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  • Test Book 0001

    Test Book 0001

    This is line 1. This is line 2. This is line 3. And this is line 4.

  • Beta Test

    Beta Test


    Elizabeth or as what she liked to call herself Liz, was a shy person and loved video games. She had a happy life with her family. That life was dampened when her ex ran her over and left her by the side of the road. luckily she was taken to a hospital and lived but was told she was never going to walk again.Liz tried to not let it get to her and moved in with her sister Jill Then tried to find a job she could do from her home.Over the course of 2 years and going over several options Liz ended up deciding to become a streamer after getting lucky after a few months of streaming and enjoying talking to people throughout the world over the Internet.After a year she got popular enough to get requests to beta test games and give her opinions to her audience for publicity.So when Liz got a request to Beta test the state-of-the-art virtual world headset she happily accepted not realizing how this would affect her life.

  • Beta Zero

    Beta Zero


  • The Beta System

    The Beta System


    An intelligent four year old boy, Clinton, is bestowed with the Beta System. Being told that 1 year later, the world will change and everyone will have a system, and there will be intense contest against people of other planets 5 years later to determine which planet gets to survive, Clinton will do what he can to be the strongest person that no one can defeat and save his world..... Or not. Watch as Clinton dominates everything with his insane luck.*Warning: This is an op mc novel, if you don't like op mc then don't read.**This is just a hobby of mine, so don't expect any regular updates. Probably just gonna write once in a while when I feel like it and when I have ideas.**Also, if there are any inconsistencies, sorry, cause I do tend to forget what I've previously written. Please tell me if you see any, and I'll try to fix them.*

  • The special Beta

    The special Beta

  • Closed Beta That Only I Played

    Closed Beta That Only I Played


    "Game user confirmation." -Currently game user : 1 "……." The 1 person the system mentions is me. That is how I could tell that this game will fail as well……. Juyeong Hong enjoys playing games more than anyone else, and is captivated by one which yields as much as the effort he puts into it, unlike his studies, where he has made no progress no matter the effort. Juyeong has bet nearly his entire life on the game and applies to be a beta tester. He is accepted for the game “Forgotten Legend” which has not been officially launched. Juyeong played with more effort than anyone and had a lot of fun, but there were seemingly no other players who had enjoyed it, so the game disappeared without a trace. Only three closed beta tests had been done ……. Moreover, the last closed beta test involved Juyeong Hong only. Then one day, the game returned, under a new title “Revival Legend.” Then suddenly, for some unknown reason, top companies around the world begin wanting to own the rights …

  • This is a Beta Test?! - A Literally Broken System

    This is a Beta Test?! - A Literally Broken System



    "Why ship a game that isn't even complete!?" *I don't know! Why don't you at least tell me what to fix so that we won't die?!* *** Moriya didn't even think getting sucked into a different world was possible. Whether being a realist or being a straight-up pessimist, he never believed that the day when he'd be warped into a world entirely unlike his own would even happen. After all, why should it, right? But then... It actually happened. Finding himself inside the setting of an upcoming game, Moriya wandered in awe at the sight of strange environments, the various state powers vying for supremacy over the vast expanse of the seas. Hell, even infinite worlds and stars, [The Seams] seemingly had it all. Unfortunately, there was just one problem: the game was literally broken right from the start. Joined by a colorfully dysfunctional cast and the game world's actual developer, watch as Moriya struggles with bugs and glitches as he navigates this new world. Witness our valiant hero deal with the most infuriating and rage-inducing aspects of gaming in real life. And what if... Just what if, he actually learns how to wield these ridiculous errors to his advantage? UPDATES: Daily 17:00 JST DISCORD: TWT: @ChellyArks

  • Beta Tyler

    Beta Tyler

    Fantasy Romance R18 SUPERPOWERS

    Emily Mitchell had always been a good girl. Always playing by the rules. When her high school sweetheart and long time boyfriend dumps her for a new hottie, she is left with a broken heart and a bitter soul. Her friends encourage her to go on, taking her to their annual camping trip during their fall break. But nothing is the same after that. A constant dream haunts her at night. A handsome face she can't make out, why does she see it every night, and why can't she recall his features in the morning. Just when she hits her 24th birthday and is ready to call it quits, her mother becomes desperate to see her smiling again. Setting her up with one blind date after another. Emily dreads the next weekend, to find the next so called bachelor who will sweep her off her feet. Things turn ugly when she goes on a date with a guy who is nothing but self absorbed. She then meets the rough but hot new guy in town Tyler Slate, who may just be the one to sweep her off her feet as deja vu taunts with her mind each time she sees him. Though she tries to avoid him, but being stuck as his guide to see the town makes it difficult for her to avoid him. He hides a big secret from her, and though he dreads to stay away from her, he finds hard to avoid being present in her life. Despite his fierce attraction of the mating bond for her, he tries one thing after another to drive himself away, before he looses his self control over the mating bond. Can human, Emily Mitchell handle being mated to the one and only beta of the Primord's pack? Will she be able to handle finding he is in fact, a werewolf? Not just any werewolf, but a Primord. Part of the oldest and fiercest pack in all existence.. Will they embark in a romantic relationship of happily ever after? or will their differences drive them apart and set them into a spiral of hate towards each other? Will he be able to resist the call of the mating bond? Or will he set his pride aside and embrace his new mate?

  • She's My Beta and My Mate

    She's My Beta and My Mate


    Micah As the Alpha of Midnight Moon, my first priority is protecting my pack, not finding my mate. So when we are threatened by Dark Eclipse pack, my goal is to keep the threat away. I don't care about the upcoming Moon Goddess Ball, and I certainly don't care that I need a new Beta. Especially since the next person in line has been following me around like a puppy dog since we were little kids. Who cares if she's also beautiful? Zariah I'm next in line to become Beta. It's too bad Alpha Micah refuses to recognize that I'm fully capable of helping lead this pack and keep them safe. He can be such a jerk! So what if he's also incredibly hot? When Micah and Zariah find out they are mates, can they overcome their differences to save their pack and find love - or is the couple, and their pack, doomed? From the author of The Last Luna. She's My Beta and My Mate is created by ID Johnson, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • My Brothers Beta

    My Brothers Beta


    This story is for a mature audience only! 17+ "Oh hey Lilly pup" I said as I ran into Lily pup. "Hey Dean ! I can't sleep, it's like my mind keeps trying to wake me up! More specifically my wolf is all riled up" She let out a small giggle. I laughed. Poor lil pup can't sleep. "Well have you tried counting sheep". I teased her. She nodded. " I did, but Its not working" "Well, how about you get some milk?" "Okay!" She followed me down the stairs to the kitchen. 'Aww he is so sweet' There she is again. But this time it was louder. "Lilly pup?" She looked up. "What is your mind saying to you?" "Well it keeps whispering to wake up. I've never had anything like that" My wolf got excited. I felt love fill me up. I felt like I was on clouds. I felt protective over her. Not lust just love. It was like my wolf wanted to keep her safe no matter what. 'Dean is silly he looks funny' Lily pup was my mate. I was mates with a 13 year old.

  • Beta Tester Of Apocalypse

    Beta Tester Of Apocalypse


    The apocalypse has started and people are going crazy. Murder, Betrayal and all bad things just for one level up. But one person does not have to fret because he is the Beta Tester of the Apocalypse.

  • My Beta and Alpha

    My Beta and Alpha

  • The Royalty (Alpha×beta)

    The Royalty (Alpha×beta)

  • NS: Beta

    NS: Beta


  • Revenge of the fallen Beta

    Revenge of the fallen Beta

    All Cara ever wanted was to be able to take her Beta boyfriend Dane as a chosen mate. But when he unexpectedly loses his rank and her true mate comes along, she finds herself torn between the title her mate can give her and the unwavering loyalty Dane offers. With Dane fixated on revenge and stopping at nothing as he ruthlessly schemes and plots to regain his place in the pack and his woman, he must overcome those who seek to play him at his own game. And ultimately, Cara must decide whether to play with him or against him. Trigger Warning: contains coarse language, erotic scenes, and cheating*

  • Beta Tester

    Beta Tester

    Can being a Beta Tester really be an intense job? Well, for some, it's simply a small thrill, for others, a task that provides finance. But for Marshall, things aren't always exactly the way others expect it to be. With his experience, Beta Tesing has taken a whole new level. Trapped in a Game, could he escape with his friends and destroy the mastermind behind this? or will they be either stuck or dead in this new reality? Can he perform his job as a Beta Tester while trying to stay alive in this unstable world?

  • Beta testing

    Beta testing

  • beta test

    beta test

  • Story [ BETA ]

    Story [ BETA ]

    A story of a traveling entity trying to find it's beginning, Finding people is a surprise.

  • BETA chronicles

    BETA chronicles

    journey of two teen age brothers , who get wound up in a war , discovering the truth of their world(BETA) and inevitably about their universe. The quest which began as curiosity will end up deciding the fate of the universe. Stay tuned!!!!