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  • Under His Command (Scifi/Romance)

    Under His Command (Scifi/Romance)

    Sci-fi Romance ROMANCE R18 DARK

    Mature ContentsShe was supposed to kill them. One pull of a trigger and it would have been over.She never guessed they would have sensed her coming.All it took was one look and it was over.Now she belongs to them, trapped on their ship, and they won't let go of their mate so easily.

  • scifi ideas free to use.

    scifi ideas free to use.


  • Why Am I In a SciFi World?

    Why Am I In a SciFi World?


    Daisuki Anna, A Girl whom just wants a peaceful life. Goes to meet her mom after leaving them for their whole life. but, Not everything goes to plan. After going on her mothers office, Someone suddenly covered her face with a towel, Leaving her unable to breathe. But when she woke up, shes in a scifi world. Wait, What? This is the story of a girl whose gone to a SciFi world

  • QT: Scum Gong System: I Became the Male Leads I Hated!?

    QT: Scum Gong System: I Became the Male Leads I Hated!?



    Zhe Chouhen had been a hater of Daoist Panda's work since the start. Not because they were bad, but because the male leads are just the worst scums to their MCs. And these MCs just let these toxic gongs step all over them like a doormat! Daoist Panda became so annoyed by Zhe Chouhen's bashing that he turned into a system, and he transported his hater into his novels as the characters he hated. Zhe Chouhen cannot act OOC and must be scummy to survive! -------------- Panda: If you can make the MC or the readers fall in love with you without being a scum, I will let you go. Chouhen: How is that possible without getting OOC??? Panda: Figure it out yourself! ----------------- 1v1 Gong/Seme MC (Zhe Chouhen is the top) The system and Zhe Chouhen have a..... complicated relationship Smut, Angst, and Fluff.... you name it, we have it. And some very dark shit. I'm not kidding, there's some twisted stuff in here that might or might not give you nightmares, so trigger warnings applies. If you're a classic literature geek like me who loves gothic horrors like Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein, Dracula... This is for you. All the stories here a reimagined from classic literature. You know what? Lemme give you the list and what Zhe Chouhen's role would be in them: 1. Dante's Inferno (Supernatural)- A sorcerer obsessed with his stepbrother that he dragged him to hell with him (literally) 2. Picture of Dorian Gray (Modern Showbiz)- A mere painter with a friend who is a struggling actor that he painted and suddenly got famous.... but at what cost? 3. Frank and Stein (Historical Scifi)- A scientist that had created his own lover from the bodies of dead men.... and he seems to have other skeletons in his closet than literal ones. 4. Dracula (School Mystery)- A vampire who had come to conquer a school, taking back his prey that escaped from him. 5.Hamlet (Anthropomorphic)- A black-haired lion that plans to seduce the princess to take over the throne that is rightfully his, yet he took interest on the king's son and..... has a change of plans. 6. Phantom of the Opera (Paranormal)- A ghost had fallen in love with the star of the show, and plans to take control of his mind to become his and stay with him in the old theater forever. 7. The Great Gatsby (Omegaverse)- An Alpha CEO who was involved in a murder and was now being investigated by an Omega reporter that is too curious for his own good. 8. Jekyll and Hyde (Modern Sci-Fi)- A clone of the student campus' perfect prince, who had come to show him his hidden darkest desires. 9. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Fantasy)- A 'loyal servant' who had always been following Lancelot and helping him in exploits.... Or does he really? 10. Journey to the West (Cultivation)- ??? 11. ??????? 12. ??????? Please consider voting with power stones so I can win the contest! -------------------- Updates at least 3 chapters a weak, time inconsistent as I have other books to write Please support my other books too! Top MC BLs: -QT: No to Bad Boys! Transmigrated as an Otome Side Character (World hopping, funny and sassy confused top x power bottom, mix of angst and fluff and of course, smut) - The Mafia Boy's Contract Marriage (crime drama, love-hate relationship, spicy) -Two Omegas Destroy the Worlds of Alphas (World hopping, face-slapping and revenge, formidable couple) Non-BL: Stone Mage: Revenge of the Villain System (Fantasy, manipulative and cunning villain MC that doesn't just murder everyone for no reason, mystery)

  • The Beast's Play (A Dark Scifi Romance)

    The Beast's Play (A Dark Scifi Romance)

    Sci-fi Romance ROMANCE R18 DARK

    She was his long before he captured her.He just had to wait long enough for her to fall into his trap.When player becomes played, Ruby finds herself tied to an alien, given two options.Become his pet, or doom her and her crew to a life of imprisonment.

  • The Beginning of the End: Reincarnated in the SciFi Apocalypse

    The Beginning of the End: Reincarnated in the SciFi Apocalypse

  • The Mech Lord

    The Mech Lord



    [WPC #212 Silver Price Winner : Mecha and Interstellar]Caught in a space accident, Leo, a human full of life, is trapped in a scheme designed for Aiden, a Glorian that's tired of life. The two somehow manage to escape, but their evacuation shuttle crashes into an uninhabited planet. Thanks to Arora Energy, humanity barged into an interstellar era, an age where they fought against aliens for resources. Conspiracies, war, and extinction ran amok for ages when a man emerged, wrecking havoc throughout the universe to the extent every race feared him as a 'Demon King'.30 years have passed since the Demon King was slain by a group that called themselves 'Heroes', finally bringing an era of peace to the universe. Unfortunately, Aiden and Leo would stumble across something which would change the state of the entire universe...............TAGs: Action, Adventure, Scifi, Mech, Wars, Military Academy, Races, Interstellar, Comedy, Late Romance, Artificial Intelligence-------------------------------------Disclamer: All the characters and incidents in this story are imaginary. It doesn't relate to any truthful events...........................................Join the Discord : me @ ReincarnatedSaint#2904 on DiscordInstagram ID: @reincarnatedsaint

  • "Journey of Aiden The Cyborg"- SciFi [DROP]

    "Journey of Aiden The Cyborg"- SciFi [DROP]


    "Where am I" "Mom? Dad?" A man asked to himself as he lay on the dirty rocky ground as his abdomen was stabbed by post. Eyes shut tightly while his head hurts like someone banged his head multiple times on the wall.He tries to open his eyes and look around his surroundings, but his sight was foggy and blurred. He sobbed from the pain he got from his abdomen. While looking around, his sight cleared as he saw his Father covering another person's body with his own. "Mom"The fire around the house got bigger as he stays there outside his parent's house, witnessing his own parents die before his eyes."No!!!" He shouted as uncontrollable sobs break through his chest. Hurting his abdomen immensely, but he didn't care. He tries to sit up but the post keeps him in place. His screams for help and cries in agony. His hot tears continue to stream down his face."Mom...Dad" He said as sobs for the last time as his consciousness left him completely. The place is cold and dark. His soul was forcefully taken out of his body and thrown to another world...more like dimension.'it's not your time yet' a voice said through around the cold, black space. Now... Aiden Smith's consciousness was back. With his memory be blank as a newborn baby.After that, He lives with his new family as a cyborg. Striving for survival while looking for the person who he really was. Asking and finding pieces of his past self."Who am I?"

  • I Have Robbed 999 Types Of Powers

    I Have Robbed 999 Types Of Powers



    "Rob (Rank ???): Able to rob another person’s ability. Yang Xi felt hopeless as the world seemed to want him to shine. At first, he was a nobody trying to save his sister, but he became the one who had to shoulder the future of mankind. Then, he created an organization just so he could hide his identity, but it became a force that had stretched its claw to every corner of the world. And, when he gave one of his subordinates the power of [Training], that subordinate managed to evolve it into the strongest Divine Body…"

  • Game Materialization: My Identity As The Immortal Emperor Is Exposed

    Game Materialization: My Identity As The Immortal Emperor Is Exposed



    National Cultivation World was a game that used to be the hottest trend on Earth. However, after 10 years, a lot of players had left the game causing it to terminate its service soon. Qin Mu was the only player left signing into the game every day to receive the experience reward, clear a few dungeons, and loot resources. In the past 10 years, he had become the first ranker and his level was the highest. “What a great game. Too bad everything is going to end soon…” Qin Mu sighed. However, the game suddenly materialized into the real world. There were swordsmen flying on their swords and could shoot out sword qi that pierced through the clouds. There were demonic cultivators who caused trouble all around the world. There were immortals who established their own sects. Qin Mu looked at himself and saw that he had already reached the perfected Immortal Emperor Realm. However, the biggest problem he was facing at the moment was that the wives he had married in the game had become real. Not only that, but the dungeon missions he had cleared, the bosses he had defeated, and the female NPCs that he had teased had all materialized as well. Another big problem was that the system had exposed him as the Immortal Emperor.

  • I write a lot on fantasy crossed with eastern fantasy and scifi

    I write a lot on fantasy crossed with eastern fantasy and scifi

  • I am thinking for a space scifi movie with very biggest budget movie

    I am thinking for a space scifi movie with very biggest budget movie

    I am 18 years old boy and I did not know about cinema but I am intrested and I will learn easy. I will ready for any hard work.acting means I love a style liked acting and watsapp number is 8124047335 did think about me contact me

  • Parallel World: Dungeons Galore

    Parallel World: Dungeons Galore



    Chen’an was at an anime convention when he saw a notification from the system. [Dungeon detected. Do you wish to activate it?] The rewards from the dungeon were as follows: [Basic attribute points, hidden title, divine-grade pet…] Chen’an had to admit, the rewards were enough to make him salivate a little. He chose to activate the dungeon. [Warning! This dungeon is extremely high-level. Dungeon will activate in three seconds. Please take the time to reconsider if you wish to proceed.] [3…] [2…] [1…] [Requirements to begin: 999,999 achievement points.] [Do you still wish to activate the dungeon?] Chen’an scanned the number of achievement points he had: less than 1,000. On second thought, never mind. Perhaps that other dungeon might not be so bad after all. He headed to the public baths next door.





    "The son of prophecy will bring doom to us, so, kill him, Elder. Do not hesitate!" ** I was sent to her. An answer to her prayer. I dared the heavens for her sake And i was hunted, Like a demon from the bottomless I was chained, Like Lucifer. Forbidden like the devils with him. The heavens took her breath to punish me. But i am resilient. My love for her is greater than the heavens itself. And i will Make the heavens burn I will trail the recesses of darkness, Till i get stronger. Strong enough to bring her back. Strong enough to destroy the heavens I will take revenge and i will spare No ONE I am SUNDAY and MY WORD IS FINAL! ________________ Other Books by Author: Ascenders: Rising From Zero (Fantasy: An interrelated novel with this happening in parallel space) Poisedon's Kiss (Contemporary Romance) Fight or Flight: Monster Society- Bk 1(SciFi; Urban) ________________ Cover Image is Google Sourced. Please Rate, Share and Vote. Encourages me much. _______________

  • Reverse Chastity Parallel World Reincarnation With A Cheat Skill!

    Reverse Chastity Parallel World Reincarnation With A Cheat Skill!


    Abel woke up on his bed. And suddenly found himself to be a reincarnation after his memory return. The world he reincarnated is reverse chastity world. Where the ratio of men is 1:50 and still expanding. However.. He had a status screen with only a single skill and an unnatural title. What kind of reverse chastity world is this new world with a skill? Is it a peaceful or a turbulent world? And what does my title even intend for? Is there calamities waiting to happen? Will this parallel world become a fantasy or paranormal world? Will there be a zombie apocalypse or a scifi invasion in the future? Maybe this is inside a world of eroge or otome game?! Anyways! Let me enjoy this new life to the fullest! And create a harem!

  • Legend's Second Chance

    Legend's Second Chance



    Leonidas, a warrior of yore, lay dying besides the corpses of his three hundred Spartan brethren. In that moment, something extraordinary happened, he was reborn in the 21st century as a child. Leon is born along with thousands of other Legends on a particular day. He possesses memory of his past and strives to become stronger at all times. This novel is comedy, but also contains lots of action and Scifi/ fantasy elements. The novel does contain fantasy elements, you just have to be patient as he goes though his early life and his military days. Hello y'all, this is my first novel in 1st person. I feel most comfortable with 3rd person, but I've noticed that a lot of y'all are informal so I've decided to follow suite with this story. If you find yourself enjoying the novel, please leave a like and add this to your library. Power stones are also greatly appreciated!

  • Lady Emperor

    Lady Emperor

    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    Rogue was a Warlord. He was a Former Slave that went through the Flames of War. He climbed the Mountain of Power and reached the Peak of Strength. He created an army that conquered All Nations within the World and made himself the one and only emperor. But as time passes by, Rogue found his Limit. In his Path of Power, He could only see a Cliff that leads to Damnation. Rogue sought Power, but the Limit broke him apart. He was the only Emperor of his World. He managed to reach the Peak of Humanity. But it wasn't enough to satisfy his Lust for Power. He slowly became a Cold Tyrant Emperor that squashed any Enemies that stands in his way. As time passes by within the Empire and at the age of 120, The Fall began. With the Tyrant Emperor that Nobles hate, It was time for Revolution. The Technology of War that progress through Half a Century. Even the Emperor's Strength couldn't fight back against Artillery. It was clear that the Empire that encompassed the World was about to fall. Humanity would then get broken into pieces, and History was about to Repeat. The Emperor sat upon his Golden Throne with his Aging Body. He looked upon his Ruined Castle as an Alarm echoed within it. He closed his eyes, and a Bright Light illuminated the Empire. An Earthquake was Felt, and a Thunderous Sound was Heard. A Mushroom Cloud was formed as it touched the Heavens. The Reign of the Tyrant Emperor finally ended. But a Strange Ancient and Monotone Voice echoed within the Darkness of the Void.*Do you Wish for Power?*"Yes..."*Do you Seek for Power?*"I yearn for Power..."*Would you do Everything for Power?*"Anything for Power..."*Then your Adventure has just begun.*[Genres: Fantasy, Scifi, Action, Adventure, Reincarnation, Gender Bender][Be warned that the MC is Ruthless.]