I will try to finish it before the week/month ends. I will try to keep track of it. Any gift is also a bonus chapter as well. 2)One chapter a day. That the default but there will be bonus chapter as mention earlier. 3)Why every name Chinese? Read the setting again. Why is all the name so confusing? Because I suck at coming up with name. Sorry about that. I sincerely apologize about mix ups. 4)Prop to you reading to this far, not many people read all the way to the edit logs.

  • Romance During Zombie Apocalypse (GL)

    Romance During Zombie Apocalypse (GL)


  • I Bit Zombies

    I Bit Zombies


    In the apocalypse, West bit the zombie. Unexpectedly, he mutated.Ordinary zombies began to fear him, and he could also absorb the power of other zombies.Others were seeking chances to survive in the apocalypse, but he strolled leisurely on the street and enjoyed the peace.In front of the evil inside the human heart, West and his zombies relished in punishing the wicked.The twin sisters had become his secret lovers. The elder one was still a little arrogant and needed to be tamed. The younger one was much more innocent, thinking she was everything to West.The squad that wanted to kill West was now destroyed by him, leaving three helpless women behind. West had no choice but to take them with him. While others were still struggling in fear, West had already held many women in his harem, possessing the mating right in the apocalypse with his zombie legion.