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  • My possessive boyfriend

    My possessive boyfriend


  • ]cancer


    This novel is about a teenage boy being thrown into a desolate wasteland full of bones and having to adapt to it's circumstances.

  • Cancer-an (Cancers Descend)

    Cancer-an (Cancers Descend)

    Ang pagiging cancer sa lipunan bilang isang napakagaling na tao. Pinagbibidahan ni Yasuo samahan sa napakagandang pakikipagsapalaran.

  • Kindergarten to Cancer

    Kindergarten to Cancer

  • cancer journey

    cancer journey

  • cancer team

    cancer team

  • Dear Cancer

    Dear Cancer

  • Pancreatic Cancer

    Pancreatic Cancer

    Magical Realism R18 COMEDY

    Pancreatic CancerCancer of the PancreasYoung Minds Sitting on Red Chairs sipping on the blood of The Mesopotamians

  • F Cancer

    F Cancer

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    This a story about a girl who I Love And she has Cancer. This is a story about a girls life leading to and, before Cancer and how this one girl changed my life for the better. The same way I hope I can help her.

  • Cancer The Enemy

    Cancer The Enemy

  • The Cancer Patient

    The Cancer Patient

    High school freshmen Xu Zen is the only person who knows how twisted this world is. In this world power and abilities is above everything else. The strong rule the weak. His high school days were a disaster because he was a (无力) Wúlì, which means the one without ability. He was constantly bullied, beaten up and tortured in the school.But everything changed when he met a weak girl who was getting bullied at the back of the school library...

  • Bitter with cancer

    Bitter with cancer

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    The story revolves around a girl who has cancer...However due to proper management by her super smart bestir she lives longer than expected. However along the line a new hottie appears. Despite being warned she goes on He seems to good to be true especially when he's the rival to her bestfriend but Eva believes there's a good in every bad. Will Eva act selfish and accept the fantasy love Josh is offering and will Dennice give his life to save the one he loves???

  • The Cure For Cancer

    The Cure For Cancer


  • My cancer tretmeant

    My cancer tretmeant

  • Cancer Free Cultivation

    Cancer Free Cultivation

  • Journey of Surviving Cancer

    Journey of Surviving Cancer

  • my life with cancer

    my life with cancer

  • I'm The Only One With Cancer

    I'm The Only One With Cancer


    Earth, 22nd CenturyThe incurable cancer that served as a nightmare for people one century ago is now just a rare but curable disease. With the world’s development, there are now cures for all types of cancer. The Earth is now a planet with no more people suffering from cancer.Except for Zen.Diagnosed with a mutated cancer that was the only one of its kind at an early age, he sank in despair.That was until an opportunity which turned his curse into a blessing presented itself.What power would Zen gain from the disease that plagued him since his childhood?***The art is not mine, all credits to the original artist.

  • Playboy CEO Has a Baby

    Playboy CEO Has a Baby


    3rd in WPC 223 Contest. Bai Renxiang, the first young miss of the Bai family had her name on the headlines with a shocking discovery. As though that wasn’t enough with her tainted reputation, her angry father threw her out of his house and company while her boyfriend broke up with her for an arranged marriage, basing it on the trending news. She was abandoned and left alone. All but two persons stood beside her, her mother and maternal grandfather. Life not being satisfied, decided to throw her world into chaos again, with her mother being diagnosed with cancer of the Kidney. In a bid to get help for her mother’s surgery, she found herself seeking help from her step sister and unfortunately being in the same situation that ruined her life before. At the end of it all, she was left with a cheque and her dignity GONE. Li Fengjin, the mysterious CEO of Emperor's Enterprise, the untainted playboy who gets pestered by his parents to get a stable relationship, got laid one night. He could not forget what transpired between him and the mysterious lady that sauntered into his room that fateful night. He tried to find her but he got nothing. In the storms and trials of life, would Bai Renxiang be able to rise and find out who set her up to get revenge? Would he be able to find her? Would they fall for each other? Will they be able to pass their trials without falling apart? And what about the sweet little thing holding unto his leg from nowhere and saying, ‘Will you be my dad?’ Find out how these two weave their fates in the threat of life. ****** "Sir, we have searched and searched but there is no trace of her anywhere.” “How come? Search again,” Li Fengjin ordered. “But...” “NO BUTS!” He yelled in anger. “Get this done, now! Find her and bring her to me if you must.” “Yes sir.” Beep! Taking in a deep breath, he tried to calm down before unlocking his phone and looking at a picture on the screen. "Think you can run off after leaving my world in a storm, huh? You have to take responsibility for me. Keep hiding, I would find you and make you mine." ************** This is my first book. Cover not mine, all credit goes to the owners. I would take it down if he/she wants. Message me on discord @Winnie_D_Pooh#7708

  • Developed cancer and A cheating partner

    Developed cancer and A cheating partner

    Its a story about married young couple .both are from different states but got married on family demand.Wife is quite but not such beautiful as his husband demand ,she never argues and silently cries on other hand his husband is quite handsome ,body builder and a Doctor so he always teas her mentally ,physically and verbally .How will this boy learn a lesson and what will wife do to live a happily married life?Will they got divorced?Will both of them be loyal to each other ?Come read and explore an amazing story.