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  • Reborn in TWD? God please no.

    Reborn in TWD? God please no.


    Some random guy reincarnate in the world of Walking Dead."Why? Why in this world? Please can it be some kind of 'slice of life' world?"

  • Cold Hearted: Clementine X Male TWD

    Cold Hearted: Clementine X Male TWD

  • The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead



    "What would you like to be? A toad, serpent, bench, signet, papyrus, pot of Cauldron? Say." What kinda crazy list was she making? How crazy she was. She couldn't even make any soothing and pleasurable form. He would take those as a message from a cherub in hell. "A necklace!" "So be it." She touch his erection (the closest thing to her) and he turned immediately into a necklace. A necklace with a green blob. She wore it around her neck and slid it into the path between the two enormous boobs. That was all Vulcan had ever wanted. That moment should never pass away... * * *Vulcan was a horror poet when he was alive. On the day when Myclops, the village priest was to dedicate the cave to Medusa, Vulcan got drunk. And in his subconsciousness, he was caught up into his fantasy. There he was met by Poseidon, the god of the sea, before a sea of glass. He was welcomed into his fantasy. There he was to act all the things he had written in his poems. It aint as easy as whichever way you are looking at it. Remember he was a horror poet. Enjoy his fantasy with him. How he met Medusa, several nymphs and fairies and discovered the secret of the wierd priest. He would fight Poseidon, Leviathan and maybe God too, because he wrote all those in his poems. * * * DISCLAIMER TO ALL THE READERS. ESPECIALLY TO THOSE WHO THINK THEY KNOW ALL. {APOLOGY IF THAT WAS RUDE} FROM CHAPTER 2 - 50 PERHAPS, THE USE OF WORDS IS QUITE REMOTE AND COULD BE A LITTLE BIT ANNOYING SINCE THE WRITER MADE AN EXCESSIVE USAGE OF "THE THIRD PERSON OMNISCIENT NARRATIVE TECHNIQUE". THAT IS, THE WRITER EXCESSIVELY PLAYED ON THE THOUGHTS OF THE CHARACTERS BY REPEATING AND REPEATING AND REPEATING WHICH COULD PRETTILY BE ANNOYING. THEREFORE, TO SAVE YOURSELF OF THE STRESS, YOU CAN SIMPLY START READING THE BOOK FROM CHAPTER 60 OR SO. DO NOT BE BOTHERED. YOU WON'T MISS OUT ON MUCH. IT'S A BOOK OF STAGES OF FANTASY. PLUS THE BOOK WILL EXTEND TO 1K CHAPTERS. SO, NO READER SHOULD GO TO THE REVIEW SECTION AND START COMPLAINING ABOUT REPETITION OF THOUGHTS OF THE CHARACTERS BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN DISCUSSED HERE. DO NOT DIMINISH THE REPUTATION OF THIS BOOK. READING IS BY CHOICE. PLUS, THE WRITER MIGHT FIND TIME TO EDIT THE MENTIONED CHAPTERS AND HELP THE READERS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HE WAS TRYING TO DO WITH THE EXCESSIVE PLAY ON WORDS. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AN ANCESTOR. TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.

  • No One Can Control Me Here

    No One Can Control Me Here


    Being abused all throughout his life, Zane’s mind has been warped, believing that people who do what needs to be done are superior to those who act like a hero, and Zane having a sadistic and psychotic side to his personality just reinforced that fact. One day, when Zane’s father came home, he started beating Zane like every other day, but today was different. When it was around the time his father would usually stop beating him, he kept hitting and hitting until Zane fell unconscious due to the pain, but he didn’t stop even after that. When Zane woke up, he was told by an orb of light that his father beat him to death, and he was asked by the orb of light if he would like to go to the world of The Walking Dead. What will Zane do when put into a world where he no longer has someone controlling and beating him? (This is a fan fiction for The Walking Dead, and I own none of the original TWD characters. Also, whoever drew the book cover, just message me if you want me to take it down)

  • Reincarnated into The Walking Dead!?!

    Reincarnated into The Walking Dead!?!

    Fantasy Romance REINCARNATION BABY

    Lucielle Morningstar, also known as Lucy is a cute innocent thirteen year old who is an orphan. She trusted the wrong people to fill the void of loneliness in her heart and sadly it causes her death. Then in death, she meets a god named Thrae who is as equally or maybe even more lonely. He asks her to be his child. Lucy then gets transported into The Walking Dead soon after she says she wants to help Rick protect his loved ones and himself. Thrae then watches over her like a hawk guarding his eggs. What do you think will await her there?

  • The Woman and Debt

    The Woman and Debt



    [Gold Tier Winner of WFP#13: Female Lead - Mafia]The mafia boss' granddaughter, Young Mirae, the only descendant of the Young family. Expected to be the next mafia boss, she excelled in arms combat, weapons, and defenses. However, what she lacked was intelligence and a bit of common sense.After years of studying overseas, she went home to her family's mansion the night before she became the boss of her mafia family.The sight of her family dying lit up the flame residing deep beneath her consciousness. She wants them all dead, leaving no one alive. She is coming to make them pay their debts."Hatred for all, love for none."..."Who the fuck called this crazy woman?""Excuse me, handsome? Who's a crazy woman? I'm in the moment of cleaning these bodies when you suddenly fucking tryna blow my head!"...*Slow burn*Warning! This novel has adult-restricted contents such as the use of vulgar languages, violence, intercourse, and might even show the portrayal of harmful activities. Continue at your own risk.The picture on the cover is not mine. I got it on Pinterest and it says it's from GENDOG. Contact me for a request to take it down.Instagram: @gmy.wnDiscord: gmy#8109

  • The Flawed System

    The Flawed System

    Originally from Earth, a girl blessed with a happy life had her life changedShe was reborn into a new world with a Flawed SystemA daughter of the prospering Crexia family destined to attract countless enemiesUnder such situations will she, who was reborn from Earth, survive in this cruel era?Author's note: High school student so release will be inconsistent

  • The Wise Decision

    The Wise Decision


    In the World of Amarantos, Created by the powerful being, The Omni - God. In this world was an aesthetic beauty of the biome and many monsters have been created. The Omni - God powers can create a God that can supervise the living in the world of Amarantos. Using the belief of the people and wishes, A God will born to fulfill his duty. With this many beauty of this world, there is also a flaw. Territory, Wealth, Power that confuses the residents of this world even the God themselves caught to this confusion.The God of Treachery and The God of Blasphemy make the Rule of Power, That can be a measure that if you're a Stronger or Weaker God Time has passed, There is a carnage happening to the world of Amarantos. The weaker Gods has been devoured by the Stronger Gods to take it's power, fame, and people that believe in that God. So many Gods has perished to this Rule of Power, But there is one God that leads the weaker Gods to safety and revolt to The God of Blasphemy and Treachery. Sadly... They not succeed The weaker Gods scatter around the globe of Amarantos to take safety, But the other Gods are hunting them down to devour them. The Omni - God now makes a decision to this problem. To transfer a being that has knowledge that so frightening to even a God don't stand even a chance

  • The Witch Daughter

    The Witch Daughter

    One night dream can change everything. Nightmare will become the gate to enter the sorcery of hell."My daughter will come to you and exchange your soul to the grim reaper" One last curse of the witch while burning as hell.

  • Q5



  • The Wolf and Dragons

    The Wolf and Dragons


    Thousands of years ago two dragons were fighting for supremacy, destroying everything in their path until they were stopped by a powerful wolf.Now thousands of years later, the wolf disappeared and the dragons are restless.Where did the wolf go?Will the dragons return to their battle?Where does our protagonist fit into all this?

  • 365 Wedding Day

    365 Wedding Day

    Romansa Kontemporer COMEDY DRAMATIC SWEET

    “Amai, kamu kenapa belum bangun!” suara Mama terdengar semakin nyaring.“Kenapa sih Mah!” balas Amai sedikit jengkel.“Hari ini kamu nikah Amai!” bentak mama dari luar kamar.Gama dan Amai percaya bahwa menikah bukanlah sebuah kewajiban. Namun, ketika umur terus menua, menikah menjadi sebuah tuntutan.Sebuah candaan tentang menikah membawa Gama dan Amai dalam pernikahan diatas kontrak yang tertulis, mencari dan mengisi satu sama lain, dan hidup bersama, mereka saling menyembuhkan luka satu sama lain sebagai manusia biasa.

  • The Wedding Date

    The Wedding Date

    A groomsman and his last-minute guest are about to discover if a fake date can go the distance in a fun and flirty debut novel. Agreeing to go to a wedding with a guy she gets stuck with in an elevator is something Alexa Monroe wouldn't normally do. But there's something about Drew Nichols that's too hard to resist. On the eve of his ex's wedding festivities, Drew is minus a plus one. Until a power outage strands him with the perfect candidate for a fake girlfriend... After Alexa and Drew have more fun than they ever thought possible, Drew has to fly back to Los Angeles and his job as a pediatric surgeon, and Alexa heads home to Berkeley, where she's the mayor's chief of staff. Too bad they can't stop thinking about the other... They're just two high-powered professionals on a collision course toward the long distance dating disaster of the century--or closing the gap between what they think they need and what they truly want...





  • The Twelfth Dimension

    The Twelfth Dimension


    The universe exists within different timelines. The universe is infinite.Alexis Coven is just a simple girl who is living her normal life on Earth, working as an intern for one of the biggest laboraties in their state, Alax Laboratories.Her life seemed normal until she's brought upon the natural complications of Earth and the other universes she's yet to face.

  • Twin Worlds Dominator

    Twin Worlds Dominator

    Two worlds colliding...Two fates meeting...The beginning of a new legend;The legend of the "Twin Worlds Dominator"Synopsis:Wei Shin is a normal high school student with a relatively normal life.However, when he sees his dying half from the twin world, his entire life makes a roundabout turn!Follow Wei Shin as he aims to reign supreme and dominate the twin worlds!

  • The World of the Dreams

    The World of the Dreams

    A one person into the "Coma" in the wake up in other world and here resolve why it´s all destroyed and full of monsters that are latent danger.




    "Tell me what I have to do to make you willing to be my warlord?" King Alventius stared intently at the figure of a man who was no taller than him, but more robust and charismatic than any general he had ever met. The man, Rendevis Oldernys, just stood still. He didn't give any answer. This was the umpteenth time, he had the arrival of royal dignitaries in the northern region. His ability to understand not only human language, but also animals, plants and the unseen world, makes him a target for great kingdoms who want to make himself their warlord, to help them become the sole ruler of the world. "What do you want? Treasure? How much do you want? Or women? I will give you new girls every day to satisfy your lust. Or do you want to be the leader of the generals? I will easily give it to you.” The persuasion of the dignitaries continued to be made so that the dashing and handsome man was willing to join them. Another day, the leader of the wizarding world came to visit with the same purpose. Until they offered Rendevis the elixir of immortality. However, the man's attitude remained the same, not giving any answer. He just listened quietly like a healer who listens to the complaints of his patients. “What do we have to do to get you to join our army?” The King of the Land of Water did not miss his part in persuading Rendevis. "There is no. I'm not at all interested in all of your offers." The same short answer that was always given after a long time he had been a loyal listener of those dignitaries. "Please go back to your country. I will not leave this place, unless there is a very urgent situation on earth." Who exactly is Rendevis Oldernys? What kind of emergency is Rendevis referring to? Who will succeed in proposing to become a warlord?

  • The World's Dominator

    The World's Dominator


    An ambitious man that reincarnated to another world as a goblin with an overpowered skill, who knows what would happen?

  • The Water Defenders

    The Water Defenders

    Earth, 4088 AWD. The Drought of 40 Summers is over, as is the bloodshed. Grand Emperor Chalizia has decreed that every reservoir must be guarded and the water distributed equally and fairly to everyone. Follow Jareth and his crew of fellow trainees as they guard their reservoir from forces that seek to gain a foothold on Earth.