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[Target Of Misfortune: Rank SSS (Level: 1)]

This skill changed my life. I, a poor nobody despised by others, had gained this opportunity.

Using my skill of mine, I will rise to the top. And no one will stop me.


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    Rank -- Power Ranking
    Stone -- Power stone

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    Author don’t stop posting or we will go to your house and lock you up under a basement to force you to write 5 chapters a day. Huehuehue

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    mc is smart but foolish at the same time , he is being used here and there , he is powerful but cuz of making this story intresting he is behaving poorly and AWKWARDLY (Comedy like old drama) Heroins are easy but he is running from them making me frustrated , i am villain fan and here all i can say Protegnists are really stupid Story is Good with good plots and characterization is also good but Mc is STUPID with his actions but good in taking precautions Current review from - ch 23

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    Though the world is unique, it can't be said about the characters, him being petty is a strong word for something that barely happens, the story feels more like a guy having power trip and doesn't know what is good for him, and a lot of the stuff feels bland and plot is pretty forced, he looks at benefits like there is no downsides to it, I bet he wouldn't even know if someone lured him with benefits with hidden downsides, get this man some brain.

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    This novel is really fun to read. The whole ranking system is pretty unique and interesting. The MC is just progressing without training most of the time though. I guess the MC will give it his all in the near future. This novel is still really great in my opinion.

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    world and concept is unique but mc doesn't even know nothing just getting carried by females and forced plot till I read means volume 1

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    Dropped at ch 45. This is just an average story, a bit different from other sss rank skill type stories, but just average till now

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    Well, it's not clear yet, there are few chapters. the hero is a little stupid and creates problems for himself, although in fact he still doesn’t know how to do anything.

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    The story is really good and I honestly loved the new concept. But, unfortunately the story took a worse turn after chapter 160. It became too much for me. Even having great power, he doesn't actually try to get more. Unnecessary stuff happens once in a while. chapter focusing too much on other character viewpoints . Harem members limiting him around chapter 160 and he is doing unnecessary stuff most of the time. writing, updates, world background all are top notch. Just the plot declines in the later stages. It is a good read per se. But will get excessive later on in the story. That was my honest review and I congratulate the author for writing this great masterpiece. I might come later on for other stories, but for now I will be leaving.[img=recommend][img=recommend]

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    LV 14 Badge

    be warned, chapter 6 mc sign what basically amounts to a slave contract. he can not betray the organization, he can not leave the organization, he can not use his ability on the leader, he must use his ability on whoever the leader tells him to whenever she wants (with the only restriction being himself). so he signed up to kill any potential future friend or lover on a whim from the organization). not for me

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    The MC is PTW. [img=recommend]

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    quite comfortable to read in your spare time, the interactions between characters and pov from the perspectives of the various characters are also interesting to read. There's almost no infodump and no convoluted narrative either. For the MC for now his character are still neutral, which I like. For the future I hope he will not develop into a hero syndrome (helping other people who are not the people closest to him and not giving him an advantage) and hopefully he stays true to his ambition and greed

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    I really like it the MC isn't all knowing but he isn't frustating to read, and i love petty MCS that aren't hypocrites most authors only do MCS black or white like or the MC is morally right or he is a clown (mostly for comedy purposes) but this one isn't either so its interesting to read, the only downside is that the cat girl is a bit pushy and annoying but i like Reina and the sadistic loli CEO.

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    LV 14 Badge

    I like the concept of the ranking system but sadly i have to drop this story, random fan service with little to no context and starting point of mc spikes so fast despite lack in 6 of the 7 different ranking sections. A deeper dive in both explanations and characterdevelopement would have helped too. But good concept and best regards in future chapters and new stories.

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    ✨✨✨novel concept, first time for me reading such a novel. Would be better if there were less explicit content. add more chaps and please don't abandon the story in between✨✨✨

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    Its a good concept. Incredibly fast paced. The whole writing dynamic is very bland, robotic. Maybe it gets better, but finding someone to PR / edit this to add details and re-structure how things are said would do wonders. Many words simply don't fit, and break the flow. Show, don't tell. EX: Don't just say 'the mansion'. Describe it.

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    I’ll keep this short. The MC makes sense, an 18 year old that has lived a cursed life filled with misfortune would likely react similarly to this same situation when presented with real power. From the cruelty to the rampant fortification. I just don’t like the mc, the power is interesting if over powered.

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    Author here. I just wanted to say hi to anyone that reads this novel.

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    LV 4 Badge

    I must admit. This is one of the better novels in this genre. It's fast paced, has multiple point of views and has an ever growing harem. The Mc is OP. I mean really OP. OP TO THE OPED TIMES INFINITY. Female mcs are diverse and complex with various emotions being shown. Atm my favorite is NENE. she is sadistic, always up for some "personal" time, enjoys teasing everyone (especially other female mcs, proper teasing😁) and will do anything with and for the Mc. The Mc has little personality but is unlikable in a Stalin sort of way. My rating is based on how I view each criteria as I am currently enjoying this book and wish the author would release more chapters at once. HINT HINT. NUDGE NUDGE.

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    I like your novel a lot, don't you dare stop writing and continue on with this novel till completion, This literally, atm, is the only entertainment I have in this pathetic life of mine, I'll hunt you if you stop 👻

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    Está bueno autor Mmmmm Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm

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