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  • Are You Straight Or Not?

    Are You Straight Or Not?


    21+Alasan Marcus jarang pulang ke rumah sangat sederhana, yaitu dia seorang yang pembohong. Ketika tekanan hidup yang mengharuskan dia untuk menikahi kekasih masa kecilnya, hal itu menjadi terlalu sangat rumit baginya. Dia mengatakan kepada keluarganya bahwa dia adalah seorang gay dan Marcus kemudian melarikan diri ke luar kota.Lima tahun kemudian, setelah pertemuan dalam keadaan mabuk, Marcus mendapati dirinya diundang ke sebuah pernikahan gay. Dan Marcus harus membawa pacarnya, sedangkan pacarnya tidak ada karena dia mengaku straight.Setidaknya, marcus berpikiran demikian. Bertemu dengan pria yang dia suap untuk menjadi pacarnya di akhir pekan membuat Marcus mempertanyakan segala hal mengenai dirinya sendiri.* * *Ketika kakak David memintanya untuk berpura-pura menjadi pacar seorang pria straight, respon otomatis David adalah mengatakan kata tidak. Itu karena orang-orang tidak percaya ketika seseorang memberitahu mereka bahwa David adalah gay.Tapi Marcus punya sesuatu yang David butuhkan. Setelah cedera yang membuat David kehilangan karir bisbolnya, dia mencoba untuk meninggalkan hari-hari bermain dan fokus untuk menjadi agen olahraga terbaik yang dia bisa. Empat puluh delapan jam dengan sahabat saudara perempuan David sebagai imbalan pertemuan dengan klien yang mungkin bisa dia melakukan hal ini.David hanya berharap dia tidak begitu seksi. Atau Marcus tidak melakukan sebuah ciuman seperti yang dia maksudkan. David pun terkejut, "Tapi tunggu... mengapa pria straight menciumku?" Bagaimana kisah Marcus dan David? Jangan lewatkan setiap Bab nya.

  • Straight A

    Straight A


    Adam Redgrave, a first-year transfer student of Ace-Academy arrives however this academy isn't your typical academy. It's a school where the strong survive and the weak follow, a school filled with martial artists and more.

  • I’m straight I tell you! STRAIGHT!

    I’m straight I tell you! STRAIGHT!


    Updates Mon/Fri, unless i’m fairly busy. In that case, I will only upload on either Mon or Fri.Jacob Trennings was your ordinary guy who was fairly content with his life. He had a loving wife, a happy family, and enough money to not have to truly worry when it came to possible future kids...or at least he thought he did.Hit with the largest betrayal of his life, Jacob wakes up in a body not of his own whose past is confusing at best, with memories that make absolutely no sense. The life of the new Evan Renelli is bound to be a whirlwind of events.His new family is suspicious at times and suddenly, he has to deal with not just an entirely new world that is so far removed from the one he lived in before, with similarities that seem realistic but really aren’t, but also magic, new races, and ...a mysterious man?!?Evan (Jacob): Hey wait a second!! I’m straight, stop chasing me!!???: Hm?~ Yet you get so flustered around me, are you sure that you’re just “straight”.Evan: ...i’ll show you..-credit towards the artist for the picture used-

  • Straight to the Heart

    Straight to the Heart


    I am Melody Brown, a quiet, shy, calm girl, etc ... Anyway, a "normal" girl, basically I have no social life, I am like a ghost in class, or rather it was, I don't know when my life gave a 180º turn, honestly right now I don't know whether to go back to where I was, keep going, take a different path or jump into the void.All passion begins with a first chance, the second you give it to confirm what you believe and the third its for idiots, no matter how many opportunities you give, things don't change magically.

  • Definitely Straight

    Definitely Straight

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 BL SMUT YAOI BTS

    The iconic boy's love concept, definitely straight.As this story follows Jungkook, a guy who never seem to change his preferences of gender in a relationship, steps into a whole new world that he never knew he would get into.Everything seemed entirely new and his curiosity grew, but he only thought that he would experience it as a one-time-thing, it was overwhelming for a human to process.The world that he never thought would enter, was brought to him instead, but, in a manner any mortal would gladly drown themselves in.

  • Straight Line

    Straight Line

  • Straight life

    Straight life


  • Straight love

    Straight love

    Magical Realism ROMANCE

  • Straight Face

    Straight Face


    Misunderstood, Scarred, and quiet

  • Am i straight?

    Am i straight?

  • Make him Straight

    Make him Straight

  • Straight to godhood

    Straight to godhood


    In a new universe that god had gave to him. Zack is a mortal turned god, to do as he sees fit with this new universe.

  • No Straight Roads

    No Straight Roads



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE FIRSTLOVE

    The person who she thought would hold her hand forever left her in middle of nowhere and disappeared. And met again after ages. But can you trust someone who have already broken it once? Where the other person was always in you're side even when you didn't needed him. So whom will she choose? When love, jealousy, possessiveness comes together you're life isn't normal anymore.

  • Straight out of a painting

    Straight out of a painting


    Rhys is a 19-year-old Art Major at Harvard University. For his final exam he must create an artwork inspired by the Renaissance period in Italy. As Rhys goes out one night from the art studio, he is suddenly caught in the middle of a gunfight. As a result he dies in cold blood with his latest piece of art next to him. Despite dying Rhys finds himself waking up in a bright world. This world being Renaissance time Italy! And to top it off he is an apprentice to Leonardo Da Vinci! As Rhys begins to get accustomed to his new life, his latest artwork suddenly begins to talk to him. And to top it all off it turns out that someone from modern times had reincarnated from Rhys's painting? And that person is the popular senior, Milo, that Rhys used to admire from a distance? Follow Rhys and Milo as they navigate their new life in Renaissance time Italy as artists. As well as their growing attraction to each other. *This is a BL/Yaoi reincarnation story!

  • Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

    Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!


    Through years of abuse and death threats, Ye Jian is not so ready to bid adieu to this world just yet! Fortunately, destiny has granted her another shot at life. Only this time, she is determined to become the master of her own fate and retaliate her oppressors from her previous life. It's payback time. Although reborn with beauty and youth, Ye Jian obviously holds higher pursuits. In this life, she is determined to become an extraordinary commando. No, she does not need love, family, or any affection! He is born in a powerful family; and step-by-step, he becomes the youngest Major General through his own merits. He is drawn to her every move, despite her repeatedly shunning him. "What you need is love, my little fox," he whispers. "Get lost! I need bullets!" She steps away. Behold. Let this novel take you through the warm, happy, loyal, and passionate story of the aggressive military couple.

  • Kiss Me, Straight

    Kiss Me, Straight

    Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney -- these exciting cities are standard fare in the life of flight attendant Todd Eisenbraun, and he chases a romance with sexy-but-straight Josh through them all.<br><br>Closer to home, a new neighbor in his San Francisco apartment building has a huge crush on Todd. His friends -- Katie, a flight attendant-turned-small appliance repairwoman, and Marzipan Q. Thespian, a man-dangling local philanthropist -- think Todd should at least give Chris a shot. Sure, he’s overweight, but he’s also handsome, a hilarious playwright, and a great cook ... what’s not to love?<br><br>Todd and Chris become quick friends, but Todd’s idea of the perfect man is skinny and straight, and Chris is decidedly neither. Josh may have a fiancée and a teenaged son, but Todd just knows he’s “the One.”<br><br>But if Josh is straight, the road to love is not; Todd is jostled by internalized homophobia, body image issues, exotic locales, the glamorous world of sewing machine repair, and a community theater musical salute to the life of Judy Garland before he arrives at the realization that he’s been looking way too hard for something he may have already found.

  • Straight Through My Heart

    Straight Through My Heart

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Alex needed a rest from the hustle and bustle that his life had become, so he left his newly engaged fiancé back home and went to Hawaii with his best friend. The last thing he needed was a blast from the past; his teenage best friend, girlfriend and first love, Kris. After years of not seeing each other, the feelings they thought were once gone, suddenly came back with a force neither thought would happen! Certainly not Alex, as he just proposed to his long standing girlfriend, Theresa! Of course, not all things are always black and white. What happens when those feelings come back to haunt you? Better yet, what happens when everyone finds out the friendship that Kris and Theresa have.



  • straight to shrewd #BL

    straight to shrewd #BL

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 COMEDY CAMPUS

    I don't know how I came to be in his room. I have no idea how I was against his door now, staring into gray eyes that looked like burning embers. One minute I was outside his door yelling at him for being rude to Diane, the next I'm pressed against his door with my heart thudding like crazy. Wait, why the hell is my heart thudding at this very confusing situation?? And why am I staring at his Lips??? "Now you're in my Space Xander, what do you think I'll do with you?" He said in a husky voice and I felt my mouth go dry. Fuck My life...How do you tell yourself you're straight as an arrow this second and the next minute you're staring at your neighbour's lips???