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  • Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

    Sweetest Top Actress in My Home


    “I can’t do it anymore. Stop it…I can’t take it anymore!” The second young master stopped in his tracks and raised his brows as he stared at Miss Jiang. “All you had to do was jog, so—” … Everyone knew that Miss Jiang was an artiste who had been defamed and blacklisted before she became famous again. When she got into trouble, she did not give up but fought persistently. Everyone knew that the second young master was the mysterious head of the enterprise. He was an extremely cold person with an exquisite taste. Moreover, the second young master had recently adopted a new hobby. He took in his younger brother’s ex-fiancée and he was extremely fond of her…

  • Rebirth of the third rate actress

    Rebirth of the third rate actress



    A scandalous actress, she was betrayed by her lover, conspired against by friends and died a meaningless death. What she did not expect was for life to give her a second chance to make things right. BUT…. Traumatized by the betrayal of the only man she loved, she vows to never fall in the stupid game of love. Yet even in this life misfortune, troubles never leave her behind; getting kidnapped the day she rebirths, made to sign a shady contract by a loan shark and stalked by a scout agent. What’s more, her life gets entangled with these seemingly weird but absolutely hot and charming boys. Lucia: I fell in what? Wait till I am done with my works. Male lead; B-but.. I want to eat tofu too.. *sad sniffling noises* ............................................ I don't believe in perfect males. But that being said all the male leads here are with flaws of their own, with their own scarred past. Still I will love it if you could give it a chance........discord:

  • Acting Actress

    Acting Actress

    In Wángguàn Entertainment, a new actor has been signed in a faux name as Alvah Knight. The handsome man was titled as a greenhorn in the entertainment industry, looking somewhat frail, and short for a man. But his domineering aura, and beautiful figure was not overlooked. So, who is this Alvah? His, or shall we say, her name is Alicia Knight, an illegitimate daughter of the Knights, a family both respected and feared in QinZen City. Born in a family who has many legitimate, and illegitimate children, her mother fought to belong along with her father's concubines. She was but a maid. Desire for status pushed her forward and soon she was pregnant. Protesting to the three mistresses that it was indeed the Eldest Master's child... In desperation, she proclaimed her soon-to-be born child as a male despite it being female. Her mother's beautiful, gentle, and scheming nature led her to acceptance, but not far enough for her child to be legitimate. Little did the mother know who she was messing with the moment she decided to be a part of the Knights. She did not know the dangerous life her Alice was to embark on if she was to be born a male... And because her own father thought of her as a male, she was to work the same way his sons do; as a mafioso. And so the young, eighteen-year old child dreaming of fame as an actress or actor was actually a mobster. Fighting for roles, and her clan, will she make it to the top of the hierachy of fame? Or will she rot as a three-tier actor playing corpses while being a gangster in the streets? --- --- --- --- *** --- --- --- --- "Do you think I care?" Their proximity so close as he leaned further, his breath fanning her ear. Instantly she felt her blood flush to her feet. Even her heart has problems with its un-rhythimic pounding. "Actor Alvah... What a joke." He mocked. She couldn't see the soft smile on the devil as she felt her ear... Touch something wet, soft and... Her eyes widened as his lips softly nimbled at it. "H-Hey---" Just as she tried to push him, she was pushed back to a corner, her wrist above her, contained with his other hand. "Continue playing around Alvah." She could see his face now, along with his playful smile and to the moment it turned cold as his eyes glinted murderously. "But, you're fucking mine, got it. " His lips connected with hers as she struggled beneath him. His tongue licking her lips, but she kept it shut until he bit it, and forced himself in. Sucking, swallowing, and their tongues intermingling, her legs grew weak from his passionate kiss. When he pulled back, a strand of saliva connected between the two lips, the couple taking sharp intakes of breathes as their chests heaved. "If you ever forget that..." His thumb caressed the soft bruise on her lip, his lust triggering at her breathless state with her reddening cheeks. He could only hold back, not wanting her to be frightened nor hurt. "You'll be getting more than a kiss from me." She couldn't help the flutter of her heart. Why? Why as much as she fought with all her rationality was she falling for the man who recognized her, who knew she was an International Machine Gun and yet... Here he was, his eyes cold but with a hint of passion. Why her? *this is my entry for Writing Prompt Contest #31 Path to Idoldom. If you like it, please do show your support! Thank chu! **The cover is made by me, and credits to the sources I used. Faceclaim is Byun ***There will be romance, and action. I'll try hard to mash them up all in one tale. ****Don't take it too seriously if some things are unrealistic even though this story is under Realistic Fiction, it's still fiction. Enjoy!

  • Not Just an Actress

    Not Just an Actress

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE BETRAYAL

    Huang Xiao Gao is a C-listed actress who only took on background roles. One day, she found out that her producer boyfriend was cheating on her with the lead actress to promote his new film. Feeling betrayed, she vowed to prove to him that he picked a fight with the wrong person.

  • The medieval actress

    The medieval actress


    christian ICU for Mr of RS hint for shut the hell click just y hero jd BCD it to be too far as the la yeah CL is to.

  • The Actress and The Streamer

    The Actress and The Streamer





    Ginta Kondou is out on shibuya from nagoya to find an job there, despite still being high-schooler he drop out due to circumstances. he coincidentally found an paper that is stick on a wall, and it says that 'she's' hiring for butlers or maid there. and that woman is a popular actress known to nation, Kusuri Serendine who is half portuguese and japanese. Will Ginta accept this opportunity?

  • Actress ( Bahasa Indonesia )

    Actress ( Bahasa Indonesia )

    Menceritakan seorang Actro Hollywood yang kaya raya dengan hidup tenang, sebelum akhirnya suatu ketika ia terbangun dari tidur nya dan mendapatkan dirinya menjadi seorang perempuan. perlahan kehilangan karirnya dan membangun kisah barunya. Memulai pekerjaan barunya yang kebetulan adalah Actress.AYO BACA KISAH MENARIKNYA !

  • The run away Actress

    The run away Actress


    She is the girl who want to live a freely life.She is a famous actress who belong to a well-know family in Japan, but one day she give up everything she had in Japan, to have her freedom.She go in a place that everyone doesn't know her, away to her family, her fans and her husband who cheated on her.Yes her husband, Her husband is one of the famous young busness man in the whole world and second most richest in the world.But because the world was really playful, she meet again her cheater husband.She work in a publishing Company as a manager there company named Kishiki Corp.But when she started working, the life she escaped before in Japan is returning again

  • Dating An Actress

    Dating An Actress


    Ace Was A Newbie Singer and became famous after making 1 Song.

  • The Singer and The Actress

    The Singer and The Actress


    When a 20 year old girl that lives in Korea and A 22 year old singer that also happens to live in Korea meet, they turn each other's world upside down for the better, such exhilarating drama and many encounters plus a HECK of a driver might make this such a love story that you'll never be able to put your phone down ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  • The President's Actress

    The President's Actress


    WARNING: Contains mature content.The moment I went out of my car, putting my shades on, a palace in front of me is what I am excited about. A place only invited people can get in.I approached the elevator and willingly let my guards stay on the ground floor so that I can have a little privacy. How could I say that? I am not drunk anymore. Am I? But... Why does the president look for me? Is he a fan of mine? It doesn't make sense when he asked me that this was a private meeting and just between us? Maybe he has a project for me right? I must not think of things about him! Damn it Get yourself together Eve! He won't do anything bad to me, he's a president.As soon as I see the way to his office, his guards were standing beside those huge doors and a personal guard of his gave me company up to the location. "She's here." I assumed that he called the president and told him that I am outside his doors. Not long enough the doors opened by his secretary and it felt like a slow-motion seeing his back turning around my way. I could see his eyes moving slowly as if he's very soft but intimidating as he postures his body and fixes his necktie. "Wow," I mumbled subconsciously. He then asked his secretary to leave just by his hand gesture which made me more uncomfortable. "Wow?" With confusion in his eyes, he asked while smirking. Hey Eve gets to your senses you can't do this right now! "I meant your uhm. I finally met you that's why.." I pleaded to myself not to stutter. Oh please no. "So, what am I here for?" I asked him directly so I could finish things quickly. He didn't even blink when he asked those words "Be my first lady."

  • My actress wife

    My actress wife

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    This is the story of a master trying to win over the actress .And making her his wife .

  • The Military Top Actress

    The Military Top Actress

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE

    Gu Jiang Xi only six when she lost her most beloved father where her mother nowhere to be found. Ever since that moment she had turned into a quiet and hard to approach. Turned twenty-two, she was already became an actress and she suddenly decided to joining the military because of one tragedy: Making her name well-known in the industry that one her life goals and realized she had another goal to added too. She met her love life and she truly admired that person a lot. He was so close yet so far. — "Major General Song, it's so nice to meet you." Gu Jiang Xi late to realized the man she was greeted were the one protecting her from behind. The man only acknowledged her with a simple gesture and left. What would be happen when a stone heart like Major General—Song Chenyu get in a relationship with Gu Jiang Xi, an actress? — This plot twist had yet to be discovered so let's start the journey with me. *********** Hello readers. First of all, I was so nervous to write this novel because I didn't have any experience served in the military neither I know how the army life. So I hope I did not offended anyone by writing this novel. All the characters and storyline are based on my imagination, if there's a mistake you can give a review. Thankyou. —

  • Best Actress is Born

    Best Actress is Born

  • The Best Actor and Actress Are Flirting Again!

    The Best Actor and Actress Are Flirting Again!


    Su Xia is an actress well known for her exceptionally wide range. Aside from being a household name for her work in famous TV shows, she has received the highly regarded Best Actress award several times over. In the five years since her debut, she's not had a single piece of bad press. The only time she ever shocked the press was when news of her being a massive fan of Best Actor Lu Jingyao began circulating. Who would have known that even the queen of cinema would be a fan for the great king of cinema! One day, Su Xia attended a variety show and was asked about the luckiest moment in her life by the host. As she tilted her head in deep thought, she smiled and said, "That should probably be when I'm spending time with my idol." Her answer shocked the netizens and within a day, pictures of Lu Jingyao feeding his beloved young lady ice-cream began circulating on the Internet. Upon sight of this, the netizens could take it no more as they ultimately declared, "Can Mr. Best Actor please control yourself! I can't swallow this dog food no more!!!"

  • Billionaire and His Actress Lover

    Billionaire and His Actress Lover

    After five years, Angela Benton set foot on the road of revenge. She seized her ownership and fought against her evil sister. She became the hottest actress and the love of two men.One was the most powerful person in business, and the other is a political elite.  Who would be her final choice...



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE MAFIA

    A girl born in one of the top military families is betrayed and killed by her own sister. she gets reincarnated she has a chance to get back at all those backstabbers in her life and she even had a system however she noticed the catch'I want to go to and manage the Mafia''pass your audition first '.it seemed the heavens had made a mistake and given her an actress system when she thought her luck couldn't get worse when she does go to run the mafia some petty big shot leader keeps ruining her plans, she successfully manages to kidnap him and she found out his identity he was the leader of the world's second biggest mafia, now she changes her plan she starts trying to seduce him so she could have an instant boost but the man already loved someone and was investigating her and she finds out he loved her in her previous body.

  • Racing Hearts: Will the Actress Marry Him?

    Racing Hearts: Will the Actress Marry Him?

    Author: ID Johnson is an EGlobal Creative Publishing author who creates characters you'll want to have as your best friends with antagonists you'll love to hate. Synopsis: Can a movie star fall in love with a racecar driver and find her happily ever after? Not if his ex-girlfriend has anything to say about it! Andrea Sparks isn’t looking for love when she runs into famous racecar driver Case Meyer on the way home for Christmas, but when bad weather forces them to spend time trekking across country together, she starts to think maybe he could be the one for her. Unfortunately, Case used to date Sarah Lockton, Andrea’s sworn enemy, and it’s clear Sarah isn’t done messing with both of their lives. Will Andrea and Case find a way to overcome Sarah’s attempts to thwart their happiness, or will Sarah manage to keep them apart forever? Racing Hearts is a contemporary romance where two actresses with a history of problems vie for the same man. Full of twists and turns you won’t see coming, you’ll keep reading until the very end! If you like stories full of surprises—like secret siblings, shocking pregnancies, and forbidden relationships—you’ll love Racing Hearts. Excerpt: With a strong stroke, Andrea propelled herself forward under the water, forgetting about everything except getting out of that pool. Andrea’s arms swung forward, as she intended to take another stroke, but as her arms pulled back, she went nowhere. Panic filled her mind as Andrea turned to try to see what was happening. It was then she realized it wasn’t just the weight of her heavy skirts and boots that was preventing her from moving forward. It was Sven—his large arms were wrapped around her waist, and rather than helping her to swim to the other side, he was holding her in place! She looked him in the eyes, and even behind his large goggles, she could see an evil gleam in his eyes and realized he wasn’t there to help her at all. He was there to kill her! Andrea twisted in his arms, her fingernails flying in his face and drawing blood, but he wouldn’t let go. If anything, he seemed to be laughing. She continued to fight him, scratching at his face, twisting and turning until her lungs burned and her muscles grew tired. He wouldn’t budge! He was going to hold her there until she drowned! As Andrea continued to fight for her freedom and her life, she couldn’t help but think if Case. What would happen to him when he heard that she’d drown? Surely, Sven had engineered this so it would look like an accident. There was no question he had her between cameras on purpose so no one could see what he was doing. He’d be questioned, but they’d never think a professional diver would do this on purpose. Unless, of course, he wasn’t even a professional diver, not one that worked for the studio anyway. Had Sarah arranged this somehow? Andrea couldn’t let him kill her. She couldn’t let Sarah win. She knew that Cam or someone would come to see why she wasn’t resurfacing soon, especially if Sven didn’t come up either. Her lungs were completely empty, and the desire to take a breath was overwhelming as her head swam and became fuzzy. With all of her remaining strength, Andrea pulled back her fist and punched Sven in the jaw. His head moved backward, and the mouthpiece to the scuba tank came free. Andrea managed to grab it and take a deep breath, which reenergized her enough to continue the fight. Now, Sven would have to fight for air. He wasn’t about to let her keep the apparatus, though. He let go with one hand to try to snatch it from her, his thick fingers digging into her side. Andrea took advantage of him letting to and kicked as hard as she could, sucking in another draw of air. She was almost in camera range. If someone was watching the monitors, which she knew they’d have to be, they’d see she needed help. She kicked Sven again, and he let go. Andrea’s instincts aid to propel herself up and over, which she did. Her head hit the bottom of the faux ship hard enough to rock it. Stars filled her field of vision, but she had to keep fighting. The apparatus came free from her mouth, but she knew the camera could see her now. Still fighting, she tried to take another stroke toward the ladder. She could see it, but it seemed so far away. A strong hand clamped down behind her, grabbing her ankle. Andrea bucked up again, her head hitting the boat for a second time. This time, the stars won. Her lungs were burning again, and she desperately wanted to take a breath, but as her mind went blank and everything went black, Andrea had a feeling she would never see Case again.