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  • Zodiac Circle

    Zodiac Circle


    In the realm of Zariel, every person can manipulate one of the four elements their zodiac belongs to - Fire, Earth, Air or Water. Tamie Wingfield dreams to become the greatest Zodiac Master of all time. For that, she decides to join the Rose Cruce Order, which her elder brother Nick Wingfield belongs to, as one of the highest ranks - the Sage. But Tamie has a big problem - she is a Libra, and out of all Zodiac, Libra is the only inanimate object, rendering it the most powerless of all (or so it is believed).How will the girl of the most powerless zodiac sign manage to become the grand Zodiac Master?

  • The Cat hides its Claws

    The Cat hides its Claws


    Myohan, a very normal and boring student, has a secret that he cannot tell anyone. He can turn into a cat!But one day, that 'man' appeared out of nowhere and tells him how to cure this! He must find others who can also turn into animals. There are 12 out there who turn into each of the animals of the zodiac!But as he finds them one by one, he starts to remember the things he had forgotten about one by one...

  • The Zodiac

    The Zodiac

  • Zodiac Fighter in Marvel

    Zodiac Fighter in Marvel


    James, a normal human died. He then chose to be reincarnated in the Marvel Multiverse! Let's see how he becomes the strongest existence...[I don't know a lot about Marvel... I know some things. So, if I do something wrong, please forgive me.]

  • Zodiac Queen

    Zodiac Queen


    There were mad scientists that use children as an experiment material to become a weapon and destroy the whole nation. After 7 years of studying and failures, they finally made 12 successful munitions that will help the terrorists for the upcoming war. But little did they know that the children will seek retribution to what they have done to them.Athena is the commander and the strongest among the group and she was called Aries(code name). She leads Auslon in escaping and she's the one who killed the scientists. However, on their way, something they didn't expect happens. Atha was shot and unable to walk so she urges them to go seek help then she promised too that they will see each other again but Yuxin stayed with her. He couldn't let anyone hurt her and tried his best to protect her.But they ended up being severely injured.16 years had passed, Auslon keeps on searching for their leader. Yuxin used all his resources to find Athena. However, they didn't know, Athena herself too, that someone froze her memory with a system chip but the medical field diagnosed her with PSTD..........Cover:https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/259519997260271141/



    Aku lebih baik mencintai sesosok hantu yang tidak akan pernah menyakiti hatiku...Dan tuhan mengabulkan doa kimi setelah dia terbangun dari koma dan dapat melihat semua hantu-hantu di sekitarnya. Wanita penuh kesempurnaan itu adalah 'kimiko'

  • The zodiac

    The zodiac

  • My zodiac system

    My zodiac system


    It was the year 6099 and humanity was stronger then ever. Science had evolved so much that things like flying cars and teleporters were common and their Military's were stronger then ever. But that wasn't enough to prepare humanity for what happened next. The sky turned red as the ground split open and demons straight out of a fantasy book attacked humanity and left millions dead. But humanity did not go down without a fight. For 300 years humanity fought the demons in a bloody war but humanity were at a disadvantage because most demons were stronger then humanities weapons. But something happened that changed the tide of war for humanity a event called the awakening happened worldwide and the human population started gaining magic powers that gave humanity the strength to fight back against the demons. There were 12 humans who had the strength to rival gods these 12 people were known as the zodiacs and there leader the dragon zodiac led humanity to many victories. But one day the zodiacs fought the demon king in a brutal battle that lasted 10 days and 11 of the zodiacs died as a result but at the end of the battle the dragon zodiac was able to destroy the demon king once and for all and disappeared completely. But a century later the world has changed completely humanity lives in a world where the strong rule the weak and a disowned noble named Cain who was disowned from his family due to how weak he was and his lack of magic met a odd old man who gave him something called a system. That will him the strength of the 12 zodiacs and now a new generation of zodiacs must prepare for a threat worse then the demon king.

  • Zodiac son

    Zodiac son

  • Unparalleled Zodiac

    Unparalleled Zodiac

  • The Zodiac System

    The Zodiac System


    Many years into the future an alien organization broken the restraints around the world, letting the mana from the universe shroud the world and evolve it.Every being except humans underwent a substantial evolution into more powerful and terrifying creatures that ran rampant. Humanity was unfortunately unable to stop the creatures with their technology. The most their technology could do was kill some low-level monsters.To top it off, dangerous portals began to open up around the world!All hope was lost until a special child was born with supernatural powers. He grew, alongside more supernatural children grew up to become the pillars of humanity.They all used the same power as well. Systems. Thus, they were known as System Holders. These System Holders repelled the baleful waves of creatures until they took back both Japan, China, Europe, and America.As for the rest of the world? It was too far gone...While Horus was acting as the porter-boy for a team, he and the rest of the team was attacked by a Elite monster inside the portal. When he miraculously awakened, he discovered that the entire team perished.He discovered something else as well...[Critical condition detected, initiating emergency start-up.][The Zodiac System has been successfully awakened!]

  • Will of The Zodiac

    Will of The Zodiac

  • Zodiac Signs

    Zodiac Signs

    Wanna know more about Zodiac signs?? Join me and let's laugh together!

  • The Ancestral Zodiac System

    The Ancestral Zodiac System


    Yu Shangwu, was waiting to board an oncoming train to go home from a long day of school when he noticed a young child around the age of four was about to walk off the train platform unbeknownst to the child's parents. After noticing the child, he dropped his bag and sprinted off toward the edge of the platform before being tripped by a homeless drunk. As he was losing his balance, he decided to risk it all as he jumped forward towards the child pushing him back into the embrace of his scared parents before he himself falls off the platform. As Shangwu falls in front of the train, he thinks to himself, “I regret nothing,” and he closes his eyes preparing for the worst. In another world in a brightly lit throne room a mysterious yet elderly man sits rubbing his white beard. A whistling tune can be heard from down the hallway. Raising his voice, the old man says "STOP YOUR DAMN WHISTLING YOU FOOL.... *cough**cough*... Did you finish your mission properly this time?" Walking out of the dark tunnel is the same homeless man who tripped Yu Shangwu. As the man arrives in the middle of the room he bows. "I have your highness, are you sure that it was a wise choice to kill the child?" This is a story about Yu Shangwu's Reincarnation into a magical beast world as a human. Join him on his adventure! Note: The tags will eventually show up in time. please be patient as my writing style may be different from the rest on the site.

  • Rise Of The Zodiac King

    Rise Of The Zodiac King

    Magical Realism MAGIC

    Set in a futuristic world with high rising buildings and technological advancements never even seen before, we will follow a certain young boy named ‘Eisen.’ Eisen Evans is a loser. He is a seventeen-year-old boy who’s about to graduate from high school with no accolades, no medals, no honors, and barely passing grades. Every single day he is bullied by his classmates for being wimpy, short, and meek – but that is in real life. When he turns the screen on, however, he is one of the most powerful players in the largest online game ever. Zodiac Ascension, it boasts millions of players, and among those numbers, Eisen stands on top of the others in terms of everything, from levels, to equipment, to skills. One day, reality begins to warp and causes Zodiac Ascension’s world to integrate itself into real life, blurring the lines between the video game and reality. The players turn into their playable avatars while the non-players end up becoming NPCs. Sending the world back into medieval times.As soon as this happens, Eisen Evans is the farthest thing from what you can call a ‘loser.’ His avatar, and he himself now, had become one and the same. Read on as Eisen strikes back at the people who have wronged him, the bullies who stepped on him, and everyone else who dared to disrespect his name back when he was a nobody, as he journeys on to beat the game and become the Zodiac King, as well as to decide whether he will restore the world back or rule over it.

  • Hyde, Worldwalker Reborn

    Hyde, Worldwalker Reborn



    Dropped into a world after dying, Hyde, an unlikely hero that is given a wild magical power is placed in a world with a misleading god to guide him. Hyde will journey across the land to rescue Beast Folk and other races that are being abused by humans, while slowly taking control of the world. Little does Hyde know that he is in a game to save people he cares about from an Evil Game Master hellbent on destroying this world. Hyde will have to find all the girls and get the world working together before he can challenge and stop the Game Master from destroying everything. Hyde is one of the five Harem Leaders in Reborn, a game world that has trapped players in an endless loop. The five leaders are fighting to reach the final Zodiac world to defeat Aegis and stop the Reset, and the unknown entity known as MainFrame. Hyde has complete the first 12 game worlds and had tried to enter this game world once before, but failed, leaving all of her harem members behind in this world. After fighting through the game worlds again with only the help of two other Harem Leaders Kiada, and Bhan, Hyde has reentered the Zodiac world, Leo, to find his girls and prevent the Game Master from destroying this world. This is the first part of the Reborn collection, and reading it will held understand Harem Reborn, and The Blood Servant System a bit better. You do not have to read then in this order because the stories do line up, but the events in should have let me die start before Harem Reborn. This book series is part of the Reborn Collection Hey Fans! I have started a another book to help you all keep track of the growing harem so check it out! The Great Master Hydes Harem List https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/19073480406302905?utm_source=writerShare&utm_campaign=4314060402 My discord: https://discord.gg/ugVdHzENju Instagram: ddcmagic_ Twitter: @Daniel_smiles Check my other books Harem Reborn To help support my work and for new covers https://www.patreon.com/Magic_?fan_landing=true https://ko-fi.com/magic_

  • Zodiac War

    Zodiac War

    A young man was walking, but suddenly time freezes ahead and sees a person being chased and running towards him, the target is hit and is close to death, before death he transfers a mysterious power to our young man, what will he do now?




    The story is about Jeshan ,who goes into the past and becomes a zodiac ranger in order to save the world from monsters.

  • Zodiac Addicted

    Zodiac Addicted


    About a girl who is in love with zodiac stuff especially about Love. She keeps on looking for someone who matches her zodiac well and she actually already finds the one, but someone suddenly makes flustered. She asks her bestfriend about him and she finds out about his zodiac. His zodiac doesn't match well with hers so she tries to walk away, to stay away from him. Can she stay away from him? Myla Mendes. This is her story.