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  • Thriller Paradise

    Thriller Paradise



    This is a game beyond dimension–the pursuit of truth. The unknown seal, the gambit between gods and demons… The defiance against data, the retribution of human… In a virtual world connected with reality, consciousness dictates us, consciousness chooses us, and consciousness dictates our consciousness. Now, throw away you fear. Throw away your selfish interest, question, and disbelief… Free your thought. Welcome to Thriller Paradise. Feng Bujue lost his ability to fear because of an unknown psychological disorder. Through a virtual reality game designed for players to experience fright and despair, he began his search for his lost fear. Could he finally regain his ability to fear? Could he outwit the scenarios presented to him? Could he finally uncover the truth hidden inside Thriller Paradise?

  • Ghost Exorciser: Is Loved By All

    Ghost Exorciser: Is Loved By All



    Yu Holea was a genius ghost exorcist. Cursed for being a loner she embraced the path of exorcism. At the age of 26, she died. Opening her eyes she realized that she has transmigrated to a character who has the same name as her. Yu Holea was the newly found young miss of the Yu Family. Though everyone disliked her since for them Yu Mei is the true young miss. Everyone looks down on her even her biological brothers. Her Eldest Brother, "Don't even try to get close to me. I hate gold diggers like you. Yu Mei come I will bring you to shopping." Her Gentle Second Brother," The door to get out of here is on the left. Remember not to bully Yu Mei" Her Third Brother, "Uh, don't let me see your disgusting face. Let me see my cute Yu Mei's Face" However, Yu Holea ignored them. She was used to all of this. She focused on her career and earning money instead of love. She was penniless? Huh, she has a long queue of bigshots begging to give her money. Her business empire expands from City S to Capital. She was untalented? She can even summon thunders!! At a high-end party, one of the relatives of the Yu Family saw Yu Holea surrounded by the bigshot of different fields and was shocked to the core. Just as everyone was confused her three brothers arrived and started pampering her. "Lea'er do you want to eat strawberry cake? Call me Big Brother I will feed you the cake." "Lea them, here drink this juice, by the way, why don't you call me Second Brother?" "Little Sister don't listen to them I will protect you from everyone, you just have to call me Third brother." A certain Handsome, Ceo of a top 10 company, "Lea Baby, when are you going to say yes to my proposal?" Yu Holea: Why is everyone looking at her with a doting glance? Follow Yu Holea in her adventure filled with thriller, suspense, and pampering.

  • Captured By The Cold Detective (BL)

    Captured By The Cold Detective (BL)



    [CRIME/OMEGAVERSE] Was it possible for the devil to get his own happy ending? A major accident seven years ago had stolen He Juan’s memory away from him, wiping it so clean that the only things he were left with were only his name, numerous scars all over his body and a nasty side effect as a result of the aftermath. Seven years passed by and when He Juan thought he could live like a normal person again, a fateful day led him to be the prime suspect of the murder case of his neighbor who had written his name as her dying message — whom, in his defense, he had not even talked to! It was then that he met Mu Yuze, the lone wolf of the Violent Crime Investigation Unit; the cold, intimidating man with beautiful and intense midnight blue eyes who seemed to hate him at first sight for some reason He Juan couldn’t comprehend. One after another, bizarre cases intruded on He Juan's normal life and turned it upside down, bringing light to a dusty past he thought he could never remember again. In the end, he had to learn that even if he had forgotten who he once was… there were still some sins he had to atone. *** Gentle, klutzy and smiling Alpha whom nobody dares to offend for some mysterious reason x cold, possessive and cinnamon roll Omega (maybe a little yandere here and there) Additional tags: top/gong/seme protagonist, action, case-solving, organized crime, thriller, gore, slice of life, tragedy, detectives, disabled characters, murders, teamwork, investigation, yaoi, mature, past plays a big part, 1 vs 1, love interest falls in love first Find me on: Instagram: delanasiwarka Discord: delanasiwarka#1490 Discord server:

  • Re: Player

    Re: Player



    Being thrown into the game-world of [Call of the Black Magicians], Adam was forced to survive with no prior information.Except for his memories of the Game-World and his name, he did not have any memories of his previous life.But fret not, even though the Game-World had many perils and was on the verge of extinction at every next step, it also had its beauty and magic, one to die for.With the authority of [Player], he could save and restart until he achieved his desired result. He could learn skills of the ‘NPCs’ and achieve the results like the ‘Players.’ He could literally solo the entire game world to achieve his desired results. Whether he wants to save the world or destroy it, he could do it… as many times as he wishes.Even the [Black Magicians] won’t be able to do anything about it… probably.But was it all there was to it?[Beta Version 0.1 will begin in 6 Months: 29 days: 23 Hours!]I guess not……Description:In the World of Zarraf, their lives Gods, not all Gods are good and certainly none are without motives. They rule the world’s 7 nations: The Nation of Light and SunThe Nation of WaterThe Nation of FireThe Nation of LifeThe Nation of EarthThe Nation of MoonThe Nation of WindEach ruled by a goddess that has their own stance in their ruling. But that is only the first page of this world.The second page colors the Ancient Gods of Corruption, Rage, Curse, Death and Hate.The third belongs the Seven Sins’ Incarnations that are ready to succeed the Ancient Gods.The Fourth is of the Witches who stand against all Gods equally.And the Final Page colors the [Immortals] or otherwise known as [Players] that will be summoned to bring Chaos to this world.A World that was meant to be destroyed.Such is the fate of the world of Zarraf, as powers beyond the realm of mortals threaten the dynamic equilibrium of their existence.In the end, the world was prophesied to be destroyed by one cause or another. Nothing could prevent looming destruction…Or so...It was supposed to happen……Hey, Author here to give a quick glance at a couple of things that are normally asked.Harem? YesRomance? YesSystem? ObviouslySmut? Oh yes!Adventure RPG? Yes.Power Creeping? Not really.Overpowered? Depends on how you see itSmart MC? I guess so. Wise MC? YesSomething you need to know before you readThe MC has the ability to [Save] a point (there are some conditions), with which he can return in time. So basically, he is an immortal. Though that doesn’t make him invincible from the start, rather he grows by making correct choices.The World is dynamic and pretty much anything can happen anytime. (It’s just my way of saying that there will be twists… pretty much unexpected ones as well). And then there will be solutions to those unexpected situations as well, depending upon the absurdity of it. (I won’t have any more plot armor since I gave him a pretty big buff of immortality, so everything will be connected and won’t just happen by luck. Everything will be cleared by the end of an arc, so you need to be patient before deciding on it.)It has a mix of everything. Thriller, Adventure, Action, Smut, Romance, Slice of Life, etc. so there is that as well.…….[Mature Warning: This Novel Contains R-18 Content!]

  • Serial Player

    Serial Player


    To [Player]: This is the mystery of life, the journey of all things.You will become stronger, transform into superheroes, and possibly even touch the power of divinity. However, if you fail, death awaits you.For you have already stepped into the highest Sequence of the Evolution Game!"Isn't this making things difficult for Darwin?" Li Changhe muttered as he watched the [Player] arriving in the distance: "And giving Newton a hard time as well."Fervent passion flows, don't spread hate if you dislike it

  • Dark Salvation

    Dark Salvation


    Hell is empty and all the devils are here. Shakespeare – [The Tempest] As a form of punishment for mistakenly killing an innocent civilian, Song Zhuyu, a priest and part-time exorcist, found himself exiled to the distant shores of Shenci Island, hundreds of miles away from his hometown and the only city he had ever known his whole life. However, unbeknownst to anyone, he harbored a secret agenda— to hunt down the culprit who had turned his life upside down. Fully prepared for meeting danger at every turn, what he encountered instead was a beautiful, serene island, albeit with two strange ironclad rules: First, do not climb the hill after 1 AM. Second, do not interact with Rui Ye. On the first night of his stay, Song Zhuyu broke two of the taboos, only to discover that the infamous Rui Ye was nothing like he had expected. “I am cursed,” the blind, beautiful man told him with a wistful smile. “If you associate yourself with me, the curse will haunt you too.” In response, Song Zhuyu’s lips hooked into a careless smile, “I don’t think you have to worry about that. I, myself, am cursed as well. What’s the big deal about adding another one?” But as inexplicable deaths began to plague the island, Song Zhuyu realized that the island, including the helpless and soft-hearted Rui Ye he had come to know, held a far darker secret than he could've ever imagined. In a race against time, he must navigate the treacherous waters of deceit and betrayal to unravel the island’s sinister truth and achieve his goal before it's too late. *** Pretty, flirtatious yet heartless priest gong x blind, mysterious and cursed shou Additional tags: gong/seme/top protagonist, action, mystery, suspense, horror, psychological, thriller, dark elements, angel and demons, slow romance, murder, crime, beautiful protagonist, older love interest, 1 vs 1, dubcon, supernatural creatures, exorcism, tragedy, past plays a big part Find me on: Instagram: delanasiwarka Discord server:

  • My Dearest General: It Has Always Been You

    My Dearest General: It Has Always Been You



    Sixteen-years-old high schooler Shi Nian was supposed to be the twelfth victim of a serial killer. After being confined for three months, she managed to escape somehow. Yet unfortunately, she fell into a landslide amidst fleeing and got buried underneath. Afterwhich, she was in a coma, one which numerous doctors stated that only with miracle would she be able to pull through. Yet once again, she managed to do the impossible. Upon waking up, other than blurry memory of the incident and PTSD which caused her to be momentarily mute, Shi Nian regained the memory of her past life. Her lord, General Jiang, was a valiant hero who led thousands of armies, fighting for the safety of the nation but ended up being murdered by the same nation he was protecting. Meanwhile, she was Shi Nian, his little mute maidservant who followed him to his death. In this life, Jiang Jinyan was a high jump athlete who had his future ruined by a car accident that took one of his legs. He became a reclusive, gloomy and absolutely unapproachable Jiang Jinyan, totally different than how she remembered General Jiang to be. With a string of bizarre cases which led her back to the serial killer, would she be able to reunite with him once again? *** In her past life, she couldn’t say any word. This life, she wanted to use every chance she have to tell him, “It’s you. It has always been you." *** Additional tags: Romance, reincarnation, teen, school life, psychological, thriller, urban crime, police, detective, disabilities, emo male lead, strong protagonists, slow burn, gore, important side character(s), mental illness, manipulation, negative thoughts, mature Police, Crime and Love Series 1. My Dearest General (completed) 2. The Devil By My Side (coming soon) Follow my reading list "Delana's Books" to receive updates! Find me on: Instagram: delanasiwarka Discord server: Discord: delanasiwarka#1490 Cover is owned by me. Drawn by lia.audelia

  • The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince

    The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince



    **Nominated for 2020 Spirity Awards** Bitten by a werewolf, Dawn Wyatt becomes a Neotide – a werewolf who has no place in the world of pure bloods. What follows is even more harrowing. Targeted for being killed by their father’s enemies, eighteen-year old Dawn Wyatt and her ten-year old brother Cole escape the capturers and literally plead to be taken in by a farmer's family. The family complies, but when the captors offer a huge reward of ten million dollars for the escaped siblings, the family betrays them. To save their lives, they flee the country. Dawn returns back five years later as a 'Bitten' werewolf and brilliant market analyst to carve her niche. And also to avenge those who turned her into a werewolf and took everything away from her, without realizing that she is a cynosure of multiple conspiracies. ------------- Daryn Silver is the lethally sexy Prince of a rare Silver Clan of pure blood werewolves. Cold, ruthless and merciless, he is arrogant. And she is bitten. He wants to eliminate all the bitten—the rogues from the face of the Earth. He's been hunting them down for years. What happens when he meets her? It's difficult to resist her, and challenging to accept her. Dawn’s life is turned upside down when she meets him. She realizes dangerous things about him - He is a pureblood werewolf and is the prince of a rare Silver Clan who every other pack bows to; He has had numerous girl-friends. In fact he had to get restraining orders from some of the crazy ones; He maneuvers her in his world with a proposal she never anticipated. Dawn uses that to her advantage! She knows she is playing with fire. ------------- She nodded and walked inside as he held the door open for her. As soon as she closed the door, Daryn held her hand and pulled her against the wall.  "Daryn…"  He leaned down and placed his hands on either side of Dawn. Their faces were an inch apart. Daryn parted his lips as if to say something. Dawn could feel all the heat that emanated from his body, from his breath. She clasped the cold wall and stared into his eyes. He drew a faction closer and her breathing hitched. Her mind left all the reasoning. This was not what she had expected in his office. It was the first time she had even stepped in there.  "I am unable to stop thinking about you Dawn," he whispered. She bit her lip to stop herself from touching his lips and feeling him.  Daryn grabbed the back of her neck and his lips fell on hers. She shuddered. At first he lightly brushed them and then his kiss turned deep, full of passion, which he had held back for a long time. It was getting harder and harder to not kiss her senseless, to feel her. And Dawn—she closed her eyes. --------- Join me in reading the adventurous journey of Dawn Wyatt and Daryn Silver. Like I said, this is going to be one suspense/thriller/steamy romance novel! So strap your seatbelts for a roller-coaster ride! Warning: This novel is fast paced and contains suspense, thrill and romance. Don't expect typical cliché romance that you keep reading. And if you are looking for that, then I am sorry this book isn't for you! The book contains MATURE CONTENT! ------------- Feral Confessions Series: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (Completed) Ileus (Ongoing) Other books: Sugar and Spice: The CEO's Feisty Wife (Completed) Two Contracts: My Lover is a CEO (Completed) Join me on Discord at

  • The Tyrant Gave Me Three Husbands

    The Tyrant Gave Me Three Husbands


    ****WARNING MATURE CONTENT**** King Viktor is a tyrant ruler who wants absolute and total control over his Kingdom. He gets rid of all who are a threat to his power and all around him fear him. He forces the three most powerful nobles in the kingdom he feels most threatened by to marry his stepsister Princess Kara to keep an eye on them and to take over their possessions. To traumatize and humiliate them, so they are more submissive to his power, he instructs the idiot sex-crazed princess on what to do with them. However, things take a turn for Viktor when Kara suddenly starts to act differently. Courtney is an ordinary salary-woman who suddenly finds herself in a book she’s recently read as a character destined to die, Princess Kara. She’s mortified as she’s forced to find a way to prevent Kara’s death which entails evading the suspicious watchful eyes of King Viktor and the anger of Kara’s three husbands who hate her for all the things she’s done to them. (THIS STORY IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER SO EXPECT SOME MESSED-UP STUFF) ***Cover art is not mine***

  • The Werewolf King's Bride

    The Werewolf King's Bride



    Warning: Mature Content Trigger Warning: Abuse, Trauma, Psychological *It's full of red flags. Don't tell me I didn't warn you all. Blue Learley, a seventeen-year-old girl, lived in a small town with her parents and two brothers. Everything was going as usual until that fateful night when her life changed forever. Demetrius Easton, the merciless werewolf king, got his eyes on her and wanted her as his bride. When her own parents sold her to him, she had no way of escaping him and no one to turn to for help. *** “I don’t want to stay away for too long. Sometimes I fear the bird might fly away.” “The bird doesn’t have a home. The outside world is dangerous for it. And besides, the bird has already found its freedom inside,” I said. “The bird won’t fly away.” ‘So you don’t have to cut its wings since it did not grow them in the first place. It’s okay. The bird likes the cage anyway.’ *** Support my other works: *Silence*- It is a crime-filled thriller novel with a blooming romance between two teenagers. It is about love, friendship and betrayal. Trust me, the twists will keep you on edge. The Mask Of The Monster where you can read the love blooming between a human girl and a terrifying-looking monster The cover is not mine. Source: Devianart

  • Royal love - I fell in love with CEO

    Royal love - I fell in love with CEO



    She was a simple girl who was brought up in a simple household, or at least that was what others thought about her. She is full of mysteries and secrets but was always seen as naïve and innocent girl. Or, simply…it is more precise to tell that she keeps that facade for her own good. But why?? Only she knows the answer. However, unlike other girls of her age, who dreamt of getting married to rich and famous guys, she preferred to find someone who has simple life and easy going family. In short, she just wanted to lead a happy and ordinary life. However, she uses to believe that it would only be possible if her life partner was an common, uncomplicated guy. But why?? Was the reason behind her beliefs had something to do with her past? Or, was she vexed with her life to the extent of sticking by her self-made rules? On the other hand, he was the CEO of one of the most prestigious companies across the world. He was cold and aloof, someone who despised any sort of intimacy with women, be it physical or emotional. His world revolved around his work and his family business. Though he has complicated family, he love them to his core….and, apart from them and his friends , no one matter to him. But, for the first time in his life, he fell for a woman just with a glance. It all happened when she was turning down her Boss's love proposal. Despite of her simple attire, he found her enchantingly beautiful. He could tell that she had so much more to herself than she let others see. He wanted to be the only person before whom she could be her true self. The very moment he laid his eyes on her, he knew deep down in his heart that only she could be his soul mate. And, he was willing to go any lengths just to make her his. Even if it meant working as an employee in his own company. Just like he wanted, she fell for him. But would happen when she ends up catching his lies? Even if she agrees to accept him, what will be awaiting for her in the life she opted to live with him? Moreover, who exactly is she? Why does she prefer to be low-key? And why is she being so secretive about her past? What and all troubles she might have to face because of his complicated background? What would welcome her when she stumbles back into the very life she wanted to run away from? More importantly, will their love be strong enough to face all those odds that are waiting for them? ......... No misunderstandings between couple. Lovely and understanding couple with mature communication skills. ....... #Comedy #Love #Friendship #Mystery #Thriller #Family #Revenge This book is perfect blend of everything. I hope you will give it a try. ....... I am also author of Ms. attractive and inciting CEO The devil's little Villainess. Please do check out the books ..... Discord sever Please feel free to contact me....

  • Secret Killer

    Secret Killer



    [Best psychological, thriller, and superpowers novel on this platform!] [Mature Content!] [Contains psychological romance. Crazy Love interests!] --- When Leon was eight years old, he lost his parents and younger brother in a terrorist attack. Fortunately, he and his older sister survived. Their custody was given to their uncle, who was the only available relative. However, their uncle was a thug, and he would often chain Leon and his sister and beat them mercilessly. That continued for ten long years. One night, when his uncle was beating him up, there was an announcement on the television. [Today's date- 12th September 20XX. Time- 18:18. Due to the increasing population and advanced technology, thousands of homeless, uneducated, unemployed, and criminals roaming in the country are a useless burden to the world. So the government has come to a solution that on every 13th of the month, from 12 AM to 6 AM, all the crimes, including murders, would be legal.] After hearing that announcement, something awakened inside Leon. One month later, he live-streamed the murder of a bigshot and became the world-famous— Secret Killer. Note- This is a psychological genre novel, so expect the unexpected. If you have a weak heart and you can't digest dark stories, then this novel is not for you. ==== Warning: MC is (experimented) superhuman. He is Evil and an egoist, with little to no emotions for anyone other than his sister. Disclaimer- The book cover is not mine.

  • Thriller Trainee

    Thriller Trainee


    Disclaimer: The content presented here is not authored by me. I kindly request that you extend your support to the original author by visiting Original Author Name: Wang Ya / 妄鸦-The washed-up magician Zong Jiu transmigrated into a horror, infinite flow novel about a survival show, taking the place of the cannon fodder who died tragically in the first evaluation round. This show was very interesting. Out of the tens of thousands of people, only a hundred people could survive, and the c-position (strongest contender) could even get a universal wish ticket. If it were someone else, they’d probably be scared to death. No one expected that Zong Jiu was not only unafraid, but also caused a sensational stir, shamelessly showing off his tricks the whole way. Once his tricks stopped, and his life could be considered safe and sound, he ended up in a rivalry with the novel’s big villain. Today you try to get at me, tomorrow I’ll get you back, back and forth, it’s pretty fun, heh. As a result, though it was just playing around, one time they got carried away and really did end up sleeping together. Watching the nemesis who was pressing him to the ground, Zong Jiu lazily lifted his gaze. “If you want to kill me then kill me, don’t speak nonsense.” Even when at a disadvantage, he showed no trace of fear, and actually continued to provoke him. That person used his ice-cold finger to trace his ear, and the action heading toward the aorta suddenly stopped. “What a pity. I’ve changed my mind.” — He was once very willing to personally give Zong Jiu death. Every day, he used to regret not gouging out his flesh, personally snapping his neck. But after this person fell into his hands, another, more urgent desire grew like weeds. Compared to winning or losing, he would rather see him crying and panting, with eyes red, begging for mercy.

  • thriller crime

    thriller crime

  • Thriller Truth

    Thriller Truth

  • Mystery Thriller

    Mystery Thriller

  • Twisted Thriller

    Twisted Thriller

  • The Thriller Paradise

    The Thriller Paradise

  • Action thriller...

    Action thriller...

    Film making is a real craft...

  • Super Thriller Live

    Super Thriller Live


    "Welcome everyone to the super horror live broadcast room. Before starting today's live broadcast, I have to tell you that only three types of people can watch this live broadcast: people with a lot of yin, people who will die within seven days, as for The third one, I don't want to go into details, I can only give you a piece of advice - be careful behind you!"