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  • Innocent


    It a story about a girl named innocent.she is filled with power.Watch out for more ....

  • innocent


  • The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent

    The Fake Daughter Is Not Innocent



    In her previous life, Xiao Ying had grown up as the daughter of a wealthy family with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had thought that she would live out her days in peace. However, someone secretly told her that she was not the daughter of the Xiao family, and from then on, she had been living in fear—afraid that her secret would be exposed and her parents would abandon her. She was desperate not to lose her luxurious lifestyle, so she desperately tried to keep everything as it was! However, just before the moment of her death, she realized that this had all been part of the Xiao family's scheme. They were just trying to trick her out of her amulet! Their real daughter had been living a pampered life outside of the house all along! After being reborn, she returned to when she was ten years old. Her amulet had transformed into the most powerful learning system in existence, all stored within Xiao Ying's mind! She resolutely left the Xiao Family, abandoning that world of superficial hypocrisy. With a bit of manoeuvring, she was taken under a new wing! Xiao Ying: "Boss, do you need a weapon? I’ll be anything you need!" Cheng Yang: "I need to do a quality check first!" Harnessing the power of the learning system, she could execute all kinds of skills at a glance. Martial arts, dance, computing skills, and so on—everything had become a piece of cake to her! Cheng Yang was very satisfied with his new weapon! In no time at all, Xiao Ying began becoming more and more beautiful, and more and more suitors began taking note. A certain big boss could no longer remain calm. Cheng Yang wrapped his hands around Xiao Ying's slender waist. "You should've learned how to be my wife and given birth to a baby for me earlier!"

  • His Innocent Bride

    His Innocent Bride


    A girl too innocent to be with him.A girl too innocent to be with them.A girl too innocent to be betrayed......A girl stong enough to live her life again happily with her loved ones.

  • Ruthless Mafia Innocent Love

    Ruthless Mafia Innocent Love


    Extreme Violence # Mature Content ( 18+)# Rape # Dark love # Kidnapping # Lust# Mafia # Werewolf.Scene.In a room."No, please don't do this to me," the girl was crying while begging.Did I show any mercy to anyone so why are you begging Angel?"Man replied"."Please don't do this to me", Girl said.He ripped all her clothes and started sucking her nipples.The girl cried in pain and said, "Why are you doing this, it's painful, Please stop". The man removed his belt and started beating her with it.How dare you run away from me, huh? I think you have grown some guts.Sorry, please stop. I will not repeat this,'' she begged. The man replied, " Your begging is music to my ears, Angel."You try to run away from marriage. I will show you today what I can do.Character Introduction.Priya goyal is an 18 yrs old girl who is very innocent in this cruel world. An orphan lives in an autumn orphanage. She is innocent but she doesn't know what happened in her past and what creatures and powers her family had which she can have but only when the curse is going to have its solution.Priyank Sharma a 25 yrs old billionaire and dangerous mafia, hates to be touched by women. Respects his mother and one and only friend.He doesn't know what past he has which is related to Priya and what more he can have in his life when he truly goes to what his innocent Luna is.Let's see how an innocent soul is going to get corrupted.

  • A Serenade for the Innocent

    A Serenade for the Innocent



    A series of short stories about the horrors of the material world, the fear of the unknown, and a general glimpse of the fragility of the human psyche. Witness the tales of several people as they face adversaries beyond human comprehension. Where does the monster truly lies: inside or outside? If two worlds collide, both will reign in each other's chaos. Do you place your trust in your own understanding of the world? Welcome dear visitor, welcome to a spectacle you never know of. ---- "And then I saw it. Taking his phone is not a wise decision after all. Even my jaw dropped and my brows furrowed after seeing it. I understand. The hasty beating of my heart fills my body with unfathomable chill because I completely understand now." - a short excerpt from Vol. 1, A Serenade for the Innocent

  • The Innocent

    The Innocent

    Once upon a time, in the country of Beglines, there was a young Queen that ruled over all like a spoiled child. The people saw her as a tyrant, but is that really the case? One day, the young Queen laid her eyes upon a familiar face once more, what does this meeting mean? A short story based in the Devil's Knight universe.

  • innocent.


    Teen ROMANCE

    he’s the mean boy. he doesn’t let anyone in. until she comes along.she’s the nerd. she wants to figure him out. but he seems impossibly complicated. is this love?

  • The innocent

    The innocent



    A 18 year old boy is living an ordinarly boring life until a new boy moves in next door. Will the new boy be his knight or his dragon or maybe a little of both?

  • Accusing the Innocent

    Accusing the Innocent

    Blaire used to be a proud teenager who loves a carefree life until she was wrongly accused by the man she loves the most and made her suffer miserably. Years after, she met the man she used to love and did everything she could to avoid crossing their paths. How will she be able to start anew if that same man is now chasing after her?




    Anna smith is the owner of the café, 'Cups and Slices'. One cloudy morning she leaves the house with a frown but returns with a man clinging on her neck. A man she rescued from an accident spot.Raven Lorraine, a businessman who could not get over his shattered past, opens his eyes in a different room only to be met with a pair of curious eyes. Soon​​Soon they discover that Raven has lost his memory from the accident and mistakes Anna as his wife.​​​​​​​This is a story of a girl with overflowing love and a man who lost himself to love. What will their fate be when the secrets of his dark past starts to uncover, threatening to repeat itself?

  • My Innocent Girl

    My Innocent Girl

    He was the coldest boss. Maybe no one ever thought that someone like her- the cute personal assistant - could change anything in his life, but she did. The boss fell for her, head over heels. She felt the perks of being the CEO's girlfriend. But then it occurred. Then one day, she was kidnapped by the Mafia Boss. Who will win her?

  • An Innocent Girl

    An Innocent Girl

    Story is basically based on girl named SOFIA. She acts like shes soo innocent girl, but she is not innocent…..She kills wealthy guys for money with her charming looks and her pretty face. She ask them out for a date and letter on torture them to spill out their ATM pin and then kill those guys…But the twisting point is she is even a CBI officer. And their are two famous CBI officers Sofia and Jonathan, who becomes the main villain in Sofia’s life.Moving further…. Their will be one more main character introduced, who will be love life of Sofia…

  • Lord Xue Ying

    Lord Xue Ying



    In the Tranquil Sun province of the empire, there exists an unremarkable lordship known as Snow Eagle Territory! This is the home of the Dong Bo clan, the clan of our hero Xue Ying! His father, a commoner turned noble; his mother, a noble who abandoned her clan for love, and his brother, an innocent toddler. But peace cannot last forever, Xue Ying’s peaceful life is shattered, and the only way to reclaim it is through power!

  • Innocent Play

    Innocent Play

    Romance YAOI

    Yaoi - Our Mc didn't know he was going to die that night. And he certainly didn't expect to be reborn in a novel as a personnage that died even before the start of the story and was just mentioned one time. In a school were people will die and supernatural things happen... Will he survive his second opportunity of life? Will he find trustworthy friends? Warning : This is yaoi, read at your own accord... it will have gore, deaths and other happenings but romance, jokes and others too! Author notes : - I'm not english so if you see errors, please tell me and I will try to take care of it! - Updates will depend on my mood mental juices...and especially if I'm not feeling lazy. I put this for adults as in the future it will have...+18 scenes. I'm not sure if I put it too early me if you know what I should put it as for the moment >w< Please leave a review behind about your thoughts and have a good reading!

  • Innocent Muqadas

    Innocent Muqadas

    My real story

  • Innocent Princess

    Innocent Princess

    Teen TRAUMA

    Raven Sanchez Raven was take away by her mother from her family when she was 4 years old. her father and ten brothers can't find her like they're a disappeared. Her mother abuse her for years and put Raven in the basement room. she was been abused, neglected and locked in the basement. Raven never see to outside in years she does not remember her family

  • Innocent Seduction

    Innocent Seduction


    Leona was your boring everyday girl until the day she met an incubus. From that moment onward her life has become anything but ordinary.Follow Leona's story as she explores her powers and builds her harem of extraordinary individuals. During this journey, she will encounter a variety of supernatural creatures, discover her true past, and fights gods.******This is a book I wrote over ten years ago. I'm going through and editing the chapters and posting them here. Posting times will be sporadic as this is third on my priority list when it comes to writing.****Personal discord: val_the_mysterious#1956Group on discord: page:'m terrible at updating my social media pages, mostly because I work full time, write in my free time, and have two kids. If you message me on discord I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Innocent wife

    Innocent wife


    Samara Winter was her daddy's only daughter. Her mother had left when she was little for greener pastures but her father had stayed by her side. He cooked, he did the dishes, he taught her how to insert her tampons. He taught her all about adulthood but he forgot that life isn't going to be daisies and roses. he forgot to teach her to cope with this terrible world. he forgot to tell her that the elite society was toxic and she should keep away from them. Most importantly, he forgot to teach her to not fall for cold and heartless billionaires because all they do is play with people like toys.Now, her father has been diagnosed with partial stroke. Samara isn't ready to give up her dreams to become a doctor so she does what any other person would do. She works. With her scholarship threatened, Samara knows she needs to focus more on her studies. She is soon forced by a client of hers into marriage to save her father's life.Neil Thompson was anything but romantic, he was heartless and he despised with his living cells the woman that has been forced into marriage with him by his grandfather. She's a gold digger he can sense it but he can also sense her naivety. A sheep forced into the pack of wolves. He is determined to make her suffer. He hates innocence. He believed no one could be innocent and he is determined to prove himself right and his grandfather wrong.