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  • You'll be loved (bxb)

    You'll be loved (bxb)

    Aiden, an 18 year old Omega with strikingly blue eyes has finally managed to escape his horrible pack after years of abuse. Now he is on his own, wanting to live a lonely life with nobody ever hurting him again. But things can change and wounds can heal, even the ones on the inside.Aiden's whole world changes one night, when he is working at a club as a waiter. Let's just say, things don't go as planned...

  • Stigma (bxb)

    Stigma (bxb)

    Magical Realism ROMANCE

    Two childhood friends seperate by time reunites.Leonardo Kenan Gray now a renowned CEO of a widely known conglomerate has now arrived the peak of life. He had everything a man could possibly want. Money, looks, and brains. But there is one thing missing—Salem. Salem Tiberious Carson had faced more than an average person. He longs for nothing more than to live each day in contentment—until he meets Leonardo. Everything has a purpose. Whether for greater good or greater bad—we never know.

  • The Awkward Boy's Crush (BXB)

    The Awkward Boy's Crush (BXB)

    Marcus told his parents moving now is a bad idea. He told them. Many times. Awkward and weirdo (that's what he thinks of himself), he knew he wouldn't make a lot of friends. Not that he had many before. He's just not good around people. He talks to himself a lot and rambles when he's nervous.Kairn seems like those mysterious bad boy types. Like those cool guys in black and white aesthetic pictures. Distant and solitary. It looks like he gets along with everyone and would talk to you if you talk to him, but he prefers to be alone. Girls dig him as well. But people just can't seem to figure him out. He doesn't really care about anything; it seems. When he looks at Marcus, he must think 'what a weirdo'. Yeah, that's what Marcus thinks. ______________________They started introducing themselves. Now it's his turn.He looked at me, his indifferent gaze resting on me for a few seconds and said, "I'm Kairn." And turned away. He's weird. But I'm probably weirder."We call him Kai," his friend said. He gave a curt nod.______________________

  • Desire (BxB)

    Desire (BxB)

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE COMEDY

    "You know im straight" "Pfft yea and im Santa Claus and Barbie's secret love child""Is that the reason why you're such a hoe-hoe-hoe?"Where 10 boys are chosen as the members of 'les mignons' who are forced to wear cute outfits in order to break the boring and lifeless life of the boys on the school.

  • My Heart Beats For You |bxb|

    My Heart Beats For You |bxb|



    Cooper never had a normal life. He always needed more attention than normal people. Making a deal with his father was the best thing Cooper did. He went to new locations; he experienced new things, he even made new friends! Though there was one exception: his classmate Calvin. Calvin was a mystery to him. He’s always alone with his headphones and always has a knack at annoying him. With things that always come to brew trouble, they begin to realise that maybe the other is not so annoying after all.... And maybe they need each other! Watch as their hearts beat into one rhythm. Cooper: Just you wait, I will make you my friend! MUWAHAHAHA! Calvin: Yeah sure, do that. Cooper: Y- Why do I feel insulted? Calvin: ‘Cos that’s my intention Cooper: QAQ

  • Kpop BxB Oneshots

    Kpop BxB Oneshots

    Fantasy R18 BL SMUT BTS KPOP

    ~smut, fluff, angst etc.~strong language ~some topics might be triggering ~only gay ships



    "Yang terpenting bukankah balasan yang anda dapatkan atas permainan liar tersebut setimpal?"Dogovor yang berarti kontrak dalam bahasa Bulgaria. Kini beralih menjadi salah satu cerita dimana, paras, tubuh dan ikatan dipermainkan. Bukan persoalan uang, bagi pria dengan nama terkemuka di Negaranya. Ciri khas pada setiap orang dan bagaimana proses pembuatan adalah hal yang sangat menguntungkan. "Anda bergeming, namun tubuh anda merespon dengan begitu melenting" Ucapan tersebut berasal dari mulut seorang Barata Yudha. Memiliki pahatan indah pada wajah serta tubuh yang begitu kekar. Menurut beberapa gadis, Barata Yudha adalah pria yang berprilaku layaknya seorang Ayah yang begitu keras kepada anak pertamanya. Namun, tidak demikian yang dirasakan oleh seorang pria yang selalu menatapnya pada pojok ruangan."Kau menghancurkan kenikmatannya! Rasanya begitu membuatku sengsara, karena berhenti pada setengah masukan"Aldericco Berliand atau ikko, seorang anak bungsu dari keluarga Berliand. Begitu dimanjakan, dan selalu bersikap seperti bayangan. Menurutnya manusia tidak begitu menarik, yang paling menarik adalah bagaimana cara manusia menyeludupkan sperma melalui berbagai cara.Ketika ikko mulai menyadari pelumas yang diberikan bukan lagi kalimat yang menyenangkan. Barata justru memperdalam perasaan ikko terhadap keadaan. Akankah ikko selalu memainkan perasaan bersamaan dengan hasratnya? Atau Ikko justru memilih untuk mempermainkan keadaan dengan tameng kebahagiaan?

  • Feminine - (BXB)

    Feminine - (BXB)


  • BITTEN (BxB)

    BITTEN (BxB)


    After ending an on-again, off-again relationship of 10 years, Liam decides to foster a Siberian husky named Tucker to mark the start of his new single life. He can't wait to cuddle with his new furry roommate, take him on walks, and play fetch. But Tucker is no ordinary dog... and when night falls, Liam is in for a surprise.

  • Furry Heartstrings (BxB)

    Furry Heartstrings (BxB)

    Fantasy ROMANCE BL

    When Max, a young man with unimaginable talent in music, tampers with a peculiar acoustic guitar in the attic of their new house, the saying “curiosity killed the cat” seemed to worked. He wasn’t killed though, instead, he gets teleported to a world that he could only imagine.A world of furry beastmen and magic!But there’s one major flaw to this world; humans are treated as slaves here. Max was supposed to be put on sale, but his new found friend propositioned him to a buff wolf-man that would take care of him. And Arjo was very surprised to meet a human who can understand and talk the beastman language.While trying to survive as a slave with less restrictions, Max must also be aware of many things. First is the world prophecy wherein he’s majorly involved. Second is his growing mysterious power that he suddenly discovered. And lastly is his growing fondness to a certain dad bod wolf-man.Join Max and Arjo as they venture to the magical furry world, meet more people, and maybe find love for each other. And why is Max starting to feel like he’s been in this odd world before?

  • What Is A Mate ||BxB

    What Is A Mate ||BxB


    Things aren't ways good. Things aren't always bad. Sometimes you're just living till the day comes where you can actually start your life. To go to college, to study and have a career. Maybe even find a lover! That describes Luke Mills. He's a senior in highschool just muddling to get by, he is barely surviving. He isn't popular nor is he an outcast. He's a nobody. No one knows him, except his best friend Masie, who has a crush on Luke. There's just one problem though, this human is gay. But he isn't only gay, he's also has the biggest crush on the schools most popular male at school. Matteo Jokes. Matteo is handsome, smart, athletic, popular, his future is bright. Every girl wants him. His girlfriend Ashley has him. She's the captain of the cheer team, why wouldn't she have the most popular guy at school? Luke can't help but be jealous. Little does Luke know that Matteo is a werewolf, so is his girlfriend Ashley. Not only that, but Matteo is also the soon to be alpha of the Blood Moon Pack and Luke's mate. But what is a mate?Warning: This is a romantic LGBT fantasy werewolf story. Rated 18+No one under 18 please and thank you.

  • Broken Hope (bxb)

    Broken Hope (bxb)


    The first book in the "Hope" series.Brett Pierce is no ordinary guy. He's carefree and has a loving nature, especially when it comes to people who hate him. At the age of thirteen, he figured out that he was gay. Now, unlike most, he spread it all over his school. He fights back when picked on, and does anything he wants to do without letting someone get in his way. The one thing Brett wants though is love. And fate brought it for him. Jeremiah Hunt is a loner with barely any friends, and he likes that. He'd rather stay alone, then have someone he cares about end up getting hurt. He doesn't rely on anyone, not even when his father starts beating him. He'd rather take his punishment, then letting his father hurt his younger sister Tracy. When Jeremiah meets Brett, Jeremiah thinks of him as an annoying person who will not leave him alone. Will Brett be Jeremiah's light at the end of the tunnel? And save him from being killed by his own father? Or will Jeremiah continue having broken hope for the future?

  • My Treasure (bxb)

    My Treasure (bxb)


    While saving his brother from rogue wolves, Cooper is lost and endangered. At the brink of death, he's found by a curious dragon shifter who looks way too good to be taken seriously.

  • Him [bxb]

    Him [bxb]

    Magical Realism ROMANCE CAMPUS BL TEEN

  • Our Story | BXB

    Our Story | BXB

  • Hora: Discovering (BxB)

    Hora: Discovering (BxB)




    Ambrose: Greek; immortal, belonging to the immortal.Filled with brilliant curiosity and stubbornness, Ambrose was intrigued by the new addition to the kingdom. He often found himself near the boy, and the more he was with him, the more he felt the overwhelming desire to kiss him, to hold him, and to touch him. But he had to take things slow; he could not scare off sweet Randy. All he could do was keep him close and try to make Randy acquire feelings for him."Enguerrand, if we cannot be lovers in this life, promise you'll find me in the next"Ongoing

  • That Kiss BxB Story

    That Kiss BxB Story

  • He's into Him [bxb]

    He's into Him [bxb]


    Pano kung yung tinatakasan mong nakaraan biglang susulpot at muling gugulo sa buhay mo....

  • Re:View [BxB]

    Re:View [BxB]


    Ren, a 13-year old, academically inclined student who loves and dreams to be successful in the field of Mathematics, experiences a great start to his highschool life by getting himself a girlfriend during his first year. They enjoyed each other's company, but when Ren began to question everything around him (including their relationship), everything changed as well, and it all started when he came to see the basketball games for his school's sports event.That day, in that court, he met a certain athlete who would change his definition of love and give something he loved the most --- math, an entirely new meaning.Will Ren follow his heart and pursue his dreams? Or will he let himself get entangled in his own feelings? Follow Ren on his journey to mathematical success and self-discovery!Re:View - to look once more at what could've beenPS: This is a work of fiction but some events within the story are based on ones that took place in real life, but they aren't a 100% translation from life to page.