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  • The Aesthetic Of Friendship - Volume 1

    The Aesthetic Of Friendship - Volume 1


    GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLYSorry for you, dear Englisch speaking reader, but this novel is written in German language, because of my German heritage and my bad English writing skills. If you able to understand German you can enjoy a story I´m writing about a group of misfits of an japanese high school in Osaka, which are forced to found a club to learn socially desirable behavior and maybe create their own unique bond of freindship. It focus the German-Japanese student Benji, who has traveled from Cologne Germany to Osaka Japan to be with his new family of his mother and to face the strange new world of Japan. Not only the other culture seems to be a challenge for him, because he also meets many new individuals, besides to his stepsister Haruka, who turn his life upside down and he turns their ones.

  • Life like Dandelion- vanishes away far in the the thin air

    Life like Dandelion- vanishes away far in the the thin air

    What happens if a human was given punishment for being cruel in her last life.What if she was given a punishment of living her life like a dandelion. what if the punishment was to take the responsibility of being a mom for eleven children. what if she was given a second chance to learn the real meaning of love, freindship,parents,relatives. But everything has an end, so does she had, an unspoken warning, a warning that would end up taking the life of an angel who got to live a second life to change herself, to understand the real life. she lived only for them, who were her life line and the only reason for her to stay alive. What would be you life if the one you once loved forgot only a part of your life and the most important person in your life? how would it be if you were a mother of not a single child but whole eleven children. The children who's responsibility she had to take up. who were given to her as a punishment .punishment for what she once was in her life.A dandelion type life was not an easy life for her. Not when she expected too much out of her life yet all she could get was few hateful people around her not that she thought she was a good person. all that she gained from the hardwork of her life was all because of a certain person. just because she wanted to be a person able to stand beside him. but for some reasons she no more wanted to do that .although she knew it was all when it started . she no more wanted to be among the family that she was once proud . the family that she thought treated her badly only to make her into a better person when she grew up. it was on her 12th birthday that she heard them talk about something that broke her imaginary world into a thousand of pieces like a broken vase. but she would have never believed if one would have told her that she would spend her rest of the like like a dandelion flying in the sky free from any bound of feelings and relation, but yet she lived so just to get back the truth that she had to .she cannot fall in love not that she wanted to.she cannot let anyone through the doors of her heart not that she had a way to itshe cannot let anyone close to her not that she had anyone by her side is what she would always think when she heard her father say those words. "you better stay away from people around you , dear its good for you""girl, did you make any friends in your school?""No, dad""Hmm ,good girl"they tried to make her into a fool ,who did just as they wished never a word against their words . yet life has its own course ,she no more was the girl who would follow their every single words.she once vanished .but was the place that had her so called family to the place that had him "he who shouldn't be named" he whose memories did not cross her head at all .Far away in the top floor of the ZY corporation building , a tall figure stood facing the glass no,looking at the vast city. when his assistant announced "Director", she is back."just as he could finish the word back the tall figure turned to face him and asked "Really?"the emotions that his face had could not be described that easily .it was happiness, lonliness, afraid , lost, sad, excited ,even his assistant who had been by his side for years could not guess it right. A male lead who is willing to do anything to stay beside her no matter what the situation is ,let it be being shameless, dominating , coward , proud , selfish or even burying his love for her to the end of the world just to stay beside her like a friend or even marrying her just to stay as a friend and nothing more.who can shake the whole city if a single strand of her hair is touched to harm her.who can wait until he see her last smile, again no matter if it take to, stay by her side he will give up everything just for her.although the whole world want someone like him beside them he want only a single person beside him , all he have for this is a single word"ZEN"

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