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Alantina Online: The Greatest Sword Mage Reborn As A Weak NPC

Fantasy 125 Chapters 1.3M Views
Author: invayne

4.63 (25 ratings)

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Vance is a young man who worked hard to bring his Sword Mage to the top to become one of the best players in all of Alantina Online.

While trying to solo the final boss, Vance dies and wakes up not at a spawn point but in an old rustic room?

"Hmmm? Where is the logout button? No, wait! What happened to my level!?"

With no idea how things turned out the way they did.

Vance must start out from the beginning as the weakest NPC to find out why he was suddenly sucked into the game.

All while surviving in a game that has become more real than the real world itself.

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    Excellently written story. Main Character in a game word as an 'NPC', which although being a common trope but usually fails due to character relationships, cringe MC etc. are not seen in this story. It is still in its early stage so just hoping for author to not drop this story and prioritize quality over quantity. Excellent execution 5 stars for now. MC relationship with and MC well fells more humane(having own character). No complains for now.

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    LV 13 Badge

    Shameless Author here! This is my Fantasy Carnival entry. I hope everyone can give it a read and maybe a few votes if you happen to like it. Please enjoy!

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    Really an enjoyable reading. ML and FL are relatable, dialogues flow naturally, the story is developing in a logic way. Good pace, some action with purpose, MC building strength without weird out of the blue deus ex machina. The world background isn't that much developed same with the system, but te story is just starting. If I were to criticize something, it would be the headache scene. I've seen that somewhere else. The MC talking to himself out loud to trigger it was a bit unnecessary but I hope it will be well managed in the end. Either way I don't dislike that path. So far so good 👍 Keep going, author sama! I believe in you!

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    I have now looked at 69 books with many of them being dropped very quickly. If you like fantasy and leveling, this is the story for you. The leveling isnt insainly fast and hes an npc. A new angle I have not seen. I am glad this book is my 69th book.

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    I have seen concepts similar to this and I like where it is going! [img=recommend]

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    great story, loved reading it until I had to purchase the privilege chapters only to have the author stop updating. cost to finish the book as is is $30. privileged chapters are a waste of money at this point

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    I love this novel it has sorting that captivats me and I can't stop reading. in my opinion the game mechanic and the world mechanic is really creative.

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    It's hard to review something that won't be removed automatically. I'm trying to make it show up so others know what to expect but I guess I have to make it brief. It's well written with little errors. The story is developing nicely and if you've read something like TLM, it has the same vibes. MC is built well without upsetting qualities from what I can see so far but early chapter world-building isn't very enlightening unless you've decided to stick around and read. Everything is laid out very informatively and pleasant for the eyes, give it a go.

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    Somone recomed it to me and i am realy impresed. I realy like this novel and i would recomend it to other people. It was my first novel i red online.

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    A realy great novel. Its been a while since i had a great novel like this. I hope author doesnt drop this and i absolutely recommend it to other readers.

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    Amazing story i absolutely recommend it.

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    First if all I didn't Expect for this to be Good! There's still some room for improvements and the romance is developing well! .. Soisisksksksks

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    LV 15 Badge

    pleasantly surprised, so far the story seems to moving in a good direction. keep up the good work.

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    Is this novel dropped or just on hiatus?

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    update faster plz I really courius and like this novel

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    Author i loved the story so far it's one of best i have read recently i only have 1small request which u can ignore if it's problem with ur plans Please don't have more than 1 Romantic interest if 1 is low then 2 is fine too but no more 🙏🙏

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    not yet given a try but my friend recommended it . there is still few chod but if it is good I will also recommend this book to my discord members😍. and i will update the review after reading 100 chps but author don't drop the novel🥲

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    So far so good lol can't wait to see how the story evolves. Haven't seen much about items and if they help with stats or have keyword abilities (i.e) sharpness or causes bleed. Idk if author plans to implement it at a later point but it definitely doesn't take away from the story and I know some authors go overboard with it making pages of numbers and skills repeatably to nauseum.

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    Good book. whyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovelwhyfortycharacterswebnovel

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    I've really been enjoying the story so far. Will it continue or has the project been abandoned?

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    Author invayne