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    Thousands of races coexist, where the sword and Magic shine together, the Human Race, Sea Race, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs ... all rush to unfold the light of civilization, composing their epic tragedies! (A Lord's Farming Tale)

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    Kenneth Icarus Negrowrath Gracious, in short, known as 'King' was a former demon king who was slain by the Seven Heroes, known as Seven Heavenly Virtues.Right after the Demon King's death, Azrael, the angel of death met King before his departure to the underworld.There he strikes a deal with King to send him back to the mortal realm and give him a second chance in life.But there were certain conditions-- Kenneth's body would be like one of the mortal human beings.- Kenneth's vast amount of magic mana would be sealed.- Kenneth has to wait for about 9000 years so that the Mortal world can heal after the big bloody war.Kenneth who had nothing to lose accepted this deal in a heartbeat.

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  • King of Gods

    King of Gods



    His will is tough and unwilling to be normal. However, being born in a small family branch his pathway was destined to be this way. One day his left eye merges with the eye of an Ancient God in an accident. From that moment onwards, he turns from a fish into a dragon. He rises like a star, and walks the path of a legendary cultivator. From being a tiny, small ant at the bottom of the world, he rises step by step, into a place full of powerful sects, strong ancient clans and countless geniuses. This is an era of legends.

  • The Herb King

    The Herb King



    WPC 274: Cultivation (1st Place Gold Tier) Leric was a top herbalist and a qualified doctor, but he was already in his twilight years. He had spent his entire life researching herbs and the human body. And because of this reason, he didn’t experience the joys of life. However, a piece of information written in an old book changed his life. It was a chance at rebirth! With his knowledge as an herbalist and as a doctor, join Leric as he begins a new life in Falkur, a world ruled by powerhouses called Espers! *** For Extra Chapters Top 100 Golden Ticket Ranking + 1 extra chaps Top 50 Golden Ticket Ranking + 2 extra chaps Top 10 Golden Ticket Ranking + 3 extra chaps Update Schedule: 1-2 chapters per day

  • King of succubus

    King of succubus


    Why incubus became the most desirable species among the most powerful empresses and even by the primordial goddesses.There's a famous legend on ALZANIA planet. Who says that every hundred thousand years, an incubus will be born, through a mystical ritual. He’ll possess mysterious powers that could allow any empress mage to reach divinity, any goddess to succeed supremacy!!....... But would the possessor of such power have the blessing of a peaceful life?!------Alvine opened his eyes and suddenly found himself in the body of a boy celebrating his 18th birthday.[ Ding!! ....][The host has reached the age required for Incubus legacy's activation ][The turning process into an incubus will begin in 5 seconds... [5....4...3..2..1...]-----Tags: Action - Romance - Adventure - Females dominant - Slice of Life - Harem - R-18 - Yandere - Sadistic- Tsundere - Martial Arts - summoning -Taming- Kingombuilding- Comedy - Beautiful Male Lead - Worshipped MC - Mysterious Past - Succubuses - Vampires - Possessives - Heartwarming - Cute Female Lead - Elves- Blood elves - giants- cyclops- fairies- blood faires- ... - fantasy courses - demons - Enemies become allies - enemies become love - Clingy, obsessed Lover - Weak to Strong - Beasts - Monsters - Gods - Ruthless - Historical - Famous Protagonist - Dragons - Demi-God...NA: This Novel is not recommended for: [Those who do not like Mc who progress slowly throughout the bows before becoming over-powerful and vicious.][Those who hate naive Mcs at first before becoming ruthless and intelligent.][And finally, for Stanford teachers who can't tolerate the slightest spelling mistakes. Sorry to be rude, but this is to tell you that English is not my mother tongue and that there may be some gross errors.]If you are tolerant of these three remarks, I am convinced that you will not regret your choice.(The profile does not belong to me. The owner can contact me!

  • King Of Chaos

    King Of Chaos



    In the vast and boundless sky called Chaos, there exist countless universes. Ye Xiao, a person who rose from one of these universes was reborn in the Land of Morning Stars. With the blessings of Morning Stars, Ye Xiao again rose in power and solved the mystery of the Lotus of Chaos that was hiding an entire universe within, and was capable of doing countless miracles. Born with nine special abilities, Ye Xiao walked down the path of King, the person known as the First King to rule over the entire Chaos, captured boundless stars, devoured countless Universes, and finally created his own Chaos, becoming the King of Chaos. This is the story of Ye Xiao adventuring into Chaos to create Chaos and rule Chaos. Everything Is Chaos!

  • Nameless King

    Nameless King



    Once all people received Souls and incredible powers. Some were lucky enough to obtain the Soul of an ancient and powerful creature, but fate was not favorable to all.The world began to change, and creatures evolved. But, it was not the beginning of a new era. It was the end. A couple of months later, a dark mist appeared and destroyed the world. It was a dictate of destiny from which no one could escape.Wain Norheim was the world's best assassin and the only one who didn't get a soul. However, he was destined to gain the power to confront fate.Escaping through a portal into another world, he unknowingly began the apocalypse. Even the world failed to expel him.

  • King Of Limbo

    King Of Limbo



    Journey to the depths of hell with Aron, born of the Koliean race with a beast monger bloodline. In a world full of chaos, death, and misery, Aron learns the hard way that only the strong and cunning can survive. Note: This is the prequel to a bigger story ——————————————————————— Neutral Evil MC- Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Mature, Dark, Cold Protagonist, Strong Protagonist, Calm Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, Smart Protagonist, Monsters, World Travel, Demons, Gore, Wars, Magic Beasts, Strength Based Social Hierarchy, Scheming, Evolution, Rivalry

  • Speed Is King

    Speed Is King



    WPC 242 Gold Winner. SSS Beast Apostle System and Survival Racing in Apocalypse. When the aliens invaded earth, they didn’t come for its resources as many doomsayers had proclaimed throughout the years. Instead, they came for fun. They came, flattened earth’s biggest cities and turned the world into a planet-sized stadium for their civilization. The sport? Survival Racing. Ferocious alien beasts were unleashed upon the ruins of the world along with thousands of alien death-row fugitives who were only told one thing: Kill the humans, survive the year and regain your freedom. Elliot was a survivor. He died right before he entered the final 15 days of the Games. But as his consciousness began to slip away, a metallic voice rang out within his soul. Mission failed. Activating sponsor’s Boon: Reverse Time Walk. Activating sponsor's Boon: Beast System. "Welcome to the Beast System. My name is Hawk, your AI." ----------------------------------------------------------- EXCERPT from Chapter 1: Elliot screamed in absolute exhilaration as he smashed his foot on the brakes, just enough to fully utilize the power of his ceramic brakes but not so much that his tires locked up. He went from two hundred miles an hour to forty miles an hour in a heartbeat. He entered the sharp corner from the outside at the maximum entry speed and skillfully brought his car to the threshold of his tire’s grip. SCREEE!! He took the corner at record speed like a professional racer and then floored the pedal to the metal once more! ---------------------------------------------------------- Action packed start. Please give it 15 chapters for the plot to thicken :) This is my 3rd novel, I hope you'll enjoy it! Join my discord channel for a richer reading experience with pictures! :)

  • The Alpha King

    The Alpha King


    SHES MINE, MINE TO HEAL, MINE TO LOVE ***I have problems but don't we all? The difference is, will mine lead to my destruction or resolution?Will it lead me to my soul mate or keep me forever lonely? Will I be able to overcome my misery or welcome it as company?***Victoria Miguel has always been an outcast and she's never understood why. When her mate finally finds her she does not want anything to do with him as she fears he will take one look at her and reject her just like everyone else has but he doesn't, in fact he is possessive, demanding and controlling. Victoria fears the more time she spends with her mate the more she is likely to cave and give in. The fact that her life and his is threatened makes her staying away from him extremely difficult. What will happen? Will she give in? Will he heal her soul?

  • The Cursed King

    The Cursed King



    He has been waiting for fifteen centuries to meet his wife again. (COMPLETED) Meet Loriel Ashborn, former king of Summeria, 15-century old immortal, a doting husband, certified simp, a wife's slave. In the land where the human race lived side by side with other races like the elves, witches, and those immortal beings often calling themselves gods, lived a powerful king, Loriel Ashborn. One fatal mistake caused him to lose the woman he loved as she was sent to the future by the evil Time Master before he died. The only way to see her again is for him to take the curse of immortality, and so he did. Now, after 15 centuries, Loriel finally found her again. But she didn't remember him? Well, who cares! This time, the shameless husband would never let her go ever again. To make her remember their life together, he even faked a terminal illness with his 'dying wish' was to experience how it was like to be married. And when he *cough cough* 'miraculously' made a full recovery, he said, "Wifey, you saved my life! Now, I owe you forever. I will repay with my body." *** AUTHOR'S NOTE: In their previous life, the king felt that he was not a good husband to his wife, so this time around, he would make up to her and be the best husband she could ever hope for. You will witness a total simp, a devoted doting husband who would pamper his wife to no end and give the whole world to her. I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS. This story will have a lot of snusnu/lemon/smut and it's not advised to read if you are prudish or underage. Also, there will be magic. A lot of magic because the male lead is a 'god' and the female lead is a 'witch'.

  • Pet King

    Pet King



    1. Download a suspicious game 2. Catch a few magical pets as partners 3. Go through interesting daily routines and lead the pet shop to a whole new level

  • The Heartless King

    The Heartless King



    Princess Daphne wanted to become a widow. Or she would die trying. On the marriage proposal drafted on human flesh and written with fresh blood, the Northern King had made himself quite clear: the princess would marry, not as a queen but the lowest of concubines, not in a carriage but within a sealed coffin, not to be celebrated but to be paraded around as a war prize. If those terms were violated, he would personally prepare a grave for each and every one of her citizens. Some said the Northern King had slaughtered his entire family and signed a contract with hell itself. All Daphne wanted to do was to send him back there to pay for his crimes. The night of their wedding, she plunged her silver dagger squarely into his chest, waiting for the final heartbeat that never sounded. Only then did she realize, perhaps too late, that the heart of the Northern King never beat in the first place. —— She walked with resolution towards the man waiting in the shadows. Her steps were steady, and step by step, her fingers reached for her dress buttons, undoing them. "Your Highness, no!" Despite her nanny's shrill shrieks, she only continued, untying each of the knots that bound her chest. For a split second, or perhaps it was her imagination, a flicker of surprise crossed his eyes. "What are you doing?" His voice was slightly hoarse as he stared at her white swanlike neck. His vision traveled downward, but he only jerked his face away. "There will not be war." Her skin tingled from the cold, and she could no longer tell if it was from just the frill night temperature or the proximity to him. "Do you hear me? There will not be a war." He closed the gap between the two of them, reaching out for her face. Instinctively, she stepped backward, anticipating his foul touch. But biting the inner sides of her cheek, she reminded herself that she had already decided to give up her honor. This is for the kingdom, she thought as she took a deep breath. A slender finger quickly swept a tear away from her cheek, a tear she didn't even know was there. And then he turned away, his back towards her. "I want a princess, not some cheap girl willing to give herself away so easily." He put his hand to his forehead in disappointment. "That takes away from the fun of it all." Her lips trembled, and her body shivered. "There will not be a war." "If Your Highness agrees to my terms, then indeed, there will not be a war." He tossed his fur cloak towards her. "Hurry and get dressed. Because if you keep me waiting, I might just change my mind. According to you, I am a barbarian after all, and who knows what savages might do?" —— Update Schedule: One chapter/day But if you want to incentivize me writing :3 20 Golden Tickets = 1 extra chapter 50 Golden Tickets = 3 extra chapters 100 Golden Tickets = 5 extra chapters Top 200 Power Stone Ranking = 1 extra chapter Top 100 Power Stone Ranking = 2 extra chapters Top 50 Power Stone Ranking = 3 extra chapters Top 10 Power Stone Ranking = 5 extra chapters Top 3 (Lol this won't happen so won't worry about that for now) Massage Chair = 1 extra chapter Luxury Car = 2 extra chapters Dragon = 3 extra chapters (The other ones won't happen so also won't worry about that for now) Super sorry if this seems super demanding or greedy ;-; I just never realized how much motivation I needed to keep going until I started writing. —— Cover Art: Cover designed by the amazing Turtleboiii! Please also support her submission to the WSA!!! All original image credits to the original artist. I couldn’t find a way to contact the artist, so if there are issues with copyright, please message me as soon as possible (Instagram @tangerqueen_author)

  • For My King

    For My King


    What would you do if you met a mysterious charming stranger, but could never fully see his face? That was the very predicament Cloud Belmont found himself in. It was unusual to find the spark one had been searching for, for so many years on Palace Grounds, but somehow they had found each other. Although this mysterious man knows everything about Cloud. Cloud has not even seen the face of the person he spends endless amounts of hours with. Follow Cloud’s journey on finding out who the man is and his own journey on finding himself.

  • King Of Necromancer

    King Of Necromancer


    Blood! Everywhere is the blood. How could my life turn into hell in a single moment? The world is ending. Monsters from legends appear everywhere. They eat people, conquer the streets, and begin to make dungeons everywhere. ---------------------------- That day a voice came from the sky, "Your world now belongs to us, you shall give us entertainment. Be ready the merging will start in 30 minutes" changing everything. the people started panicking," What is happening " "What was that voice" As we thought that it was some prank it was then the voice was heard again "System initiating, evolving the primitive species, giving the random class and skills associated." when that voice came, I, Avi, was on the metro train, then suddenly a blue screen came in front of my eyes "Random class selection beginning" after that voice said that, suddenly some cards came out from the blue screen, the voice said "Choose one of the cards as your class" and in panic, I chose one of the many cards, [ Congratulations on getting a unique class, Necromancer, the skills will now be allocated.] [ check your status for more information, be sure to survive ] _________ [Author Note: The start of 8 to 10 chapters might be at a slow pace because I want to properly introduce MC, I just can't jump on the main story. So please bear it for a while.] Note: The cover is mine and also this cover is made by Author A4KL.

  • Shifter King

    Shifter King

    Due to my deceased father, the government decided I may have an inside to the fighting force we need to save humanity. They call him King of the Shadow Warriors. Shadow Warriors are elite fighters, who, after shifting form, have sharp claws and teeth capable of eviscerating a human without blinking an eye. If that isn’t a reason to run the other direction, I don’t know what is. The problem? We need the Shadow Warriors or we die. To gain their trust, I must impress King. My government sent me in a short dress and heels to do the job. They seem to think a sexy body will increase their chances of gaining his help. I took the assignment freely even though my feelings on the outcome offer no comfort. That brings me to the biggest problem in the entire scenario: King will eat me! Shifter King is created by D'Elen McClain, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author

  • The Hybrid King

    The Hybrid King

    “Don’t get me wrong” the hybrid king said looking at the human king, his eyes blue eyes piercing the human king’s green ones, it was like he was begging for the king to object, but he knew that he couldn’t it was his people’s life on the line “but this is just a mere game of thrones”“The child is not even born yet, and we do not know if it’s a boy or God forbid, a girl” the human king glared at the hybrid who was making a bargain with him over his own child.“I did not say that it had to be this child King Leonardo” the hybrid king smiled his eyes genuine as he looked at king Leonardo.“And yet, you are forcing me to make a bargain over my own child King Niklaus” King Leonardo snapped.“I am not forcing you King Leonardo, I am merely giving you the option, should I marry your child, then your kingdom is safe, and should you object, then you are forced to accept us on your realm, with your people, until of course our creatures manage to overthrow all of you” the look on King Leonardo’s face told King Niklaus that he had already gotten what he wanted, which was all he needed to hear right now.“Should my daughter be born, and come to age, she will marry you” King Leonardo said in defeat, the hybrid smiled and nodded at King Leonardo.“Pleasure doing business with you King Leonardo”