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  • Ethereal World: Vicious Cannon Fodder's Immortality Road

    Ethereal World: Vicious Cannon Fodder's Immortality Road



    Bei YueYue was an unselfishness and a gentle person. Afterwards, she transmigrated and became 'Huang Ying Yue', a female cannon fodder who is being famous for her viciousness, merciless, lustfulness, inhuman and had a nymphomaniac personality in the immortal novel which she just read. In the novel, the original ‘Huang Ying Yue’ has done uncountable evil deeds to offend a lot of the powerful characters inside. Not only the heroine in the novel, even all the heroine’s men in the harem were harassed and abused physically and mentally by ‘her’ in different methods. The road to immortality is full of spicules, hazards, and unforeseeable threats. Evil cultivators, monsters and demons are rampaging everywhere. While pursuing the immortality road, all the cultivators have to join force to eliminate those evil beings. While trying to accomplish her goal, YueYue has to face countless powerful enemies whom 'Huang Ying Yue' offended in the past as well as the debts which 'Huang Ying Yue' committed. Simultaneously, she has to face the iceberg beauty heroine, Huang Bai Xing who is surrounded by countless beautiful men, and heaven defying fortunes. With golden finger and the love from the heaven, Huang Bai Xing received golden fingers. With golden fingers, Huang Bai Xing grew stronger day by day and await for the best opportunity to kill ‘Huang Ying Yue’. Powerful people, Huang Bai Xing’s men, one by one take out their weapons, intend to kill and teach her the horrible lesson because 'she' hurt their beloved woman. Fortunately, with the heaven-defying Ethereal small world that she received, she could plant the spiritual plants, harvest the spiritual fruits, cultivate with the abundant spiritual power and cheating time, bathing with the spiritual waterfall inside the space, while keeping her ‘peaceful’ life of pursuing the immortality road. With her loyal beast army, she embarked on the cultivation road to meet new people, love, friendship, hardships, excitement and mysterious past while changing her and everyone’s fate around her for the better future. Subconsciously, she didn’t even realize that because of her personality, she attracts countless peach blossoms that changed her dull life eternity. Warning: 1VN ending, one female end up with many men. There are taboo loves(but not brainless) Please read the tags before you immerse yourself in my world. Cover from: Pinterest, Credit goes to the right full owner. My Instagram Account: Littlecarrot006_ My DISCORD Username: littlecarrot6510 https://discord.gg/8tn2JkKs My second book: Myth Of Miracle: Reborn To Defy My Fate That book is for participating in WSA 2024 (Progressing) #Portalspace #Reverseharem #Taboo #Darkromance #Femaleleadxianxia #Xianxia #Np #Cultivation #Adventure #Immortality #polyandry #Manybeautifulmen #transmigrated #cannonfodder #Romance #Fighting #Beast #Multicontinents #Mysteriouspast #KindandgentleFLbutnotweak #Forgivebutnotforget #CleverFL

  • Myth Of Miracle: Reborn To Defy My Fate

    Myth Of Miracle: Reborn To Defy My Fate



    Xiu Wanxue woke up and found out that she was reborn. This time, she learned that she was just a nobody in this world where the daughter and the sons of destiny existed. Looking back on all the tragic events that happened in her previous life, she sighed bitterly. No wonder; they hated her so much, even if she didn't do anything wrong but wishing to get 'her' care and love. No wonder; they all loved 'her' so much. It turned out that Xiu Wanxia, her twin sister, was the daughter of destiny, who was surrounded by heaven-defying opportunities, extraordinary men, and the powerful beast partners. Heaven and earth granted her a chance to turned over a new leaf, she won't make the same mistake and misread people again. She will only be kind to those who treat her with kindness and punish those who hurt her loved ones. The old bracelet that was worn on her wrist was actually a portable space with a small world inside where she could plant everything inside. Learning alchemy, drawing runes, contracting beasts, exploring the treasures... many more exciting things are going to happen here. Through blood and hard work, she embarked on her journey to immortality and soared beyond the sky to find her freedom and defy her doom from last life. However, something was off. What would happen, when she find out that everything was exactly different from how it seemed to be? When the secrets slowly transpire, everything turned out to be so....... This book is for participating in Webnovel Spirity Award 2024. Note: This book is a reverse harem novel, ending is absolutely reverse harem. The cover isn't mine. Credit to the right full owner. The quotes of each characters, aren’t mine. I researched from a website. Credit goes to the owners of those quotes. My DISCORD Username: littlecarrot6510 https://discord.gg/8tn2JkKs My Instagram: Littlecarrot006__ #ReverseHaremFL #Reborn #Portablespace #Cannonfodder #Romance #Beastpartners #Adventures #Darkromance #ImmortalWorld #Xianxia #TwistedPlots #Fighting #DetailNovel #Mysteriouspast #Previouslifememory #Novelwithmoral #Inspiration

  • The Tyrant's Replacement Bride

    The Tyrant's Replacement Bride


    Sebastian Leodegrance was fated to bring about the world's end, his path irrevocably marked by the three scars etched across his left eye as proof of his unholy contract with Ardalas, the Evil God.His insatiable thirst for power would have been enough to conquer all, even without the infernal blessing, but now not even the divine intervention of the Goddess could thwart his ambitions.With purposeful strides, he marched toward Cassiopeia to claim the hand of the renowned Princess Ava Cassia, a woman whose veins coursed with the blood of greatness. But as he drew closer, he discovered that the Princess had been exchanged with her Lady in Waiting."Yes. I am the replacement. You have been fooled!"***"From now on, Isla, call me Elder Sister."The person in front of her was the brightest constellation in the world. Ava Cassia... the Princess who was even prettier than the Nereids. But it was like looking in the mirror.She looked exactly like her."Maybe the Goddess sent you to me so we can become Sisters. How about it, my dear Isla? Would you call me Sister?"Her most cherished treasure; her Elder Sister, Ava."I'm sorry, Sister... this is the only way.""You must replace me. Because if I bear his child... this world would perish..."

  • Tainted Marriage

    Tainted Marriage


    I chunk her hairs and pulled her face near me , her face is looking so red and her eyes are filled with tears. "Please Armaan, please let me go , " she begged me , that's how i used to beg her for her love but she fucking pushed me out of her life like trash."You know i wont show any mercy on you darling then why are you begging me now, " i said to her and pushed her on the bed. I started working on my shirt button and licked my lips so lustfully."I am gonna enjoy night with your fuckable body and make you scream my name in pain, " i yelled at her.............................................................Nandini was his everything his love, his life , he was ready to do anything for her . she knew he loved her since childhood but she fall in love with his best frind.Will Armaan forgive her ?Will he let his love go out of his life ? Or Armaan will push Nandini in burning hell and make her life misreable."You do this every night. But had I spared you even for a night " he whispered those words in my ears and squeezed my waist."Come. Now don't test my patience" he said pressing his forehead against mine for a moment.He is my husband, he claimed that he loves me but I don't love him, I never loved him. My parents fixed my marriage with him when we were kids.I lost my parents in a car accident, that time I was only 14 years old, I became an orphan but my husband's family adopted me, my uncle - aunty loves me so much, they always considered me as their daughter, I don't know when I started calling them papa, maa.I was only fourteen but my husband Armaan Oberoi, he was 18. Since childhood he was so possessive, Aunty I mean maa told me this thing many times, when I stayed with him he pushed me away from him and when I made friends, he threw them out of my life.After adoption, I thought I would become part of the Oberoi family and slowly I started to consider Armaan my brother but that devil started showing me his real colors when I became 16, he didn't let me go out, he didn't let me wear what I wanted. He took me shopping, he selected all my clothes. But I start hating him more and more.Then Kabir came into my life, he was my best friend, I never loved him in that way but I always showed that devil I love Kabir. Due to maa papa fear, that devil didn't hurt me but I never thought my stupid game will put me in deep trouble.Join the brutalal journey of Nandini and Armaan..............



    Ada tetangga baru di komplek perumahan Cheviot Hills. Rumah yang sudah lama kosong itu akhirnya berpenghuni. Selaku tetangga yang baik, Bunda menyuruh Louisa untuk mengantarkan kue ke rumahnya sebagai perkenalan. Tapi, siapa yang mengira, begitu pintu itu terbuka, sosok pemuda yang paling ingin Louisa jauhi seumur hidupnya tersenyum lebar menyambutnya. #darkromance #psychologycal #obsession #manipulatif #teen #schoollife



    // Mature conten 21+// Dark RomanceTheresa putuskan untuk berselingkuh dengan bodyguard tampan bernama Aaron Parker. Ini semua dirinya lakukan demi membalas sakit hatinya pada sang suami, Charles Bosley. Sementara Sean Dalbert adalah politikus tampan asal Italia yang juga sangat menginginkan Theresa.Gairah liar Theresa membuat dua pria itu sangat tergila-gila padanya. Sean dan Aaron pun mulai bersaing untuk mendapatkan Theresa setelah Charles berhasil disingkirkan. Perebutan kekuasaan dan perang politik mewarnai kisah perjuangan Sean dan Aaron untuk mendapatkan Theresa.Lantas, siapakah yang akan berhasil mendapatkan Theresa? Apakah Aaron, si bodyguard tampan dari Organisasi EXO? Atau Sean, si politikus tampan yang sedang mencalonkan diri sebagai walikota New York? Sungguh pilihan yang sulit! Entah siapa yang akan Theresa pilih.ig penuli: @dewaamour2021

  • Drugs + Love = Addicted (English version)

    Drugs + Love = Addicted (English version)


    "You didn't take me from her, Jenna. You found me abandoned, then sat beside me, accompanying, until she returned." - Ryan Karl - . "You make me believe that every disease has a cure. But one thing I'm sure of, my illness has only one cure. You." - Jenna Jameson - . Jenna and Doctor Ryan Karl accidentally become involved in a forbidden love that shouldn't have happened between them. Doctor Karl, who is married, must choose between Jenna and his wife, a sudden love or a marriage that has been built for so long. Although other loves come and go in Jenna's life, as well as Doctor Ryan Karl, in the end true love will always find a way home.#darkromance#lovetriangle#harem#doctor#betrayalReach me on IG: @kennie_r89Vectorist: A_NzeeIG: @a_nzee

  • Obsession (1)

    Obsession (1)


    This story is dark romance type and you will find the true meaning of Dark in this story.Not recommended for Minors, Fainted-hearts.Love is Beautiful. Obsession is Lethal._______________The main character Vivan Kieran, who had a tragic beauty that didn't make a good fate and bring her the personal hell.A multi-millionaire Damien Martin( Micheal ) who was traumatized, didn't miss a chance to take the sudden undeniable interest in Vivan. But not sure what he really wanted from this ordinary little girl.But he was to ready to find out what he wanted, even if that involved claiming her in most brutal ways.*Mature content**Age gap**Sexual words*Only 18+Please read at your own risk.

  • Toyed By Them

    Toyed By Them

    Urban ROMANCE R18

    I thought I was finally safe... Finally, I was away from the darkness... Finally I could breath and laugh without fear... Finally I was allowed to love a man, marry him and spend my life happy and safe with my daughter and my husband.But I was wrong.. so very wrong. This perfect dream that I had, didn't last for long and six years later, the monsters of my past have found me.I was back to the cage from where I had broke myself free.. Back to the abyss from where I had tried every means to leave.I was back to those psychopaths to be...TOYED BY THEM______________________________________The following book contains Sexual Contents and TRIGGER WARNINGS.Please avoid reading for your own mental health as this book can be highly toxic to weak hearted people.

  • The Alpha's Claim

    The Alpha's Claim


    [WARNING MATURE CONTENT. R18]"No, please don't!""Forgive me."He pulled me close and then sunk his deadly k-nine teeth into me, making me scream out bloody murder, when I tried to escape from his sight....On the run from a bad guy, Haru Mizono bravely escapes from her wicked boss, who knows about her not so human secret. Before you go guessing, no she's not a werewolf, she's something else. After settling in a new town thanks to her best friend, she then meets the extremely handsome Henry Bradford.After playing a friendly game of spin the bottle, the two hit it off with more than just a kiss. Things become suddenly tense, when Haru accidentally sees Henry murdering someone out in the woods in the most feral way. Screaming out was a bad idea, because Henry looks her way, and suddenly gives chase. Haru runs for her life, unaware if she is going to survive the night or not.R18/THRILLER/WEREWOLF/ROMANCE/ENEMIESTOLOVERS/ALPHA/FATEDMATES/ACTION/WEAKTOSTRONG/SECRETS/DARKROMANCE/RIVALS....I found the cover on pinterest.Enjoy the read, and kindly please give this poor soul some reviews and votes.

  • The Queen of Darkness

    The Queen of Darkness


    A Princess born to the forces of darkness is forced with making a life altering decision. She is either to avenge the death of her mother or Marry the man she loves. But can she get passed who he really is? Love, Death, Sadness and action all explored through her progress into becoming 'The Queen of Darkness' of Valtor. Will she find Love? Or fulfill her Destiny? Find out. Read Now. The Queen of Darkness.

  • Revenge game

    Revenge game



    A cool breeze swept through the desolate lot as Prerna kanade and her co-worker, Richa, walked to the singular car in view. Leaving behind the slow-burning-hell of One Stop Shop, the sole discount store in their quaint town of California, a western U.S. state, stretches from the Mexican border. As the girls stopped in front of Richa's rusted old 2006 , Prernaleaned her shoulder into her friend."Have a good night, Rich," Prerna said, hugging her gingerly.Richa smushed her lips into a thin line while pulling back a strand of tightly braided hair escaping the otherwise neat bun sitting atop her head. Her beautiful mahogany skin glowed in the moonlight as she placed her hands on Prerna's shoulders."I know you'll shoot me down like you always do, but will you please just let me give you a ride? Yes, I'm aware that it's five blocks, which may not seem like much, but you never know what creeps are out there.And I really don't mind."Prerna laughed, her eyes averting Richa's. She shook her shoulders free of her friend's loose grip. Prerna hated cars. They always seemed too dangerous. Too fast. Too out of control. She'd entertained the idea of becoming a regularly licensed person at the age of sixteen; however, after an accident a day into her driver'seducation course she realized it would be safer towalk or take public transit. She appreciated the offers for rides, but she preferred being on her feet.

  • Celebrity's concubine

    Celebrity's concubine


    Sia lost her virginity to a unknown man on the bar hotel where she works. She was intended to save her mother. That's why she was earning money. But her mother died. She lost everything. After her mother's funeral she get kidnapped by a man. She was taken to the Nichols Parker, the famous celebrity.

  • No Rest for The Wicked (The Shadow & The Seeker)

    No Rest for The Wicked (The Shadow & The Seeker)


    (Dark Romance / Violence / Mystery / Horror / 18+) \\\\\\\ Slow Burn Romance /////// WHISPERING SHADOWS & DARK PROPHECY The Past Appears to be Resurfacing. (The Shadow & The Seeker) In an excerpt from her tale, she confronted her oppressors. "I saved you," he offered consolation with a wicked grin that never left his face. "How? By claiming my essence, my will, my very being? I was at peace, but now you have unleashed the darkness within" she retorted with a cold stare at them both. No Rest for The Wicked (The Shadow & The Seeker)

  • cruel husband 2

    cruel husband 2


    Every day Hercules knight is killing me and my soul but I am not doing anything to protect my heart....I am letting him destroy me...I am letting him playing with me...I am letting him play with my emotions and my body. Today I realized why Alexander knight said "Love is blind " Alexander Sir also let his wife play with his life and his emotions when he knew she was a cheat. He has no guts to push his wife out of his life after knowing all the truth about her. I know Hercules hates me but still, my heart is not letting me go away from me. Every day I fight with my emotions, with my brain, and follow every command of Hercules like his obedient dog. This is my crazy journey and I am in deep shit right now,  I need to survive in the hell of love but I don't know how long I'll survive here........Hercules fake behavior is like a slow poison for me and every day I consume that poison with pleasure. His closeness...His love........His care.... His dominance...His obsession.... His passion...His coldness...His every action matters to me because I love him so much and so madly.......I am totally fucked up, fucked up in love and that love doesn't want me to see the truth. I know soon Hercules will destroy me but before that, I want to live every second with my Dinosaur................................................................................................Hy guys, so sorry but I am giving this story to my friend for two months. If you want to read this story, you can download w.e.b.novel and enjoy this story. The name is same: Cruel husband 2 As I already mentioned that my friend and her family are suffering due to a pandemic which's why I planned to give this story to her.Hope you'll understand, I already wrote this story so you can get daily updates of this story on web. novel.

  • NEEDED TO BE LOVED (suga ×reader )

    NEEDED TO BE LOVED (suga ×reader )


    = Now you are all mine≈ and you are so into your dreams___________________≈ I hate you more now = I love you more now ___________________≈ We never meant to be together= Cuz we meant to forever ___________________= What are you doing to me?≈ Nothing= No baby you are making this man go crazy for you so madly that i wanna fuck you right now right here, i wanna fuck you in every corner of this earth, i wanna fucking feel you inside me, i Fucking wanna seed you, i Fucking want you in every possible way ___________________= Damn!! i am obsessed with loving you ___________________= You destroy me≈ you too__________________≈ No i don't love you anymore nor you do, right?_________________= I make everything a mess≈ yes you did _________________= Please let me take you back ≈ please do-n't to-uch me Mr min _______________= I am sorry≈ I am sorry

  • His Brutal love

    His Brutal love


    I screamed, I screamed so hard but he becomes deaf, his girls tied my hands to his bed and he dismissed them. I am lying all naked in front of him and he is watching me like an eagle, ready to pounce on me, I don't know him, I never loved this man. " nil don't do this please nil, don't do this, ........ I am begging you leave me alone.......... I am someone's wife " I said shit I said this to him. now he is burning in rage, I can see his veins, his anger-filled eyes, he came near me in a blink and punched my jaw, he gropes my blossoms and squeezes them so harshly " you let him touch you, you were cheating on me, I was madly in love with, I was searching you like a mad man, you married that kid, who is like your kid. and because of him and his family, you killed my mom " said nil and start slapping me, he slapped my blossoms, then he took out his belt and start lashing on me without any count. I screamed in pain, I yelled in pain but it's of no use. my whole body is aching so badly, I felt wetness on my body and then I realized I am bleeding. in a few seconds nil discard his clothes. " no.....he can't do this to me......he can't...... I can't let him, I am someone's wife, kabir will never forgive me, he'll kill me, he'll demolish me no " I said in my brain when I was in deeps thoughts nil forcefully parted my legs and shoved himself inside me. and my voice stuck in my throat, tears roll down from my eyes, I clutched the bed sheet so tightly and screamed so loudly.

  • Underworld Ultimatum

    Underworld Ultimatum


    [18+ Warning content may be disturbing: sexual scene, drugs, and violence] Detective Roxanne Gibson is assigned to infiltrate the dangerous Black Lotus Syndicate, a notorious criminal organization. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she catches the eye of the charismatic but enigmatic mafia leader, Ares. To maintain her cover, Roxanne, now operating under the alias Liliane Duncan, engages in high-stakes gambling at the exclusive Victoria Crimson Club, where danger and secrets lurk behind the elegance. A game of blackjack becomes a battleground of wits and attraction. As their lives become more intertwined, Roxanne navigates a treacherous path, juggling her mission, her newfound connection with Ares, and the high-stakes world of crime. "Underworld Ultimatum" is a story of suspense, deception, and dark romance, where the line between duty and desire blurs, and secrets have a way of coming to light. Will Roxanne's cover remain intact, or will her mission lead to a thrilling showdown?

  • Dark Side Story

    Dark Side Story


    Second year college student Bella , who is doughter of famous businessman in the country and heiress of the biggest Mafia group in the world . Currently leaving a life of a normal college student and hiding her real identity from the world . But something from past changed everything in just few days . How is she gonna protect herself from her own dark side...?




    “You are an arrogant woman! You talk like you've forgotten that you're just a withered flower I picked from the side of the road.” Darren clenched his jaw while his fingers moved to grab Aurora’s chin roughly, forcing the woman to look at him. “Don't you dare fight me, Aurora. Because your little body won't be enough for the food of my saltwater dwellers.” Said Darren viciously.