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  • Death Guns In Another World

    Death Guns In Another World



    Alexander, a young billionaire, died unexpectedly during a school trip. He was reincarnated with some of his classmates in a fantasy world—a world of Sword and Magic where power called Gift existed. However, while everyone awakened wonderful Gift, Alex only awakened two guns. One is silver-colored while the other is black. To make matters worse, Alex couldn't even use magic. "I will stand at the top again; in this new world, I shall become the strongest; I want the power to control my fate and others." Alex's eyes shone as he vowed to himself to succeed at any cost. He will see the end of the road and stand above everyone. This is Alex's story with his two guns in the other worlds. The story of his struggles until he became the strongest of the worlds. The tale of a journey towards the top. The story of the master of Death gun who reappeared after many years of slumber, the worlds shall tremble once again. †††††††††††† Nickaido's here with D-Guns, do not expect the smartest MC because he was once a billionaire, is still young, he has his flaws, he will learn and grow, so will the other characters. At the beginning other characters are stronger but worry not everything will change starting from around chapter 80 onward. Also sorry in advance because some of the female characters have strong backgrounds but it's for the sake of the future story, this book is just the start, I'm still improving. Sorry in advance, English is not my first language, so they may be grammatical errors and misspelled words. Please bear with me. I'm trying to improve to provide a better story. Starting from chapter 200th, I have started using Grammarly premium to help me with the English, so I think it's become better. As for the earliest chapters, I have started to re-edit them slowly; I will do more as I get more time. Maybe hire a professional editor when I can. Once again, this is not some sophisticated story; it has many flaws, which I'm trying to learn from; however, this doesn't make the story less enjoyable. Would you please give it a try? Check Alex's original art on our discover server. The current picture is that of Saeko. I do not own it. Discord Server:



    Humans are physically weak compared to an animals claws, fangs, or venom. But that wasn't able to hinder humans from becoming sole kings atop the food chain. Mainly it was thanks to their wits, ingenuity, and most importantly. Guns... Firearms! Machines! Explosives! NUKES! It was humanity's true strength. Finding ways to make life easier and more convenient through technological innovations. And add petty desires to win wars into that. Cornered and the situation hopeless, Ex Soldier turned Gunsmith Naomi Farlean departs the mundane world and wakes up in one of those fantasy wish fulfillment type of setting. Knights able to smash boulders using fists! Dragons molding kingdoms and cities into flame filled graves! Demented Demons screaming in the name of slaughter! Armed with the knowledge of making firearms. Naomi finds herself on a quest to save not only her own skin but to search for a place for herself in this brand new ludicrous world. Magic and Swords are nice. But how would they fare against modern human's tool for bloodshed? May her bullets be endless. Watch out! There's a new sharpshooter in town! Original Idea By: LittleEccentricThey gave the idea to me.

  • Finger Guns

    Finger Guns


    It’s tough being a hero with a villain’s power. In a world where powers, called legacies, are regulated by the government, you're pretty much out of luck if yours are inherently evil. Lee Hanta, ward of the state, was born with such a power. He can shoot bullets from his fingers, like a gun. Even if he wanted to be a hero, with a legacy like his, all he could do is harm. Growing up in a government-sponsored program that trained children with dangerous legacies for missions, there was no time for daydreams. Until the program was shut down. Now, Lee must take on the most challenging mission of his life— navigating through high school and keeping his legacy (and history) on the down-low. But it’s difficult to do so when all your classmates are heroes!

  • God-tier Farm

    God-tier Farm



    At a low point in his life, Xia Ruofei discovered that a scroll that was passed down in his family had a hidden secret: it contained its own independent world. In the space, there was a spiritual pond that enhanced the growth of plants. There were mysterious spiritual flowers that could cure illnesses. Time in the independent world flowed at a pace ten times that of the outside world. Everything he planted there was of supreme grade and grew at a rapid pace. Everything he raised gained sentience. From that day forth, Xia Ruofei began a different, brilliant life of planting succulent plants and vegetables, raising animals and flirting with beauties.

  • Guns and Fantasy

    Guns and Fantasy

    Guns and fantasy a new VR game with a hefty price tag that only few could afford. An instant hit in the market despite the fact not many could afford it. Our MC was one of those who couldn't afford but one fateful day he found the game in sale section with heavy discount but he found his lucky day was cut short by fate.Picture taken from Spookyayu's Blog

  • Guns Online

    Guns Online

  • Guns N'

    Guns N'


    This is the magical realm. Magic has been used for everything, and it is possessed by everyone. However, because he couldn't use magic, a young man deep in the forest spent his entire day perfecting his marksmanship. His life was threatened one day. Can his guns keep him safe against a formidable magician?As this bizarre tale begins, guns destroy magic!=====Disclaimer:I do not own the cover, if you are the owner, notify me if you want me to take it down.

  • magical guns

    magical guns

  • Guns and Love

    Guns and Love

    There's a fire that burns hotter than normal; a fire that travels from fingertips to skin, lips on lips, lips on skin, bare skin on bare skin. Everything comes with a price and the price of love must also have it's weights in gold.But how long and how far will a man go to own a woman that clouds his mind, and his heart. Jason has never been told no before and he'll do anything even hold the heavens up and freeze hell over just to keep his fire close to his cold heart.A clash between a fiery personality and ice cold one is bound to produce steamy romance.

  • City of Guns

    City of Guns

    17 year old Jaderyn Parke just moved from her small town in New Jersey, to the new big city, Gun City, located somewhere in Texas. It's a huge change, and starting a new school is hard, especially starting junior year. It doesn't help that her father is the famous "Demon Hunter" Smith Parke. And of course this draws the attention of every demon in the city, both chaotic good and chaotic bad. But when the infamous Derik Heath, Demon Prodige, starts to take interest in her, Jaderyn's life gets much harder. In the city ruled by Demons, could a hunter and his daughter truly have a life? Or will tradigy strike, leaving broken hearts, hidden tears, and unheard screams?

  • Guns And Fireflies

    Guns And Fireflies

    Manik & Nandini. Complete Opposites. One hates violence while the other lives for that. One hates swearing and the other can't go a sentence without swearing. Yet the two discover something undeniable between them. What happens when the two are compelled to share a space? Sparks fly!People say, Opposites Attract but will that be the case between these two? Let's see! Enjoy the ride of Manik & Nandini as they find love within chaos.

  • Dao of Guns

    Dao of Guns


    My name is Han Li. I have arrived in This Xianxia like world With a special Gun gifted to me by God. My mission is to entertain god. And I myself am also amused by the various events in this magical world and excited. I have met a few MC's already. I have robbed them of their fortunes and killed some. I did leave some of them alive for fun. I have slaughtered countless people for my cultivation and upgrading my gun. I have become a renowned figure in the world. Many high level cultivators hate me and want to kill me but can they block my super awesome spiritual gun that has many many functions. Hah! the answer is not. I have created a new dao unique to myself. Those sword cultivators who pride themselves as the strongest will fall down in the might of my super duper awesome mega gun.*********************Note: My first language is not english. So I've probably made a lot of mistakes.

  • Pens & Guns

    Pens & Guns

    A girl with a penpal. . .In a mafia world full of guns and chasing cars. . .A man goes missing. . .The government is hungry for power. . .Savannah is desperate to survive. But what she has may not be enough.For a lot can go wrong with just--A pen and a gun?

  • Guns a blazin'

    Guns a blazin'

    This story is an abuse boy and his struggle to survive on planet Flinkaz. This world is ruled by the mafia families.

  • Lipsticks and guns

    Lipsticks and guns

    Contemporary Romance R18 BEAUTY KILLER

    Jasmine became a human-robot dead to emotions, the night her parents were murdered in cold blood right in front of her. She was a killer, the type that tempts a man with her body, entices him with her siren-like voice, and then drives a blade into his chest sending him to his Creator. When her uncle and the only family she had is killed by the Governor she sought out to get him in the only way she knows how to, but her plan falls through as she discovered he wasn't in the least interested in her body. In between being his assistant, sharing a floor with him, and wondering why he had such a cold blank look that made her shiver, he slowly was beginning to work his way into a piece of her anatomy she could swear she had tossed into a dumpster - Her heart. Now Jasmine must choose between revenging her uncle's death or try figuring out if there was more to the hardcore desire she felt for a man she was supposed to hate with her being.

  • Guns A’ Blazin’

    Guns A’ Blazin’


    A rag-tag police force looking to protect their precious city, no matter the cost. With some comedy and romance in the mix.

  • Guns and Lipsticks

    Guns and Lipsticks

  • The Six Guns

    The Six Guns

    After an incident called the Naris Catastrophe, the world was brought down to it's knees. With humanity on the verge of extinction, a hero rose up and stopped the beast named Naris in it's tracks. Though the hero was successful in stopping the beast, the whole world suffered extreme damage. Shortly after the beast fell, the hero whom defeated the beast vanished. However, a new found source of energy called Endoindustria seeped into the world during the catastrophe. With this energy, humans began to wield magic and use this energy to replace modern guns and explosives. It took over a century to rebuild the world and become stable again, but with the help of the newfound "Endo"; as it's popularly known; humanity rebuilt society and progressed science. Now, the year is 2190. A group of outlaws called The Six Guns stand between the world and a tyrannical reign of the Mages Guild. A group known to be the strongest magic users in the world whom lead the government of a newly developed country called Omnia. With a man named Siran at the head, and all of the history lost between the Naris Catastrophe and the rebuilding process; who is really the bad guy?

  • Suits and Guns

    Suits and Guns


    ONCE FORGOTTEN. TWICE BEYRAYED. THE DEADLIEST WILL COME BACK.Mrs Anderson made a deal with Alfieri, a mafia boss, to secure her daughter's safety-Amber Anderson. Hindi man naging maganda ang pagkikita ni Alfieri at Amber ay walang magagawa ang dalaga kundi pakisamahan ang binata, isa pa ay kailangan niya ito dahil sa mga taong gustong pumatay sa kaniya. Habang tumatagal kasabay ng mga pagtatanka sa buhay ni Amber Anderson ay mas dumarami rin ang mga tanong na namumuo sa kaniyang isipan, at isa lang ang kailangan niyang gawin-iyon ay ang hanapin at alamin kung sino nga ba talaga siya.When her blood runs cold. Hide before she finds you.

  • Gays With Guns

    Gays With Guns


    "I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm actually a good person.""Last time I checked good people didn't shove strangers in basements!"Stock·holm syn·dromenoun: Stockholm syndromefeelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.