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  • The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

    The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity



    # grouppampering "Shi Xi: This is so exhausting. I’m going to retire from showbiz, and go home to inherit my family fortune. Netizens: How can a fake rich daughter inherit a family’s fortune? After waking up, Shi Xi clenched her fist. “I must work hard. I will not inherit the family fortune!” After transmigrating as a fake young lady who would have a tragic end, Shi Xi wanted to stay away from the original script to save her life. She decided not to follow the development where she would inherit the family fortune, fight for the male lead, and be thrown into the river to feed the fishes! And so, Shi Xi gave up on the family fortune, and started overcoming challenges in the entertainment industry! However, everything was going swimmingly for her in the entertainment industry, so why did everyone assume that she was leading a tragic and aggrieved life? Her wealthy parents: Our dear daughter, hurry up and come home to inherit the family fortune. Her brother with a sister complex: With your brains, you’re not suited to stay in the entertainment industry. Just come home and live a good life until you die. I’ll take care of you. Her aloof older sister, aka the female lead: Only I can bully my sister. The domineering male lead, aka her sister’s fiancé: I’ll always be by your side. Shi Xi backed away, screaming on the inside, ‘Don’t come near me, main characters!’ A gentle two-faced bigshot villain stopped her. His spoke gently with a voice that allowed no room for rejection, saying, “Are you staying away from them because you want to be with me?” [One-on-one showbiz + Group pampering + Sweet love + Bigshot villain + Real and fake rich young lady]

  • Celebrity Coincidence

    Celebrity Coincidence

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    A famous star meets an anime voice performer and a digital painter in an inlaid through a coincidence to start a series of coincidences and events that unite and separate them so that fate says its last word



    What will you do, if the man you fell in love with is a celebrity?

  • celebrity in disguise

    celebrity in disguise

  • Celebrity Wife

    Celebrity Wife

    Warning: 18+ content.==============================Not every love story starts off perfect like a fairy tale. She was once a powerful woman capable of being a CEO of a business, a model, an actress or even a singer but that all changed after she was betrayed and shot by the person she loved the most and her dearest sister. Fortunately for her, God has given her a new chance at life and this time she'll cherish her family and talents and never let anyone control her again... Well, maybe with one exception...A man says, "I know your heart is broken but I have the remedy and I'll heal it for you with my body.""Haha, very funny now leave me alone," a woman replies."My wife you know I love it when you struggle," he says as he licks his lips and strips. *Gulp*==============================(The image is not mine so if you want me to take it down please message me)==============================This novel's female lead will be quite resilient and will not be creating random drama so expect the character to not retaliate time to time but she'll have a bottom line and I promise I'll try to make the face-smacking moments as satisfying as possible.==============================This is my very first novel from just being a reader and I decided to make one for fun. I'll be honest and say that this probably won't be everyone's cup of tea and the story will be quite similar to other novels. The update speed will be very slow (I'll update whenever I get inspiration) because I'll be thinking ideas for the plot and because I have school as well so don't expect too much. I might also change a few of the chapters and change the plot slightly time to time so look out for that.Thank you and I hope you enjoy my story. :)

  • Celebrity girlfriend

    Celebrity girlfriend

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    Ivy is a Nigerian girl who got a scholarship into New York university, she was determined to become the best and not to be distracted alongside her crazy roommate Cassie. They started staying together since freshman, for two years they stayed together until typical Cassie made Ivy attend Scott's concert. Scott is a musician in New York city and is a well know play boy but he gut fascinated when he met Ivy at one of his show and did everything possible to get her. After dating for a while he made her move in with him because he was jealous of a guy name Tim that always visits Ivy and Cassie. People started talking that the long time playboy have been tamed and he didn't like so he tried to break up with Ivy but she refused, he tried frustrating her by bringing girls to the house and sleeping with them but she wasn't affected. After making me fall in love with him he wants to throw me out? He's got another thing coming thought Ivy. Cassie and Tim advised her to leave him before she became completely broken but she refused, she thought she could take till he did the unthinkable and she left him and that was when he discovered that he didn't want her to leave. But will she be able to forgive him?

  • Celebrity Love

    Celebrity Love

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Jesy!Jesy!Jesy!, Jesy has been a global sensation although all the glitz and glam she has never been in love because she afraid of the media and Paparazzi reaction.............................................................................................What happens when she finally finds love with the leading company's CEO Jayden Nelson READ TO FIND OUT!!!

  • Celebrity Boyfriend

    Celebrity Boyfriend


    Sugar is a famous rapper who desperately needs a distraction from fame. What if a simple cafe worker becomes that?

  • Penniless Celebrity

    Penniless Celebrity

    Teen ROMANCE

    Miku is a kind and pretty woman; she was involved in showbiz at a young age. She got her first movie project where she met his leading man; his name is Nikki. Nikki feels that Miku is the strange actress that he ever met. What will Nikki discover to Miku? Why does Miku become involved in showbiz at a young age?

  • Celebrity Obsession

    Celebrity Obsession

    Hi. So this story is about Ashley, a common girl who's life takes a drastic turn when she encounters Ryan, a famous celebrity. Although, the encounter as an awkward one, her life changes and she is faced with various challenges. A lot of confusing things in this first part so, take good note of every character and every single detail., nothing goes off in waste. It's a crazy funny romance story which we all will learn from it. Hope you read along with me? Also, the book is not restricted to adults but will contain some mature content. Thanks for reading along... Please follow me after reading. Will greatly appreciate gifts and others (smiles)

  • Celebrity

    Celebrity (BTSxReader)

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

  • Celebrity Academy

    Celebrity Academy

  • Dating With A Celebrity

    Dating With A Celebrity

  • celebrity love non celebrity girl

    celebrity love non celebrity girl

  • This Celebrity is an Angel

    This Celebrity is an Angel

    An angel who has descended on Earth to save mankind. She is among you yet she shines with a brilliance that people couldn't help but notice. She remains under the wraps honing celebrities and geniuses of the world to do better and be better. To eventually save lives. Yet her own life is the biggest tragedy of all. The cruelest and most unfair life has been rewarded to her to gauge the pureness of heart. Her mission is to save the world and the magnitude of her pain is equal to that of her purpose. One problem, though, she doesn't know who she is. She is just a human in her eyes.

  • Life of a celebrity

    Life of a celebrity

    Collin Willis is a celebrity. He has a voice of an angel and his concerts are always sold out. Everyone wants to meet him. All the girls love him, and the boys want to be like him. He is a musician who loves to tell others what he believes in through his music. He is very humble and loves his fans so much. But, no one knows how he rose to became the famous person everyone loves. Neither do they know hid past. Collin battles with a past which threatens to end his future if he does not come to terms with it and move on? Will he even be able to move on? Read more.

  • Living with a Celebrity

    Living with a Celebrity


    Rachel Miller is a hard working 18, year old girl with a loving family and friends. Everything is going perfectly until suddenly it's not.Her worst enemy leaves her current school, which should be great if not for the fact that they're both going to the same school, Westbrook University.Will her new famous, roommate be able to lossen her up and get her to have fun, while still keeping her grades up of course. Or will he make everything worse than it already is. Will he show her something worth remembering.Find out on......Living with a Celebrity

  • The Mute and The Celebrity

    The Mute and The Celebrity

    You don't find love, it finds you. It's got a little bit to do with destiny, fateAnd what's written in the stars.