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Author: Isaac_black

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“ You must level down to the rock bottom of hell”, a demonic voice said when he was summoned to the other side.
Seth Johnson was 16 when he was sacrificed in a cleansing ritual organized by his parent’s cult, to find himself reincarnated and transmigrated to a new world that was already on the brink of extinction.

People were divided by their magic power’s ranking to live in different regions and sat on ascending levels in the sky.

Being born again as Isiah Duncan, the brother of Lucas Duncan the prodigy who brought the apocalypse to this world was confusing to him, he who had no powers to survive, until he was forced to level down instead of leveling up, using the diabolic core of magic instead of the divine one …

Tags: reincarnation, transmigration,male lead, fantasy .
Schedule : daily updates( 2 chaps/day).

Chapter length: 1 k .sometimes more.

The cover :the new cover is mine, I don't allow anyone to use it , it is made specifically for tgis webnovel.
The characters in this cover are :Isiah Duncan and Eijar .

bonus chapters:
10 golden tickets: 01bonus chapters
50 golden tickets: 05 bonus chapters
100 golden tickets :10 bonus chapters
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    LV 13 Badge

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS NOVEL TO YOU ALL. I just read one chapter and it's good . Better than mine .. This novel is fresh with a new concept if the author didn't mess up than it can also come in top 25. No kidding. Everyone should read it. Keep going author. You can do it. I believe in you.

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    Hi author here, after I hit the 100 chapter I told you guys that I was going to make a new review to answer the questions that I got in the past chapters and to clarify the things you mentioned or asked about . First, the MC 's character: It is really too early to judge his character. Reading some comments that I got made me think sometimes that some of you don’t even understand the concept of trauma and its repercussions on one's life let alone a kid's life . We are talking about a kid who saw his parents do some despicable things all his life( sacrificing animals, suspicions of murdering his aunt, and sacrificing him in a cult). Literally, all this is mentioned in the first 4 chapters, so don’t worry about spoilers , of course, he will not act as he should be . Second: The editing part, I went through all the past chapters, and now I am in chapter 40, so don't worry I will keep uploading the chapters and editing at the same time . third: Romance / Harem : I prefer to not answer that question because we are still in early chapters and I really can’t say if there is or not because that might make some readers leave reading or not read at all, all you need to know is that the mc is going to grow slowly to be stronger, smarter, more intelligent. Anti-hero: Well aren’t we all in love with anti-hero characters? Pace: warning : don’t expect the mc to turn evil in the first chapters. Last: well, I recommend reading until chapter 46 and judging it . If you guys have any questions, remarks, ideas, or complaints, write them down in this review . and yeah without your support guys this work was going to be buried under my pillow, so thank you for giving me a chance to bring it to life .

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    well well well...shamelessly ...your author is back

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    30+ chapters, im still wondering if these tags are a mistake, no "# WEAKTOSTRONG" no "SYSTEM" no "LEVELUP", all im seeing how pathetic mc is and its like a stain that wont go even if he becomes the strongest person in that universe

    Reveal Spoiler
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    This review follows Webnovel's provided rating criteria, and each category will be given a short explanation. Firstly, writing quality is three stars. In the initial chapters, there are glaring spacing errors that took me right out of my reading flow. This issue seems to be largely gone by chapter 6, but I'd recommend polishing those initial chapters. Remember, first impressions matter! Next, story development is five stars. The pacing is great, and it makes me want to read more. Character design is. . . One star. The characters have names, but I can't recall any basic features aside from clothes. Lastly, world background is five stars. It's a unique setting that I'd say is extremely memorable.

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    I like the story so far 9/10 hope to see a evil mc . and lots of suffering for our mc the emotions portrayed 10/10 and please don't have the mc fall in love with his current mental state that would be impossible but he has hormones so mistakes can happen if u know what I mean 😏 after all he is still a human

    View 9 Replies

    Ayant actuellement lu jusqu'au chapitre 28 je poste un avis sur cette histoire. Le MC est toujours entrain de s'apitoyer sur son sort, ne fait rien pour arranger sa situation. Bref, je vais pas mentir je perd de plus en plus l'intérêt de lire cette histoire, regarder une personne refaire les mêmes erreurs encore et encore sans essayer de changer quelque chose me fait perdre l'envie de lire. Pareil, la professeure qui est supposé avoir tout fait pour l'aider depuis le début... Auteur avait vous enlever les chapitres où elle l'a aider ? Parce qu'actuellement il n'y a aucun moment où elle l'a aider, elle n'a fait que lui répéter de contrôler ces émotions pour ne pas répondre au provocation de Samael. Au passage, pourquoi vous avez écrit à plusieurs reprise que le MC était doué pour cacher/contrôler ces émotions alors que legit à chaque fois que quelqu'un lui parle soit il s'énerve soit il devient apeuré. Bref, tout ça pour dire que je m'arrête ici de lire pour cette histoire, je ne vois pour l'instant pas d'intérêt à continuer. Je reviendrais peut être dans quelque temps pour le continuer mais pour l'instant j'en ai perdu l'envie. Je vous invite quand même à lire cette histoire pour vous faire votre propre avis car même si j'ai perdu l'envie de continuer à lire plus loin que le chapitre 28 peut être que de votre côté vous trouverez votre bonheur dans cette histoire car il n'en reste pas moins que la qualité d'écriture est très correct, la stabilité de mise à jour des chapitres est plutôt ok aussi, le fond du monde à l'air assez intéressant et à pas mal de potentiel. Par contre, comme vous l'avez lu plus haut dans mon commentaire, de mon point de vue je trouve que le développement de l'histoire et la conception des personnages n'est vraiment pas terrible. Je terminé donc ici mon avis, bien entendu mon avis n'engage que moi à vous de vous faire votre propre avis sur cette histoire.

    View 4 Replies

    A fantasy novel worth reading. It was fun to read, fresh for my taste, and enjoyable. The Main Character is good. The World Building is a perfect fit for the story. The pacing is fine, neither rushed nor delayed, just smooth enough to make me read more chapters. I recommend this to all readers out there.

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    To make the review simple at first I will just say this is amazing. Now a little deep review (?) It has a lot of potential and everything is good. Well, character design is a problem since I don't really see any description of a character which makes me hard to think how they look like but it's not really that big of an issue. The story is amazing so the plot covers it up. Other than that the story is amazing! I wish the author to keep writing it and I hopefully can say "I was a fan before it got famous" one day. ❤️

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    No hate author world building is good but story pace is slow. They r not my type, love to see your other creation with little better story pace 😉😉

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    Lorem Ipsum errr, I don't remember the rest so let's move on. The story paints a vivid picture of the world where the action takes place. Through the usage of the tiny elements of the world, the author instantly immerses the reader into the rich in flavour world of his creation. I really hate speaking about the plot as I believe everyone should try it themselves. Despite that, solidly written cliches and relatively standard openings allows me to peer into what possibly this novel have in store. Execution of the further plot is what I'm actually curious about, as I have a feeling that it will exceed my expectations on this one. In the end, I cannot really say much about the story. It's a solid piece of the literature that promises a tasty piece of webnovel down the line. Now it's up to author to live up to the promises his chapters give.

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    alrighte, new novel, here we go!!. i'll write my reviews after i read 100+ chapters. overall i gave it 5/10 first cuz the synopsis and all. and 3 stars first too all.

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    I like it just one question will there be romance or wont all in all good story like mc wanna see what will become of this novel from what I read it will be good good job author

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    I like it really good I definitely recommend!! Author one question is the mc going so be evil I hope so?

    View 1 Replies

    Story seems nice with catchy synopsis and cover and this book all these things which attracts me This basically reincarnation novel,well explained story and shows every emotion in perfect way I had read till 6 chapter and plot impressed me a lot.... reading forward Writing Quality:4.9/5 Character Design:5/5 World Background:4.9/5 I would like to give this book 4.9/5 stars Best of luck author!

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    Phenomenal start to what I except is going to be a wonderful addition to this site! The premise is intriguing and I can't wait for the new updates!!!

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    Started of really strong in every field, but the writing quality went down rather quickly. Im at chapter 24 now and since some chapters the author just switched from past in one paragraph to present in the next and they also just often use question or exclamation parks at the wrong spots, put eitger a space between the end of tge sentence and the Punctuation mark or put no punctuation mark at all, but still a space. Some sentences also just dont make any sense. I really hooe this gets better as the story progresses. But now to the good parts, the charcter building, world building and everything is really good and got me really hooked on the story. So if those ggrammar mistaked and all weren't there, then it would be nearlx perfect. But i think i makr it seem a bit worse than it actually is, because I have definetely seen worse. I would definetely recommend this story tho

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    I like the mc and the development for him but the grammar isn’t the best tbh if you just fix these little errors it would be better.

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    It's just five star. No arguing with that.

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    LV 11 Badge

    i have been reading this for a while, the world is amazing, i can't wait to see what's up there in Emperium. slow pace but it is fine because the updates are great

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    Author Isaac_black