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Surviving An Apocalypse

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Author: Cosmictear

4.85 (15 ratings)

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In this Apocalypse, things that were once hidden are shown in a way that would make your blood boil in horror, but also in hilarity at the circumstances they unfold in and the way the MC, Travis experiences things. Follow along with this book for a well thought out Apocalypse/ all-conquering man who becomes a god, who then claws to the very height of the Universe, and then to the height of every Universe in the Multiverse of all connected strings.
In a world where Zombies, beasts, and Awakeners dominate, power is absolute. There is no law save for who is the strongest.
Follow Travis on his journey to Survive and Thrive in a world that is keen on dragging his soul to hell.

Informational: The novel is mainly action based and has occasional R18 scenes.
The main character is focused on becoming strong, but he has family and friends that he wants to protect as well.
The main character has a dark past and has to grapple with it throughout the story. The mana and Magic of the world has a lot to do with emotions.

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    This is a through and through action novel with a very interesting Universe. I hope you guys like my unique spin on Zombies and the Apocalypse genre as a whole. Please remember to comment as you read. Please leave your own review after having read the 10th chapter. Please drop Powerstones/ Xxx. This novel is in WSA 2024 :)

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    Pretty good novel, even considering I'm not a native English speaker. Overall a solid 8/10 can put, I wish the author to continue in the same spirit.

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    I loved the easy going vocabulary and the way the story started. Not only does the author go into the characters thoughts, which gives you a full three dimensional standpoint; the MC is so hilarious. With comedy and action, I would highly recommend this novel. Definitely for zombie lovers, action, and those who love a great sense of humor.

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    Zombies and an apocalypse are rarely bad. I actually laughed in the first few sentences, and only laughed harder as time went on.

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    I had a really fun time reading your book! The characters were fun, the setting was well developed, and I honestly had a few chuckles along the way!

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    This is a super fast-paced, no-nonsense baddy with a new twist in the apocalyptic genre that helped me find what was missing in that genre to make it untiring read, and that's why i like this novel and recommend giving it a read. Because it is fast-paced and has no nonsense, grinding play by play, it does feel like it's missing something, which is the lack of day to day, blow by blow of the slow pace ldealing with a new life situation that most apocalyptic novel offers that we came to know and love, but I always felt something missing after reading a lot of novels in that genre. This novel went a step further and helped show why that had to happen and instead of trying to gain back what was lost and create something similar to it and go back to how they were with some added powers like most apocalyptic novels tend to do, this novel completely eradicated the apocalypse, and choose to go beyond it. Give it a read and see what I mean.

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    I wanna start reading it, but i noticed it hasn't been uploaded in 8 days, is it dropped?

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    I love it! the concept is really intriguing and the author's writing with all the sound effects and the pov style goes so well with the story! can't wait to read more. Kudos to the author!

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    I gotta say, A interesting start xd.keep it up author. waiting for new chaps.

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    Good Book! I like it! Why do I like it? You should read and check it yourself; why bother with other people's opinions? Just read the first few chapters. It won't take long, and you won't regret it.

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    One of the most hilarious novels you will ever read. It’s entertaining and also very unique, I urge you to read for yourself though and not just take my word for it. 5/5!

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    Good writing and usage of grammar, add to that a nice sense of humour, making this novel a very compelling read. Has a lot of potential. Keep it up!

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    This is definitely a gem of a novel on this platform. You should definitely give it a try, the chapters will hook you as soon as you start reading.The way of writing of the author is very good and detailed. All in all a good read, definitely worth a try.

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    This dialouge in this book is mad funny. First chapter caught me a little offguard with bro talking about his boss LOL. The description is nice, the writing flows nicely, I enjoy the pacing; everything is good. The only problem I have, which is basically just a personal problem for me, but I would advise to use itallics on thought bubbles. Doing that will make it easier for a reader to know clearly when the MC is thinking. Other than that, everything seems cool!

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    I like the concept a lot and the background of the character is realistic, making it nice to read. The side comedy makes it an easier read and you come to enjoy just looking at the way he interacts. Deffo recommended if u read apocalypse-genre novels! Try out and i'm sure every reader will enjoy - at least I did (;

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    Author Cosmictear