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Author: DeathstateTranslator: Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


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It is said that the true meaning of a mage is to fully understand the truth of the world. A mage named Saleen Metatrin goes on many missions as a normal mage to try and change his fate. This in turn led to many problems and adventures. 


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    Website : qidian china Views : 6.11million Rating : 8.0(968) Chapters : 1620 Status : completed Word count : 4.94million author level : lv3 No of works : 5 If you are interested, my reviews are in almost every novel with atleast 3 likes.

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    I read the raws. MC is really foolish (he is a child, so that can be his excuse, but he is supposed to be from a noble family, and they supposedly get good training from childhood). The next things I mention all happen in the first ten chapters, so can't really be considered as spoiler. He sold all the assets of his family for loaves of bread or small amounts of pocket change. He has a good teacher who helped him in his need, but he neither consults him about his doubts nor asks for advice. He is greedy and easily led into the plans of others who want to use him (the most stupid thing is he wanted to save up food, so he bought lots of bread with his first gold coin, and then was so surprised when the bread got spoiled after a few days. I mean, what do you expect- it's a perishable food- buy rice instead, or wheat, or corn- even foolishness should have its limits).

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    Mage....Seems like western fantasy..I'm voting................Now need to add 140 character ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ok.

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    Novels like these are the reason qidian needs to give us a preview chapter in the voting system. So basically this seemed like a cool new cultivation/western fantasy from just reading the synopsis however after first 12 chapters I can tell you it is a rushed pile of sh*t. So we start of with some random mages being described and then straight to our protagonist who is apparently from some fallen clan, typical beggining stuff not great not too bad. And from then the story goes downhill, cultivation is handled poorly we are not showed how did he feel or do his first casting of a spell, which is told of in a one sentence. Next comes a timeskip and before even fully describing what happened author does another timeskip. After that more time is spent with stupid dialogues about rule of the jungle than basic world building. I will not describe everything but these first 12 chapters were simply unimpressive, which is weird since author should show the vision for his novel in early chapters. This story might get better but i doubt it, however the translation quality is good and as for update stablity it is too early to judge.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    The synopsis is something that a 7th grader would come up with. "In turn this led to" my ass. Seriously, the sypnosis is incredibly vague and lacking in substance. Frankly put, it is quite appalling for it's lack of charisma and word choice. If the translation or base material is at this level, then I don't hold much hope for this novel at all.

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    LV 11 Badge

    It looks like Stargate I UP VOTE !!!! I miss you Stargate Universe, i hope a fan while help make a sequel... Sad we miss the 3rd saison, but perhaps they are all dead and this is the end.

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    I don't even know where I start with the numerous problems this novel has. Firstly if the MC happened to step on a cockroach the next 5 chapters would be about the cockroach's illustrious family line the has connections to royalty and super duper grand mages and how they and the whole continent are now hunting the MC. This situation repeats it self 2 or 3 times in the first 40 chapters. Next would be the MC's iq as it starts at decent level and every chapter it drops a little. Now 40 chapters later the MC can barely form coherent thoughts, he just stumbles and plot armors his way through the story. With one girl even more lacking in iq than the MC blindly following for no reason at all and another girl that is plot armor in character form. I could literary write an essay on this novels shortcomings and not even list all that appear in the first 40 chapters. I am sincerely in awe by the people managing to reach this far into the story without asking a salary to read this "novel". If I could I would rate the story lower but I wouldn't be honest as the stability of updates and translation quality manage to add another star to this horrid story.

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    LV 11 Badge

    Damn, I vote hard for this. There novels about western-fashioned magic systems are so few... And I like them most) Also would be great if MC was similar to Leylin in logic(not some philanthropic hypocrite) and his search for the truth of the world)))

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    MC and his companions decide to set out to Alchemy City to go and meet the MC's master. You would think that once they get to the city they would be able to find him. NOPE!!! It is a 75+ chapter filler until they finally find him. WTF!!!!!!!!!! Why even state that their main goal is to find his master at the city if it is going to take over 75 chapters to finally find him? The author makes you sit there wondering for over 75 chapters when he is going to finally be able to meet his master once more. The entire time I'm just half a$$ reading this to get past these fillers to find out that it is going to take another 50 chapters, from where I have read up to, to finally meet up with this master once more. I don't even care what is happening in these chapters because the author got my hopes up that he was going to meet his master and start onto the next section of the story plot. This kind of completely detracts from the story when an author gets your hopes up like this and then puts 75+ chapters of filler in.

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    Here is a recipe I encountered last week, it was delicious. 3 cups chicken or San bei ji (i think 🙇) Ingredients 1 kilo of chicken (you can use drumets or the legs and wings or white meat whichever you prefer) 1cup Chinese cooking wine 1 cup light soy sauce 1tbsp dark soy sauce (optional its just for color) 1 cup sesame oil 25 cloves of garlic (minced) 2 cups of Thai basil 2 green chili pepper or dried chili pepper( optional if you want it to be spicy) 10 thin slices of ginger 1 cup of scallions( optional) 3 tbsp sugar Equipment Spatula Wok or whatever you deep bottomed pan you have that will fit everything and has a lid or can be covered Instructions 1. In a bowl mix your soy sauce, and sugar 2. Heat the sesame oil in the wok, be careful because sesame oil has low heat tolerance, once you hear the oil bubble throw in your garlic chili peppers and ginger then stir. Once the oil becomes aromatic put in your chicken and stir until the chicken turns white. 3. Once the chicken turns white put in the soy sauce sugar and wine mixture into the wok. Then let simmer on low heat without a lid for 30 or 40 minutes or until the sauce thickens and has a syrupy consistency. 4. Once the sauce thickens, bring the heat up to high and throw in the scallions and basil leaves, stir then cover for 2 to 3 minutes to infuse the scent of basil and the scallions into the dish. Then serve!!! This is best served with rice and boiled eggs! Enjoy!!

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    A great novel that seems to get alot of hate for no real reason, it has alot of filler but that is something almost every novel on this app has especially some of the more popular ones, another complaint I see often is that there are too many fight scenes? Idk what these people are smoking but I think you're in the wrong genre if you want infrequent combat, the way the story arcs of this novel work are a long journey, fraught with dangers and fights, a midway rest where danger reveals itself and they are forced back onto the path, and finally a falling action point where the characters can rest, grow, and get their affairs in order. Unlike other sword and magic novels the MC is not a sociopath and actually starts out as ***** child that gets taken advantage of easily, it takes quite some time before he's able to deal with others without getting the short end of the stick.Also there is no "cheat item" his badge is actually a very weak damaged magical item which judging by the pilot chapter never gets repaired, it's only ability is to completely drain the energy of whoever is in contact with it and only gives an extremely slight boost to elemental affinity in return. As for combat applications he can only use it against an enemy effectively when he is in a group and fighting against an individual, as it renders him immobile as well, he can also use it as a shield as before it was damaged it was a very powerful artifact. The only thing that could be considered a cheat is the potion he drank to become a mage, but made him only able to use water magic and it almost killed him. He only survived when he met a grade 9 mage, which is the current strongest rank of mage in the novel, who was willing to fix the problems with his body.

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    VOTE!!!....its a magic related novel so VOTE!!!....we need some more of those here......................................................................................................................

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    Hey fellas! So far i've read 13 chapters and honestly this doesn't seems to be getting anywhere; the protagonist feels bad and *****, poor attitude towards magic and nothing seems to have changed in at least a year after he started learning. I'll edit this review in the future as more chapters come out and tell you guys my full opinion about it. Cya ;)

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    It mage world story, where a young boy who is in cliche bad situations meets his teacher and start his journey to be the strongest with his cliche cheat magic artifact. At this point in a story, not much is known about this cheat artifact. Not much of a review can be given at this point, we have to wait for more chapters. NOTE: review is only up to chapter 15.

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    okay. a journey of an ordinary mage becoming someone powerful. summary doesnt say much but it'll probably be alot like warlock of magus world

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    I feel that the way it was written was super dull, boring and just too unsatisfactory to even continue reading. I’m not sorry to say that I really dislike this novel. Will not continue reading it. After the first chapter people will ask themselves..”What even is this? What is with this horrendous senseless plot building up to...” Just to say, this was not a well thought out story. The way it was carried out was bad. One word to describe this novel...BAD. But to some other people they might want to trek on with this story and continue to journey with it. I applaud those whom continue on this road, there is no return from reading this mind numbing story. Sorry translators, editors, author, all those who read this. There is some offense within my words but I will not apologize for it but I do apologize for all your hard work. I thank you for wanting to translate this, thank you author for writing this even though I will not continue reading it. Editors thank you for working on this. May everyone praise all the hard work and glory unto you and everyone else. Farewell.

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    This story is terrible. The MC is ridiculously stupid despite being a beggar and gets even dumber after learning magic. BS’s his way through everything with no real goal in sight with just as bad companions. There is no consistency or thought put into the novel like he gets hit by a book that is 1 metre wide and half a metre thick, that book would kill him because it’s so heavy. Place names got mixed up like it was the Myer continent and them the Metalhin or what ever his family name is continent. Just don’t read, licking the pavement would be more enjoyable than reading this.

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    Well this is my sugestion for you : Good side : - Interesting character - Easy to read Bad side : a bit spoiler - I dont get it why the MC is so rash and softie. I feel it become contradiction because actually he is smart and have strong wisdom that how the story line tell us. - I dont know how to say this mmmmm...that the story say he have character merchant but he lose so much. - He doesnt know politic, but still fooling around with noble. (I feel like crying now trust me.) Well the think make this bad because contradiction for what actually the MC do and the story line say. So, I mean example if he is hot blooded, he will love fight and easy get angry but if we make the contradiction that line become like this "He doesnt love to fight and calm person". Well this is still just my opinion but actually this story have well background but the story line sometimes tell us the spoiler, you can say that I more like doesnt know because it will have more surprise and we can feel the helpless side in MC.

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    A slightly retarded MC in a boring story*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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    Author Deathstate

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