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    girl: were best friends rightboy: yehgirl: so be honest with me, who do you like?boy: no one. I love someonegirl: oohh she must me very luckyboy: definitely, I loved since I saw hergirl: since were best friends I wanna see herboy: I'll call her girl: *phone rings* answers phoneboy: I love you

  • Isekai : Cheat Internet connection

    Isekai : Cheat Internet connection



    As a smartphone lover, Rei Kuraki comes across a suspicious application when he is looking for a new application, as usual, one day. It seems interesting at once, so when I try DL and play, I suddenly get thrown into another world! Wait a minute, here! Moreover, all data on my smartphone has been lost!!!! That's a lie, my invoice data is left out!!! But this smartphone is awesome!!!! But there are too many billing factors!!!! There are too many tsukkomi! My adventure starts with this. No, I'm not traveling because I just played with my smartphone at the inn. Am I strong in a different world? No, I can't swing the sword properly because I have the same physical strength. Super rich in the Industrial Revolution? No, I ran out of money right away due to too many billing factors for my smartphone. My great thing is I only have a great smartphone ... that? Isn't that worthy of me?

  • The Connection

    The Connection

    A young girl and boy are assigned lab partners. They both have a rough path with each other, but when the build a machine that teleports them into another reality, they must work together to get home.?

  • the connection

    the connection

  • Cosmic Connection

    Cosmic Connection

  • Comic Connection

    Comic Connection

    Love in the Pacific Northwest has never been so complicated. After a chance encounter at Comic-Con. Harvey and Nora fall head over heels for each other. An emergency cuts their time together short and they have to return to their lives on separate sides of the Puget Sound in Washington state. A few months later fate pushes them back into each other's lives. They soon rekindle their passions for each other over a series of emails. Harvey tries to understand what love really is while dealing with his tortured past. Nora explores what it's like to balance her potential future at her dream job versus the pull of love at first sight. They soon find out that the fact that Harvey is a secret billionaire might be enough to keep them from going all in. Love in the Pacific Northwest has never been so complicated. Comic Connection is created by Benjamin Chapman, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • The Love Connection

    The Love Connection

    Francine is a girl who is so indecisive, she might lose the one she loves... and who loves her truly

  • The Stellar Connection

    The Stellar Connection

    When Life became a bit too stressful for 24-year-old Emilie Massey takes a break to look for a cavern filled with natural hot springs her life changes forever. Waking up on a space ship with a crew of large alien warriors is not what she expected for her relaxing get-away...

  • God of Connection

    God of Connection


  • Connection by Dejavu

    Connection by Dejavu

    A novel based on the journey of male who found his true love in his dream and eventually met her in his life

  • Missed Connection

    Missed Connection


    Have you missed an opportunity to connect with someone? Missed the opportunity to say your final goodbye?A short story filled with missed opportunity, regrets, and tragedy.A story based on reality and I missed the last day of submitting this story for a competition. So, I ended up writing it here.It is much better than letting it by some corners, I guess?Note: Can have grammatical mistakes.

  • Soul Connection

    Soul Connection


    Luke Evans was an ordinary young man, but he wasn't necessarily good in anything, at least that's what his family thought. He was so called family's black sheep, his sister was perfect, while he was talentless... but they were very wrong, and Luke's talent was perfect for the New World.During one of the ordinary days, everything was supposed to be same as other days, but...World changed...Huge Rift appeared in the center of the world.Visitors from other world visited the earth, saying that the Earth will be destroyed and that everyone needs to leave with them, otherwise human race would be doomed.Of course, no one believed them, while the world leaders were too stubborn to listen... Some people listened, they arrived at the Rift and entered the New World....But Luke's family wasn't one of them, they thought that the visitors from other world lied to them. But Luke wanted to go to Rift, even if the Visitors lied, so what? The feeling of adventure filled him, he wanted to go... but his parents was greatly opposed of that, and without any way to go to Rift, he returned to ordinary life......But the belief that the visitors lied disappeared once a small black hole appeared, it was as big as a small rock, but it was enough to swallow the whole world.And just like that, Luke died, his family died, 96% of Humans Died, while 4% of Humans survived because they decided to leave the earth behind.Luke died with full regret, while the World Leaders decided to point the fault at the visitors, for not convincing them better.Luke thought that all the fault lied on the greedy World Leaders...He wanted a Second Chance... To do everything right...He got it...With help of a stubborn Elf... He got his memories of him dying to the black hole, he had only few days left to reach Rift, to convince his family to leave with him... Before the black hole kills them again......And who knows that kind of adventures are waiting in the New World.______________________________________Disclaimer: The cover photo isn't mine, so if you are the creator of the picture, please inform me if you want it to be removed.

  • Spiritual Connection

    Spiritual Connection

    A young girl called Ai met a strange man who she though was homeless. Attempting to help and give him money.'As Ai reached her hand to place the money onto his palm, he grabbed her wrist. She was dazed for a moment before sensing danger from him. Instantly she tried to pull her arm free from him. Her wrist bruising and turning red as she tried. Her eyes drifted the the strange blackness which etched its way onto her skin. His chuckling filled the streets as she felt her body grow numb. Her vision blurry. The last thing she saw was the old man's wicked smile. That was all that was under the cloak..'Awaking her world had changed and her life grew more complicated.

  • Endless connection

    Endless connection

  • The PAST Connection

    The PAST Connection


    In the PASTWhen two brothers from different clan of same kingdom opened the forbidden gate without knowing the cause and the price they paid is the 9th Prince of hu Vawo clan will be born with a curse "when he die so everyone will" Somehow King of hu Vawo smell the cause that their brothers created only when the 9th Prince is born. He outcast the prince with some human slave women The woman end up in China so the prince What will happen to the prince did he really kill himself then what happened to archeologist Sidharth in the present did he able to live peacefully after enter the forbidden gate (lately known as the triangle)

  • The Lost Connection

    The Lost Connection

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • The Unexpected Connection

    The Unexpected Connection

  • The Unusual Connection

    The Unusual Connection

  • Our connection

    Our connection

    Teen BTS

  • Cord Connection

    Cord Connection

    Zyck Holmes, 17, Fil-Am, a typical teenage boy, smart, friendly, has an average and attractive looks. He wakes up in a garbage place, unaware of everything. He doesn't even remember his name. He starts his adventure on the destructed world looks so haunted. He meets Cedric Garret, 21, a cowboy, with a long and wavy hair, a talkative and jolly one. They hide their selves when they hear an anonymous sound resonates the whole place. It is coming from spacecraft which abducting human to be their slaves. Cedric tells him that he is a Traveller who can travel in other dimension of the world.Cedric brings Zyck in Campsite X21 where he meets the scientist and electrical engineer, Frances Faraday. Frances finds out the features Zyck has as a Traveller. They plan to enter the Asymptote Universe, a world created by Extraterrestrial being. Zyck gathers his memories back and finds out the ability he has. The adventure of Zyck starts there together with his friends: Mathew Viviaz, a programmer and; Ellina Faraday, daughter of Frances Faraday, a computer geek. Upon staying at the Campsite X21, the facts are slowly revealed and everything is connected with him. He will meet different people who'll build his personality and help him master the ability he has through out his journey.They find a virus that can shut the Asymptote Universe and bring all the people who have been abducted and revive the Earth.