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    Debby, Cathy, Brianna and Genevieve were part of the few people that were chosen to be crowned prince or princess of various kingdoms in planet Domino.To be the crowned prince or princess, you have to be chosen as students of Royalty College. The students are chosen according to the information gotten about them.Join them as they balance their school life, royal life, love life and social life. How they make their decisions, the drama they have to go through every day.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Good morning Advisor Williams” Debby greeted with a little curtsey slightly bowing with a hint of mock on her tone. He tried to assassinate her thinking she was dunce not to know that he wants his daughter to be the Queen instead.“Ah My Queen Deborah, your highness” He bowed a little.“You don’t look very queenly this morning” He mockingly smirked. “Ah this? You see, there was an emergency, I had to rush here from campus. The Kingdom comes first, my attire doesn’t really matter when you are planning new infrastructures.” Debby said with a fake smile plastered on her face“Well, I have to go, greet Gina for me, I’m sure she’ll love my present to her. After all, I loved her present.” Debby smiled and headed to campus.



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  • the royalty

    the royalty

  • Royalty Gone Bad

    Royalty Gone Bad

    Prince Asahd Usaïd, Prince of seduction and sensuality.He has everything he wants, from the ladies to the sultanate's riches. Only son and child to his parents, he is sure to take over the throne. But he is spoiled, way too egocentric, rude, careless and proud. He hangs out with the wrong people and leaves his name in every nightclub. All these, bother his parents that are honorable people. They come up with the best form of punishment for him. One that is sure to make him change. Will pretty boy survive, living the common life?"A seducer, a sex god, a Prince. Read to discover his adventures and see how he handles the situation his parents will put him in. But most importantly, watch him seduce and prey, until he gets what he wants. 'Who' he wants.

  • Wrestling Royalty

    Wrestling Royalty


    A steamy story of a goth bad-girl turned princess, Bella is the out-of-control royal who has a love for rock music, skateboarding, and pro wrestling. When she meets her favorite wrestling icon, Jett Flynn, the strict laws of Mecca island threaten to rip the relationship apart. Jett must find a loophole in royal law to keep her out of an arranged marriage. Yet, nothing is as it seems when a dreams fade into reality.

  • Love in Royalty

    Love in Royalty



    He is Rich, Dominant, heart wrenchingly Gorgeous and Royal. She is Honest, breathtakingly Beautiful, Smart and recently Broken - hearted (Single!). And the prince can’t wait any longer for his Cinderella. Finding her step sister in the arms of her boyfriend was the least she had expected. Broken and alone, she moves into a big City and jumps at the opportunity of being the personal assistant to the crown prince. She thinks all her problems would be a distant memory. But it might just be the beginning of it all. And nothing is as it seems. Can new love mend her broken heart or will she be seized by her past? That's not all. ”Royal conspiracies and secrets?! Did I transmigrated into a novel?!” Join the world where love knows no Boundary. ————————————————————————————————————-———————— Behind us a big commotion arose and we were tossed to the sidelines like the forgotten rag dolls. Cameras flashing. Reporters hovering the place to get the perfect shot, each scraping for even the tiniest glance at the powerful figures that emerged out of their cars. I was left in awe of the dazzling socialite ladies as they strutted across the carpet, ignoring everyone they deemed beneath them. Their million dollar dresses and jewelleries leaving everyone with envy. Accompanying them were the well - known businessmen whose money never seemed to run out. Following behind them came the well - known actors and actresses. They waved and smiled while the onlookers screams of joy and appreciation for them filled the environment. I nudged Rebecca and whispered “Can I go back now?” “No way! It’s a masquerade ball. We can be anyone we want.” She replied while smiling ear to ear. “Ok” I thought as my confidence level piped up a bit. No one was gonna know that a complete outsider had entered their territory. . . . "Stop! I don’t want to dance." "We’re in a masquerade ball! That’s what people do. Dance." "But...I can’t." He gave a little chuckle enjoying our little fight before he intervened, "It’s ok. I can teach you. Just follow my steps." "Common Hayls. Go on." "Alright, I’ll go," I said, giving her a look. "Have fun!" She gave a soft cheer before focusing all her attention back into her plate. He held my left hand and gently led me towards the dance floor. The music soon changed to something more romantic. The magic of love by Russel Watson and Lionel Richie started playing in the background. Soon all the couples started dancing together. "Are you ready?" The man whispered in my ear making me blush. "Ready as I’ll ever be," I replied hesitantly. "Don’t worry. I’m here, just follow my lead." He gently held onto my waist with his right hand and grabbed onto my right hand with his left. I lightly placed my left hand onto his right shoulder and we started our slow dance. "Right, left, Glide, glide…" Along with our dance, he kept whispering the steps to me and soon we were in sync with each other. We spun, laughed, and before the end of our dance, the music went into slow beat again. We softly danced to the rhythm as I basked in his rich and beautiful fragrance. It was all truly a magical moment. . . . Hello everyone I’m Bandana & this is my very first Novel. I hope you’ll all enjoy 1 chapter up daily Instagram - @author_br Discord - b_r2 #2557

  • Royalty In Disguise

    Royalty In Disguise

    Fantasy Romance MYSTERY SCARY


    Inspired by real events"Mama, I don't want to drink water. It's already so late if I drink water then I'll have to get up again to pee.""Okay then at least keep this glass by your bedside I don't want to go all the way back to the kitchen to put the glass away," Mama said, a little too angrily.Asia was taken aback by the harsh tone. Also, weirdly. Her mother looked very strange. She looked unfamiliar in an eerie manner. Asia couldn't exactly put a finger on what was wrong but there was something, for sure.She, hesitantly, took the glass of water and gulped it down. As she was drinking something, that felt like a snake, the glass caught her tongue and started pulling her tongue down. She dropped the glass to the floor and started screaming and tugging at her tongue. A blood-curdling scream left her mouth. The pain she that was feeling was none like any other she had ever felt. Her mind started to get numb. She wailed and cried but Mama stood there, smiling a bit, not even moving an inch to help her.All of a sudden, she felt footsteps approaching maybe it was her brother that has came to help her, she looked towards the left to see that her brother and her mother were running towards her, she looked towards her right, stunned and scared to find that where her mother was previously standing, there was no one. She stopped feeling the snake tugging at her tongue. She looked at her hands, felt her face and looked down at the floor where she had thrown the glass but there were no shards of glasses which should've been there.That wasn't the first time. Asia Chohan had been seeing strange things ever since she took a hold of this new "money". Not only her, but her entire family had been experiencing surreal events that could only happen in their heads... except that it's not. Or are they? Add to your library to find out. Asia had become a money-hungry, self-serving, ruthless girl after suffering from a troubled childhood. The new money that her family acquired her and her family. But with new money, come new problems. She and her family are seeing, imagining and actively participating in things that are apparently not real. Slowly but surely, the selfish family loses its mind. One after the other bad things, annoying situations start breeding and prospering. ho is the mastermind behind the destruction of the Chohan family? And is there a bone of kindness that might help them to save themselves or are they just made dark filthy evil hood?

  • Dragon Royalty

    Dragon Royalty


  • American Royalty

    American Royalty

    Is money the root of all evil or the lack thereof?When Hope’s younger brother, Elijah involves himself in the dealing of the most notorious gang in all of California, Hope is sent on an adventure down the rabbit hole. Falling deeper and deeper with no way out. Will she make it out from the other side?

  • royalty mates

    royalty mates


    Liz and Zaron. They are mates. Liz. Her name is Elizabeth but she prefers to go by Liz. She has no idea who her parents were. Her parents died when she was 5 years old. Her best friend and only friend who knows everything about her is Vara.Zaron. He is the prince of vampires. Vara his only cousin. He is half vampire and half warlock. His dad is the king of vampires and his mom was a powerful witch.Updates on Saturdays



  • Hidden Royalty

    Hidden Royalty


    Emelia has no recollection of her past. As an outsider, her true identity remained hidden for years, growing up in a foreign kingdom. With only one small clue of her heritage, she doesn't remember that she is the missing princess the kingdoms started a war over. During her adventures, Emelia meets several companions who shape her into the woman she will become, helping her learn more about the world and all that it entails. As she learns more about herself and how to survive in a dangerous new world, Emelia also realizes that all is not what it seems. With war looming close on the horizon, will Emelia remember who she is to bring an end to it and unite the kingdoms once and for all?

  • Frauding Royalty

    Frauding Royalty


    Three tasks, two hearts, one lieOn a cold Christmas Eve young Bryce Navado met his fate and got taken to Faeriehill, a magical world hidden from mortals, to be raised as a stableboy. Believing that he would spend eternity taking care of the various beasts in the Kingdom of Faerie, Bryce never expected to find himself battling for the hand of the beautiful Faerie princess, Soteira la Fayette, while disguised as his best friend. Bryce must conquer three deadly tasks but will he succeed when his lie seems to catch up with him?

  • Lost Royalty

    Lost Royalty


    "Adhara Benard" She belongs to high royalty without knowing it, since her biological mother sent her out of the kingdom with one of her ladies when she was just a baby. However, there are things in the future that will not go as the queen expected, she thought that her daughter would only be out of the kingdom for a few months, but the months became said in years and the memories of the firstborn disappeared. Adhara's life was a mirage of a perfect family, but it would end at the worst time and she would have to face him, learning to be a princess with elegance and perfection, in order to close the alliance.

  • Rainbow royalty

    Rainbow royalty

    Join Phoenix,Lily and Sunday as they try to hide and escape their past lives. When a reward is place to whoever can find the Blue princess the trio set out to try and claim the prize, there’s just one problem the princess went missing 3 years ago!!!, they will have to discover friendship,magic and themselves to solve the mystery.



    When a shy young girl meets a charming, young Prince, Secrets will unfold, War will break out. -Chelsea Lilian Strattens, a nice, shy, easy going orphan but is determined to make it in life and her life changed in just one night. -Valerian Inglemoore Nelson, Prince and Heir to the throne of Cardonia, he is not, sexy and a type of guy a girl would wish to have. Other characters would be introduced as the story goes. Things go awry right from that night, 12, December 2000 and Chelsea Is involved in it. ~EXTRACTS~ "Welcome to Cardonia". "She's her Daughter". "What is the use of a relationship if there's no trust ". "You are not Royalty". "He is mine not yours". "I love you". "Love you more". .

  • Fantasy Royalty

    Fantasy Royalty

  • Blood Royalty

    Blood Royalty



    Long ago, the world wasn’t the one we knew today, back in time before the Earth was even created. There was darkness, a void that stretched for miles. Until a large bang occurred and a new godly being was created so powerful and so bright people learnt her name to be Mother Kurieta. She was the Mother of all things and with her power is created this world ruled over by her and her lawful husband Father Tamashi. She was the true creator of everything but wished not to be a part of its evolution. She formed children to rule over her lands, entrusting her everything to them. Because of this large worlds where magic flourished were created. Lands divided into continents, divided into countries then into different empires. Each ruled by either an emperor or an empress under their respective gods and goddesses- Mother Kurieta’s children. But this was only the beginning of the poorly formed peace of the lands. We take a look at a certain empire as they transfer their powers to the next generation. Can the new ruler fix his broken empire or will he fall into the same pit his ancestors sadly fell in before him? Or better yet can he even changed the actions of the future by controlling the present?

  • Hollywood Royalty

    Hollywood Royalty


    Krystal Essences is from Hollywood Royalty, with this comes a lot of problems for her love life and famous image.Being sent to an ‘All Girls-School; and having to cope with the new changes, she meets pretty fucking awesome people that is ready to have her back no matter what.Of course having mostly female friends comes with it’s benefits right?As she accepts the people here, and they accept her, maybe she could learn to love someone for real.