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  • Tricking My Cold Lover

    Tricking My Cold Lover



    He hated working with women. She turned herself gay so she can keep her job. They wound up finding themselves in a hilarious misunderstanding, preventing them from telling their true heart’s yearning. ****“I don’t like women directly reporting to me!” He yelled at her after learning he would be working with a mere woman. Xia Yanmei replied, “I understand how you don’t like women and I support you wholeheartedly.” “Are you a lunatic? I just said I detest women!” Anton Yeong repeated himself, already agitated. His brows were drawn together while his eyes were like a laser, ready to pierce a hole through her body. “Oh, you were referring to me? I’m sorry. Sometimes, I forget. I am actually a woman… The truth is, I am a man trapped in a woman’s body!” That was all she could think of to secure his trust. In order to keep her job and remain away from her father’s pestering, she tricked the cold and powerful Anton Yeong in more ways than one.It was from that moment that he was willing to give her a chance, and it was because she turned herself into gay that she kept living a lie... only to regret it after falling for his unorthodox approach. ***** “Can you pretend to be my girlfriend?“ Said the icy man wearing her silk robe. The man before her was none other than Anton Yeong, the CEO of JKW Investments and Yeong Guns and Ammos Corporation.Belonging to one of the wealthiest families in Korea, many women wished to be wed to this indifferent man, but he chose to make her his fake lover. ***** Yanmei knew her lover was angry with her. She came out of the bathroom, revealing her sexiness. She brushed her hair with her fingers before biting her lip and placing both her hands on her waist. "Are - you - still - angry with me?"Like a lingerie model, Yanmei raised one of her legs while looking seductively at Anton. She bit her lip again and asked, "Are you still... angry with me?"Yanmei traced her legs with both her hands, slowly gliding them from her thighs, up to her silky smooth behind. Her hands resumed to soar up her waist and then cupping her breasts from under the thin layer of a torn shirt.Letting out a seductive sigh, she asked, "Could you really dare to be angry with me?"*****Join me as I tell this romantic comedy through this book and hope that you will love it the same way as my first novel. *****WARNING: This novel contains content of a very adult nature. If you are easily offended or are under the age of 18, you may opt to skip this.I have two covers, one is a bought licensed picture. The other is a photo by Sergio Souza of Unsplash. If you prefer a novel that is naughty with both action and lots of love (smuts included), you may go for The President's Lover is a Fighter. The story has already ended, so you won't end up in a cliffhanger.Join me on my server:

  • TheLegend


    Erotic cliffhangers. Starring you and I.

  • Love at First Fart

    Love at First Fart

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY CEO

    A love story between Careless Whisper and Farty McSniffer.Lots of cliffhangers...Updates not stable.Read at your own risk.Cover not mine.

  • Hey! Miss introvert

    Hey! Miss introvert

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    Athena the only daughter of johnsons sweet, innocent and one who rarely talksRyan Anderson the heartthrob billionaire... Successful and evilWhat will happen when fate make him fall for Athena sister of his best friend Jaun..Will they be together???#No rape #no evil step sister#no cliffhanger a simple love story of athena and ryan....Will have some cough cough scenes so.......

  • Academy Showdown Gaiden

    Academy Showdown Gaiden


    This is a collection of short stories set within the Academy Showdown universe. The stories that end in cliffhangers (excluding flashbacks), may either be directly referenced or concluded at some point in the main story. However, some plot points featured here may be subject to change in the future.

  • Villa Of Hills

    Villa Of Hills

    Teen SCARY

    Madison is basically an 18-year-old Russian brunette who spent her life in an orphanage but one day her 22-year-old aunt took her to live with her. But life takes unexpected turns!Madison Hills summon the Mexican Demon unintentionally which she thought was a dream!Will Maddie survive brain cancer? Or she and Aunt Alizia will be perished by the possession done by Mr Mike? Keep up to this cliffhanger tale in Episodes to know the truth!

  • Alexander’s Sword

    Alexander’s Sword

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    Alexander’s Sword is a book I will be working on regularly and will have short chapters often ending in cliffhangers to keep the suspense. ShadeStudios will have multiple works some written by me others by my coworkers. Check out there’s and while you’re at it go check out @meganbcatgirl

  • Holy Roman Empire (HRE)

    Holy Roman Empire (HRE)


    A book about Austria’s recovery to mightiness!!! A history about House of Habsburg’s struggles and successes!!! The Holy Roman Empire — which was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire — now came back!!! (Novelupdate synopsis) This is another one of my unofficial translations. Sadly there is no staple release. I am releasing as I translate. Usually I would translate a few to couple chapters sometimes maybe only 1 chapter. Basically at a point where I believe is not a strong cliffhanger.

  • Bull Creek Chronicles

    Bull Creek Chronicles

    Three action-packed paranormal novels by author Robbie Cox. ALPHA RISING: He’s sent to Bull Creek to replace the alpha and protect the community from those who wish to destroy it. PANTHER HUNTED: She moved to Bull Creek to escape an arranged marriage, but he refuses to let her go. BEAR NECESSITIES: He ran away to Bull Creek because of a death that wasn’t his fault, but another child needs his protection. Paranormal tropes included: Shifters Vampires Special forces Witches Reluctant heroes Dive into The Bull Creek Chronicles with fast-paced alpha men and women who don’t quit as they protect the people of Bull Creek those who would see their safe haven destroyed. Each of these action-packed novels has a happily-ever-after and no cliffhangers! Bull Creek Chronicles is created by Robbie Cox, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • Kebahagiaan



    ***Protagonis novel "Jalan Pahlawan" tidak mendapatkan jawaban atas ketidakbahagiaannya sampai akhir, sebagai pembaca berat novel tersebut, Yoo Han benar-benar berharap dia bisa membantu protagonis. Akan tetapi, dia benar-benar tidak tahu bagaimana dia bisa berpindah ke dunia novel "Jalan Pahlawan" sebagai Cail de Castalia, musuh terbesar protagonis. Akankah dia menyabot alur dan mengubahnya? Atau dia menerima takdirnya sebagai Cail de Castalia? ...⸢Dia tahu inilah yang terbaik yang bisa dia dapatkan, kebahagiaan mereka itu cukup baginya, tetapi kekosongan yang tak bisa dijelaskan membayangi hatinya yang berhenti berharap. End⸥Novel yang berakhir dengan cliffhanger dimana protagonis tidak sepenuhnya bahagia. Aku tahu ini tak masuk akal, tetapi ini nyata. Aku hidup di dunia protagonis tersebut dan aku akan mewujudkan kebahagiaannya apapun caranya. *** Cover bukan milik saya^^ Selamat membaca~

  • Protagonis



    Karya Original, bukan fanfic atau terjemahan! Cover hanya mengedit gambar yang kutemukan di Pinterest. *** Protagonis novel "Ways of Heroes" tidak mendapatkan jawaban atas ketidakbahagiaannya sampai akhir, sebagai pembaca berat novel tersebut, Yoo Han benar-benar berharap dia bisa membantu protagonis. Akan tetapi, dia benar-benar tidak tahu bagaimana dia bisa berpindah ke dunia novel "Ways of Heroes" sebagai Cail de Castalia, musuh terbesar protagonis. Akankah dia menyabot alur dan mengubahnya? Atau dia menerima takdirnya sebagai Cail de Castalia? ... ⸢Dia tahu inilah yang terbaik yang bisa dia dapatkan, kebahagiaan mereka itu cukup baginya, tetapi kekosongan yang tak bisa dijelaskan membayangi hatinya yang berhenti berharap. End⸥ Novel yang berakhir dengan cliffhanger dimana protagonis tidak sepenuhnya bahagia. Aku tahu ini tak masuk akal, tetapi ini nyata. Aku hidup di dunia protagonis tersebut dan aku akan mewujudkan kebahagiaannya apapun caranya. ***

  • Driven Hearts: Driven by Desire

    Driven Hearts: Driven by Desire

    Hi, my name is Nikita Slater and I'm the International Bestselling author of The Queens series, Fire & Vice series, The Sanctuary series, Driven Hearts series and several standalone novels. I've loved the written word my entire life and am an avid reader, as well as a writer. I live, eat and breathe books and I'm always working on something new! ​ I live on the beautiful Canadian prairies with my son and crazy awesome dog. I have an unholy affinity for books (especially dark romance), wine, pets and anything chocolate. Despite some of the darker themes in my books (which are pure fun and fantasy), I am a staunch feminist and advocate of equal rights for all races, genders and non-gender specific persons. When I'm not writing, dreaming about writing or talking about writing, I love to help others discover a love of reading and writing through literacy and social work. What the boss wants, the boss gets. And, from the moment he sets eyes on the little mechanic, he wants her. Despite his dangerous reputation, she denies him at every turn, infuriating and intriguing him until he knows he must own her loyalty, passion and fire. He won't stop until she becomes his. Riley works hard, plays harder and drives fast cars. Life is good until the scariest man in town walks into her garage and seals her fate. Fiery and independent, she’ll do whatever it takes to drive him right back out of her life, until she finds herself cornered with nowhere to run but straight into his arms. But will her games turn deadly before the boss can bring her home and lock her down for good? This books is standalone. Guaranteed HEA, NO cheating, NO cliffhanger. Sizzling dark mafia romance. Read at your own risk!



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION

    Once upon a time, there lived a girl who was left on the stairs of the academy by an unknown man. His message was very clear "Remember Eleanor, your parents love you."Her eyes were so deep and beautiful that you could see the whole ocean in her eyes, yet they were so dark and mysterious that you could see the demon in her.Eleanor, the girl whom they called the yin-yang..oOo.Written by Rujula Sachiradha, formerly known ad Rujula Sharma.This book was formerly known as "THE ACADEMY" the story has evolved and is something new now. So I apologise to the old readers.This book is the first book in #umbraandstarlight trilogy.There will be three spinoffs.Thank you. I hope you like the story.With much love,Your author.P.S- A cliffhanger awaits you....

  • The ghosts of our past

    The ghosts of our past

    Cedric finds out that he has a crush on his best friend who has saved him from bullies many years back.But why after 11 years of their lasting friendship does he feel that he is not what he used to think himself ?Will Cedric be able to confess his love for Dairon?Even if he does, what will Dairon who is extra straight say?What will his parents think?Read to know .I am sure you would like it.I will try my best to avoid cliffhangers.So, sit back and enjoy.

  • The light of a black star

    The light of a black star

    Fantasy DRAMATIC

    This is the continuation of raging love but a different book this is about Arthur stone a not so forced marriage to another girl this is about that but of course I want to get rid of the cliffhanger first then after that a time skip I’ll happen about a 7 year time skip so now Arthur is 15 and Adam is 9 kats 15 to but of course some things will change like Adams age his original age was 3 but I’m trying to make some switch’s time make curtain changes work with other things it’s complicated but it would also be recommended to read raging love as the first episode is basically start off from what happened after Arthur’s family shows up so if you don’t read raging love it can also be complicated but of course only the last volumes thanks again

  • The Transmigrated Internet Overlord

    The Transmigrated Internet Overlord


    A lightning strike transmigrated Zu An into another world. In that world, he was known as the tr*sh of Brightmoon City, but for some reason, he was married to the gorgeous and highly talented daughter of the Chu clan? What? I’m a transmigrator but I don’t have any talent for cultivation? Why are there so many people out for my life? And most importantly of all, how in the world did I get on the bed of my sister-in-law on my wedding night?! It was a nightmarish starting point for Zu An, but fortunately, as a famed keyboard warrior in his previous life, the world gave him a keyboard in this life too so that he could turn things around. Through his trolling and flaming, he shall stand atop the corpses of his burned enemies and rise to the top of the world! Frequency of updates will depend on me,but I will try not to keep you all waiting at a cliffhanger

  • the dark system

    the dark system



    THIS BOOK IS ON A HIATUS until September 29th or October 30th, 2022. See you then!Sound minded Author synopsisThe book follows a man whose soul drifted from earth to another body in a different world upon his death. He becomes a Demi-god with a system. He journeys out to become stronger while helping his father (a god) take revenge on those that nearly killed him.Unhinged Author AbstractIt's about a human who becomes a Demi-god and has a system. The characters are evil, at least by humans standards, you would rarely find a goody to shoe sub-character. the major character is a bipolar sociopath and still will be anywhere he goes. He has few principles, but that depends on his mood (bipolar). This book will have a lot of action, action, and action, and killings especially assassinations. I hate the slow pace, there will be slow chapters to create the setting but I will limit them as much as possible. If this book was a drug, then I would be a drug dealer getting high off my supply. I also hate cliffhangers, sometimes there is a need for them but damn do these authors even have a heart, messing with my emotions. I will limit this too. It sounds stupid, but I created this book for myself. Sometimes it's best to put crazy on paper. There is comedy here too, not the forced kind. If I write and it shows up, it shows up. I admit I Am the type that loves a satisfying kill. I will give you a good kill once a week. So far in every chapter, someone dies. this book will go all over, Greek mythology, Chinese mythology, crazy powers and abilities, religion, gods, Demi-gods, different universes, different planes, badass weapons, and more.THE PHOTO Isn't MINE. FOUND ON PINTEREST! I WILL POST 1 CHAPTER a week! Minimum 4 chapters a month! (working 2 jobs))

  • The regressor

    The regressor


    It all started because of a time machine my mother made. She was killed right after making the amazing invention. Who killed her? I don't know. But I WILL find out who did it. Whoever it was, I'm sure of one thing. He doesn't know that I ALSO have the ability to jump through time. If he did know...would I even be alive by now?I'm not even sure if this story will get recognisation or not, so I'm making 20-100 chapters. The first few chapters are most likely going to be a bit short, but I'll try my best to keep my readers on the edge of their seats with tons of cliffhangers!

  • Five Wishes

    Five Wishes

    The Five Wishes Series: Novellas about wishes that go terribly wrong…fortunately. Five Wishes...A happy ending is just a coin toss away. Each novella is approximately 100 pages with NO cliffhanger. Book 1: Going Down: Marion MacAlister wants to nail her audition, not get nailed. Truly. Honestly. All right...maybe she does want to get nailed, but that's just because her hottie landlord and local diner owner Mack Ryan is confusing her. Can friends become lovers? Especially friends who might not even be friends in the first place? Book 2: Man Candy: Raine Harper is in love with Wade Gates. But Wade likes women who are model thin, and Raine is model thin plus a whole lot of pounds. Desperate to make him love her, she trains just a little too hard and passes out in the arms of superstar movie star Dirk Adams. Dirk thinks Raine’s junk in the trunk is perfect and proposes to make Wade jealous by becoming her pretend boyfriend. Pretend soon seems very real. Is Dirk a great actor, or is something really developing between Raine and the movie star?

  • Super System

    Super System

    John Steve, who's already in 3rd year in his University. He dreamed that one day he can become a Superstar in Sports. He joined the Basketball Team of his University but he faced the reality that he has no talent regarding Sports. Then accident happened that changed his life. "System! Make me the best player in Sports History! Woohoo!"I can only release 2-3 chapters a week depending on how busy my time is and of course if I have a lot of free time maybe I can even release 5 chapters for that week.Note: All chapters will be release by the end of the week so that you guys won't suffer from cliffhangers by only reading a single chapter. We will follow my timezone (ex. USA residents would probably read at Saturdays instead of Sunday)Support the novel and unlock extra chapters on Patreon:

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