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    “831,224”“I love u, today, tommorow, forever”Tangis pria itu tak karuan , setetes air mata baru saja jatuh menyentuh surat dari gadisnya “aku yakin akan ada saatnya aku pasti bakal ketemu kamu lagi” batin nathan



  • Lord Shadow

    Lord Shadow



    In the aftermath of apocalyptic event, a man rises above the others to lead an era. With threat beyond the stars, as Supreme Beings of otherworldly star system watches over as Destiny and Fate work their way, an era of Gods descended upon Earth And in his rise, lies a terrifying secret. Read how he rises above it all, through all the complicated love life, his determination to push through his own fate and destiny and the Will that pushes him forward. With all of this, could the Fate that was written be overturned? And will he truly rise to the top and survive? A great battle for the fate of the Universe began. This is the story of Lord Shadow.

  • Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss R18

    Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss R18


    The man I had a one-night stand with is the CEO! "Romantic relationships between employees are strictly forbidden" Karina's chaotic love life starts when she lands her dream job only to fall in love with her colleague on the first day. Things get more complicated when the CEO finds out about her forbidden relationship. Drunk and heartbroken, Karina spends a steamy night with a stranger only to find out that it is her Devil CEO boss. Karina navigates the complicated web of lust and lies with her unwavering determination to reach her career goals. What will happen to Karina and her love life when the Devil CEO demands that she becomes his ‘personal secretary’? My other works: Forbidden Heat, Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion, The Alpha Prince's Purchased Maid, Substitute Wife for the Mafia King, Lust Contracts and Conquering the Emperor

  • A Good Country Wife

    A Good Country Wife

    Waking up from a deep sleep, Lin Yue found herself having transmigrated into a peasant's new wife, and to make matters more complicated, she was a replacement for a deceased wife. The husband, over a decade older than her, had already lost two former wives. It wasn't so much a marriage; she had been sold to the family by her unscrupulous parents. Her fate was out of her hands. Before her stood one, two, three, four children, like a line of burdens, all gazing at her with blurry and hopeful eyes. Lin Yue felt an enormous pressure, "Thanks to Yuewen Book Review Group for providing review support!"

  • Pantheon Online

    Pantheon Online



    Two worlds collide in the new VRMMORPG, 'Pantheon Online', as Colt Anderson desperately joins the game in a bid to save his failing gaming career. At first, he thought it would be like any other game...  That was until he discovered the players would be the Gods of this world. The goal? To spread their influence among the mortals (NPC's). However, if their Divinity ever reached zero, they would be forcefully ejected from the game forever.  As Colt is driven forward by his ambition, his beliefs as a gamer are called into question. Tough choices lay ahead, while his feelings for an NPC become complicated as they face the coming storms together.

  • My Weak Wife Is a Real War Goddess

    My Weak Wife Is a Real War Goddess

    Lucille was one of the most skilled female assassins, and on the previous night, she embarked on a top-secret mission. However, the mission's details were leaked, leading to her untimely demise at the hands of a traitorous companion. She never discovered the identity of the person who betrayed her before her death. But by some miracle, she was granted a new life, and was reborn as a girl with the same name. Determined to uncover the truth and seek revenge for her family, Lucille seized her second chance at life. She planned to avenge her loved ones. However, her plans were complicated by Joseph, an apparently frail man who was actually skilled in martial arts. And he seemed to fall for her deeply, now this newfound knowledge only added to the complications of Lucille's revenge plan...

  • Chased by My Demon CEO

    Chased by My Demon CEO



    A complicated love story, full of intrigue and war between brothers Fernando forced his daughter's nanny to marry him because he wanted to take revenge for the death of his only daughter. He wanted to make her life a living hell. Viona who was framed for the incident must survive the ordeal to clear her name and kept her promise to her foster mother. This is a story about a girl, who was abandoned by her biological parents when she was a baby, survived her tough life and rose to the top.

  • It’s complicated

    It’s complicated

    When Haru finds her husband fooling around with other women being fooled for years she immediately files for divorce. On the night of the discovery she has no where to go and wanders aimlessly and ends up in a park near her apartment. A mysterious man sees her crying in the rain and rushes to her aid. They quickly become friends and that is the begining of her new life. She runs into many obstacles while trying to start over. Why does life have to be so complicated for Haru?

  • A complicated girl or a complicated life

    A complicated girl or a complicated life

  • Married But Complicated

    Married But Complicated


    Jewel impulsively married Yul, a guy she barely knew in order to escape the unwanted marriage arranged by her father. Few days after her secret wedding, she flew abroad leaving her random husband without a word. Ten years after, she met him as her boss and one of the hottest bachelor in the upper society. Yul has plan to propose to his long time girlfriend and he needs Jewel's cooperation to eliminate a single paper which is the existing proof of their ugly secret. She agreed to help without conditions as a way of paying her greatest mistake of using him.

  • It is Complicated

    It is Complicated

    Jordan Gordon at senior year in highschool is the leader of his gang engaged in far more dangerous things than people thought ...he never really liked his rich parents because they had little or no time for him.He was admired by many girls but he paid no attention to them, he tried a few but non ever quite understood him. He just wasn't interested anymore ..but Mia saw something in him that no one else did.Nobody is able to control Jordan. But maybe Mia can.

  • It's Complicated

    It's Complicated


    Two childhood friends who met through dance, competed, and formed a crew together were inseparable until recently. Years of bonding are now being quickly stretched to their limits. Will these friends find their drifting ship, or will they choose an alternate journey altogether?

  • Complicated Love

    Complicated Love

    Their love was complicated. They loved each other, but it didn't stop them from hurting themselves. She never thought she would fall in love. He walked into her life like a walking bomb. Her life turned upside down, but she still had hope in him. She was his shining star on his darkest day, and he was her heartbreaker on most of her days.

  • It is complicated

    It is complicated

  • A Complicated Affair

    A Complicated Affair

    On a dark night in far north Queensland, Australia, a car runs off the road and bursts into flames. Driving closely behind Noel Valentine doesn’t hesitate to pull over and drag one of the occupants to safety. In rescuing David Cameron she has an inkling of what she may be setting in train, but no idea that one outcome will be a fight for her own life. His baggage includes a shady lawyer, traitors and money launderers. Would she have saved him if she had known she would be facing sharks of the finned as well as the two-legged variety? Her aim? Could it be to stay alive? #mild sex, 13+ A complicated affair is created by Alana Woods, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • It’s Complicated

    It’s Complicated


    After an ugly divorce Haru begins a new life and befriends a mysterious man only to find out he isn’t who he says he is. Will Haru move on happily or will history repeat itself in another relationship.

  • Too Complicated

    Too Complicated


    ENGLISH VERSION! For Jessica, Finnja and Ariana the 8th grade begins. However, the girls' expectations seem to be exceeded. Because just when boys come into play, things get way too complicated. More complicated than it's supposed to be. This story is a true story about the lives of the three teenagers.

  • Complicated In Silence

    Complicated In Silence


    It all started when we met each other on the way of sorting out our own complicated feelings..... Meet Aana D'souza , A simple school going teen but with very complicated personality even she can't understand why she is like that , For example,  Sometimes or we should say every time she is very arrogant , rude , ruthless, heartless, especially very violent with no emotions in her simply blank...... And sometimes or we should just say in rare times she is lovely, bubbly , easy going , helpful , and full of emotions but only with the people she is close to, the ones who really try to understand her when she really wants to share something..... She is complicated because she doesn't know how to express herself , don't know how to start a conversation because she think this is not important.... If we have to describe her in one world that would be COMPLICATED.........  [.She is half Indian and half American.] And on the other hand is Kian Martin , a simple school going teen but with high IQ and with a very mysterious personality he is as calm as water and as aggressive as a lion when it comes to him or his beloved. He has very few people in his life like very few friends but true ones and his family. He is a boy of few words , cold , aloof, especially for girls who try to hit on him because( that's a secret you'll know after reading the novel )......  [.He is also half Italian and half American.] What will happen when they both will come in front of each other ?   what will happen when they come to know that they are meant to be together ?  Will they ever understand each other when they don't even understand themself ? Will they ever try to help each other to sort out their complicated life ? [ Warning: I'm just a newbie in writing this is my first novel so if there is any glitch aur grammer problem plz ignore that are just comment below and I will try my best.... ] ================= Author Note : Hope you enjoy reading this ORIGINAL novel of mine. Many thanks in advance for your support. With Lots of Love,  rainbow_salt_57.

  • It’s...... complicated

    It’s...... complicated