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  • Pack


    In the werewolf society, women are required by Pack Law to take on more than one mate. Not everyone wants to share and things get even more complicated when an evil force decides to destroy them. Four stories featuring interconnected, dark and sultry, paranormal romances. Includes: Defying Pack Law Betraying the Pack Seeking Pack Redemption New Pack Order ***All the books include menage / reverse harem situations. Reader discretion is advised. Pack is created by Eve Langlais, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Riding with the Pack

    Riding with the Pack

    When Harlow’s car breaks down outside of Gnaw Bone, New Mexico, she’s not expecting that the incredibly attractive man who comes to her rescue is part of a motorcycle club—let alone that he is a werewolf! But at the opportunity to start anew, far away from her less-than-squeaky-clean past, Harlow decides to stick around and gets a job at the local bar. Things are especially complicated as Harlow falls for Cyrus, the Beta of the Bone Hills Howlers while befriending and working for his sworn enemies, the Blood Dogs. But can Harlow and Cyrus bridge the gap between their two rival packs…or will their passion force them to break every rule? *** Cyrus’s lips met mine, and in an instant, a rush of desire overpowered my senses. Our hands finally released one another and…he grabbed my hips, and soon I was straddling him. I pulled away for a second. “I assume this is against the rules?” He responded by pulling me back to him, kissing me harder. Another moan escaped from my mouth as his lips made their way to my neck. When he reached my ear he whispered, “Tell me you’re real.” I laughed slightly. “I’m as real as they come,” I whispered back. I could feel myself just as aroused as he was. I wanted more, and when I looked into his eyes, I could tell he did too. Riding with the Pack is created by Sharp Ink., an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • The Pack!

    The Pack!


    In a world were werewolves rule the forests and vampires are forced to live on high mountains in exile, young William has to adapt to his new life as a werewolf as the pack is put under strain by the neighbouring pack and the vampires develop a plan to take down the wolves and once again rule all of the United Kingdom. Will the times when terror filled the hearts of people with vampires ruling return or will the packs stay in control?

  • The Pack of Packs

    The Pack of Packs

  • The Macconwood Wolf Pack

    The Macconwood Wolf Pack

    Welcome to Maccon City, New Jersey, home of the Macconwood Pack. The Wolf shifters of this Jersey shore town are searching for their mates! You won’t want to miss a single page as these Wolves fight for their fated mates and a chance of true love and ultimate happiness. Journey into a world of growly shifters and unsuspecting normals, where a Pack Alpha must find his mate before a rogue Wolf seizes control of his Pack. Charley’s Christmas Wolf begins the epic saga. Rafe Maccon is the Alpha of the Macconwood Pack, Charley Palmieri lives alone with her cat until one night when her world is changed forever. Instant attraction sparks between them. Will she be his one true mate, for life? Follow their story, and those of his Wolf Guard in this steamy paranormal romance saga. The Macconwood Wolves invite you to join their Pack today. After all, everyone deserves a happy ever after. The Macconwood Wolf Pack is created by C.D. Gorri, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Crystal Pack

    Crystal Pack


  • Pack Ultima

    Pack Ultima

  • Starter pack

    Starter pack

  • Our pack

    Our pack


    I’m lardina and this is my pack No I’m not the alpha though it seems like it but this is a story of how one day I woke up and everyone became animals And I don’t mean turn into them I mean ugh whatever just read this and you’ll get what I mean

  • Moonlight Pack

    Moonlight Pack


    When Bella makes a shocking discovery about her heritage

  • The BloodMoon Pack

    The BloodMoon Pack

    Alexis zeus runs away from the Iris pack after losing a challenge againist the luna. Where will she go?

  • The Darksea Pack

    The Darksea Pack

    Fantasy Romance WEREWOLF

    This is about an aquatic werewolf pack and what happened to them for the pack to fall apart. This story takes place in the Midnight Sea and ends on Midnight Island. Note:These places are fictional and belong to the author, if you wish to use these places please ask the author for permission first. Thanks. This is just a temporary place for this story and the real Author will publish it on their account some time in the future.

  • The Pack

    The Pack (reincarnation)

  • The forgotten pack

    The forgotten pack

  • The Wolf Pack

    The Wolf Pack

  • The Valley Pack

    The Valley Pack

    Lar and his pack of four fighting for survival, out of two neighboring pack fight for land as the valley pack is stuck in the middle.



    Fantasy Romance MAGIC MYSTERY

    As a security guard and a recent widow, Joy never expected her life to turn into a fairy tale. But when she unknowingly risks her life to save the lives of two visiting kings, she's granted a new life she never would have imagined in her wildest dreams. She's forced to make decisions that will impact not only her family, and her, but a whole nation. will the dream become a nightmare? Not only are there many nations to consider in her decisions, but many lives are counting on her ability to make these decisions. Behind the shadows lurks an evil no one could have expected. It is waiting on the perfect time to strike. There are Werewolf's, Vampires, Pixies, Ferries, and many other magical creatures of legends and folk lore in this series. There are battles, and general fights throughout the series. Weather they are mental or physical, you can be the judge. There is much much more in the books to come. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts. I value every opinion. My readers are what makes writing so much fun. Thank you all!

  • Running With The Pack

    Running With The Pack


    Sometimes your life can change in a split second. For better or worse. Follow Sera in this journey of love and the paranormal. Will it finally be smooth sailing for Sera after 23 years of torment and pain, or will this change of fate take her on a wild ride. Read more to find out.

  • One with the Pack

    One with the Pack

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CAMPUS WEREWOLF

    Monsters are real, with the increase of humans they learn how to blend in. Camilia has never really thought about monsters. As a top student and manager of the basketball team she's content. Until she's attacked by a werewolf and forced to transfer into an elite private school, full of monsters.

  • Wolf pack

    Wolf pack

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