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  • Life is a Farce

    Life is a Farce





    It all started 8 months ago; when a 19-year-old Christien Anderson with the most beautiful visage was enjoying her tyranny with optimism. In the current situation, she is the hospital, hoping for a piece of good news. Christien: let’s hope for the best……….

  • Secret Marriage:The Wolf And The Sheep

    Secret Marriage:The Wolf And The Sheep

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION COMEDY


    Every girl dreams of forbidden kisses and a bad boy of her own. But what happens when fate has other ideas? Xie Eun is a young girl who has only two dreams-Being a successful photographer and finding the love of her life. But the day she turns an adult,he father marries her off to a stranger-for her own good! Wolf has no interest in marriage.Born a genius,nothing holds his interest for long but the next challenge.However, his mentor,the man he owes his life to has asked him for only one thing.Marry his daughter. Reluctantly he agrees.But what is this?Xie Eun proves to be his biggest yet challenge and one he is determined to conquer. And so the two people who were destined to wed are wedded! Excerpt: "Little lamb,we are married now. Won't you even look at me?" Xie Eun kept mum and did not dare to lift her veil. Amazingly,she had not yet seen her husband's face. In a fit of anger over being forced into this marriage,she had refused to do so. Keeping her eyes trained on the ground,she said,"I don't want to look at you! You are my nightmare. Someone who would force me to wed!You could have stopped this farce and refused! But you did not. I don't even want to look at you!" The outburst and the confession of hate would have angered any other groom but not Wolf-he was amused. Ambling over to the bed,where the bride sat,he bent down to her and lifted her veil upto her eyes only so that they would stay covered,"My poor little lamb. Why don't I give you a small kiss to shoo away the nightmares?" With that the wolf gave the sheep her very first kiss and as he said,"She only dreamt of his kisses after that!" Hello everyone.The cover does not belong to me. *credits to the rightful owner!*

  • Seducing The Ice Queen

    Seducing The Ice Queen



    Alice Faye has grown up seeing her parent's farce of a marriage and does not believe in fate or even love. Tired of her father's mind games and trying to sell her off to the highest bidder so that his illegitimate son can take over the business, Alice turns the tables thus earning herself the name Ice Queen for her ruthless ways! K, is a superstar lead singer of the of the most celebrated band Sky. With his extra ordinarily beautiful looks, soulful heart melting voice and an IQ higher than 140, there is nothing that K cannot achieve...And this time he has set his target on a certain queen's heart... Join K in his journey as he melts the heart that has long been encased in ice .

  • The Sorceress: Blossoming Power

    The Sorceress: Blossoming Power



    In the realm of Chiji, a mythical world where hidden powers lie. Chaos rules because a few became drunk with power and abused it. And inflicted a terrible balance upon the plains and brought chaos to Chiji. From this, opposition rises and plots. And so, the people forget the good deeds of a few power wielders. Somehow, in a magic-imbued past, where the longing whispers of Xinyi to Ming resonate, the whims of fate which will bring change can be heard. What did the whispers say?Governor Ming hates this arranged marriage to Xinyi and doesn't want to do anything with her.Will love bloom in time for the loveless couple as they work together?Only with curiosity may one find the answers...However, out from these devastating times, a Sorceress will bloom and slowly bring balance to this world.(Note: This is mainly a fantasy genre and not romance, although it started with the love story between the female and male leads. So, please don't focus on romance here. This is the journey of a woman who became the Sorceress.)---- o ----They were married through the imperial edict, and she expected much from it. However, on their wedding night…"In fairness, I'll be honest with you. I don't like you. I prefer to marry someone I choose. From this day forth, you're to live in Anjing Pavilion" said Lei Ming with no reservations.She was aggrieved to be disregarded and unfairly discarded. "Wait!" shouted Xinyi.Pestered, Lei Ming halted but didn't look back. "What now?" "I'm grateful for sending me there, Lord husband, but please don't miss sending my allowance and I promise I will not show up and bother you," said Xinyi and bowed piously. "The heck, this woman is totally shameless."Xinyi watched Lei Ming's back as he walked away. As he was out of earshot, she gave a careless smile and rested her palms on her waist."This is totally unexpected. What a farce of a marriage. So what? I don't care too..." she said as she suddenly jumped and swirled around in glee.But… an unexpected encounter under the moonlight changed everything. Most of all, when he discovered he was meant to protect his wife. ----- o -----TAKE NOTE: 1.) There is no sex but have some violence during wars and fights. Do know that romance is not the primary focus. Prepare for an adventurous ride in the story. 2.) The story is not totally under the Chinese background. This is a different world, and every nation had their own backgrounds. So, I don't follow the Chinese way of naming and calling of characters. Like using their full names when I mention them, even with the greetings.2.) Please buy this author a coffee to keep me alert when writing and to help pay for the daughter's college fees: [ko-fi.com/elijoneb]3.) Please support my latest book: Blue Hells. It's a sci-fi and game combo. If you love action and adventure, this is for you.⁸Note: *I want to thank Forsaken123, another author here, for his help and insights in the earlier chapters of this book.*My daughter, Asha, made the cover.

  • An angel‘s road to hell

    An angel‘s road to hell


    What happens if the one transcendent being that cares for mortals fell and got a second chance in a world full of magic, intrigue and possibly even friendships? Does the past determine the future or are we all able to pick our own destiny? „My lady Aurora, my lord Michael, have you come to end this farce, so unbecoming of higher bein…“ a massive warrior of 2.5 meters wearing black chainmail and armed with a 3 meter long black trident with ruby tips tried to say but his speech was cut short by a wheezing laughter: „Higher beings?…cough… More like needle-dicked butt fu..“ The wounded soldier in the middle interrupted but a moving shadow that engulfed his face and torso briefly cut him off. On his side another beauty stepped from the shadow, carefully remaining out of reach of his energy-wings. She was the stark contrast to lady aurora. She was petite with a deathly pallor, contrasted by her black hair and obsidian eyes. Her black attire made it hard for the eye to follow her form, which seemed to slip in and out of the shadows that clung to her body. The only speck of colour came from the silver blood splashed all over her right arm, dropping down to earth from the raptured larynx she slowly squeezed to a pulp. Before the first drop could reach the soil she murmured: „You have talked quite enough Lucifer. Yours is only to listen and await judgement.“ And with that Lucifer finally toppled over , his remaining hand clutched to the hole in his neck. All that could be heard from him was the wheezing sound when his lungs tried to press some gas through the mutilated windpipe. I‘ll try to publish at least 2 chapters a week. The story arc is pretty much mapped out. Should be around 100 chapters for the first volume. Try it, it should be one hell of a ride. Cover isn’t mine and not even a perfect fit but the best I could find. I’ll put it down immediately if the artist doesn’t want me to use it.

  • Breaking the Masquerade

    Breaking the Masquerade


    Join our MC as he navigates through highschool as he comes to terms with his past and his inner demons . He is blunt , sarcastic ,charismatic , loves his gentleman talk , doesn't shy away from teasing the ladies and he bitch slaps people that have it coming. But under all the farce is a broken individual putting on a tough act but he still retains some of his innocence and kindness which he limits to his loved ones . Accompanied by his trusted maid who adores him for reasons you'll find out . And other colorful cast of characters . Join his journey as he helps break people out of their shell with his out of the norm attitude and who change him for the better too . A story of a man's personal growth and the growth of people around him. A story with lots of romance , funny banter and great bonds . .





  • False Protagonist

    False Protagonist

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE COMEDY CAMPUS

    On the outside, he's just your average, indecisive, naive, easily embarrassed protagonist. Not unlike the type of protagonist you get in an isekai.Inside, he knows exactly what he's doing, what he wants, and the feelings of those around him.This is the story of a boy who doesn't know his true self, so he puts on a farce to show everyone else.

  • A Promise Fulfilled

    A Promise Fulfilled

    Tied by family traditions, Kash had no choice but to fulfill a promise his father did and marry someone he haven't met yet. Angry, he vowed to make the woman end this whole of a farce. Belle hates traditions, but for her sister, she will do everything even if she has to sacrifrice herself and marry the devil.

  • The Super–Elementals

    The Super–Elementals

    Young 16 year old Li Jing moves to the Illustrious city of Cheng with her mum and step father.Apparently, she enrols into the prestigious college of Cheng, she meets all manners of people and discovers her true identity,She is an elemental. An elemental is a mythic being that is described in occult works as being a farce and an unproven myth only, it isn't a myth or theory, it actually exists!Li Jing meets the egoistic and "evil" Lu heir, Lu Chen. She discovers that although he is a jerk and has no respect for anyone, she actually feels an unexpected and unexplainable connection with the jerk.When they are transferred to the ultimate supernatural school with a bunch of others, Li Jing discovers that humans are not the only ones to walk on the face of the earth.Elementals, vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches and gods also walk on the face of the earth too!!When she discovers that an enemy is after her life and that of her friends, she will have to accept the mate bond with Lu Chen and join forces with other supernaturals to defeat the enemy.After all, there is the proverbial saying, "There is absolute strength in numbers...."Trillions of years ago, there existed a coven of witches". "And in every coven, there are twelve witches"."These witches were given an elemental power according to their zodiac or star sign but when the ice war came and a curse was placed on the illustrious city of Cheng, the twelve witches were forced to cast a spell on their selves"."This spell was a glamour spell and hence, they cast the spell to transport themselves to the future"."The condition of this spell was that they would have no recollection whatsoever of their past lives until their star came to save them."

  • Drafted book (Deleted)

    Drafted book (Deleted)

    The world is nothing short of feisty bosses, exploring around their love lives let's accompany some tales of strange ones. THE FIRST IS......⏬ The feisty sole heiress of Hudson group proposes a farce to a random guy who pops up in her life with some intentions. While the Husband-to-be, a suitor selected by her father is persistent to dot onto her even if she rejects him or married. Sensing a Love triangle ? Whom will she chose ? NOT ❌ the typical contractual marriage cliches.(If you're here for an exaggerated family drama, bitchy sister and bastard brother or trashy ex kinda thing then it's certainly not the place. Why adding a third party and placing him/her under limelight that much when one can focus on the couple only.)**Every story is connected to previous one at a certain point.** (Discord Aysel Inara #9449)

  • Rented by the Heiress

    Rented by the Heiress

    Contemporary Romance SWEETLOVE


    Yona Worth, sole heiress and current CEO of W&W Corp.. The precious daughter of the carefree and eccentric Aiden Worth and tech queen Xing Yue. Beloved by her employees and hailed as the up and coming business genius. Beautiful, elegant, fierce. Single... as of five minutes ago. Her fiancé, Wilding Inc. heir, terminated their engagement because she was too 'aggressive', 'unladylike', and an 'ambitious woman desperately climbing up a man's world'. Right. She punched that scumbag right in his obnoxious face, and promptly ended their farce of an engagement. After filing for an indefinite leave, she threw all of her duties to her brother, the Prince Charming of all Media. And then flew across the Pacific and landed in the land of the rising sun. Not wanting to be lonely in her grand vacation, she downloaded an app called Boyfriend-for-hire; rented their number one guy and availed full services. Except she didn't expect the number one boyfriend for hire was a housewife incarnate. Yona was tempted to take him home for good. ---------------- Disclaimer: I don't own the images I used for the cover, got it from Pinterest.

  • Melting 小军拼烟

    Melting 小军拼烟

    She had his essence within her, when she shot him dead!After figuring out her pregnancy she wished to turn the time wheel. But perhaps the hero of the story was someone unknown, someone unexpected. Ava Ross, the successful businesswoman and the dangerously imposing personality in the boardroom, has to get married soon if she wants to inherit the shares officially. To fulfill the requirements she proposes a farce marriage to a random guy who pops up in her life and is persistent to dot onto her even if she rejects him.When everything was going on perfectly well to deal with the problem, Ava Ross gets kidnapped by a man named Ko Nan Do.~ Connected to "Femme Fatale: The Queen Of Chess"

  • Heart Mender

    Heart Mender


    It all started with an angel, a toddler and a lollipop and the birth of love that ended with hurt. lt made him heartless scared and uncaring,and ruthless. Underneath all the farce is a soul that wants to be loved he has survived years without love and has made himself believe he didn't need love until she came; his every dream, his very nightmare, his wish and desire, his fear and despair. But she's going nowhere till she heals his broken heart.

  • The Regent's Knight

    The Regent's Knight

    Prince Amery Llewellen is the only son of King Adin of Pharr and heir to the throne. When his father is lost in battle with the barbaric tribes invading the northern Pharrisian border, Amery becomes regent in his father’s stead. The royal advisers pressure him to take the crown and assume the throne, but doing so will force him to take a wife as well. Amery is loathe to do that, because he’s deeply in love with one of his knights, Sir Tovin Raimus, from the southland.<br><br>Such a relationship is forbidden -- both because Tovin is another man and because he is a knight, much below the station of a prince. After King Adin forbid their union, Tovin and Amery masked their love with fights and arguments designed to make the servants believe they loathe each other. The whole castle dreads the news that the northern border has been breached, because when Tovin is assigned the position of castellan, that makes him head of castle security. His being stationed so near the regent has the servants believing the two will fight to the death.<br><br>That’s just a farce to keep their love a secret. But Pharr needs a crowned ruler, and Amery must decide whether to take his rightful place on the throne or forsake his kingdom for the love of one man.

  • I Don't Want to Marry the CEO!

    I Don't Want to Marry the CEO!



    Li Ruyan broke up with her first love after discovering the fact that she was nothing but a tool and entertainment for him.First love always hurts the most is what they say.A big fat lie that is.Li Ruyan's first love had destroyed her life.Their four-year relationship only amounted to this:"Li Ruyan, I never loved you. To me, you were merely a cover. A means to an end. Now that you've proven your worth, it is time to end this farce. So let's break up."Li Ruyan had no choice but to leave. And if that wasn't bad enough, she discovered she was pregnant with his child.Hah."Min Yue, I gave up so much for you. You were my first kiss, my first love, and my everything, but to you, I was actually nothing. I wasted half a decade with you but now, I won't be the same fool who fell inlove with a heartless man. "When six years had passed and their paths crossed once again, will everything be the same?Hate that was born from love.And love that was born from hate.A second chance at love....A story about a woman and a survivor.And that one man who sold himself for revenge....This contains mature content not suitable for young readers.Read at your own discretion.The story talks about second chances, babies, and marriage. The first ten or so chapters are filled with angst since it is necessary for story background and character development.If this bothers you, feel free to drop the book....Cover Photo is not mine.

  • Reborn To Live Without You (and other short stories)

    Reborn To Live Without You (and other short stories)


    Reborn to Live Without You Short story inspired by Chinese translation (synopsis) Fei Pin Ying Qiang He was once a Male bedwarmer for the Second Prince. But he died, because of other's jealously. So in this life, he simply wanted to live. Even if that meant, he had to do it alone. ***** Reincarnated as Wangfei Once More Short story The Imperial princes all must marry a gher as their princess consort or Wangfei as part of the race for the imperial throne. I was married to Seventh Prince and expected to bear his heir before all others in order for him to become Emperor. I refuse to take part in this farce in my next life. ***** Warning; These stories are not fluffy or sweet. These stories won’t have continuation chapters. I may or may not add new short stories to these at random times in the future. These stories can also be found on Wattpad under my name. They are originals I have written and not translations.Also, recently added;In This Life, It Wasn’t Meant To Be (A three part story)He was born as a lucky star, but the family chosen to adopt him did not appreciate him so fate became misaligned and it was his lover that paid the largest price of all.The Immortal... (A three part story)In his first life, he experienced a life worse than death and only when death claimed him did he regain his smile. However, his death was not the end, it was just the beginning.

  • Burn As We Fall

    Burn As We Fall

    Two Clans in an eternal war, One Sacrifice to seal the fate,Venba An Niara, the last survivor of Nilavanshi's rarest hall, is to be thrown in as a bargaining chip in a peace treaty for her clan. Her hand is to be given in marriage to the Crown Prince of Suryavanshi as an insult. He wanted an Heir of a Great Hall. Let him have an heir of an extinct hall.Everyone knows that this peace will not last. Both sides are just gathering power in this farce of a ceasefire. The Nilavanshi wants information from the High Palace and the Suryas just want an heir out of Venba to lay a legitimate claim to the Nilavanshi Halls.But the pawn who is being played, Venba, just wants vengeance and even a pawn can bring down dynasties, for Venba will burn anyone standing in her way for revenge- even if its her own heart!

  • Fate's Cards

    Fate's Cards


    Do you know how they say nice guys fall first? Well, I say there's always someone to catch them! Luca Carlucci, a guy that everyone likes is an all-round Mr Nice Guy, he has perfected a mask where he knows a smile earns the favour of people and sweet words are always a treat for them as well. He feels no one is capable of being compatible with his true self so he decides to play this farce.Hirokazu Ibata, a guy who is a mystery to everyone, he knows relationships are a pain; be it romantic or platonic, so he simply chooses to be by himself. To him, relationships are scary as he has seen its horrors and the relationships he observed have always ended on bad terms. So he'd rather not partake in such things.Fate is a funny thing. It brings together people who seem the least likely of being together. To the Fates, lives are like the many cards in a deck. Each one's value is not much but their uses are plenty. These two guys, though both have plenty of differences, have their destinies entwined.So basically it's a story of two smart people becoming detectives and soulmates.