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    When our normal adolescent lives are destroyed by a sudden war, we are forced to run and question everything we ever took for granted. Underestimating the part we are to play in this battle, how well can we survive the challenges we are about to face?



    Camping is supposed to be a sweet, exciting and adventurous experience. Make new memories, and probably new friends. For the high school students of Skybay, that and more is what they wished for. A lot has happened in senior year. An attack in Skybay high school has shaken the entire city. After saving the students, the school closed the matter once and for all. Unknown to them, the students and teachers will soon be in a more critical danger. This time, it will be more malicious and terrifying than any situation they have evee been in.Mystery, Betrayal, Lies, Suspense, Deceit, Romance are all entangled in this psychological thriller.

  • Survival.


    Action ACTION

    Wrote this back in school and thought I should post it. Might update occasionally

  • From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show

    From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show



    In a twist of fate, Jun Hao, a ruthless street thug known for his brute strength and sharp instincts, dies at the hand of the boss he served like a slave. When he thought he would die, he saw a screen flash before his eyes—it was a system and a status window! [System integrating: Become A Top Idol] Jun Hao finds himself abruptly transported into the body of Choi Joon-ho, a timid trainee hoping to make it big in the cutthroat world of idols through "Rising Stars," a highly popular idol survival show. In a world unfamiliar to him, where singing, dancing, and charisma reign supreme, Jun Hao must navigate the treacherous waters of an idol survival show or risk losing the life of his beloved younger sister.

  • Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

    Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start



    Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start It is the Year 2052, mining workers in Country A have accidentally dug through a bottomless pit. Bizarre-looking creatures have escaped from underground and caused a large number of civilian casualties. The Abyssal Passage has opened! Ten gigantic Golden Ranking Lists have also appeared in the sky. The strange phenomenon has plunged the whole world into chaos. The Golden Ranking Lists have evolved from the will of the world. Those who get ranked on the Golden Ranking Lists will receive heavenly opportunities; the higher the ranking, the greater the rewards. The first person to be on a Ranking List will get its only divine-grade reward! From this point onwards, the fate of humanity will be all changed! Chu Feng bounces up from the sofa, gasping for his breath as he awakens to the year 2052. He can still feel the cold sensation of the long sword of his ‘good’ sworn Big Brother Lin Yi slicing through his heart. “I…..I’m not dead?” He soon realizes that he has been reborn 10 years back in time! The Tribulation has not yet arrived; none of the tragedies has happened yet! He knows what will happen in the next 10 years! He must now seize Big Brother’s opportunities, he must avenge himself! He must seize all the opportunities and ascend to the Golden Ranking Lists, and obtain all the divine-grade rewards as soon as possible before the invasion of the Abyss! He must become even stronger!

  • Lackey's Seducing Survival Odyssey

    Lackey's Seducing Survival Odyssey


    The world was cruel..... Especially for those who had lost their chances to shine. Aether was one of them.... Aether, an individual born with a silver spoon, found himself discarded like a defective product. He had longed for love and tenderness, but what others showed him was nothing but pain. Even in the face of that pain, he smiled not because he wanted to, but because he had no other choice. Despite the heartbreak, he entered into a hell called society with a beautiful smile..... "Can't you do a single thing!!" "..." "You are fired!!!" "....W-Wh.." "I am sorry, Sir, but you need at least a bachelor's degree to enter our company!!" "....I-I am..." "I am sorry, Sir, but we cannot provide a loan for your ideas without reassurance!!" "....W-Why?" "I heard your father is a politician.... So, You know...." "...." After a long struggle, he finally got a job, but his brother's words rang in his ears: "Yeah, yeah… I know you got the job thanks to me, of course. So, don't ever contact me or even MY parents" his brother declared. "...Heh..." Just as he believed he had earned society's recognition, an unforeseen event claimed his pathetic, seemingly worthless life.... "HONK!! HONK!!" Yet, amidst the cruelty of society, he defiantly cried, “I JUST WANT TO LIVE!!!!!” Witnessing his heartfelt cry and desire to live in the hellish place called society, he was granted a second chance. ~Ding!~ However, even in this new life, his situation remained unchanged. He continued to struggle not only to live and eat but also..... seduction. "HOW DARE YOU SEDUCE THE PRINCESS!!" ".....he..he... B-But I didn't seduce her!!" "HOW DARE YOU SEDUCE MY MOTHER!!" "...Hehe" "YOU HAVE SOME NERVE TO SEDUCE MY WIFE, DON'T YOU?" "HEHEHEHEHEE....." _________________ Discord Server Link: 6JA46z23bw

  • Taking Part in a Survival Game with My Brother

    Taking Part in a Survival Game with My Brother



    Lu Yang, the big-shot of a post-apocalypse world, has transmigrated back to her original world. She soon found out that she was cannon fodder in a novel about showbiz. Her own brother, Lu Mingyu, is one of the many people in love with the female lead. After Lu Mingyu took part in a survival variety show, he became insomniac and paranoid about food every day, becoming widely infamous because of it, with their family falling apart soon after. To avoid that fate, Lu Yang decided to participate in the survival game show with her brother.***Before recording began...Lu Mingyu: My younger sister has been sickly since she was a child, making her weak and dependent. Please take care of her, everyone. But on the first day of the game show, Lu Yang picked up a dart, and with a rushing sound, it shot through a camera, shattering the lenses. Netizens: Please play that again, director! The next day, Lu Yang showed her reflexes by catching hold of a snake's head and tail with perfect, ruthless precision without batting an eye. Netizens were left gaping: you call that sickly, weak, and dependent?! More days passed since, and they realized that Lu Yang was good at everything from scouting a new area, undersea fishing, and processing animals she caught... if survival skills were an exam, she would score full marks!***Paparazzi caught photos of Lu Yang making out in a car with an unidentified man, who turned out to be the heartthrob of local showbiz, Jiang Yanzhou. The entire internet was screaming: Come home already, Lu Mingyu! Your brother from another mother is becoming your brother-in-law! Lu Mingyu, who was sent to a training camp by a certain scheming man: ?!!

  • Legendary Shelter Survival Guide

    Legendary Shelter Survival Guide


    Once upon a time, everything was awesome on planet Earth. People were chilling with their families, tech was super advanced, and they could even travel way out into space. Animals taking care of the food chain like they always do. But then, bam! Something crazy happened, and everyone got zapped to this super-dangerous place along with some weird alien folks of many types. Follow Lucas, a regular dude, as he tries not to get wrecked in this crazy new world. Some folks got cool skills to survive, but all Lucas got was the power to build a fancy shelter that could level up. Sounds lame, right? But turns out, it might be his ticket to not getting squashed. So, get ready for Lucas's wild ride as he figures out how to survive in a place that's basically a nightmare. While others are doing ninja moves or casting spells, Lucas is just trying not to get eaten. Little does he know, his so-called bad luck might just be the thing that saves his sorry butt. Join Lucas in this epic adventure full of surprises, where he builds his shelter, faces crazy challenges, and learns that sometimes, what seems like the worst luck ever can turn out to be a total game-changer. It's a story of survival, discovery, and how even the simplest guy can rock a world that's turned upside down.

  • Infinite Survival: I Can Plunder Passive Skills

    Infinite Survival: I Can Plunder Passive Skills



    The Infinite Survival System suddenly appeared on Planet Blue. Those who are chosen are forced to survive in dungeons. The Survivors can continue to grow stronger if they survive the dungeon missions. However, just one failure and it would be their deaths. Every Survivor gets a talent. Some talents can boost the Survivor's agility, and some enhances their luck, while Zhou Chen’s talent was Passive Plunderer. It allows him to plunder the passive skills of the monsters he hunts. With that talent, Zhou Chen slowly gathers a powerful list of passive skills.

  • Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone!

    Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone!



    Every twenty years, the world of Tower Defense arrives to take away people and make them participate in the survival game. You can get unimaginable rewards if you can win. You can also inflict severe damage to your country if you lose. Pierce finds himself in this world, and sent to the Tower Defense alone, while other teams have a hundred people. Fortunately, he awakens golden hint system. Not only can he see useful alerts, he can also discover the fatal weaknesses of his enemies. Every monster he takes down rewards him with top-tier prizes. While the other players are still struggling, he is already swinging his swords to take the lives of gods.

  • Worldwide Survival: Begins As An Island Owner

    Worldwide Survival: Begins As An Island Owner



    "The world falls silent, and everything returns to ruins." Su Yu crossed over to the Water Blue Star, and again saw swarms of people crossing over to the Sea of Returning Ruins in order to survive, so he had two talents to begin with. "SSS-grade insight talent" Talent Description: Insight into all things. Spy on more hidden information. "Unknown level talent double happiness"-Upgradable Talent introduction: open treasure chests, and you can get double resources. Upgrade conditions are unknown. Note: For special class treasure chests, you need to complete the treasure chest test to get double rewards. ...

  • Earth Survival Guide

    Earth Survival Guide

    Being an alien field researcher stranded on Earth really made survival quite difficult. "Me, an alien, give me money!"

  • The Extra's Survival

    The Extra's Survival



    Everyone loves the protagonist, many read countless manga, watch countless animes and adore the protagonist of the story. They feel happy when their protagonist wins, feel sad when their protagonist loses. Everyone takes fancy to reading a novel and wished to have time to relive in the world of their favourite novel. But what happens if their wish comes to be true? Is reincarnation as easy as it sounds? Is the person who reincarnated can really change the world to his or her wishes and can survive easily in the world he or she reincarnated into while in their previous world, they were just simple people with no power. This is the story of a boy who died only to reincarnate into a novel he had read 'Dawn of legends'. Unlike in another story, he had reincarnated into an extra who is just cannon fodder in the novels who are just present to be used by the Villains and Protagonists to achieve their goals. At first, he was in despair, shocked and confused about what to do. He racked his mind and tried to survive in this harsh world. He was in a pinch whether to stay low key or use his future knowledge to get stronger or befriend the protagonist. But will everything occur according to his plans? Will the future event follow the same route as described in the novel? Can he overcome all the crises that are about to happen in the future with the future knowledge? Does the world have other plans for him? Is his reincarnation is just a coincidence or does someone or some other forces have a role in it? It is the tale of a simple boy, a boy who is not like other reincarnated who adapt to this world from the very first day and established their dominance, rather it is the tale of the boy who rises and climbs higher, step by step. Accompany Lucas on his journey, who is armed with future knowledge and the help of his system traverses the obstacles in his path while fighting against the dangers of the world which is both, similar and dissimilar to what he once knew,and find out the mystery behind his reincarnation...........................If you like this book and wanted to support me in my endeavor, you can support me here.[Disclimer]The cover art does not belong to me

  • Raven Beauty: Devil's Only Survival Choice

    Raven Beauty: Devil's Only Survival Choice



    "In the world full of choices, I have only you!" *** Excerpt: “Marry me!” At the commanding voice, Yun Meiyi turned around with a scowl. And there he was with a face sculpted by the best artists in heaven and a body designed to torture the most defying soul in hell, he looked like any male, she had fantasized about, while reading the romantic novels. But there was something in his impeccable beauty that cautioned her against him. As if it was the call of heaven asking her to reject him straight away. “Look for someone else, I am not interested.” She said and then turned away, finding his words meaninglessly arrogant. But just as she turned, his warning came teasingly, “Are you sure you want to defy me?” Her frown deepened as she turned to ask, “What’s so special about defying you? Are you a lord of some kingdom whom one can’t defy?” The man’s lips curled up in a devilish smirk that looked like a part of his nature. “Even better. I am the Prince of Darkness. The Devil of this universe.” *** She was a human... He was the Devil of the Universe! She was betrayed... He could be called anything that meant deceit! She was poisoned ... While his existence was on stake! Without their knowledge, their fates were intertwined. Making her, his only Survival choice!! ______________ Join the author on the discord server: Or connect on Instagram: author_scarlet_shine

  • Python Rebirth on Survival Island

    Python Rebirth on Survival Island


    After being set up, Ye Bei succumbed to his injuries and died. He awakened, only to realize that he had transmigrated into a python on a deserted island! In order to survive and avenge himself, Ye Bei began to evolve step by step from a small python. Now, placed in the Amazon jungle, death awaited him at every turn. Giant Pythons that could swallow the sky, Golden Beasts, massive dragons of old, real dragons…! And this was only just the beginning– Consuming prey triggered evolution. Hence, he continuously consumed prey to evolve even further! It didn’t matter if they were Captain America, the Hulk, Alien, Predator, Ultraman, Godzilla, Superman…

  • Surviving An Apocalypse

    Surviving An Apocalypse



    In this Apocalypse, things that were once hidden are shown in a way that would make your blood boil in horror, but also in hilarity at the circumstances they unfold in and the way the MC, Travis experiences things. Follow along with this book for a well thought out Apocalypse/ all-conquering man who becomes a god, who then claws to the very height of the Universe, and then to the height of every Universe in the Multiverse of all connected strings. In a world where Zombies, beasts, and Awakeners dominate, power is absolute. There is no law save for who is the strongest. Follow Travis on his journey to Survive and Thrive in a world that is keen on dragging his soul to hell. ______________________________________ Informational: The novel is mainly action based and has occasional R18 scenes. The main character is focused on becoming strong, but he has family and friends that he wants to protect as well. The main character has a dark past and has to grapple with it throughout the story. The mana and Magic of the world has a lot to do with emotions.

  • Surviving In An Island With My Survival System

    Surviving In An Island With My Survival System


    When I boarded my family's multi-billion dollar yacht, I never would have guessed that I'd witness a love confession fit for a rom-com. One of my classmates had mustered up the courage to declare his feelings to a girl named Bianca, whose beauty could only be rated at a stunning 9.5/10. That, no one else had the guts to make a move, but hey, I've always been one to keep a low profile, so no one even noticed when me when I was casually drinking wine. Just as Bianca was about to deliver her answer, a tsunami of epic proportions crashed into us with no warning whatsoever. The impact was so massive that it caused our ship to be completely wrecked, and people were swept away like debris in a storm. I was among those unfortunate people and I passed out from the shock. When I came to, I found myself on a deserted island, with nothing but a survival system to keep me alive. Talk about being stranded in style! [HI GUYS AUTHOR HERE JUST WANNA SAY ITS MY FIRST TIME SO PLEASE SUPPORT MY NOVEL]

  • The Villain in Making: One Hell of a Survival

    The Villain in Making: One Hell of a Survival



    A notorious criminal is reincarnated as a mob character destined for death, but the person he is inhabiting is a little kid chained inside a prison. With only one hour of control per day, he must navigate a world of magic and mutation, where he is not the only one with knowledge of the future. As he builds his forces, he must contend with another transmigrator who has their own agenda. The clash between the two will determine the fate of the world./////

  • Surviving the Apocalypse

    Surviving the Apocalypse

    Lyncoln Ryland always saw himself as an ordinary man with an ordinary job, working maintenance in an ordinary mall. The only thing about him that isn’t ordinary are his feelings for the man who’s renovating the mall, but any kind of relationship with such a sophisticated man is highly unlikely.<br><br>Adam James is the wealthy man who owns the mall. He’s secretly been yearning for Lyncoln, a man he doesn’t see as ordinary in the least. But Adam’s family has plans for him, and they don’t include a relationship with a blue-collar worker.<br><br>All this is about to change when the sirens go off, signaling the possible end of the world. When the two men realize this isn’t a drill, they take shelter in the mall that isn’t quite as ordinary as everyone believes. What will the outcome be when two such disparate men must survive the apocalypse together?

  • Surviving The Novel

    Surviving The Novel



    Get ready to be hooked into a captivating journey with Mark, a young man in his mid-twenties who has a life-changing encounter. During a fight in the evening, Mark's world is violently shattered when a truck collides with him, setting the stage for an extraordinary tale. But that's just the beginning. As he slips into unconsciousness, a profound realization dawns upon him—he has not deleted his browsing history (just kidding). In all seriousness, he reflects on the feeling of wasting his life. However, as he awakens, he discovers that he has been reborn as a baby, retaining every memory from his past existence. As Mark grows up in this new realm, he gradually unravels the astonishing truth: he has transmigrated into the world of a novel called "Portal of Destiny," one that he had previously read and commented on. Brace yourself for a dark and treacherous world, teeming with enigmatic creatures, potent magic, and treacherous political landscapes. Gifted with a second chance, Mark resolves to utilize his knowledge of the novel's plot and his memories of his past life to navigate the perils that lie ahead and alter his own destiny. . . . Prepare for immersive chapters, each comprising more than 1500 words, as this captivating tale unfolds. While updates will aim for daily releases, the author humbly requests your understanding, considering their commitments as an 18-year-old university student. But fear not, as a minimum of three chapters per week is guaranteed. A quick disclaimer: The cover image is not the author's original creation; it has been upscaled. If you are the talented artist behind it, please kindly reach out, and the appropriate action will be taken. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure where destiny awaits. Welcome to Mark's extraordinary new reality! P.S - Everything sucks... just bear with it. [Shiroi]