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  • Prince


    Xenon Kathrine Cruz, A hidden Princess of the kingdom named Xyxaxe. She has a mission to be done by getting the prince back to his castle, can she make it?

  • Prince


    He dropped his pen near her knowingly..She picked it up .." H.H.Here's your p.p.pen..." she said shyly...*Pervert mode on*"I have my own already..." He mockingly said with a slight grin...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Love Care Respect Life Struggle Betrayal Conspiracy Romance PRINCE ?

  • The Cursed Prince

    The Cursed Prince



    This book is about baby-making. [COMPLETED on chapter 715] The crown prince was cursed on the day he was born, that he will never be happy. What's worse, no woman could touch him without dying. Thus, finding a wife to produce an heir became the royal family's greatest challenge since the prince is the only son. Until one day.. a servant girl who tried to kill him didn't end up dying after they touched. Emmelyn was a princess from one of their colonies who vowed to avenge her family's death by killing the crown prince. And that's how she ended up in his castle. Seeing that she was the only woman he could have a sexual relationship with, without killing her, the prince made an agreement to let her go and free her kingdom from his oppression if she produced for him three heirs. Emmelyn said yes, but every day that they were together, she made plans to kill him and get her revenge. Can Emmelyn get what she wanted, or would she be entangled deeper with the enemy who was deemed as the devil incarnate himself by his enemies? EXCERPT: "You will be the mother of my children," said the man in a commanding tone. His shameless words rendered Emmelyn speechless and shocked, more so, than the kiss he landed on her lips earlier. "I need three children from you." "Eh ... wait.. what? Hold on a minute," Emmelyn, who was moved from her shock, hurriedly rubbed her lips roughly as if trying to remove the devil's marks from them. "I don't want to be your wife! I don't want to marry you, you devil!!" The man frowned and squinted his eyes menacingly. "Who said anything about marriage?" THE NEXT DAY "Let's go," said the prince. "Let's go where?" Emmelyn asked, not understanding. "Let's go make babies." *** CHECK OUT MY OTHER BOOKS with all doting husbands: - The King's Wife Is The Alpha's Mate - ONGOING - The Cursed King - COMPLETED - Finding Stardust - COMPLETED - The Alchemists - COMPLETED - The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love - COMPLETED - Till Death Do Us Part - COMPLETED I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS. This book is VERY FUNNY, and VERY LEWD. Only for ADULTS and open-minded people. BUY ME COFFEE? Watch the book trailer on TikTok/Instagram: @missrealitybites Discord server:

  • National School Prince Is A Girl

    National School Prince Is A Girl



    Fu Jiu appears to be a normal lad in high school on the surface. But in fact, she (Yes! She!) is the hacker, Z, a villain-terminator in the online world of an alternate world. Having reincarnated into the body of a woman and being forced to disguise herself as a young man, she reigns over the game world, fights for justice, and puts a spell on all the girls around with her innate charm. However, her flirting comes across as gay to the rich Almighty Qin and his inner circle. Over time, the Almighty Qin falls for him… her. Has he turned gay for him… her? Now, that's confusing! Keywords: Rebirth, Face-slapping, Online gaming, Pet lover, Hacking, Chocolate-flavored lollipop Sugary Scene: Fu Jiu said, "Almighty Qin, do you have a girlfriend?" Qin Mo lowered his laptop. "No." Fu Jiu lowered her voice and started flirting carelessly. "You have one now, me." Upon hearing that, Qin Mo pounced on Fu Jiu domineeringly! Fu Jiu was stunned. "Wait, what are you doing?" Qin Mo replied, "Exercising my boyfriend rights." Please support us on Patreon: If we hit certain milestones, we will release more chapters in a mass release as well as increase the release rate!

  • Ileus: The Dark Prince

    Ileus: The Dark Prince



    (Mature Content) Escaping from the wedding she dreaded with Crown Prince, Aed Ruad, Princess Anastasia ended up becoming the captive of the Lore's most dangerous man, Prince Ileus. She knows of a secret she wants to trade with him but the price is high. And Ileus… He wants her and something more. Delve into the dark and mysterious world of Anastasia and Ileus as they fight against lure, power, greed and maddening attraction. Will Anastasia get free from him? Will Ileus achieve his purpose? Join them to feel it! Other novels in this series include: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (Completed) The cover belongs to me. It is commissioned. Cover artist: Micehellwd

  • Trapped with a Demon Prince

    Trapped with a Demon Prince


    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] A woman with a phobia of men and a Demon Prince trapped inside a robot's body… After finding out that she only has a month left to live, Zarina, a rich businesswoman in her twenties, decides to spend all of her hard-earned money and buy everything she lacks - a hot boyfriend, a love life, and a great sex life. But there is a big obstacle to that - her severe phobia of men. She ends up purchasing a realistic and hot as hell robot boyfriend to solve that problem. But upon it's arrival, she was shocked when the robot claims he is not a perfect boyfriend but a sex robot! And the plot twist did not stop there. Unbeknownst to her, someone is actually trapped in the robot - and it's a demon prince. Excerpt: “Are you sure about this, Zary?” He grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him.“Answer me," his voice became demanding, so unlike her usually naughty and playful Sam. “Because the moment I’m side you, you’re mine.”

  • Sold to a Prince!

    Sold to a Prince!



    In the land of magic and beasts, Sylvia was betrayed by her family and sold off as a slave. She was expecting the worst, but fortunately, it was a handsome prince who had ‘bought’ her! Who doesn’t love a charming, benevolent, and kind prince, not to mention ridiculously handsome? But, little did Sylvia know that the charming handsome prince was no angel but rather a devil in disguise! The calm, kind and good-hearted Sylvia found herself slowly changing under the devil's influence but worst of all, she found herself becoming more and more addicted to the two-faced devil who harbored dark and dangerous secrets. But could she ever fully trust the shameless devil? Or was he just one of the many who desired her hidden powers? Let the games begin! ....................... Excerpt: "Are you getting ready for your engagement, my sweet kitten?" The devil's familiar voice drawled, making Sylvia's entire body tingle with an unfathomable need. She gazed into his dark coal black eyes, lost within them, as he rubbed her lips with his thumb. This man... This man in front of her alone had the power to make her knees weak and her heart crumble. "Heh. Being silent, are we?" The devil chuckled, his hand moving away from her lips to the back of her head. He clutched a handful of her soft silver hair and pulled her closer to him, capturing her lips with his. Sylvia snapped out of her trance and commanded her body to push the devil away but her traitorous body only yearned for him more and she wrapped her hands around his neck instead. The devil's lips curved upwards, his grin widening in satisfaction. His hand then moved down to her gorgeous engagement gown laced with diamonds and rubies which came undone as soon as he touched. The laces, the veil, the flowers, the jewelry, everything was ripped to shreds, leaving behind only herself. An entire morning spent on getting ready and dressing up gone to waste just like that! "You!" Sylvia glared at the shameless devil angrily. She had given him an inch but he went for the mile! She pushed him away with all the force that she could muster, pinning him against the wall, imprisoning his rude mannerless hands. "Heh? Why are you angry, my darling? Aren't I helping you? Why waste your time attending the meaningless engagement, when you already know that you belong to me and me alone?" "Go to hell! Who said I belong to you! I belong to no one." "Is that so?" The devil leaned forward, gently knocking his forehead with hers. "Shall I leave then...?" He whispered, his warm breath caressing her cheeks. Sylvia's face instantly reddened as she couldn't resist the devil's sweet temptations anymore... She gave into the man's wicked allure and pressed her lips over his, stopping his mouth from taunting her and teasing her any further. ....................... Instagram: yolohy_webnovel Patreon: Discord:

  • Profane Prince of Domination

    Profane Prince of Domination



    Government intelligence agencies realized that Konrad, the world’s number one wife robber, was endowed with a supreme weapon allowing him to turn the purest of maidens into hungry beasts: The Golden Rod! Eager to obtain that marvelous weapon for their own nefarious purposes, powerful politicians send their teams after him, hoping to capture and analyze the rod. Konrad was chased from one corner of the world to another and ultimately cornered. But in a fit of fury, he chose to destroy what they worked so hard to obtain! “Screw your ten thousand ancestors! Only I can wield the golden rod! Since you want it so badly, then fetch its remains!” He howled as he aimed a gun at the golden rod. But suddenly, the sky darkened, and purple lightning struck him from above. “Fool! This is a national treasure! Who gave you the right to harm it?” The Happiness God roared in indignation while sending Konrad into reincarnation. “This time put the treasure to better use. Complete all the quests, and I might even let you enjoy the sweet fruits of paradise!” “God, I won’t disappoint you!” Happiness God even gave him a tailor-made system. But there was one problem, he was reborn in the body of a half-incubus eunuch caned to death for offending the emperor’s favorite consort! *YIKES* Empresses, imperial consorts, princesses, daughters of powerful families. Within the confines of the Holy Flame City, no beauty is safe from Konrad’s demonic clutches. “Finally, a body matching my demonism.” “To all the beauties of this world, I announce that your conquest now begins!” Tags: Harem, System, R-18, Mature, Reincarnation, Anti-Hero, Shameless Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Immoral Protagonist, Dual Cultivation, Demons, Politics, Comedy, Face-smacking. Author's note: You can expect a lot of smut, comedy, and face-smacking. If any of this bothers you, this is not for you. I do not own the cover. I'm evil. (Check out my latest work: Reverend Ecstasy)

  • Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

    Married To The Cruel Crown Prince



    Han Sheng Li is the Crown Prince of the Great Han kingdom. Since the age of fourteen, he mostly went to the wars with his father, Han Wenji, the great emperor of the Han Kingdom. He's the most favored child of his father but, is the cruelest and ruthless among all of his seven half brothers. An-Ying Lili, who is known for her kindness and beauty, is the princess of Juyan City. She could not see her family die at the hands of Han Sheng Li so agreed with the marriage alliance which was put forward by the Emperor of Han. ~~~~“I heard you are the kindest woman in the entire Han Kingdom but, it seems opposite to me. You want me to die!!” The Crown Prince astonishingly said, keeping his icy gaze intact on the woman on his bed. “Cruel people are not worthy of anyone’s kindness,” the Crown princess pronounced sternly. The crown prince chuckled. “Kindest is the one who whimpers in pain. Are you ready for undergoing that pain with this cruel man?” Crown prince asked, slightly tilting his head, and a smirk formed on his lips.Leaning closer to Ying Lili's ear, Sheng Li whispered, "Never expect love from this evil and cruel man. Feed this in your mind- 'You will never warm my bed.' Remember this memorable wedding night, my dear Crown Princess."~~~~~~Thanks to "LydiaF" for proofreading the chapters for me. Thanks to My CE for this amazing Title suggestion.The art is commissioned from lia.audelia. The book won WSA NOMINATION 2021, thanks to my lovely readers.Please check out my new story in the same setting- "Gifted Bride of the Sinned Prince."Follow me on Instagram- @rayoflight_pcy

  • The Chaos Dragon Prince

    The Chaos Dragon Prince



    The Domain Of Gods exists! For years, Cain searched for ways on his Modern Earth to travel to the world where beings akin to Gods roam about. Nobody believed he could do it, but Cain never gave up. And after so many arduous years, he finally created the ritual that would transmigrate him to the Domain Of Gods! When the ritual had actually worked, Cain should've been positively elated. He even managed to transmigrate into the body of a genuine Dragon Prince. But, there was one major problem. Despite being the grandson of a Dargon God, he had zero cultivation for 18 years of his life! But, instead of feeling despair or cursing his luck over such a cliche scenario, Cain welcomed this problem with a maddening smile. Who cares if I have zero cultivation?! I will become a free reign expert no matter the means!

  • Bought by the Billionaire Prince

    Bought by the Billionaire Prince


    Author: Theresa Oliver is an author of clean contemporary romance, clean historical romance, young adult, middle grades, and children's picture books. Theresa is the author of the Christmas Cove series, the Whiskey River Brides series with Hot Tree Publishing, and much more. She lives in Florida with her husband, children, a persnickety cat, and a very bossy dog. Synopsis: She's a college student, trying to save her sister. He's the Prince of Estrea, trying to save his family. Together, they discover the true meaning of love and sacrifice.... College student Ari Douglas just learned that her sister, Henley, has leukemia. As the daughters of a single mother with no insurance, they don't have many options or hope. Then a friend tells Ari about AmericanMate, an elite modern matchmaking service. With no other options and needing cash quickly, she applies to the service. Former playboy Prince Grayson Pierce of Estrea is tired of women wanting him for his money and title. Having just suffered a very public breakup, Grayson is through with love. At the urging of his best friend and wanting to settle down, Grayson decides to go through AmericanMate. But he has just one catch: He's in it for life. There has never been a divorice in the long line of succession of the monarchy... ever. After just one meeting on the Internet and with no other options to help her sister, Ari agrees, But she has to be at the altar in Estrea in three days. Now, with a shadow cast over the realm and the ticking clock of her sister's illness, can two hearts sacrificing for the good of their families find love in each other? Or will their marriage be the ultimate sacrifice? In this heartwarming tale of love and loss, two hearts discover the true meaning of love, family, and sacrifice in Bought by the Billionaire Prince.

  • The Tears of a Prince

    The Tears of a Prince



    Kai had left everything behind. His past and his hurtful memories. He wished to forget it all, the blood, the hunger, the pain and the responsibilities. He didn't want his legacy, he didn't want his bloody crown after he lost everything, his everything. That's why he ran and ran, trying to hide from his own guilt, from the fact that he was a monster.Many years later they find him. Friends and foes all part of a greater mystery and somehow he is involved. Soon an adventure begins filled with blood, tears and old memories that feel like they have come back to haunt him. As the man with the tattoo on his neck returns the one he used to call his destiny, his dead heart starts to beat again. "They are after me. They will try to kill you too""I don't care what happens to me, as long as I get to save you"

  • Bewitched by the Demon Prince

    Bewitched by the Demon Prince



    But how could water and fire become one without destroying one another? ~ That one dark night, a calamity had befallen upon the rebellious crown-princess of Dnexaro but there was a certain stranger who came to her rescue right on time. A certain someone with eyes resembling ablaze coals as if molten lava ran in his veins instead of blood. All she wanted was to escape from that prison called 'Palace' and her so-called 'family'. He was providing her the chance, what else could she ask for? But little did she know, she was going to get stuck with this 'stranger' thousands of years back in time where neither would she be a princess nor would he be her rescuer. From one prison to another but this time she had fallen in the maze of magic adorned with lust for power, ran by demons and monsters... Is her rescuer one of those monsters? Seeking the answer for the question, she will come across an even baffling question... Is she one of them as well?

  • To Be a Demon Prince

    To Be a Demon Prince



    Accused of being a terrorist, Montana Mills had been driven out of his home. Seeking vengeance, he ran to an organization to train and hunt down the person who stole his identity. However, things take a turn for the worse when the person ends up being a witch. Witch… they are the people who received powers from demons in exchange for helping the demons propagate sins. Rendering the normal weapons useless against their kind, the witches only have a few fears. Montana Mills is just an ordinary person who summoned a demon for a hellhound; he has no idea he would be on a path to fully embrace the dark magic just for his personal gain. However, his handler, Belphegor, has more plans for him. Using his sudden spark of vindication, Belphegor wage a war against the master of the terrorist—his own brother at arms, Satan. Gaining the support of more and more Princes of Hell, Montana gets pit against one of them. Stakes rise, and even his forgotten past is unearthed. Embracing a new name to propel his goals forward, Montana willingly enters the world of demons… and even vied to replace the Demon Prince of Wrath himself. ... "So it all came to this. You and me, finally standing face-to-face." A wide, menacing grin spread on Satan's face as he looked down at the approaching witch. "Tell me, Montana Mills... how was your descent to Hell?" "Worth the wait." Montana lifted his left arm and curled his fingers, blue flames blazing to turn it into a four-fingered claw. "Since you're looking forward to meeting me, I take it as you getting ready to fall by my hands." Satan only got up from the throne and dropped the goblet at the side as his humongous bat-like wings slowly spread behind him, casting a shadow that ate up the entire width of the chamber. He raised both hands as if downplaying the witch's words. "You really think you can kill me now?" Montana crouched down and summoned the blue flames to embrace his body as a silhouette of a hellhound emerged around him. "I do." Boom! He dashed towards the demon prince at the speed of sound and swung down his claw. Satan only laughed out as he summoned bones to cover his arms and block the attack. A loud sound and a brutal shockwave followed and rippled through the air as Montana's claw struck against Satan's arm. With their eyes getting at the same level, Satan returned the glare that Montana gave him. However, Montana grinned as well as his dark eyes lit up brightly in blue fire. "Do you really think I can't take your place as a demon prince?" ... This is a work of fiction. All similarities to events and people are coincidental.

  • The Crown Prince(ss) [BL]

    The Crown Prince(ss) [BL]


    Born as a baby boy, his parents gave him the name Elennora Nenadovic, a girl’s name. It didn't stop there, they also asked him to wear a dress instead of pants, asked him to grow his pink hair long, and even asked him to put two lumps of cloth on his chest. And worst of all, his parents, the King and the Queen, asked him to become the Crown Princess of Grinia. Even though he knew everything, the eighteen-year-old teenager was still willing to grant his parents' request in order to keep the people of Grinia safe. Therefore, instead of being the Crown Prince, he was known as Crown Princess Elennora of Grinia. Letting her pink hair grow long, wearing a beautiful dress, also tucking the lumps of cloth into her chest. That was something he always did every day. Bearing the title of Crown Princess of Grinia, his people continue to laud and love him. They were even willing to die for the Crown Princess. His life seemed perfect with his title and very high position in the kingdom, but actually, he was just a puppet. The cheerful Elennora turned gloomy even though he would become the first Queen of Grinia in the future. He had to go through cloudy days until he finally met the Crown Prince of the Wrelloven kingdom, Levan Godwinson. Unlike Crown Princess Elennora who had to obey his parents' orders in order to reach the highest throne of Grinia, Crown Prince Levan lived with complete power over himself, and he could ask for anything from his parents and also his people. Who would have thought that his first wish after living for twenty years was to marry Crown Princess Elennora? Will his wish come true when the Crown Princess is actually a Crown Prince just like him? ~~~ Note: the MC (Elennora) is the bottom, while the ML (Levan) is the top. I created the artwork on the cover on Picrew, and the creator is @k_pupu

  • The Prince and The Pirate

    The Prince and The Pirate


    Ilona Black is the oldest daughter of the Pirate King. All her life, she's wanted to be a great pirate captain, just like her father. When she's finally given the chance, however, things go terribly wrong- Ilona's younger siblings have been captured and now it's up to her to get them back. All hope seems lost until she happens to meet the wickedly handsome Prince Mason who is having his own bad luck. He has been promised to marry a princess who he is quite certain is evil. He has no way to escape the marriage but once he meets the beautiful pirate Captain he comes up with a plan that will help them both. He will marry the daughter of the cruel king who took Ilona's siblings. They sail away and the plan seems perfect. Mason will escape the evil princess and Ilona will get her siblings back. But what happens when they start to fall for each other and put their whole plan in jeopardy? And what if their ship never reaches its destination at all?

  • Genius Seventh Prince

    Genius Seventh Prince



    Greyson was born as the talented seventh prince of the small Ley Kingdom in the desolate Snow Country but he ended up an orphan at a local church in neighboring kingdom. Follow this genius and his rise to the top in a world where magic reigns supreme.Information for me:Connect with me on Discord:

  • The Broken Prince (BL)

    The Broken Prince (BL)



    Alexander, the Prince of the Sea who's power has not yet been brought out of him, came to know the reality of his existence that could lead to his demise. Hade, the Prince of Fire. He despises all of which who comes from the sea. Scarred by the death of his mother, he finds comfort, in the arms of the Alexander, the son of the person that killed his mother. "I'm sorry. For loving you." "And I'm sorry, that you hurt me." Disclaimer: The artwork on the book cover is in no way owned by the author. Credits are acknowledge to the owner of the amazing artwork.

  • Taming The Wild Prince

    Taming The Wild Prince



    [Excerpt]- “Please, Kai. Don’t go,” Aylin pleaded, grabbing Kaiser's wrist firmly; tears were rolling down from her golden eyes. But, her pleading was empty and meaningless for Kaiser who swore not to trust her ever again. His gaze was cold and dismissive as he turned to face Aylin. Then pulling his hand away from her grip, he asked furiously, “Lin, stop acting as if you care. When you don't!" Biting her lower lip, Aylin mumbled helplessly, “So you will leave me without even listening to the whole truth? Why don’t you kill me instead of torturing me like this?” Kaiser answered coldly, taking a step closer, “Because, I want you to suffer…” As Aylin looked up, she found his handsome face closer than she realised and her heart ached in sharp pain. She wanted to explain a lot of things but before she could say anything, his warm lips captured hers. It was a hungry, forceful and brutal kiss with no sweetness and loving gestures. His scent engulfed her as his demanding lips were devouring the softness of her lips. His tongue twined with her, intense, forcing her to think about him only, burning through her. She closed her teary eyes. She had never tasted such a breathless kiss. She reached to push him away, but she found herself wrapping her arms around his neck instead. Aylin gasped as their lips parted and their eyes met again. Kaiser’s blood-red eyes were still cold and furious even after the heat of the kiss. Aylin mumbled in a breathy tone while trying to find the answer, “Kai, W-why are you-” “It’s your Punishment, Lin. For playing with my heart. You must suffer more than me..." -----------Aylin Angelo- An illegitimate princess of Arcelia got engaged to the enemy Prince against her will as a token of the peace treaty though her heart was still aching for a stranger whom she met 4 years ago when she was just 12 years. But, who knew she had the most destructive secret which was going to be the reason for the deadliest fight ever and would destroy the peace for eternity! Kaiser Hale- The Third Prince of Fintan was infamous as an untamed and brutal beast and he could kill anyone while smiling. Even his frozen heart melted, seeing Aylin's warm smile for the first time. But who knew that she was going to be betrothed to his elder brother, Crown Prince! Their fates entangled together though their love was forbidden. But, Forbidden Fruit always tastes the sweetest.--------First Book of Forbidden Romance Series.(The content is mature and a slow-burning romance which can teleport you into a new universe of Magic and Love.I bet you are going to love it.)

  • Dark Phoenix Prince

    Dark Phoenix Prince



    Alu is forced by his father to swallow the dragon soul of his best friend, Elizabeth, to awaken his Phoenix soul. Even though he didn't want to, he didn't have the strength to go against his father's will. Tragedy struck, and it resulted in Elizabeth hating him greatly. They become enemies of life and death. Alu, who is hated by Elizabeth, ends up hating his own father for what he did. However, as Alu grew older under his father's tutelage, Alu began to stop regretting what happened in the past when he realized how important strength is. Without strength, a person is destined to be abandoned. ... Under the care of his father, Alu grew up as an ambitious and cold-blooded young man. He can do anything to gain more strength. Note: Mc is hypocritical and selfish. and simp.The last chapter is a summary of the whole story to the end. Cover from pinterest. Notify if it's yours or violates copyright.