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  • Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!

    Return To The Past: I Won't Choose Humility This Time!



    In her previous life, as Yun Xi lay on her deathbed due to a terminal illness, her famous painter husband said to her heartlessly, “Yun Xi, let’s get a divorce. I would never marry you if I knew that your sister was the one who saved me.” Yun Xi was dumbstruck. It was actually her who saved Mo Ran! She struggled to look at her sister, Yun Lian to see what was going on. Yet, what she saw made her heart sink into her stomach. Yun Lian lowered her gaze as she said, “Sister, I’m sorry. My Brother-in-law and I truly love each other. I’ve been hiding this for so long now, and I can’t hide it any longer.” Yun Xi suddenly felt her world spin, and the past flashed through her head. Her sister had always asked her about how she saved Mo Ran in detail and constantly stood between her and Mo Ran. He gradually became more distant from her - was that all for the sake of today? Yun Xi and Yun Lian are twins, but because Yun Xi was always been better in her studies and had a better husband, both society and their parents showed their bias toward Yun Xi. However, Yun Xi would always tolerate and dote on Yun Lian, giving Yun Lian most of her opportunities, including the precious chance to go to school. Staring at her husband’s icy expression, Yun Xi dragged her sickly body to the window and jumped down. When she opened her eyes, Yun Xi realized that she was not dead. Instead, she had returned to that summer day when she was competing with Yun Lian for an opportunity to go to school. It was on this day that Yun Xi offered her most precious opportunity! Now that she was given another chance at life, Yun Xi swore to take back what was hers. Whatever Yun Lian took from her, she would have Yun Lian pay everything back! As for her ex-husband, Mo Ran, Yun Xi decided to let Yun Lian have him. Yun Xi did not want him anymore. However, the new Yun Xi, who had now become more aloof instead of her old humble self, was further loved by the world. Even that unattainable man started paying her attention?!

  • Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator

    Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator



    Heavenly emperors reigned supreme in the cultivation world but there were still existences beyond the power of heavenly emperors. They were termed as sages as they had mastered the laws of mortal world. The prince of Zhan dynasty had once reached that epitome of cultivation world. At the mere age of thirty, he had reached the heavenly emperor realm. Then he attained that legendary realm before turning fifty. Thus, he was hailed as an unprecedented genius never before seen in this world. When he was basking in the glory of his achievement, fate played a cruel joke on him. He got stabbed by his fiancée in his marriage day. Powerful enemies appeared out of now here and Zhan dynasty got attacked from every direction. His father got killed Infront of him and many of his relatives perished along with him. He wanted to charge towards the battle field but the injury given by his fiancée proved fatal to him. He perished despite his unwillingness. ---------- When he opened his eyes he was already a seventeen year old boy who shared the same name with his previous life. With his previous memory as a sage and the inheritance of Evil emperor as guide, he aimed to reach the top again. Since then the most cursed art of wife stealing reappeared again and an unprecedented genius appeared in the path of dual cultivation.

  • The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers

    The Science Ace Go Back To The Past To Save Her Brothers



    # GROUP PAMPERING In her previous life, Su Su offered up her life for science, and in the end, she developed a system that could let her travel through time and space, allowing her to return to a time 30 years ago, to the day before her family was destroyed. She was only four at that time, and she was the legitimate lady of the Su family, though she ended up wandering the streets. At the same time, the imposter, Su Nan, lived a lavish life in the Su family, and she was also well loved by her brothers. When Su Su brought with her a dirty doll and stepped into the Su family's mansion, they were holding a grand birthday party for Su Nan. But this was also a sign that the Su family’s tragic fate was about to change! However, the imposter, Su Nan, panicked. “She’s just a beggar, and yet she’s pretending to be Su Su! Chase her out!” The guests snickered and agreed with her. “Where did this girl come out from? The Su family lost their eldest daughter when she’s just one years old. Someone must have told this four-year-old girl to do this, right?” Su Su ran into her noble and reserved big brother’s arms. “Brother, I’m Su Su! I came back! If you don’t believe me, we can do a paternity test!” In her previous life, she was only discovered and brought back to the Su family when she was an adult. Unfortunately, by then, the Su family was already persecuted to the point where it was almost ruined. This time, Su Su swore that she would save her brothers! Much later, when the four-year-old Su Su used the technology to save the Su family, Su Nan’s real identity was exposed. In truth, the Su family’s downfall was linked to this imposter…

  • He's My Fiancée ! : I Went Back To The Past and You !

    He's My Fiancée ! : I Went Back To The Past and You !



    In the past, Yu Xiao Yun was tricked, betrayed, and at the moment of her death, she finally understood how twisted her fate was. Her parents had died and her elder brother was thrown to jail. She realized that everything was her fault. Her fault for being too naive and innocent to the world. However, the wheel of fate turned again and the next moment Yu Xiao Yun opened her eyes, she realized that she had gone back to the past. The past where everyone condemned her? The past where her beloved was forced to the edge by her own hands? Where her parents died? Or where her elder brother was sent to jail? None of that should ever happen again! Xiao Yun wasn't the same person the moment she was reincarnated. She had turned into a clever and evil to avenge everyone that she lost in the past. Once again, she was engaged to Wang Li Lei, the most renowned "Demon Lord of the century". The person who she wronged in the past and fell in love with him again. And so began the life of Xiao Yun and the possessive love of the demon lord who always showered her with love. The Demon Lord who always spoiled her to the point of vomiting sugar! By the side of Wang Li Lei, her beloved; her second life plan was to turn everything upside-down! Using evil trick to trap everyone by her palm, the naive little girl turned into the fiancee of the demon lord. Discord link to join the author as a reading comrade: [ The Picture in the cover isn't mine ]

  • The past will be past

    The past will be past

  • Past Is Alawys A Past

    Past Is Alawys A Past

  • The Future In The Past

    The Future In The Past



    Dying once again, she was almost numb to the pain of death. "I have never regretted meeting you," she said, tears threatening to drip from the corner of her eyes. "I only regret that the heavens are crueler than hell."Meeting her once again, but unable to remember her, he could only try to make her fall in love with him again. "We separated again," he said. "But we'll meet again... I promise."Their history was there, but they could only miss each other once again. Would they once again separate and restart their history? Or would their life change, allowing them to start the romance that they so wish for?

  • From past to past tense

    From past to past tense


  • Unexpected Past

    Unexpected Past



    Liana yang merupakan seorang Orph dikucilkan oleh masyarakat Ellenia. Namun suatu berita menggemparkan tersebar. Sebuah sekolah ilmu magis terbesar yang bernama Tummulotary Academy membuka kesempatan bagi para Orph untuk menjadi peserta didik di sana. Sekarang Liana berjuang untuk bisa menjadi peserta didik dari Tummulotary Academy. Namun Liana juga punya cita-cita lain. Yaitu, menguak kisah masa lalunya, dan mengetahui jati dirinya yang sebenarnya. Dengan usaha kerasnya ini, bisakah Liana menggapai cita-citanya? akankah Liana mengungkap siapa dirinya yang sebenarnya dan bagaimana masa lalunya itu? Cover by : Audreana ivy. You can see her story : Home of Ardor

  • Reincarnated to The Past

    Reincarnated to The Past


    This constant rhythm that heralded the beginning of my world was my mother's heartbeat, and it was her amniotic fluid that covered my naked body.So, the darkness that spread in front of me when I opened my eyes was comforting rather than foreboding, as the dungeons had been.I was in my mother's womb.

  • Traveling To The Past

    Traveling To The Past


    IMPORTANT: Due to my family situation and my health, I'll be dropping all my novels and will only be writing short stories in the future if I have enough energy and inspiration. I apologize to all people and readers that were invested in my novel.________________________________________________________________Peng Mingzhu came from the future to the past in order to learn more about her favorite subject in the world: the history of ancient China.Wei Kangnuan was the man that fell in love with her at the first talk, but could not understand why Wu Kennai was unwilling to marry him even when they were close, friendly, and in a good relationship.One person held so many dark secrets that they could not forget about the past and another person held so many emotions that they could only imagine the future. Would the love of the two people blossom like the flowers in spring? Or be frozen in the winter?________________________________________________________________Backing Peng Mingzhu up against the wall, Wei Kangnuan placed his arms on both sides to block her from running. He knew that with her tall height, she would have a hard time trying to duck in order to get away from him."Y-you...w-what are you planning on doing?" she asked with an incredibly nervous voice.Moving his face closer to her face, he shifted his lips to her forehead.*Chu*He gave her a kiss on the forehead.Shocked at the kiss, her eyes instinctively opened wide and her jaw dropped as she stared at his face - feeling as though the forehead kiss was just an illusion.Ignoring her surprise though, he moved his lips down towards her lips, and just a second before placing them together, he asked back with a smug grin, "What do you think?"The moment that his lips landed on her own, her eyes opened even wider while her thoughts ran rampant, 'WHAT THE HELL! MY FIRST KISS!! HOW COULD HE STEAL MY FIRST KISS!?!?!?'However, as though he did not notice her eyes that grew red in anger, he placed his right hand behind her neck and impassioned their kiss further. By the time she could even protest and show her anger at getting her first kiss stolen, her body was already limp and weakened from the breathless kiss."Zhu'er, I really love you..." Wei Kangnuan stated with a deep long sigh before giving her another deep kiss, still forcing her up against the wall.________________________________________________________________Link to my Discord server:*Art does not belong to me. All copyrights go to the original owner.**If original owner would like me to not use their art, please message me in Discord. My username is: Supremely Innocent#5820

  • Veracity Of The Past

    Veracity Of The Past



    8 years ago, they encountered a tragedy. Losing the most elite squad at that time, through the hands of its member while conducting an investigation. Despite their age, they were sent separately to train and be the next elite squad of their Empire. Reuniting 8 years later, changes are visible and their relationships were strained. Together with it was the truth behind the tragedy. Once all secrets are out. Will they be able to overcome the darkness? Or will they succumb to its claws? "You who does not know anything should stop acting as if everything you know is the truth." "I will protect them. That, I shall swear. But I won't sacrifice more just so they would be at ease." "It is because I learned to embrace everything."Word Count: 900 - 1100 words ***** Do read my other stories:SHE'S THAT KNIGHT KNOWN AS ZERO (COMPLETED)VENGEANCE TO THE ROYAL ONES (COMPLETED)COMING FOR THE LAST FOURTEENTH (COMPLETED)RESTARTING CHAPTER BOOK FINALE (COMPLETED)REBIRTH: STUBBORNLY FULFILLING A PROMISE (ONGOING) Cover photo not mine... For the owner, please do contact me if you want me to remove it... ^_^ You can find me on instagram: miss.llaellen Buy me a coffee? ^_^ -

  • Fading Scars: Scars Of The Past

    Fading Scars: Scars Of The Past



    When 'good girl' high schooler Athena falls in love with an ex-convict and bad boy, old family secrets comes back to haunt them and keep them apart. ~~~~~ Living up to her good girl reputation had never been an issue for Athena Brown, all thanks to her overbearing and controlling mother. She has the heart of an angel. Pure at heart, but has a mind full of scars. To her, pain is inevitable. That is until she meets Aiden Tobias Knight. Handsome, cocky, and with a criminal past, he was everything she needed to steer clear of. Everyone in her town knows about Aiden Knight- the troubled and ex-convict badboy who has anger issues and known for his numerous visits to jail. Those who look into Aiden's eyes only see pure fury and hatred. They all think he's beyond redemption, even Aiden himself. But not Athena. As someone who has grown accustomed to pain, she understood him a tad bit better than most people. She saw something more in those alluring green eyes. Something worth fighting for. Thanks to a school's project and Aiden's sudden interest in her, the two began spending a lot of time with each other and formed an unbreakable bond that unearths secrets and emotional turmoil for Athena and everything she had allowed herself to believe. And soon, their lives became dangerously intertwined in a race against time, lies and deceit. Twists gets turns, fates became entangled and life become even harder than before. The closer they get to each other and the more vulnerable they become, Athena has to wonder: is she saving Aiden from his darkness? Or is she pulling him deeper into hers? Read more to find out. The book is written solely from the female lead's perspective. It's also divided into two parts. ~~~~~~ Excerpt: Athena stares ahead into sheer nothingness as the cool evening breeze swept through her body, making her hair stand on end. Up to yesterday, she was the happiest girl on earth. But now, it's like she has lost all purpose, almost like every living moment makes a living scar. It leaves her bleeding helplessly, because she's all alone. She should've known happiness is never hers to begin with. She is not to love or to be loved. That's her fate. That's who she's meant to be. A soul that is forbidden to love or fall in love. Either she accepts this or she keeps getting inflicted with more pain and scars than she already has. ~~~~~ Lo and behold, here you have it guys. A slow burn whirlwind romance full of love, tears, lies, trust, pain and deceit, also known as Fading Scars: Scars Of The Past. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I love writing it. Instagram: CodeyVanilla Discord: CodeyVanilla#0574 Book cover: Credits goes to owner :)

  • Into The Past

    Into The Past

  • In the past

    In the past




    His love to her was rejected in their past life, and he was unable to protect her life from a devil king as he had promised.Having the opportunity to reborn in a new world and in a modern world, he was still keeping to his promise to protect her. But this time he had decided not to show her love or accept love from her because of the past incident.×××××דI want to marry the King!” A young lady said with low voice and the voice was somehow scaring. She had a very long hair, and with hair full over her body. She had a long nails, with an animal eye ball and had two long tooth like werewolf. She was werewolf in nature and she was in the form.“I believe you heard me, I said I want to marry the King!” She said with loud voice this time, and shouted at the young guy that she was talking to. It was inside a dark forest that they were and inside a small hunt, it was there that two of them were living and used as their hiding place.“Off course I heard you, but what did you want me to say when you said you are leaving me and wants to go and get married to a human being. A bloody human being!” The young guy said with loud voice.“What are you thinking? Why are you thinking of getting marry to a human being, and you still want me to say something to it or gives a suggestion or what----“ “I am not asking for any suggestion or waiting for your say, I am just telling you!” the lady said with loud voice.“Oh! So you are going to leave me and go and marry a human being, why could you even think of doing that to me? What come over you?” The guy said with anger and got up.“You just decided to tell me, tell me what exactly!” The guy was very angry and really jealous.“Shut up! Just shut up!! What is the mean of all these! Have we ever been a lovers before or we are now!” The lady said with anger. “But you know that I like you---“The guy said with low voice.“That can’t work, you are my bodyguard and that is what you will always be. So don’t ever think we are the same, we are not in anything. Please don’t stop me in doing this!” The lady said with loud voice.“Why are you doing this? Why are you running away from the truth?” The guy said with low voice, turned back and facing the lady.“I love you, and you too did! So why don’t we stay together and build another empire” The guy said with low voice.

  • sex past

    sex past

  • The past

    The past

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