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  • City of Aquarius

    City of Aquarius

    As the prophecy stated......the true heir of the throne shall return to her city and take back what they want to destroy.After drowning in the sea. Nikolai wakes up on the beach of Aquarius, a land of beauty but much evil.She will discover things she has never known.She will fall in love with the prince.They will fight hand in hand for their love.But in a city like that. There is darkness.And only one person can destroy it for good.She is the heir to the throne of Aquarius.She must save her people.And of course.Save the one she loves.

  • ria aquarius

    ria aquarius

  • Aquarius System: The Leviathan

    Aquarius System: The Leviathan

    Fantasy Romance VILLAIN DRAGON

    Ceto a girl born in a world where man had advanced to what they called the "final frontier" the vast expanse of the stars in the skys black ocean..but little did humanity know that more lurked in the dark waters of their home, their advancements not only hurt but awakened the creatures of the depths that they had been so oblivious of.Ceto only felt pain seeing so many creatures killed or kept in smaller environments because of their destroyed homes turned to slime and plastic. Never in her life was she able to witness pure water, but this only tempted her to try and make change.But this didn't go unnoticed for Ceto would soon be chosen to break and reform a broken world holding horrors that can't be forgotten.



    She was a creature at the bottom of the dark and vast sea living with the other just like her. While waiting for a human with a greedy heart to come, she then accidentally witnesses an incident, she decided to saved and kiss the man who's in a near-death episode to bring him back to life. But the mermaid was wrong, she just passed the curse unconsciously. At the same time that she had legs, the feet of the man became a tail.️️️DISCLAIMERThis is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.️️️written in FILIPINOSEREIA: INTO THE BLUEwritten by: NEKOZUKIAll Rights Reservedcopyright 2014NO TO PLAGIARISM️️️FORMER TITLE: AQUARIUSWRITTEN: JULY 2014REWRITTEN: SEPTEMBER 2016ENDED: DECEMBER 28, 2016

  • Last Descendant

    Last Descendant

    Tabitha, a demigod who who became a tamer due to a sacrifice her mother did to save his brother, Carter. She's one of the two remaining first class tamers who was chosen to tame the Aquarius' last descendant. But the last descendant isn't just a typical one and drove the inner demon inside Tabitha which her mother tried suppressing for a very long time to save both the Demon and the Spirit Realm.

  • Aquarius
zodiac series no. 1

    Aquarius zodiac series no. 1

  • Aquarius
Hal pertama yang ada di benakku saat aku di hadapkan pisau...

    Aquarius Hal pertama yang ada di benakku saat aku di hadapkan pisau...

  • Childish Prince

    Childish Prince

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION COMEDY

    A man name Chris Alvin Mendez has an illness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with Savant Syndrome. It is a special case that's why he needs someone who can really understand him. He's smart, genius actually, and he's good in everything except that social communication is not his specialty. He lives entirely independent. Yka Jane Frentico--> studied abroad when she's 9 years old for almost 10 years and came back to the Philippines to study college. She took Doctors degree specially because of her childhood friend that she knows will need her the most. But when she saw him, everything change. He's not the same as before. It challenges her to widen her understanding towards him 'cause he keeps on pushing her away. There are so much twist revolves around them and there are people who will become there friends and enemies. There are so much strunggle they're gonna face in the future. Will they be standing strong and hold onto each other's arm or will they give up for the sake of their lives?




    Georgia Snow She is 23 years old and I am from Aries, and she recently moved from her parents' house to live in an apartment alone so she wanted more but ended up living in a haunted apartment so saying, Georgia was never afraid of these supernatural things. She was born with the gift of seeing the dead, grew up listening and seeing dead beings, ghosts etc ..., learned to ignore them and even succeeded.When he moved he felt a supernatural presence in the house and as he always ignored and if he settled in that apartment, then he saw the ghost who would share the home, his name was Estefan died when he was 27 years old was from Aquarius and killed himself in the room star hanged with a rope around his neck, and became a poltergeist with nowhere to go either to the underworld or to the sky or as I call the "lost" and from what I know we will be together for a long time ...

  • The Zodiac

    The Zodiac

  • Quinze: Child Of The Second Women

    Quinze: Child Of The Second Women

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE FAMILY

    Bagaimana kehidupan anak dari hasil hubungan gelap seorang pria kaya raya, setelah ia tinggal bersama ayah kandungnya? Berbagai perlakuan yang tak mengenakkan harus diterimanya setiap hari. Baik itu perlakuan dari para saudara tirinya, maupun dari ibu tirinya. Bagaimana cara gadis itu menghadapi semua hal itu?



    Seorang lelaki muslim tidak taat aturan,hidup bebas dengan bergelimangan harta bertemu dengan seorang gadis sederhana, polos, yang menjadi korban brokenhome. Mungkin lebih tepatnya bukan gadis kembali karena hal bejat yang dilakukan oleh seseorang yang dianggap spesial. Dia harus menutupi kesalahan pria ini dari semua orang bahkan keluarga gadis ini sendiri.Entah sampai kapan gadis ini menutupinya dan berbohong. "Nona kok bisa hamil." ucap suster yang menemani USG"Ayah dari baby ini dimana. " ucap suster pria yang menemani operasi"Nggak mungkin kalau ini hal gaib." ucap wanita pemilik Yayasan

  • Venus Charm

    Venus Charm


    Thousands of years ago there was between humans and demon shifters. The planets felt pity for the humans and decided to help them by making something that could kill the demon shifters. Thus, the witches were born.

  • Alcie Is My Name

    Alcie Is My Name

  • Transformers prime the story about the lost princess!

    Transformers prime the story about the lost princess!


    This story is about a prince and how she lived in cybertron with her dearest pals, companions and family before the war began. On cybertron their are now higher bots who rule cybertron but leave the busy stuff to the primes as they sit and do nothing while being protected from the ones who protest against them. Therefore the princess’s mother an father known as the best rules to ever be chosen to rule the world surrounded by autobots and deceptacons. The princess was well known on cybertron as the most beautifulest bot to exist but the first to be born by something not from the all spark. She was quite different than any other bot on the planet they lived on together sharing in peace and harmony. Her name was Aquarius peace, her birth brought life and hope to everyone on cybertron while some were still being made by the all spark reminding them that they too can make their own sparklings with their love ones too if they were female that is. Aquarius’s colours were quite exotic and amazing to look at with only three colours, pink, black and white in the right places on the right parts of the body. Her soft parts were black as her metal body parts were a mix of pink white and black showing her feminine side. Due to the attention she was getting despite being a young female, the king had no choice but the hire daily bodyguards to protect his daughter from any harm by the blood thirsty bots who wanted her. Aquarius is quite close to Orion and megatronus before the war and was incredibly close to megatronus with being a hero figure for centuries. Orion was always super supportive for the princess in her daily need for emotional support due to family issues.

  • Love found in Him

    Love found in Him

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE FAMILY

    Since young, Lily already had in mind the ideal man of her life. She find these attributes in her bestfriend Jackson and is hoping to finally make her wish to come to life with him. When one day, she is told to get married to someone.... someone she doesn't know and is quite different from the man of her dreams. Will she ever find him attractive?



    aku memang seorang aquarius



    Keluarga Beberapa orang beranggapan bahwa keluarga adalah rumah terindah dan ternyaman di dunia. Keluargalah yang akan mendekap erat kala terluka atau terpuruk. Ayah, Ibu, kakak, atau adik yang akan menjaga, mengayomi dan menghibur. Tak semua keluarga memiliki kisah indah yang banyak diinginkan. Darena, gadis yang di sekolah selalu digemari karena memiliki banyak hal orang inginkan. Berbeda dengan kepribadian di sekolah, dia akan berubah kala melihat adiknya. Adik dengan keadaan berbeda dengan yang lain. "Mau ke mana lo? Di kamar aja sana temen gue mau ke rumah!" Geona sang adik pun mengambil selembar kertas untuk membantu menjelaskan, "Aku pengin ke taman untuk membantu mama berkebun." Tak hanya sampai disitu saja bahkan saat salah satu acara, Geona akan menjadi layaknya bayangan. Dia akan ditinggal di rumah sendirian tanpa seorang pun yang menemani. Seorang pria menatap dari atas hingga bawah penampilan gadis tersebut, "Hai gadis sampah mau ke mana kau?!" "Geo mau ikut Papa, Mama, dan Kak Rere," jelasnya menggunakan selembar kertas sebagai teman setia. "Tak perlu karena kehadiranmu hanyalah beban yang tak kuinginkan. Rere antar dia!" Darena mendorong keras Geona hingga terdengar benturan. Darena menatap sang adik tajam lalu mengangkat dagunya. "Jangan keluar dari sini kalau lo nggak mau benda ini kena kulit lo!" perintah Darena sembari menggoreskan sedikit ujung silet ke pipi adiknya. Tak hanya Darena yang memperlakukan Geona tak sepantasnya. Sang kepala keluarga yang semula berharap anak kedua lelaki agar menjadi pewaris seketika musnah. Anak keduanya bahkan sangatlah tak sesuai harapannya. Suatu malam dia memilih untuk tak kembali ke rumah. Seorang gadis tanpa memikatnya netra dan segala indra lainnya. Tak disangka ternyata gadis tersebut berani bertamu ke rumahnya dan memberikan sebuah pernyataan. Pernyataan yang mengubah segalanya.

  • What we called universe

    What we called universe

  • Deleted Book (1)

    Deleted Book (1)

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE