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    When our normal adolescent lives are destroyed by a sudden war, we are forced to run and question everything we ever took for granted. Underestimating the part we are to play in this battle, how well can we survive the challenges we are about to face?



    Camping is supposed to be a sweet, exciting and adventurous experience. Make new memories, and probably new friends. For the high school students of Skybay, that and more is what they wished for. A lot has happened in senior year. An attack in Skybay high school has shaken the entire city. After saving the students, the school closed the matter once and for all. Unknown to them, the students and teachers will soon be in a more critical danger. This time, it will be more malicious and terrifying than any situation they have evee been in.Mystery, Betrayal, Lies, Suspense, Deceit, Romance are all entangled in this psychological thriller.

  • The Extra's Survival

    The Extra's Survival



    Everyone loves the protagonist, many read countless manga, watch countless animes and adore the protagonist of the story. They feel happy when their protagonist wins, feel sad when their protagonist loses. Everyone takes fancy to reading a novel and wished to have time to relive in the world of their favourite novel. But what happens if their wish comes to be true? Is reincarnation as easy as it sounds? Is the person who reincarnated can really change the world to his or her wishes and can survive easily in the world he or she reincarnated into while in their previous world, they were just simple people with no power. This is the story of a boy who died only to reincarnate into a novel he had read 'Dawn of legends'. Unlike in another story, he had reincarnated into an extra who is just cannon fodder in the novels who are just present to be used by the Villains and Protagonists to achieve their goals. At first, he was in despair, shocked and confused about what to do. He racked his mind and tried to survive in this harsh world. He was in a pinch whether to stay low key or use his future knowledge to get stronger or befriend the protagonist. But will everything occur according to his plans? Will the future event follow the same route as described in the novel? Can he overcome all the crises that are about to happen in the future with the future knowledge? Does the world have other plans for him? Is his reincarnation is just a coincidence or does someone or some other forces have a role in it? It is the tale of a simple boy, a boy who is not like other reincarnated who adapt to this world from the very first day and established their dominance, rather it is the tale of the boy who rises and climbs higher, step by step. Accompany Lucas on his journey, who is armed with future knowledge and the help of his system traverses the obstacles in his path while fighting against the dangers of the world which is both, similar and dissimilar to what he once knew,and find out the mystery behind his reincarnation...........................If you like this book and wanted to support me in my endeavor, you can support me here.[Disclimer]The cover art does not belong to me

  • Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

    Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start



    Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start It is the Year 2052, mining workers in Country A have accidentally dug through a bottomless pit. Bizarre-looking creatures have escaped from underground and caused a large number of civilian casualties. The Abyssal Passage has opened! Ten gigantic Golden Ranking Lists have also appeared in the sky. The strange phenomenon has plunged the whole world into chaos. The Golden Ranking Lists have evolved from the will of the world. Those who get ranked on the Golden Ranking Lists will receive heavenly opportunities; the higher the ranking, the greater the rewards. The first person to be on a Ranking List will get its only divine-grade reward! From this point onwards, the fate of humanity will be all changed! Chu Feng bounces up from the sofa, gasping for his breath as he awakens to the year 2052. He can still feel the cold sensation of the long sword of his ‘good’ sworn Big Brother Lin Yi slicing through his heart. “I…..I’m not dead?” He soon realizes that he has been reborn 10 years back in time! The Tribulation has not yet arrived; none of the tragedies has happened yet! He knows what will happen in the next 10 years! He must now seize Big Brother’s opportunities, he must avenge himself! He must seize all the opportunities and ascend to the Golden Ranking Lists, and obtain all the divine-grade rewards as soon as possible before the invasion of the Abyss! He must become even stronger!

  • Infinite Survival: I Can Plunder Passive Skills

    Infinite Survival: I Can Plunder Passive Skills



    The Infinite Survival System suddenly appeared on Planet Blue. Those who are chosen are forced to survive in dungeons. The Survivors can continue to grow stronger if they survive the dungeon missions. However, just one failure and it would be their deaths. Every Survivor gets a talent. Some talents can boost the Survivor's agility, and some enhances their luck, while Zhou Chen’s talent was Passive Plunderer. It allows him to plunder the passive skills of the monsters he hunts. With that talent, Zhou Chen slowly gathers a powerful list of passive skills.

  • Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone!

    Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone!



    Every twenty years, the world of Tower Defense arrives to take away people and make them participate in the survival game. You can get unimaginable rewards if you can win. You can also inflict severe damage to your country if you lose. Pierce finds himself in this world, and sent to the Tower Defense alone, while other teams have a hundred people. Fortunately, he awakens golden hint system. Not only can he see useful alerts, he can also discover the fatal weaknesses of his enemies. Every monster he takes down rewards him with top-tier prizes. While the other players are still struggling, he is already swinging his swords to take the lives of gods.

  • Crossdressing To Survive An Apocalypse [BL]

    Crossdressing To Survive An Apocalypse [BL]



    Zou Yue jumped to the side, dodging an extended claw of a growling zombie. A pair of warm hands gripped his small waist from behind and pulled him over to a sturdy chest. The same pair of hands slowly groped his chest. “Brother fan w—what are you doing?!” Zou carefully looked up at him. Fan Xui smirked mysteriously at him and removed the huge shades stylishly. A clear pair of eyes met Zou’s challengingly. “since I saved you just now, why don’t you give me a kiss?” “you... you can see!!! Aren’t you blind!!!” Zou Yue glanced in shock. He pushed himself for of his body. Fan Xui laughed out loud, gently caressing Zou’s long black hair. “are you gonna leave me now?,” he continued groping his barely their chest through his girly tank top. “Fuck yeah!! Let go you poser.” he pushed him away and started shooting the zombies outside with renewed passion. Fan suddenly caught his wrist. “You bastard, what are you doing, let go of my hand. The zombies are coming!!!” “Hmm okay,” Fan Xui let go. He swiftly snapped a fluffy handcuff snugly on his wrist, tying them both together. “Now we are tied together for live and death,” “FAN. XUI!! Get this off of me!” Zou growled at him, but the young man just laughed happily. “Sigh, you are beautiful even when you are angry, dear,” Fan Xui whispered and pulled him up for a passionate kiss. He gently bit those soft lips and moaned. “Delicious,” Letting go, he slowly waved his hand towards the upcoming zombies and they are reduced to ashes. P.S I don't own the cover

  • Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

    Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?



    The live show, Survive in Wilderness was a hit. There were thousands of participants in the game show. They would all start by parachuting from a plane and land randomly in a primary forest. The participants would have to rely only on a backpack, a water bottle, and a dagger to survive. Yu Beier was only eight years old when he joined the game show so that he could buy the cure for his ill mother with the prize money. He was the youngest to have ever participated, and he had accidentally woken up a wilderness survival system. [Ding! You have received the Wilderness Survival 101 Pack!] [Ding! You have received Max-leveled Hunting Skill!] [Ding! You have received Max-leveled Building Skill!] [Ding! You have received Max-leveled Swing Skill!] … When the show started, the viewers were utterly shocked. From climbing the tallest mountain to crossing the ocean, conquering the forest and swamp, and managing an island, there was nothing that Yu Beier could not do. “Dude! That eight-year-old boy is living a much more interesting life than us!” “Yu Beier is the apex among men!” "Whenever I see his stream, it feels like I've just lived an extra life!"

  • Raven Beauty: Devil's Only Survival Choice

    Raven Beauty: Devil's Only Survival Choice



    "In the world full of choices, I have only you!" *** Excerpt: “Marry me!” At the commanding voice, Yun Meiyi turned around with a scowl. And there he was with a face sculpted by the best artists in heaven and a body designed to torture the most defying soul in hell, he looked like any male, she had fantasized about, while reading the romantic novels. But there was something in his impeccable beauty that cautioned her against him. As if it was the call of heaven asking her to reject him straight away. “Look for someone else, I am not interested.” She said and then turned away, finding his words meaninglessly arrogant. But just as she turned, his warning came teasingly, “Are you sure you want to defy me?” Her frown deepened as she turned to ask, “What’s so special about defying you? Are you a lord of some kingdom whom one can’t defy?” The man’s lips curled up in a devilish smirk that looked like a part of his nature. “Even better. I am the Prince of Darkness. The Devil of this universe.” *** She was a human... He was the Devil of the Universe! She was betrayed... He could be called anything that meant deceit! She was poisoned ... While his existence was on stake! Without their knowledge, their fates were intertwined. Making her, his only Survival choice!! ______________ Join the author on the discord server: Or connect on Instagram: author_scarlet_shine

  • Surviving the Apocalypse While Being Tempted by an Elf and a Dark Elf

    Surviving the Apocalypse While Being Tempted by an Elf and a Dark Elf



    On an apparent normal Sunday, Luke suddenly woke up after hearing a voice warning him of something weird. After assuming that it was just a bizarre dream, he felt an earthquake that nearly destroyed his dormitory. As if things weren't odd enough, a zombie suddenly appears in his room and targets him. Somehow, Luke survived several encounters against the zombies thanks to his skill Weapon Augmentation, but then he suddenly finds a mini-sized elf and a mini-sized dark elf telling him that they want to help. After a stranger offer, Luke learns that something very big is happening with the planet, and now he will have to find the strength to fight against zombies and all kinds of weird creatures that want his neck... he will do all that while avoiding being tempted by those two very suspicious elves. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. The image on the cover doesn't belong to me, if it is yours and wants me to remove it, just say so.

  • Taming Beasts to Survive: I Can See the Prompts

    Taming Beasts to Survive: I Can See the Prompts


    Seven billion humans living on the Earth time-traveled together after they had woken up one morning. They all heard a synthesized female voice. [1. Welcome to the World of Beast Taming. You have become a Beast Tamer. You need to tame beasts, collect resources, and build your own home to live and develop in this world.] [2. You will get a cottage and a beast egg as your initial resources. To ensure the safety of your property and yourself, don’t go too far away from your house in the first three days, during which you will be protected as newbies.] [3. Taming wild beasts is mainly achieved by the mix of your blood. After being tamed and recognizing you as its owner, your beast will be your friend and helper. If you abuse it, its loyalty will decrease and you might get betrayed and attacked.] [4. As you mature, you will meet many Beast Tamers just like you. You can make friends and ally with each other. But you should also watch out for others because humans are unpredictable.] [5. There are many unknown things to be explored in this big world. But please bear in mind that you only live once.] At this moment, Macky found he could see hidden prompts. He could see the strengths, weaknesses, habits and characters, and evolutionary routes of all beasts. [Small Firefox: currently LV3, with the potential to achieve the S level. Sweets lover. Its hidden evolutionary route, Three-Tailed Spiritual Fox, will be unlocked when evolution stones of water, fire, and wind are collected.] [Bronze Treasure Box: one hundred portions of drinking water, one hundred portions of beast food.] [Silver Treasure Box: a bottle of evolution liquid medicine, a book on pet techniques.] [Gold Treasure Box: an architectural drawing of the training room for beasts.] While others were struggling for clothes and food with their initial pet beasts, Macky was building the playground for his 100th pet beast.

  • Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld

    Survival Records of 3650 days in the Otherworld


    Jang Joonbum started stream to enjoy an easy life.That is what he believed it would be like at least.He fell asleep in the outback woods after eating like a wild man as a new form of content but wakes up in a completely new world.A world that was the embodiment of the wilderness itself.

  • The Days to Survive with Several Girls on the Uninhabited Island

    The Days to Survive with Several Girls on the Uninhabited Island

    The nuclear war destroyed the world, and I was spared when I was taking the girl group on vacation.On an inhabited island with seven gorgeous beauties, I had become the only man on the uninhabited island.The most disagreeable assistant had become the sweet cake among girls. The popular actress sought after by thousands of people could only hold me tightly and warm themselves in the most primitive way.There were many dangers on the uninhabited island. Fortunately, I can add skills to myself. As long as I breathe, I can get experience points, which can add to my life skills.When the beauties tried to drill wood to make fire, I had already lit a bonfire.When they ran away because of meeting the wild boar, I had already crouched in the grass with a self-made spear and been prepared to launch a fatal blow at any time.Whether I was hunting or cutting trees, I could obtain the experience points of survival. Experience points could be exchanged for a new skill of survival, and I could also give the skill upgrade.After I could provide survival skills upgrade. Life on the uninhabited island has become colorful, but it was a little difficult to deal with the seven girls. This was the annoyance of happiness.

  • Survival Zer0

    Survival Zer0



    WPC #234 Bronze Award Winner... Inspired by Demon Slayer and Sword Art Online... Shade has lost the meaning that his life once held. Due to this, he bends to the temptation of the "Old Man" who promises to help him find the answers to all his questions. Unfortunately, Shade finds himself betrayed as he is forced inside of a death game called Survival Zer0 alongside thousands of other players. Now they must complete a total of 20 stages inside the game that forces players to kill one another for survival. With no other choice, Shade must now battle for survival, staining his hands with the blood of his enemies as he seeks to find a way out of the game. Little does he know that the game holds many dangerous secrets that will change his life forever. ***** Updates are at least one chapter per day. Bonus chapters can be given in accordance with the number of power stones or golden tickets received. Key (May be subject to change): 20 PS or 5 GT- 1 Bonus Chapter 50 PS or 10 GT- 2 Bonus Chapters 100 PS or 25 GT- 3 Bonus Chapters

  • Universal survival

    Universal survival


    To survive a game started by the gods influenced by the devils. The gods were in a time of boredom but one day they received an idea from the devils an idea of a game that could bring destruction to one's universe but with this game could bring out something worse that could threaten the gods themselves

  • Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints

    Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints


    After being awakened from their slumber, billions of people found themselves dispersed in various sealed crypts. Surrounded by earth, they each had only a shovel. They had to dig their own tunnels in order to advance to the next crypts. Nobody could predict whether it was a crypt full of supplies or monsters ahead! Klein was also forced to join in the digging, but he could see hints. [Dig further and you will end up in magma.] [It’s not a bad idea to dig to your right. After you enter the crypt, dash for four meters and stab the underground creature in slumber to death with a spear.] [A baby lamb is awaiting you on your left.] While everyone else was still exploring cautiously, Klein was already loaded with supplies and was dominating the underground world. While the rest were still stressed over their next meal, Klein was already trading with others with his leftover food...

  • Elia's Survival

    Elia's Survival


    Elia a young girl who lost both of her parents due to an bandits raid on her village, And because of this tragic event. She found a new purpose that she planned to follow. But one day, she met a girl who got captured by bandits. And this meeting then brought her to another purpose. This is a story of how Elia survives and live her life along with new companions that she found along the way.




    The world’s first VR survival game is finally going online. The officials took the chance to host the first limitless survival competition to promote it. As a survivalist, Su Han eagerly signed herself up. How to survive pernicious goods inflation? How to survive natural disasters? How to continue surviving when trapped on an abandoned island? Facing all sorts of difficulties, Su Han smoothly dealt with them all. Along the way, she pulled a like-minded partner with her, surviving till the end with him.

  • The Earth Is Destroyed. Survival in Space, I Can See the Hidden Hint

    The Earth Is Destroyed. Survival in Space, I Can See the Hidden Hint

    The earth was destroyed by the collision of meteorites from outer space.Half of the people in the world had been chosen by the universe and transferred to various positions of the Milky Way.With a meteorite base that everyone had, Jack began to live in space in this mysterious and vast universe.There were all kinds of resources floating in the universe, including living goods, energy, weapons, and scientific and technological equipment, but at the same time, they were also dangerous.But Jack was surprised to find that he could see a hint that no one else could see."There are abundant food resources on the meteorites ahead!""A black hole is about to appear in the front area. Please avoid it in advance!""This planet in front of us is suitable for human habitation. There are abundant water resources!""There is an alien creature on this planet in front of us, Avatar!"When everyone was still worried about food, Jack had already set up his space base!

  • Survival Evolved

    Survival Evolved


    With little to no explanation for their wiped memory, several survivors, referred to as Arkians, wake up on a beach on what seems to be Earth. These survivors have many differences, but the most defining one is Sky; The one with a White Stone on the back of his left hand. What kind of journey will Sky undergo because of this White Stone? My Twitter is @Twitchy_Asterio, please follow or feel free to contact me with any questions! My Cover Artist's Twitter is @Bombyixmori, follow if you like their work! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Warnings: 1. Survival Evolved is meant to take place through the eyes of a teenage boy (mainly), meaning that some things he doesn't pick up on or connect in his mind are done ON PURPOSE. 2. Survival Evolved often describes gore/wounds in a gruesome way. There are many scenes in which slavery, human trafficking, or torture are talked about, so read with caution!